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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 4.2
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.9
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.1
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.0
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.0
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.1
Overall User Score (17 votes) 4.1

Critic Reviews

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100 (Apr 19, 2011)
On s'attendait certes à une claque, mais Portal 2 s'avère un authentique chef-d'œuvre, une leçon de game design à l'usage de l'industrie. Alliant la pratique d'un gameplay profond à un fort attachement au récit, l'aventure solo est le fruit d'une alchimie rarissime entre ludisme et narration qui suffirait déjà à justifier l'engouement. L'ajout d'un mode multijoueur captivant finit de nous convaincre : à tous points de vue, il s'agit bien de cet immense jeu caché dans les replis du premier épisode, qui n'a jamais tant fait figure d'introduction. Gamers de tous bords, réjouissez-vous : Portal 2 rejoint le rang des meilleurs jeux de tous les temps.
Inside Gaming (Apr 18, 2011)
I don’t think Portal 2 will end up being the watershed “ah ha!” moment that Portal was. There was a certain magic to the first game that will never be recaptured. That being said, Portal 2 is better in just about every way possible. The puzzles are more intricate, the writing is better than most movies or TV shows I’ve seen, and the production value is everything you’ve come to expect from the guys that brought you Half-Life. Portal 2 certainly isn’t a perfect (no game is) but it is one that I can’t recommend enough.
100 (Apr 19, 2011)
Exception faite d'un second acte un peu en retrait, Portal 2 impose une aventure d'une saveur incomparable, impeccablement mise en scène et bourrée d'autant d'humour que d'ingéniosité. Les nombreuses nouvelles mécaniques renouvellent les puzzles, la durée de vie excède nos espoirs, le mode Coopératif se déguste en ligne ou en local avec délectation, et même si la fin ne saurait être aussi savoureuse que celle du premier, elle conclut un rollercoaster de sensations pures et de trouvailles de génie qui forcent le respect.
Game Revolution (Apr 22, 2011)
Impatience aside, Portal 2 is an exceptionally well-crafted, intelligent, entertaining, humorous game. You will laugh. You will feel like a freaking genius. You will want more. And yes, you will probably be hearing quotes from Portal 2 for the next three years.
Gamernode (Apr 26, 2011)
When it comes to making video games, a strong argument can be made that Valve is among the best out there. They are like the Pixar of the videogame industry, setting the standard for others, never disappointing, and delivering product on a consistent, predictable schedule. That last fact actually only applies to Pixar, but you get the idea. Portal 2 is an absolutely worthy successor to the original, and it is, objectively, a better game. Nothing will ever replace the first time you solved a puzzle in the original Portal, or when GLaDOS began to serenade you during the end credits, but you will find yourself just as absorbed into the world and congratulating yourself on your personal genius every few minutes. Portal 2 is a perfect example of what video games should be, and there is no reason to pass it up.
100 (Apr 24, 2011)
Van één ding heb ik echter spijt: dat Portal 2 geen oneindige cyclus kent zoals de Portal Gun toelaat. Het hele plot is namelijk zo een indrukwekkende achtbaanrit dat het voorbij is voor je het beseft. Des te imposanter is dat gegeven door het feit dat we hier te maken hebben met een uiterst vermakelijke puzzelgame. Dankzij memorabele personages, sterke dialogen en een gelijkwaardige co-op campaign zal de hele ervaring voor een zeer lange tijd in het geheugen geëtst blijven. Of Portal 3 ooit het daglicht zal zien, hangt in het ongewisse, maar voor mij staat het vast: GLaDOS, als Eurogamer Benelux mij ooit de laan uitstuurt, mag je mij als proefkonijn gebruiken in je suïcidale testkamers. Zolang ik nadien maar taart krijg.
100 (May 13, 2011)
Portal 2 é só aquele jogo. Entra de imediato para a estreita margem dos imperdíveis. Um clássico imediato, um propulsor de originalidade e inovação, onde tudo está longe de acabar à lei da bala, mas dentro dos limites da física. Espicaçando a mente humana, revela todos os seus atributos num esquema de puzzles tão satisfatórios e plenos de incertezas como legítimos. É certo que este jogo encerra uma sequência, mas é muito mais engenhoso, rigoroso e admirável.
100 (Apr 19, 2011)
Von der ersten bis zur letzten Minute schafft das Spiel eine ganz eigene Atmosphäre und ein ihm allein gehörendes, fantastisch abgerundetes Spielgefühl, dass man angesichts dessen Dankbarkeit empfindet, das Hobby der Videospiele für sich gewählt zu haben. Danke, Valve.
TotalPlayStation (Apr 21, 2011)
If the start of this review didn't convince you, hopefully these words will, but I'll say it again: buy this game. Do not hesitate, do not wait for feedback from friends (they'll all tell you the same thing, and may spoil things), just trust me on this. There aren't many things as sure as this purchase, and to dawdle now would only be cheating yourself out of one of the best experiences ever created in this still-burgeoning medium. What an incredible accomplishment. Bravo, Valve.
GameSpy (Apr 21, 2011)
Sporting some of the best writing and voice work in years (as well as some deviously designed puzzles), Portal 2's single-player campaign is superior to its predecessor in every way. It's the co-op mode, however, that makes this 2011's first must-play game -- even for those gamers that don't like first-person or puzzle games.
BlogCritics Magazine (Apr 20, 2011)
One more word of caution, Portal 2 is a huge time suck. The sense of accomplishment you get when beating a puzzle will cause you on more than one occasion to utter those famous last words, "just one more and then I'll be done." You'll end up beating the game in a minimal amount of time that way (it is a longer campaign than the last one), but the rest of the world may fall by the wayside for a little while. You won't regret your choice to continue, but those around you may get frustrated.
PixlBit (May 26, 2011)
With a thrilling single-player quest and one of the best cooperative experiences ever seen to date in a video game, Portal 2 is an all encompassing, mind-blowing gaming experience. It's got action, intrigue, mystery, personality, another wonderfully addicting ending score, and the best puzzle solving I've ever encountered. If you have yet to experience the series, first tackle Portal and then treat yourself to Portal 2. Hands down it's one of the most original, engaging, and incredible gaming experiences we'll see this year.
