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GameFocus (Apr 20, 2009)
Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic does offer a few, incredibly fun challenges/mini-games. The better you do in each challenge the more body parts you unlock that you can use to customize your “action figure”. Some of the body parts you unlock are hilarious and I found myself devoting time to trying unlock more, in the hopes of more laughs and I was greatly rewarded. This adds a lot of replay value to this title which mainly is just a party brawler, but it is the most fun I have had in this genre.
D+PAD Magazine (Apr 06, 2009)
Like all the best beat ‘em ups, Fists of Plastic’s combat is easily accessible, but contains enough depth to reward practice. Button mashing can win you bouts, but mastering techniques such as the Firefly (which sends your character rocketing across the screen) and using your chi-energy to pull of special moves will separate the real Kung Fu masters from the Shaolin wannabes. Slamming your opponent into the ground with a shake of the SIXAXIS feels beautifully visceral, and genuinely adds to the experience. In fact, after thatgamecompany wowed us with Flower, it’s encouraging to see another title making such successful use of the SIXAXIS and its (often derided) tilt functionality.
Play Magazine (Apr 30, 2009)
LittleBigPlanet is brilliant, right? We love how different it is from everything else, but there’s still a traditionalist part of us that wishes it were more violent. Y’know when you make Sackboy do his angry face and use the shoulder buttons to wave his little sack fists around in rage? Don’t you just wish there was a face or two nearby to smash those angry little fists into? If, like us, you do, then you’ll love Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists Of Plastic.
GamingBolt (Sep 12, 2009)
Ultimately, Rag Doll Kong Fu: Fists of Plastic, is a good game, full of fun gameplay and replay value, great local multiplayer and some very nice physics, though no online is a really bad thing. This game is a great purchase to any one, and considering is free for the week, its a must get. Bottomline- Download this game!
80 (May 23, 2009)
Al menos queda el consuelo de haber yuxtapuesto dos conceptos como muy pocos juegos en la historia del medio no lo había hecho nunca. Y eso ya lo hace totalmente único.
GamingXP (Jun 03, 2009)
Verglichen mit dem ersten Eindruck aus dem Preview konnte uns „Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fist of Plastic“ dann doch nicht ganz überzeugen. Vor allem Online gegen andere Spieler anzutreten, verpackt in eine kleine aber feine Internetlobby, fehlt einfach irgendwo. Trotzdem hat der PlayStation Store wieder einen Titel mehr der es zumindest Wert ist, einen Blick drauf zu werfen. Für Abwechslung und Kurzweil zum günstigen Preis sollte gesorgt sein.
Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic is a $10.00 downloadable game that gets most gamers a good looking eight stage beat-em-up that has some similarities to Little Big Planet. While the original stages are fun, the experience is over in less than an hour or so. It seems as though the development team hope that most players spend their time in a Super Smash Bros like local multiplayer game. The omission of online play is quite a missed opportunity and limits the overall appeal of the game as the lack of such is unforgiveable. The game has some depth with such things as unlockables and trophies, but the ride is still far too short which explains my lower gameplay score.
Gaming Age (Apr 30, 2009)
At a $9.99 price point it feels like you're definitely getting a solid game, even if it's missing the online mode that I was hoping to see, and if there's DLC support for the game in the future, then it's a pretty good starting point for the game in general. There's a lot of unlockable costume/character stuff to find, a pretty cool character creator that allows you to come up with some pretty random designs, and as a kung fu fan in general I love the design of the game, including the music that feels like a throwback to some early Shaw Bros. films at times. If you're looking for a new title on the PSN to try out, then I say you should give this one a go, and hope that we can see online patched in at a later date.
All in all, Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic is a solid entry for the PSN. It just doesn’t hold up in terms of single-player fun – this is a game made strictly for local multiplayer. While opening up rewards, accruing Trophies (there are 12 in all – most of which are repeats of the reward challenges), and honing your skills in the Challenges mode is fun, I would have liked to test my skills against players around the world, especially against high-ranking leaderboard opponents. Sadly, online multiplayer is not available, and the Challenges mode is only decent, relegating the experience to strictly that of local multiplayer. Even so, as a party game entry, this game is tough to beat. Virtually beating up buddies is a real treat that I’ll be taking advantage of frequently – you’ll likely want to too!
