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Not as much RAGE as I hoped for! Stijn Daneels (85) 3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.8
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.8
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.2
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.5
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.7
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.3
Overall User Score (6 votes) 3.9

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GamingExcellence (Oct 04, 2011)
Minor quibbles aside, we here at GamingExcellence have never been so happy to be so enraged. It's a great day for gaming when we can welcome id Software back into our living rooms and computer desks. RAGE is an easy candidate for the best game of the year, and was well worth the wait. Don't miss it.
PSX Extreme (Oct 04, 2011)
RAGE doesn’t really do anything new. I’ll repeat that for those who are looking for the innovative and revolutionary. But what it does do is pretty damn incredible. It features an excellent FPS mechanic, surprisingly solid (if a bit loose) driving control, competent and diverse foes, unbelievably detailed environments, great audio, and an overall combination of multiple gameplay elements that gels into a cohesive, riveting production. The story isn’t much, there aren’t quite enough weapons, and that huge world seems smaller with roads and vehicles, but otherwise, this game is awesome.
3D Juegos (Oct 04, 2011)
El siniestro, pero al mismo tiempo luminoso, futuro de id Software toma forma con el sobresaliente Rage. La elite de shooters que se han ido lanzando en este año 2011 tiene un nuevo miembro, y es que lo nuevo de los creadores de Quake o Doom es un lanzamiento fantástico que nos va a atrapar desde el primer momento con su adictivo planteamiento, su poderoso apartado jugable y su fenomenal acabado gráfico. Un videojuego al que sólo algunas pequeñas matizaciones han separado de ser imprescindible, y una de las grandes propuestas de esta recta final del 2011.
GameTrailers (Oct 04, 2011)
RAGE is a perfect example of why we try to stay as uninformed as possible before reviewing a game. We never imagined that the RPG elements would be so vast or deftly handled, resulting in a pleasant surprise. A near-perfect mix of first-person shooting and role-playing, it's a nice fit for those who felt too detached from the gun play in Fallout 3 or Mass Effect. Some may bemoan the lack of competitive multiplayer shooting, but when there are dozens of games on the horizon that do just that, the vehicular approach is the right one. With tons of variety, an interesting world to explore, and a high level of polish, RAGE is not what you expect but exactly what you didn't know you wanted.
Game Informer Magazine (Oct 04, 2011)
Rage’s story and overworld design feel dated, but its heart-pounding gunplay is a nice change of pace in a market filled with “follow me” and pop-and-fire shooters. While light RPG elements are present, this is mainly a game for players who love challenging combat experiences.
Vandal Online (Oct 04, 2011)
El Yermo que recorremos motorizados no es más que una serie de carreteras en las que nos peleamos con otros bandidos y que sirven para conectar las fases con las dos ciudades principales, pero sin mucho más que hacer o explorar. Esto puede decepcionar a los que se esperaban otra estructura de juego, pero realmente Rage es un título con un corazón muy clásico y honesto, pese a su pátina de modernidad y aparente libertad, que no es tal. Toneladas de intensa acción, divertida e impecable en su jugabilidad, gracias al perfecto control y la fluidez de sus 60 imágenes por segundo, acción marca de la casa y lo que mejor sabe hacer id Software. Sabiendo lo que nos vamos a encontrar, y para los amantes de la acción más visceral, todo un imprescindible.
PlayStation Universe (Oct 04, 2011)
Rage is the complete package that fans of shooters, RPGs, and buggy racers have been waiting for. Combined with its jaw-dropping visual presentation, Rage easily one of the best games of the year.
Does RAGE push boundaries and set a new bar for future shooters to come? Not really. But it doesn't need to. Instead of trying to revolutionize a genre, id has given us another stellar game that's taken elements from a few different games, in many cases improved them, and seamlessly integrated them into RAGE's world. Everything about this game is polished to near-perfection: the guns feel satisfying and the quests aren't comprised of the lame "fetch this" or "go kill that" missions that many of us have grown tired of long ago. This is a game that manages the impressive feat of appealing to many different types of gamers without sacrificing any of its quality. Even if you're on the fence as to whether or not this is something you'd be interested in, I'm sure that if you give it a chance you'll find something worthwhile in the savage and exciting world that is RAGE.
The bottom line is that I spent many days and nights playing Rage, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Coming from the almost tactical combat of New Vegas, it was nice to see I still had the chops for run-and-gun action. Rage many not be a truly open world; it's more of an open world that you can explore in bits and pieces. And it's not really an RPG, but more of a shooter and combat driver with RPG elements. But really, they got the mix almost perfect. Rage will get your adrenaline pumping, and is more than worth the price of admission. Rage earns 4.5 GiN Gems and my recommendation for fans of shooters and action titles.