Gaming Age (May 02, 2011)
While Valve still refuses to give me closure to Half Life, it is games like Poral 2 that not only regains my love for this team of developers, but keeps my little fingers nimble for the infamous day when Dr. Gordon Freeman makes his triumphant return. Let's just hope that the Portal gun and GLaDOS find their way into my Half Life universe and not via mods on the PC. Whether you love Half Life, the original Portal, or have never played but wondered what the fuss was about, you owe it to yourself to play this wonder of gaming technology. Portal 2 has enough appeal to welcome any gamer no matter what type they claim themselves to be. The end result is a gaming experience you will not soon forget.
100 (Apr 19, 2011)
I think you knew all along this was going to be great. Fantastic, even. All the same, I don't think you'll be prepared for it being this good. I may have buttoned my lip in terms of concrete spoilers, but a mere ten minutes here will yield more memorable moments than you're likely to squeeze out of the entirety of most other games this year. In all aspects of its design, Portal 2 is genius.
G4 TV: X-Play (Apr 18, 2011)
When you review, you need to think about your predilections and your preconceptions. I admit I am a gamer who loves strategy - I am happiest when I am being mentally challenged by my games, and I strive to be smarter and faster than everyone else. I put more value in beating someone in Starcraft than I ever did in my kill/death ratio. However, I can say that while Portal 2 may not be for absolutely everyone, it undeniably deserves a place among the greatest games of all time. Mass Effect, Half-Life, Oblivion, KOTOR, Starcraft, Okami, Diablo, Ico, Bioshock, Doom, Grand Theft Auto, The Legend of Zelda: the list is long, and it has a new member. I am honored to have reviewed Portal 2, and look forward to playing it again tomorrow.
Portal 2 is the best Valve release to date, and one of the most refreshing, exciting and innovative games we've ever played. There's no doubt in our minds that numerous Game of the Year awards have now already been shotgunned, and with mighty good reason. If you thought the original Portal was a masterpiece, prepare to have your mind blown.
1UP (Apr 19, 2011)
There's so much I want to share with people, as well as so many things left to talk about, but doing so would spoil so much of the surprise and fun that is in this game. Suffice to say, Valve has managed to create a game that bests its predecessor in nearly every regard, and has demonstrated to the world that they still have what it takes to create a game that deserves the hype surrounding it. While it's unclear if we'll ever see GLaDOS or Chell again, this much is certain: Portal 2 is one of the best games of this generation.
GamesRadar (Apr 21, 2011)
Portal 2 couldn't be Portal, but it's the next best thing. It's a longer, funnier, more emotional plummet through Aperture's perplexing laboratory, and its meticulous detail, perfect pacing, and kinetic, mind-expanding puzzles make it a blazingly memorable experience. It's so damn memorable, already feel nostalgic about it.
TotalVideoGames (TVG) (Apr 21, 2011)
Genius is an often overused word but Valve's work on Portal 2 is genius in the truest sense. The studio has exhibited exceptional creativity in the game, even compared to some of its other masterpieces. If we could give it 11/10, we would.
100 (Apr 25, 2011)
To talk about the game anymore would simply ruin the experience for those who haven’t played yet, but I think you get the idea. Despite the lack of challenges that were so prominent in the first game, Portal 2 packs a lot of content for the price. It’s everything the first game was and more, with very inspired level design, some ingenious puzzles, and some of the best writing you’ll ever see in a video game. It might just be Valve’s best game yet.
Brash Games (Apr 21, 2011)
Portal 2 doesn’t have the visual fidelity of a Gears of War or Killzone, but its clean sharp lines and exemplary art design more than make up for any minor deficiencies in the ageing graphics engine. It may not blow you away with its graphics, but Portal 2 was never going to be a visual showcase. Instead, it once again highlights what can be achieved by a team of imaginative, technically brilliant and clearly very intelligent game designers working at the very top of their game. Portal 2 may not have the wow factor of its predecessor, but it delivers just about everything else you would hope from a sequel to a perfect game.
God is a Geek (May 04, 2011)
Quite simply, Portal 2 is a masterpiece. A lesson to every other developer out there on how to tell a story in a video game whilst executing every gameplay mechanic to perfection. Masterful writing, engaging characters, wonderful music, and so forward-thinking that it even includes cross-platform, cloud-saving play between Steam and the PlayStation 3. Utterly essential in every way, Portal 2 is going to be in everyone’s game of the year discussion when the time comes, and it damn well deserves every ounce of praise lavished upon it. Buy Portal 2, you deserve it.
GameFocus (Apr 25, 2011)
Without a doubt, Portal 2, if not the best game of 2011, will be amongst the top of the heap when the year closes out. The fantastic story, excellent pacing, interesting and engaging puzzles and other incredible facets to the game make it one that people should experience at any cost. If you know anyone who has never seen Portal in action, put them in front of a monitor or TV screen and let them see even just one puzzle; if they aren’t impressed, then I’d recommend getting new friends.
XGN (Apr 27, 2011)
Portal 2 is daarom ook de game waar gamers al sinds de eerste Portal op zitten te wachten. Portal wordt volgens velen al gezien als een perfecte game, maar Portal 2 is gewoon op ieder vlak verbeterd en vernieuwd. Het is meer, het is beter en het is de droom van iedere gamer. Met geweldige humor en boeiende personages sleept de game je mee en laat je niet meer los. Valve bewijst maar weer eens een geweldige ontwikkelaar te zijn en levert met Portal 2 wellicht de beste game af die deze generatie ooit heeft gekend.
Impulse Gamer (Apr, 2011)
After completing Portal 2, it's great that Valve have continued on their original premise because this is the perfect game for those gamers caught in the doldrums of endless first person shooters, racers and sport games. Originality is the key here and Valve have succeeded on just about every surreal and cerebral level with its puzzles. The introduction of new characters into the story plus the wit and sarcasm of both Wheatley and my favourite AI creation in existence, GLaDOS truly create one of the most unique gaming experiences of 2011. Just make sure you leave your gun at the door when you play this one. Just be warned that this is the most frustrating game that I have ever played as well.
