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90 (UK) (Jul 01, 2011)
As if 100 levels of enormously satisfying puzzling wasn't enough, PS3 owners have the added bonus of stereoscopic 3D support to brag about. For once, the extra depth genuinely enhances the appeal. If you missed out on one of the finest puzzle games to grace the download scene, then don't make the same mistake twice. Puzzle Dimension demands a place in your heart.
Gamereactor (Denmark) (Jun 28, 2011)
Det lyder måske lidt dumt, men Puzzle Dimension er et fantastisk sommerspil, det kan spilles et par minutter af gangen hvis der er lidt tid der skal slåes ihjel, eller i flere timer hvis den danske sommer lever op til sit ry og skal måles i nedbør ikke solskinstimer. Mit humør tog ingen skade, selv når spillet smed en skruebold og jeg kun kunne stirre forvirret ind i skærmen. I en tid uden store spil i horisonten er det i høj grad spil som Puzzle Dimension, der holder hænder på controllerne, og det gør det med bravur.
Vandal Online (Jul 08, 2011)
Puzzle Dimension produce una serie de sensaciones bastante buenas. La primera que os vendrá nada más arrancar el juego, es la de un título fresco y divertido. Su interesante planteamiento os atrapará (siempre y cuando sepáis darle una oportunidad). Luego, descubriréis que bajo su sencilla coraza y jugabilidad, se esconde un magnífico, complejo y longevo juego, donde la planificación y la orientación, así como la habilidad, son parte esencial de un rompecabezas con una curva de dificultad tremendamente bien adaptada.
Brash Games (Jul 18, 2011)
Puzzle fanatics might be able to cite countless other recent offerings that provide an equally delicious combination of cranial exercise and fun, but for those with personal catalogues dominated by shooters and racing games, the delightful change of pace will prove refreshingly different. In times when many titles demand lightning reactions and faultless accuracy, it’s nice to just sit there, like some veteran chess-master, carefully meditating on where the next eight moves will take you.
Whether you fancy the occasional puzzle or PSN title, or you're a puzzle game addict looking for your next hit, Puzzle Dimension will be the answer to your prayers. With a creative twist on mechanics and a welcomed splash of retro paint, be prepared to say goodbye to many, many hours.
IGN (Jul 01, 2011)
Although Puzzle Dimension really needed online leaderboards and a level editor to make it a complete experience, it’s still a fun and engaging game well worth the $10 price tag. The levels are masterfully balanced and the visuals are stirring, making for an impressive overall package. Not all of its concepts are original, but they’re implemented in a way that is fresh and creative. If you’re looking for a cool, new brainteaser, Puzzle Dimension is an excellent choice.