90 (Oct 05, 2011)
Mais ce qui reste génial dans RAGE, c'est la cohérence de l'ensemble du jeu, ce formidable équilibre de plein de choses. On a vraiment un FPS riche, ouvert, que l'on aborde dans le sens que l'on souhaite. Je ne suis même pas sur qu'un autre FPS puisse se comparer à RAGE tant il est différent sur le fond. Et je crois que c'est la première fois de ma vie que j'ai envie de dire à iD : encore.
90 (Oct 07, 2011)
Mélangeant aussi allègrement qu'habilement modernité et gameplay old-school, Rage représente la parfaite évolution du FPS "à la id Software". Tout à la fois simple, monstrueusement efficace, brutal et d'une richesse rare pour ce qui reste un FPS linéaire évolué. On plie le genou devant les changements de rythme ou de mécaniques de jeu et la pluralité de l'arsenal, on s'agenouille même carrément rien que pour le boomerang Wingstick, magique. Plus sommairement, on prend son pied grâce au feeling des armes qui nous fait oublier certains pistolets à billes devenus trop communs. Quelques défauts, lacunes dans la structure ou errances techniques, nous poussaient à limiter la note à 17, mais quand on met Rage face aux productions actuelles et récentes, on se dit que...
85 (2011)
RAGE est un très bon FPS. Reprenant les ingrédients des grands succès d'id Software agrémenté de quelques nouveautés bienvenues, le jeu offre une action non stop et une aventure d'une grande variété.
IGN (Oct 03, 2011)
The great controls and useful weapon upgrades help make Rage’s shooting parts a lot of fun, but the storyline fails to create any real tension and the game’s characters, friendly and hostile, never do or say anything memorable. As a result, Rage starts to drag toward the second half after most of the mechanics and upgrades are introduced because the fictional world isn’t very interesting. Despite the lack of genuinely exciting context, all the content packed into Rage is still a blast to play, including the surprisingly entertaining car combat mode and co-operative challenges. Rage isn’t revolutionary, but is an expertly crafted, beautiful shooter.
83 (Oct 04, 2011)
Schade nur, dass man nach den hoffnungsvollen Intro-Auftakt direkt wieder die »Handlung? Nee, können wir nicht!«-Keule auspackt, denn die Geschichte ist bescheuert und voller Lücken, die größer sind als alles, was ein Asteroid je zurücklassen würde. Ärgerlich ist auch, dass die Welt zwar toll und groß, aber auch sehr leer ist - ein paar Sprungeinlagen hier, ein paar versteckte Objekte da, aber sonst dient das Ödland nur als Zeitvertreib zwischen Stadt und Mission. Sehr große Fragezeichen gehen auch in Richtung Mehrspielermodus: Koop schön und gut, aber kein Deathmatch? In einem Spiel von id Software? Dass ich das nochmal erleben würde! Am Ende ist und bleibt Rage ein guter Shooter, der sich keine groben Schnitzer erlaubt, aber auch weniger bemerkenswert ist, als er zunächst aussieht.
GamingXP (Nov 17, 2011)
Alles in allem bin ich zufrieden. Lange, sehr lange, fast schon zu lange mussten die Fans auf id Softwares „RAGE“ warten und das Warten hat sich trotz einiger Kritikpunkte, wie sprachloser Held oder schwache Bosskämpfe, gelohnt. Die Spielwelt bietet Ihnen eine Vielzahl von Möglichkeiten, um sich so richtig auszutoben. „RAGE“ ist ein grundsolider Shooter, bei dem die Action keinesfalls zu kurz kommt.
Overall, RAGE is another great shooter from id. The shortcomings in the single-player campaign don't derail the game, but unfortunately, the multiplayer experience is lacking in too many ways. It has no staying power and isn't recommended for anybody looking to spend hours playing against their friends online. Beautiful game? Check. Great game play? 80 percent. Enthralling story? 75 percent. Great multiplayer? Uh ... 10 percent?