Vandal Online (Apr 21, 2011)
Es difícil explicar muchas de las virtudes de Portal 2 sin estropear sorpresas que aparecen en el segundo tercio de la historia, y no queremos hacerlo. Arranca algo lento y es fácil tener la sensación de "esto ya lo he jugado", como si se tratase de una expansión con unos gráficos algo mejores, pero la última obra de Valve guarda muchos momentos épicos en sus entrañas y Aperture Science es algo más que salas de test para conejillos de indias. Quizás la naturaleza del género hace que el valor de rejugabilidad sea reducido, una vez conoces todas las soluciones terminar el juego más rápidamente o desbloquear todos los logros y trofeos se convierte en el objetivo principal, juego cooperativo aparte. En definitiva, no alcanza la perfección, pero Valve se acerca peligrosamente a ella.
En definitiva, cómprate de una vez Portal 2 y deja de leer análisis como este porque todos te dirán lo mismo: es una obra maestra. Valve ha creado un juego único que supera en todo a su antecesor, del que toma los mecanismos básicos para explotarlos hasta límites que te sorprenderán. Ni los más optimistas esperaban una continuación tan formidable.
Gaming Target (May 03, 2011)
It's hard to sum up a game like Portal 2. It doesn’t have enough shooting to be a shooter, but it's not abstract enough to be a puzzle game. It's unique and challenging enough to attract the hardcore, but its offbeat humor and intuitive design will make it a hit with casual players. I'll forget about categories and call it what it is: the most original game in years (a big accomplishment for a sequel). It's also Valve's biggest console success. The game looks great on PC, Mac, Xbox 360, and PS3, but the proverbial cake goes to the PS3 version, which comes with a free computer copy. On top of that, Portal 2 is that rare game with crossover multiplayer support, meaning PS3 players and computer gamers can portal it up together. That means if you have a laptop and a PS3, there’s no reason to play in cramped split-screen mode. That is, unless the PSN is still down by the time this goes up.
Overall, Portal 2 is (yet another) milestone pinnacle in design. It’s a near-perfect example of how an old dog can learn new tricks. I only hope that Valve can continue this level of professionalism with Half-Life 3 because a sequel to Portal 2 is implausible and unnecessary. Which is exactly what I said at the end of Portal 1.
Totally Gaming Network (Apr 19, 2011)
Portal 2 is an absolutely amazing title. Everyone was disappointed when Portal 2 was delayed earlier this year, but it was more than worth the wait. Portal 2 is a masterpiece that I can see myself playing for years. The only downside for console gamers is that Valve seems to have put more into the PC version. The PC version allows you to customize your co-op bots by buying them different gear, gestures and things of that nature. It should be noted that the gestures PC players purchase will not be seen by Playstation 3 gamers if a PS3 gamer is playing co op with a PC gamer. Additionally, there is an interactive "trailer" for an upcoming game. It would have been nice to see these features on the console versions as well. Portal 2 is one of those titles that needs to be in every gamer's library. You owe it to yourself to experience this masterpiece and revel in the joy that is brought about by playing it. I can't wait to see what Valve comes up with next within the Portal universe.
GamingExcellence (May 04, 2011)
It's an excellent game. It is clearly a product of people who wanted to do more with the elements from the first title, and succeeded in every way. The world of Portal has expanded, the characters are given more depth, and the story pulls you back and forth in many unexpected ways with a climactic finale that might leave you breathless. Fantastic writing, excellent gameplay, and a level of polish and playtesting so high that you know it's got to be a Valve title, Portal 2 is simply a game that can not be missed.
I thought Valve would have a tough time making this something other than Portal with a bunch of different levels, but I was very wrong. Without having the player fire a single bullet, it has produced one of the best FPS’s to date.
Meristation (Apr 19, 2011)
Algunos conceptos como la repetición de determinados puzles y exigencias o pocas opciones en cooperativo no le dejan convertirse en la obra maestra que los más seguidores de Valve no tardarán en ver en él. Pese a esto, es un juego estilizado y absoluto como pocos, un ejemplo más de que la diversión que propone esta industria a veces llega a cotas inimaginables, aternativas a la marea de juegos habitual y aptas para todos los públicos. Uno de los nombres del año que ha conseguido hacer de la marca Portal un fetiche rotundo en la industria y una demostración de cómo enfrentarse a un proyecto que desde siempre ha usado su propuesta diferente como el arma principal capaz de dotarle del éxito que ha acabado consiguiendo y que no es más que un regalo para sus seguidores y todos los jugadores en general.
GameOver (Greece) (Apr 19, 2011)
Το Portal 2 είναι ένα πραγματικά άψογο παιχνίδι, με εκείνη τη σχεδόν μαγική συνταγή που έχει η Valve να συνδυάζει διασκεδαστικό gameplay με φανταστική αφήγηση. Μόνο παράπονο που μπορεί να εκφράσει κάποιος είναι ότι το Portal δεν χρειαζόταν πραγματικά sequel, τόσο αυτόνομη και πλήρης εμπειρία ήταν. Από την στιγμή που το απέκτησε, όμως, το sequel όφειλε να είναι πιστό στο πνεύμα του original, αλλά επεκτείνοντας την πρόκλησή του και την ιστορία του.
Game Informer Magazine (Apr 18, 2011)
Portal 2’s high points rival “the cake is a lie,” though they’re perhaps less quotable (which is honestly fine – repeating GLaDOS lines stopped being funny a long time ago). You’ll never forget the moments that accompany some of the achievements/trophies. The game’s quality stays consistently outstanding throughout; there isn’t a minute of filler content to be found anywhere in single-player or co-op. I would have loved to see something unique done with the story, which doesn’t end anywhere interesting despite a reasonably satisfying ending. I would adore seeing Portal stretch its wings beyond being a series of puzzles that almost always have one correct solution waiting to be found. That said, the next game I want to play is a second run through of Portal 2, because the existing formula is excellent and brilliantly executed.