XGN (Jun 09, 2009)
Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic is een hele goede game voor een prijs van tien euro. De game bevat genoeg humor om te blijven spelen, en dan vooral met een paar vrienden op de bank.
TheSixthAxis (Apr 29, 2009)
Ragdoll Kung Fu is a witty, charming and frantically fun game that suffers from a puzzling lack of online multiplayer and is perhaps a little bit light on replay potential. I think there is great opportunity for patched upgrades and DLC which will solve the longevity issues but if those are paid updates it might just mean that this is a little bit too expensive. With that in mind, if you are looking for a fun party game which is ideal for quick blasts after the pub then this game is perfect.
70 (Apr 07, 2009)
Ragdoll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic é um bom jogo, mas que peca em alguns pontos. A longevidade do modo para um jogador é bastante reduzida, e não existe nenhum modo online. Devido a isso, este título deve ser adquirido por aqueles que querem alguns minutos de puro divertimento ou para quem tem sempre os amigos lá por casa.
TotalPlayStation (Apr 18, 2009)
Rag Doll Kung-Fu: Fists of Plastic is a disappointment in almost every sense of the word. It looks awesome, it plays awesome and yet it feels like a tech-demo and not like a game you just spent 10 bucks on. A free update might do the job, heh Sony?
It is gimmicky, to be sure, but Fists of Plastic is entertaining and at $10 is a fair price for well done kitsch. Moreover, the simplified control scheme means that in spite of the drunk monkey fighting everyone fights more or less like the same drunk monkey. With the omission of online multi-player the two game modes don't quite add up to a whole, and it is fair to say the game lacks staying power. What the title has in spades, however, is undeniable accessibility, and in the end that is the wave Fists of Plastic is riding: charming accessibility.
Gamer 2.0 (Apr 15, 2009)
Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic is by no means a bad game. Some concessions had to be made to make it work on the PS3, but for the most part it's the sort of game that's better on a console to begin with. The biggest problem with the game is that it is skewed towards local only multiplayer, with very few concessions made to people who can't get friends over every day. If it had online play, it would be easy to recommend, but as it is, it's a bit of a tough sell.
GameZone (May 13, 2009)
This should be a must have game for $9.99, as it is, with a missing online capability, it is a possible have, depends on what floats your boat.
65 (Apr 21, 2009)
Fists of Plastic sieht auf eine bescheuert-professionelle Weise wirklich cool aus: Herrlich überdrehtes Figurendesign, liebevoll gestaltete Levels, witzige Physik-Nutzung - hier waren offensichtlich Profis am Werk. Leider wohl nur Grafikprofis, denn das Spiel an sich lässt nach wie vor zu wünschen übrig, ganz besonders für Solisten, die den gesamten Inhalt in weniger als einer Stunde in- und auswendig kennen dürften - und einen Teil davon, namentlich die Sixaxis-Nutzung, wohl lieber gar nicht erst kennen gelernt hätten. Was eine Schande ist, denn im Grunde seines Herzens ist das PS3-Kung Fu weitaus einfacher und präziser zu kontrollieren als das Original, was mit dem Sixaxis-Gefummel aber wieder zunichte gemacht wird. Mit ein paar Leuten und entsprechendem Ellbogen-Einsatz dürfte dieser Makel unter den Teppich kehrbar sein - aber sonst bleibt Fists of Plastic leider uninteressanter, als es eigentlich sein sollte.
Meristation (Apr 22, 2009)
Rag Doll Kung Fu es una buena opción multijugador. De acción rápida y directa, basa todo su potencial en las partidas con gente. Los distintos modos de juego, los objetos en pantalla y las variantes en los ataques lo convierten en una buena opción. Eso, junto a su entrañable diseño lo convierten en un producto especial y sugerente para jugar en compañía. A pesar de esto, se echa en falta un modo para un jugador en condiciones –las misiones no se pueden considerar más que un tutorial ampliado con recompensas, y un modo on-line que, en los tiempos que corren, parece básico. Dos fallos importantes para una propuesta interesante. Más variedad en el editor de personajes, limitado en comparación con otros juegos, y escenarios con más inputs decisivos –hay algunos brillantes pero otros son demasiado parecidos entre ellos a nivel de interacción con la batalla (a pesar de la belleza de casi todos), hubieran dado un resultado final más satisfactorio.