Games Aktuell (Apr 19, 2011)
Portal 2 dürfte eines der besten Spiele dieses Jahres sein, wie unser Test verrät. Das Spiel hat uns überragend gefallen, Kritikpunkte musste man mit der Lupe suchen.
95 (Apr 20, 2011)
Portal 2 non è un gioco per tutti i palati. Ma non è sempre dall'universalità che si riconosce l'eccellenza. Anzi, la forza dell'ultimo nato in casa Valve dipende proprio da questo suo totale rigetto dei canoni, dal coraggio insuperabile di mantenere il contatto con una community fatta di nerd e cervelloni. L'opera prima di una delle migliori software sulla piazza è indubbiamente ricchissima, originale, audace, raffinata. Abbracciando valori produttivi che sembravano scomparsi, ci sazia e ci appaga con una longevità esuberante, un comparto artistico che unisce ricercatezza e minimalismo, e dinamiche profonde, varie, stratificate. Nella sua compiuta perfezione, Portal 2 ci ricorda -stanza dopo stanza- qual'è il brivido per cui noi tutti continuiamo a giocare.
PSFocus (Apr 21, 2011)
Uiteraard is ook de audio weer van hoog niveau. De voice-acting is ijzersterk en past perfect bij de aanwezige personages. Dan is er ook nog een soundtrack die lekker futuristisch klinkt en regelmatig de kop op steekt om het sfeervolle geheel te voorzien van nog meer sfeer. Kortom, het is eigenlijk een hele simpele conclusie. Op alle aspecten scoort de game goed en we hebben eigenlijk geen minpunten kunnen constateren inhoudelijk. Het enige wat een beetje stoort zijn de vele laadschermen die je keer op keer moet doorstaan. Ze zijn weliswaar niet al te lang, maar toch is het wat jammer. Desondanks, Portal 2, een briljante game. Eén van de beste games van 2011, nu al!
PlayStation Universe (Apr 19, 2011)
The first game introduced such great technology with the portal gun and laid down a solid framework from which to gain further inspiration; the sequel simply had to be even better. The good news is that Portal 2 doesn’t disappoint; in fact it's exceeded our expectations. From the captivating storyline and the casting of the brilliant Stephen Merchant as Wheatley, to the sheer volume of puzzles and the ingenuity that has gone into their design, Portal 2 is everything it promised to be and much more.
If you've been waiting a long time in eager anticipation for Portal 2 then it's hard to see how you'd be disappointed. The single-player campaign doubles the length of the original, and is crammed with even more hilarity and devious puzzles than ever before, as well as extending the concept with the introduction of larger environments and new mechanics like the gels. The co-op is amazingly fun, and while the story is less complex, the gameplay is even more concentrated insanity than the single player. If you have an affinity for the series, Valve, puzzle games, funny games, or just awesome games in general, you must not miss out on Portal 2. GLaDOS won't let you.
Original Gamer (May 05, 2011)
As much as people want to joke on how long Valve takes to make a game, you have to hand it to them; they do rise to the occasion and make the game worth the wait. Portal 2 is everything that fans wanted, more of everything while keeping the feel of the original game. That’s an incredible feat by a very talented bunch of developers.
3D Juegos (Apr 19, 2011)
Sentido del humor, rompecabezas tremendamente ingeniosos y hábil mezcla de destreza cerebral con habilidad... ¿Imposible de combinar? En absoluto. Valve demuestra una vez más su increíble maestría con uno de los mejores videojuegos en lo que va de año. Portal 2 es, al mismo tiempo, imaginativo, estimulante, adictivo y cargado de momentos hilarantes, y como tal puede ser recomendado a cualquier tipo de público (sin importar edad ni condición) con la seguridad del acierto.
95 (Apr 19, 2011)
Dans ses mécaniques autant que dans son écriture, Portal 2 est tout simplement brillant, intelligent et terriblement drôle. Un constat qui vaut aussi bien pour son mode solo que pour son mode coop qui convertira même les allergiques au multijoueur. Un titre résolument incontournable doté d'un gameplay sans cesse renouvelé et de répliques qui ne tarderont pas à devenir cultes.
IGN (Apr 18, 2011)
The original Portal benefitted from its brevity. It had a concise story paired with inventive first-person puzzle mechanics that challenged you to be creative while pulling the trigger. Portal 2 makes the original look like the prototype it was. It's filled with a larger cast of characters vividly brought to life through brilliant writing and some of the best voice acting in video games. Its puzzles are challenging without being unreasonable, and, once you're finished with the single-player mode, one of the best co-operative experiences on the market awaits. Valve cuts no corners and finds ways to make you care about everything from the major characters to the cubes used to solve puzzles. From the beginning of the single-player story to the end of the co-op mode, Portal 2 is a novel, unforgettable experience.
ZTGameDomain (Apr 21, 2011)
Portal 2 is an outstanding sequel that did everything it needed to do to transition a bonus game into a full-fledged franchise. The series definitely has life in it and, if the developers continue to put this much love and effort into sequels, I could easily see it becoming one of the staples of the industry. If you enjoyed the original, this is a must-own title. If you enjoy puzzle games, go buy it now. Needless to say, I cannot recommend this game enough to anyone who enjoys a unique and entertaining experience.
Videogameszone (Apr 19, 2011)
Der Vorgänger war schon ein kleiner Meilenstein, obwohl man ihn bei drei Stunden Spielzeit ehrlicherweise auch nicht als Vollpreistitel ansehen konnte. Entsprechend hoch war allerdings meine Erwartungshaltung bezüglich des zweiten Teils. Dass Portal 2 mich dann jedoch dermaßen umhaut, hätte ich niemals auch nur ansatzweise gedacht. Hier stimmt einfach alles: Humor, Story, Gameplay, Technik. Auch die Liebe zum Detail merkt man dem Spiel in jeder Sekunde an. Eine Anspielung auf Portal hier, ein Half-Life-Insider-Witzchen da – großartig! Valve hat alle Trademarks des ersten Teils beibehalten, um einige sinnvolle Neuerungen angereichert, das Spiel auf die beinahe dreifache Länge aufgeblasen und dabei sogar noch die Qualität gesteigert. Und als wäre all das noch nicht genug, packt man noch einen ebenso genialen Koop-Modus obendrauf. Portal 2 ist schlicht und ergreifend ein Meisterwerk. Wer das verpasst, ist selber schuld.
Cheat Code Central (Apr 19, 2011)
Portal 2 is a strong contender for 2011's game of the year. If you loved the first Portal, you absolutely must pick this one up. And even if you're brand new to the series, Portal 2 includes groundbreaking gameplay, a collection of deep and nuanced characters, a completely insane story, and some incredible gaming moments you'll probably never forget.
PSX Extreme (Apr 19, 2011)
Portal 2 is a memorable, challenging, beautifully designed sci-fi story. The developers walk the line between overly frustrating and underwhelming; most every puzzle will tax your problem-solving abilities, but none will cause you to throw your arms up in despair. They introduce awesome new mechanics and combine them in later puzzles, so you never feel blindsided or unprepared. The control is rock solid and smooth, the campaign is of an agreeable length, the co-op is a gimongous bonus, the audio and voice acting is some of the best you’ll ever hear, and the rewards are great. I still think some of the puzzles could be a little too obscure, especially in the second half, and I’m not the biggest fan of the plot. There’s also the fact that, once solved, a puzzle is never so much fun again. Therefore, replay-ability takes an unavoidable hit. Still, this ranks right up there with the most accomplished and satisfying productions of this generation.
Spazio Games (Apr 20, 2011)
Portal 2 è una perla rara nel panorama videoludico attuale. Curato fino all’inverosimile, divertente, ironico, longevo, tante sono le qualità che i ragazzi di Valve sono riusciti a donare alla loro ultima creazione. Una produzione eccezionale, che non mancherà di divertire tutti coloro che sono alla ricerca di un gioco diverso dai canoni classici, dove non si uccidono alieni o zombie, ma si usano i propri riflessi e si fa funzionare il cervello per trovare l’uscita dagli esperimenti più folli che mente umana possa concepire. Un cast di personaggi divertenti e carismatici completa il quadro, la cui classica ciliegina sulla torta è rappresentata da un comparto sonoro di livello e una canzoncina finale che fischietteremo a lungo. I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.
Game Freaks 365 (May 01, 2011)
Portal 2 is one of those rare games that you can point to as a stellar product. Valve went above and beyond to ensure that the fans of the first game would be pleased with the sequel. Being the first full-length game in the series, Portal 2 is an ambitious project that succeeds even more so than the original. Adding several hours’ worth of gameplay, co-op missions, and the promise for free downloadable content all make this an incredible package. It’s hard to see replaying a ton of times, but as a rental, Portal 2 is a must-play. Without a doubt one of Valve’s finest works.
Hooked Gamers (May 26, 2011)
Portal 2 is, in some ways, the raw essence of a game. Its puzzle-solving gameplay manages to be challenging but accessible. Every time you solve a room, you are filled with satisfaction, while at the same time thinking ‘How could I not see that?’ Even if it didn’t have a plot, it still would be fantastic, and the fact that it actually gets engaging is a bonus. Add to that one of the most satisfying co-op game experiences out there and an endearingly geeky sense of humour, and you have one of the most complete games of recent years. While it does not push boundaries of graphics or sound, it innovates in terms of intelligent, challenging gameplay. My only complaint is that the game has to end, but with rumours of a map-maker coming out in the near future, its appeal could well extend on to infinity.
Gamegravy (May 28, 2011)
Portal 2 stands on it’s own as an amazing puzzle shooter that it makes me wonder if Valve has enough magic left to make a third in the series. Valve has gone far above and beyond expectations with this game that as of right now it could be a Game of the Year contender. If you’re looking for something other than your average gaming experience then give Portal 2 a try. You will not be disappointed.
92 (Apr 19, 2011)
Rätsel und Leveldesign sind das Beste, was ich seit langer Zeit gesehen habe! Vor allem die neuen Elemente wie Repulsions-Gels bringen frischen Wind in das Knobel-Abenteuer und sorgen für noch härtere Kopfnüsse, die sich aber (fast) immer logisch lösen lassen. Der Humor ist ebenfalls eine Klasse für sich, denn sowohl die Quasselstrippe Wheatley als auch GlaDOS zaubern mir mit ihren lustigen, bissigen, fiesen und trockenen Sprüchen immer wieder ein Lächeln ins Gesicht. Wenn man Portal 2 überhaupt etwas vorwerfen kann, dann ist es der etwas zu zähe Mittelteil, in dem sich die Spielwelt zwar etwas öffnet, aber den Spieler mangels Übersicht zu sehr in vermeintliche Sackgassen manövriert - ein optionales Hilfesystem hätte dem vorgebeugt.
92 (Jun 01, 2011)
In the end, Portal 2 went extremely close to knocking my socks off and living up the immense amount of hype I'd heard about it. The puzzles are taxing, and new elements are deftly thrown into the mix to keep things interesting. There is a definite feeling of satisfaction when you complete some of the trickier puzzles that may just border on euphoria. The voice-acting and script are top-notch, perhaps the best I've ever heard. The game does lose its way a little bit during the middle, but that aside it's hard to find fault with it. If you have any interest in puzzle games, or games that ooze humour Portal 2 comes highly recommended.
Gameswelt (Apr 19, 2011)
Portal besitzt auch in der Fortsetzung den Charme eines Independent-Titels, schafft es aber gleichzeitig, mit einem erheblich größeren Umfang zu überzeugen. Die Rätsel sind schlicht und einfach grandios ausgefuchst und die große Stärke des Spiels. Fast gleichauf steht der großartige Humor. Zu GlaDOS zynischen Sprüchen gesellt sich diesmal unter anderem der slapstickartige Witz eures Begleiters Wheatley und des Kooperativduos Atlas und P-body hinzu. Die neuen Figuren fügen sich genauso nahtlos ins Portal-Universum ein wie die neuen Spielelemente. Hier wurde nicht künstlich aufgeblasen, sondern sinnvoll ergänzt, was das Portalerlebnis erheblich bereichert. Kurz gesagt: Portal 2 ist noch großartiger als der ohnehin schon geniale Vorgänger.