PSX Extreme (Apr 14, 2009)
There just isn’t a whole lot here, and we weren’t enthralled enough to recommend a purchase. If this had come out a few years ago (the original Rag Doll Kung-Fu hit the PC in 2005), we might’ve gone easier on the drawbacks, but as we said earlier, there are plenty of better downloadable titles on the PSN. Perhaps the biggest downside is the fact that their target audience may find the gameplay to be too complex and frustrating. It’s okay once you get the hang of it, but it never gels into a cohesive battle system; we never feel as if we have full control of what’s happening on the screen, and the difficulty can spike erratically. Some of it’s fun but it loses its appeal very quickly, and while somewhat ambitious and unique, it’s just not a streamlined, polished production. We expect more, plain and simple.
60 (Apr 08, 2009)
Put simply, if you reckon it'll be a rare occasion indeed when you'll be in a position to play the game locally with friends, it's not worth getting. There's depth to the combat system, in that there are weapons and special moves to master, and a rudimentary combo system, but on the whole the game's best played in a throwaway fashion, with friends button bashing as they down beers. Ultimately, Rag Doll Kung Fu comes across as something of a tech demo, the kind of thing you might expect Healey and co showed to Sony executives when trying to get LBP off the ground.
60 (Apr 08, 2009)
De game is leuk om met vrienden samen te spelen, maar heeft verder niets bijzonders. De grappige bewegingen en de foute Kung Fu-humor zijn even vermakelijk, maar uiteindelijk is Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic een oppervlakkig en soms chaotisch vechtspel. Online multiplayer-opties en boeiende singeplayer-missies hadden de game meer inhoud kunnen geven, maar ontbreken jammer genoeg.
60 (Apr 10, 2009)
Overall Rag Doll Kung Fu is a really fun game to play, the problem is that it is the type of game you should be playing online and with that option missing there isn’t really much that will keep you coming back.
60 (UK) (Apr 02, 2009)
But to be fair to developer Tarsier Studios, its purpose is quite different to Healey's in the original. It's clear that the team is trying to provide an accessible, fast-paced scrap-'em-up that can be enjoyed by all the family, not just autistic puppeteers. In that sense, the game's a modest success, offering a shallow but sometimes riotous playpen for up to four players to scrap away in visually interesting ways. But the slightness of the package means that this polished after-pub game will provide some short-term laughs but only minimal long-term nourishment.
IGN (Apr 14, 2009)
After spending a bit of time with Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic, you may wonder if you accidentally downloaded a mere demo instead of the full game. The challenges are really just a tutorial and the multiplayer game, while fun, doesn't go online. Rag Doll's physics are impressive, but there isn't enough content here to justify the $10 price tag.
GameSpot (Apr 14, 2009)
Fists of Plastic is a joy to behold, but the gameplay doesn't deliver on the concept's promise nearly so successfully. At 10 bucks, the shallow combat, dearth of multiplayer modes, and complete lack of online options make this an experience that even most chopsocky fans will find quickly loses its charm.
If you are yearning for a multiplayer beat-em-up, this might satisfy you for a bit. Be warned though: since there is no story, I found the limited appeal is for all but hardcore fighting fans. Once you've mastered it, unless the people you're playing against are on par with your skill level, the drastic difference sucks the fun right out of head-to-head fighting.
Thunderbolt Games (Jul 04, 2009)
As a package, Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic is a missed opportunity. By tightening the controls, sharpening the objectives and adding online multiplayer, Tarsier Studios would be on the end of unassailable praise rather than frustrated criticism towards their unfinished product. The fact is, just like your Mum calling for lunch in the middle of those childhood quests to rid your bedroom of evil, the fun is lost due to a lack of immersion and control. The SixAxis moves are tiresome and unrewarding, as it’s clear the game is most entertaining when it plays similarly to the acrobatic distinction of Little Big Planet. Shamefully, Fists of Plastic won’t have you reliving your childhood memories for long, as the tiresome challenges and lack of online execution will have you beating yourself up quicker than you can fling your joypad across the room with dragon-punch shaped irritation. (May 07, 2009)
Ragdoll Kung-Fu is fantastic multiplayer fun. It is easy to learn and provides hours of fun…IF you have friends close by. However, if you have many PS3 owning friends close by and they love a good brawl, Ragdoll Kung-Fu is highly recommended.