GamingXP (Apr 19, 2011)
Fans auf der ganzen Welt lechzten seit 2007 nach einer Fortsetzung, und hier ist mehr als das: Nicht nur ein würdiger Nachfolger, sondern ein Spiel, das Maßstäbe neu setzt! „Portal 2“ ist definitiv ein Must have-Titel für sämtliche Plattformen, denn während das Portal-Shooter-Gameplay schon 2007 auf dem PC für einen Wahnsinns-Hype gesorgt hat, spielt es sich auch auf der PS3 mehr als nur hervorragend. Eine tiefe Verneigung vor Valve, die Entscheidung, „Portal 2“ auf PC, Mac, PS3 und Xbox 360 zu bringen, war goldrichtig! Nun steht dem Siegeszug von GLaDOS endgültig nichts mehr im Wege, und die Suchtgefahr ist imminent...
Thunderbolt Games (Feb 16, 2012)
Over half a year after release, Portal 2 has not culturally exploded in the way that its predecessor did; but, in many ways, that’s a good thing. Far be it for us to suggest that the first Portal represented a false start, but its sequel nonetheless makes it feel like more of a prologue. Free from the bonds of jokes made insipid by overuse (‘the cake is a lie’ is thankfully nowhere to be seen here), Portal 2 feels like Portal born anew; not a reinvention, but a rejuvenation—and expansion—of everything that made its predecessor so loved. Thus, while we may indignantly assume that Valve is merely twiddling its thumbs in the agonising years between releases, Portal 2 serves to legitimise their chronic procrastination by refiguring it as the unpredictable ebb and flow of a collective genius mind at work.
Edge (Apr 19, 2011)
Portal 2 delivers, and it does it in style, creating one of the most meticulously designed, thrilling and delightful playgrounds we’ve ever seen. It’s a game with a magical take on momentum, where single bounds over tall buildings are business as usual, where every surface is a potential launchpad, and the entire experience is a belly laugh. Valve has a pretty good record with the number two, but attempting to inflate Portal’s perfectly formed package could easily have been a disaster. Naturally, the sequel doesn’t feel as bracingly fresh as the 2007 game, but it’s precisely the sort of dizzying follow-up the original deserves.
Wired (Apr 21, 2011)
Portal 2 is in the business of defying players’ expectations. Valve never wants you to predict what’s going to happen at any moment, and delights in subtly setting those pins up and knocking them down. Even more than the clever gameplay mechanics and sharply written story, the smiles and laughter that such a carefully crafted game can extract from you mean this one will stay with you for years to come.
Worth Playing (Apr 20, 2011)
Portal 2 is more of the same, but only in the best of ways. Valve didn't mess with a winning formula, and the end result is that Portal 2 is a better game than its excellent predecessor. It keeps the same witty humor and high-quality level design but adds a few new tricks to turn the interesting puzzles into exceptional ones. The co-op campaign is a boatload of fun and adds extra value to the package — especially if you're a PS3 owner, who gets the PC/Mac version along with the console copy. Portal 2's only problem is that it's a hair short and lacks replay value. Despite this, it's some of the best gaming I've had in recent memory, and it still manages to be worth the full price. If you remotely enjoyed the original Portal, you'll absolutely love the sequel.
90 (Apr 20, 2011)
Not as perfectly formed as the original, but close enough - with some of the best story-telling and voiceover work in all gaming.
PlayStation Lifestyle (Apr 28, 2011)
If you’re still reading this review and aren’t yet convinced you need to play this game, then there is little hope for you. Between the marvellous story, perfect pacing, evolving/subtle soundtrack, challenging but not frustrating puzzles, and one of the absolute best ending sequences the likes of which may never be seen again, there is literally nothing to complain about this game. And the social gamers amongst us will be completely satisfied after running through the co-op story with a friend (or even complete stranger!). While it could be argued that Portal 2 has little replay value, that will become a moot point as user-generated levels are produced, which are expected to be deliverable to the PlayStation 3, as well as traditional DLC. Portal 2 will go down in history as one of the best lunacy-inducing sequels ever made, and if you didn’t get that last reference then you need to play one of the greatest games ever crafted in the gaming industry.
Gamereactor (Germany) (Apr 19, 2011)
Portal 2 ist ein nahezu perfektes Spiel für das, was es ist. Es gibt Kleinigkeiten wie nun völlig unbewegliches Interior, was sich anfangs komisch anfühlt, weil alles auf mysteriöse Art und Weise am Boden klebt. Vielleicht haben sie bei Valve in Tests herausgefunden, dass einige Spieler sich einfach zu lange damit beschäftigt haben, das Zeug durch die Level zu schleppen auf der Suche nach der Lösung... wer weiß. Richtig schade ist nur, dass die Kampagne - je nach nach Fähigkeiten - in sieben bis zehn Stunden erledigt ist. Dazu gesellen sich vier bis sechs Stunden Koop-Material. Das ist eigentlich genug, aber man will einfach nicht, dass es endet. Und hatte mir GLaDOS nicht am Anfang versprochen, dass ich hier für immer testen darf? Verdammte Lügnerin! Anderseits: Das war sie doch schon immer, oder etwa nicht!?!
Gamereactor (Finland) (Apr 19, 2011)
Portal 2 on loistava taidonnäyte Valvelta. Peli ei aliarvioi pelaajia ja täyttää fanien odotukset 100-prosenttisen varmasti. Pikkuasioista voi valittaa, mutta en epäile väittää, että kyseessä on yksi vuoden parhaimpia pelejä. Peli tarjoaa makeaa mahan täydeltä ja jättää silti toivomaan entistä enemmän lisää. Onneksi peli, saavutuksineen ja salaisuuksineen, tarjoaa uudelleenpelattavuutta ruhtinaallisesti.
TheSixthAxis (Apr 19, 2011)
Portal 2′s clearly aimed at fans of the original, and rightly so – Valve have made no concessions to the uninitiated beyond the first hour or so: the puzzles might be a tad easier, but there’s much more of them (the game takes between 10 and 12 hours to get through) and there’s huge sections well outside the white walls of the labs that take real concentration. The biggest disappointment is realising that, once you’re done, Valve Time will mean we’ll be without the warm bosom of GLaDOS for – presumably – years. Regardless, games like this don’t come around very often, and if you miss out on this one you’ll be skipping one of the finest examples of the medium the industry has to offer: Portal 2 is compelling, exciting, wildly capricious and, most importantly, laugh out loud funny.
GameZone (Apr 19, 2011)
Portal 2 is pure genius. With gameplay growing ever more addictive and new characters always threatening to steal the spotlight, Portal 2 is one of the best games of 2011. A perfect and true sequel to the 2007 hit, Portal 2 provides everything that a fantastically designed sequel needs. The graphics and style are noticeably better, the writing is top-notch, the gameplay is as enthralling as before, the developer commentary keep players entertained, and the rest is tied nicely together with beloved characters. With “still alive” quotes and cake references kept to a minimum, Portal 2 steps the franchise out from the small tech demo with a neat story and into a work Valve can proudly place next to its Half-Life franchise.
NZGamer (Apr 29, 2011)
We completed the single player game in a day (with several breaks for comfort and the necessities of life), for an estimated total of 7-8 hours’ worth of brain bending entertainment. There are a few more hours to be had in the two player co-op game, and Portal 2 offers more gaming hours than the original. Ultimately, however, you have to weigh up the cost against the replay value – which is low, unless you’re into collecting trophies or DLC. For us, this was the only downside to an excellent overall package, and a truly worthy sequel to one of the most engrossing and popular puzzlers around.
Video Game Talk (May 14, 2011)
What seemed like a silly one-off intended to lead in to the next Half-Life (whenever that is coming) has turned into a premiere franchise that can stand on its own two legs. Portal 2 is everything a good sequel should be. It continues the story without repeating it, and adds new modes and features without mucking up what worked about the first game. And, most importantly, it still feels fresh. Too often we play sequels simply out of habit, because we liked earlier installments. There's no such sense of weariness about Portal 2, which can proudly stand up to any game, sequel or not. And then drop those other games through a hole in the floor.
We Got This Covered (Apr 22, 2011)
Overall, Portal 2 is an excellent game. Though it suffers from repetitive gameplay that may turn some gamers off, it’s an accessible puzzle game in a genre that some people find hard to get into. Its elegant design and intelligent puzzles coupled with fantastic dialogue and visuals, make for a memorable gaming experience. Fans of the first game are sure to be impressed with this sequel, but newcomers will probably be impressed even more. It’s the type of game that is so accessible that it’ll make puzzle game cynics forget they’re playing a game from a genre they’ve never liked previously.
90 (Apr 27, 2011)
Portal 2 is een geweldige puzzelgame die dankzij ingenieuze puzzels en een bijzonder humoristische verhaallijn jou als speler uren aan je scherm houdt. En met minstens de helft van die tijd met een grote glimlach op je gezicht.
90 (Apr 19, 2011)
Portal 2 er utfordrende, og balanserer hårfint mellom å gi deg inntrykk av å være djevelsk glup og fryktelig teit om hverandre. Vet du løsningen på en gåte så er den for det meste overkommelig å utføre, og begrensningene ligger mellom ørene heller enn hvor treffsikker eller kjapp du er med styrestikka. Dette spillet skaper neppe like mye oppstyr som forgjengeren, men er noen gode hakk bedre. Inkluderingen av en fungerende historie er bare en av mange ting som gjør at alle burde prøve en av årets virkelige storspill.
GameSpot (Apr 19, 2011)
As you journey through the massive Aperture facility, it becomes clear that Portal 2 does not merely come after Portal. Instead, it radiates outward from its predecessor, simultaneously illuminating the world that gave rise to Portal and continuing the adventure that began there. The sense of novelty is diminished, but the thrill of exploration and puzzle-solving is still intoxicating, and it's amazing how Portal 2 manages to tell a better story with disembodied voices and spherical robots than most games can with full-on humans. Your return to Aperture Science is a joyful one in this immensely appealing, laugh-out-loud funny, and thoroughly satisfying sequel.
GamingEvolution (Jun 20, 2011)
What they say about sequels not holding up the original is often enough true, however it doesn’t apply to Portal 2. Everything about Portal 2 is “bigger and better” than the original. You can clearly see that the developers made sure to keep the core of the gameplay from Portal intact, while enhancing every bit of the experience into a deeper, more fulfilling experience for Portal 2. With 2-player co-op and cross-platform gameplay thanks to Steam being brought over to the PS3 console, Valve is essentially “changing the game” and we all thank them for it. Whether you pick up the Xbox 360, PC or PS3 version of the game, you will have a rich and rewarding experience seldom few bring to the table.
Gamereactor (Norway) (Apr 19, 2011)
Portal 2 er et spill som skiller seg fra mengden. Det gir en tilfredsstillende følelse å løse de intrikate gåtene, som takket være strålende brettdesign holder seg utfordrende og interessante gjennom hele spillet. Valve leverer dialog og humor i særklasse, og for meg var det helt umulig å ikke la seg bli sjarmert sønder og sammen av robotenes personlighet. Sleng på en strålende samarbeidsdel på toppen av det hele, og Portal 2 lever opp til forventningene. Hvem liker vel ikke roboter med følelser?
Gamereactor (Denmark) (Apr 19, 2011)
Valves topchef Gabe Newell har sagt, at Portal 2 sandsynligvis er det bedste spil Valve nogensinde har lavet. Det er et udsagn der er svært at bedømme, fordi næsten hvert eneste af udviklerens spil har været skelsættende. Af samme grund giver det heller ikke rigtig mening at kalde det for et af deres bedste spil. I stedet vil jeg sige dette: Portal 2 har overgået mine temmelig høje forventninger, og er den perfekte efterfølger til det klassiske Portal. Det gør alting rigtigt, og sætter ikke en eneste fod forkert undervejs. Det er et spil alle burde prøve, og får min varmeste anbefaling.
gamrReview (Apr 19, 2011)
Portal 2 is one of those rare games that makes its predecessor completely obsolete. There are more puzzles, more characters, better graphics and sound, more variables in the puzzles, and a surprising story that went above and beyond my expectations. Unfortunately, once you’ve beaten both campaigns, there’s nothing left to do. Even with that shortcoming, however, Portal 2 is one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences I’ve had for quite a while.
89 (Apr 18, 2011)
Die Fortsetzung fällt vielleicht nicht so revolutionär wie der erste Teil aus, macht aber ungemein Spaß und das sowohl in der Einzelspieler- als auch der Mehrspielerkampagne. Zu bemängeln ist vielleicht nur die für manche etwas kurze Durchspielzeit, weil sind Geschichte und Koop einmal abgeschlossen, gibt es eigentlich nichts mehr zu tun. Zumindest bis einen wieder einmal die Lust überkommt, den Aperture Laboratorien wieder einmal einen Besuch abzustatten.
Extreme Gamer (Apr 27, 2011)
Portal 2 slips through its own series of tests to be a genuine follow-up to the now cult classic original. Akin to the original, puzzling in the first-person isn't going to be for everyone, so if testing the waters means you pick up the older, yet priceless 'The Orange Box' or dive right into Portal 2, it's worth a look. Even with its high praise, Portal 2 isn't perfect, but it's imaginative, it's sophisticated, and one of the best puzzlers we've played in years. Thinking has never been so much fun.
Game Arena (Apr 19, 2011)
The real beauty of Portal 2 this time is what is said. There's a meta-game clearly at play here. Those who played Portal will notice an improvement in the quality of the puzzles in Portal 2. This is because your role in Portal was more than just Chell - you were the test subject. GLaDOS tells you this over and over - and Portal 2 demonstrates it to be true. Of course heatmaps and stat tracking can't tell you how to sufficiently nail humour, so Portal slips in those areas. It's more Portal, not a better Portal. Regardless, if you're looking for a challenging puzzle game and a great coop experience, Portal 2 is a must buy.
ZoKnowsGaming (May 02, 2011)
Valve have managed to buck most of the standard norms while still delivering one of the best games you will play this year. The game by itself would be awesome enough, but Cross Game Play/Chat with Steam just takes it to a whole other level bringing the world of consoles and PC together in a way that hasn’t been done until now. For all those who appreciate a real challenge, this is the game for you. To chess players who thrive on the games that demand that you be able to see several moves ahead, this is for you as well. Portal 2 isn’t the kind of game that everyone will like and that is ok. I respect the fact that Valve refused to dumb their game down for fear it wouldn’t be accepted by the masses. I still don’t know if the masses will take to it. All I can say is if you want a truly challenging game to take up some time, pick up Portal 2. Valve did a hell of a job in delivering a sequel that captures the spirit of the original while creating a bit of magic that is all its own.
Game Shark (Apr 25, 2011)
Ultimately, the biggest problem with Portal 2 is Portal 1, which was a lean mean meme machine driven by one of videogaming's most unforgettable characters. So when the sequel has a minor negative space problem, and closes with a credit sequence that I can't hum for the life of me, is Portal 2 ever so slightly disappointing, or was Portal 1 just flat-out ingenious? I suspect a little of both. But with this much awesome Stephen Merchant, and with my status as a frickin' genius puzzle solver reaffirmed, and with a unique co-op experience, it's like complaining that I was promised the moon and the stars, but I only got the moon.
80 (2011)
Portal 2 est un jeu assez unique en son genre. Proposant des mécaniques inhabituelles, et un humour constant, ce titre se révèle très prenant et garanti une aventure rythmée sans presque aucun temps mort.
Level 7 (Apr 19, 2011)
Problemen i Portal 2 får mig att känna mig precis lagom smart. Jag kommer på varje lösning innan jag blir alltför irriterad. Valve har också byggt in pusslandet i en synnerligen välproducerad yta som ger det mervärde som behövs för att jag inte ska tröttna på upplägget. För jag kan inte sticka under stol med att Portal 2 känns lite utdraget, trots enbart 5-6 timmars kampanj. Jag rekommenderar att ni spelar det i små doser och i lugn och ro.
Gamer Limit (Apr 27, 2011)
Does Portal 2 outshine its predecessor? That’s a difficult question to answer. It is a longer, fuller experience to be certain, but having previously seen and experienced what made Portal so interesting and unique, Portal 2 doesn’t quite feel so new or exciting. Some frustrating decisions and an underwhelming second act aside, the central premise is as brilliant as ever and Valve has enough tricks up their sleeves to keep it challenging, interesting, and hilarious as always.
Gamekult (Apr 27, 2011)
Émancipation réussie pour la série Portal, qui s'affranchit de son ancienne condition de jeu bonus avec un Portal 2 qui ne révolutionne certes pas la formule mais arrive tout de même à justifier son nouveau statut. Renforcé par une structure narrative plus développée qu'en 2007 et clairsemé de nouveaux mécanismes de jeu destinés à rafraichir autant que possible son gameplay à base de portails, cette suite s'accompagne en plus d'un mode coopératif plutôt sympathique malgré un manque de challenge généralisé. On regrettera tout de même le virage opéré par l'écriture comique des répliques du jeu, qui s'éloignent clairement de leurs origines raffinées pour adopter une culture de la farce absurde nettement moins subtile. Quelques problèmes de rythme sont également à noter, que ce soit du côté de la structure mécanique et routinière des parties test ou de celui des chapitres centraux un brin oubliables de notre aventure.
50 (Apr 25, 2011)
For it’s puzzles and ingenuity in the main game I give it an A, for the needless rewrite of GlaD0S’ character and the implied fate of every other digital character by proxy, I give the game a B, but for the shameless profit shakedown that this game is covertly carrying out in every other respect… a D. That averages this could-be great title into a paltry C. I know that’s not going to win me any friends, but I call it like I see it.

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