Game Over Online (Oct 14, 2011)
In the end, Rage reminds me a lot of Borderlands, another game that, while uniquely awesome in its own way, ultimately left me disappointed: same basic locale, same silent protagonist, same pseudo-open world, same focus on driving to missions, same side quest driven, bare-bones story. To be honest, the fact that Rage is a better shooter with much better vehicle controls is tempered by the lack of RPG elements that would allow you to invest in, or "own," your character. Instead, you're just sort of... there. Having a coherent story to drive the action is necessary, and while we certainly see a distinct lack of that in modern shooters, at least most have more than Rage offers in that regard. Don't get me wrong, Rage is a good game, and one that is certainly worth your time, but I couldn't help feeling like there were a string of missed opportunities to build on a solid foundation that left me not only wanting more, but wondering just how good it could have been.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Oct 04, 2011)
Känslan efter elva timmar med ensamkampanjen, kryddat med multiplayer och en del omspel, är att Rage saknar den där extra touchen som toppspelen har. Det finns inga tråkiga sekvenser att tala om och tempovariationen är riktigt bra. Jag är dessutom förtjust i hur banornas design är linjär och tät, men med en ständig illusion av öppenhet. Men hela tiden finns små saker som drar ner helhetsintrycket. Pantade fiender och grafisk oskärpa hör självklart dit. Bristande vapenbalans och en begränsad mängd bossar bidrar också till att nagla fast betyget vid en relativt svag åtta. Det känns extra synd med tanke på att de negativa sidorna oftast känns onödiga, snarare än som fundamentala brister.
80 (UK) (Oct 04, 2011)
Judged on game design and content, then, it's slightly anachronistic, but as a toy box full of things you can only do in games, Rage is warm-hearted and refreshing. It's not going to change the world, but it does serve as a timely reminder of that other thing id Software games always did besides smashing through some new technological barrier. They made shooting things fun, and it's nice to have that back.
TheSixthAxis (Oct 04, 2011)
If you think first person shooters take themselves a little too seriously, Rage is the game for you. If you like shotguns, explosions, imaginative ammunition types and crossbows then Rage is the game for you. It’s an unapologetic love letter to the classic FPS gameplay that inspired the most popular genre in modern gaming and it updates enough that it doesn’t feel in the least bit dated. The only stand out weak point, graphical pop-in aside, is the generic narrative and who plays a shotgun shooter for the emotionally taut sub plots?
Digital Spy (Oct 04, 2011)
RAGE is a triumphant mix of vintage shooter mechanics and high-octane driving segments. The end result is a title that captures the essence of its genre-defining predecessors while offering fans something new. id's Tech 5 engine ensures that this is the studio's best-look release to date, and the sheer volume of features on offer make it one of the most rewarding.
80 (Oct 11, 2011)
Rage is by no means a bad game. Id has a solid shooter with great graphics and solid controls. However, plenty of other games have done the same things now. Rage is still a good game and will tide shooter fans over until other shooters release later this year. Just don’t expect anything groundbreaking here.
BlogCritics Magazine (Oct 18, 2011)
Minor criticisms aside, this is a still damn fun game. It’s a lot like Doom in that sense, too: short on story, long on satisfaction. Oh, and speaking of Doom, there’s also a number of Doom references tucked away here, including an Easter Egg that teleports you to a very familiar-looking 16-bit Phobos topography (there’s also a weapon dubbed the “BFG”). You can also hear some opponents shouting out orders to frag you in some parts. Highly recommended.
80 (Oct 19, 2011)
Buy it, play it, enjoy it, then come back with a buddy for double the fun and shoot for those high multi-player scores. Great stuff!
GameSpot (Oct 03, 2011)
Though the story gets a bit too cliched, there is a robust amount of adventuring to be done in a world that rewards you for your attentions. Rage is a beautiful game that looks equally stunning with or without the hefty installation (which reduces the load times and is optional on the 360 but required on the PS3), so regardless of which platform you play on, you'll find a rich and rewarding adventure that sets a new visual standard for the postapocalyptic wasteland.
80 (Oct 07, 2011)
Attendu de longue date par une multitude de joueurs, Rage ne déçoit pas. Techniquement très réussi et malgré une fin un rien décevante, il vient parfaitement souligner le fait qu’il est encore possible de proposer des jeux de qualité sur nos consoles vieillissantes sans décevoir les joueurs PC. Le titre d’id Software fait donc partie de ces jeux que vous vous devez de glisser dans votre machine en cette fin d’année chargée. Pour faire simple, Rage : l’essayer, c’est l’adopter !
Jeux Vidéo Network (Oct 04, 2011)
Sur console, Rage n’atteint pas les sommets espérés, la faute à un manque global de diversité dans l’action et à une jouabilité pas vraiment adaptée à la console. Heureusement, l’Intelligence Artificielle brillante des ennemis conjuguée au dynamisme général des fusillades suffisent à faire du titre d’Id Software un FPS aussi plaisant que marginal.
Giant Bomb (Oct 04, 2011)
Rage won't set new standards for game design, but if you want to drive and shoot in an incredible-looking wasteland, this is your game.
PlayFrance (Nov 03, 2011)
Au final, ce RAGE laisse le sentiment d'une œuvre imparfaite que la réalisation de grande classe tente de camoufler. Côté pile : l'histoire est pratiquement inexistante, les passages en véhicules sont superflus et l'aspect jeu de rôle est limité à des allers-retours poussifs dans un monde ouvert mais limité en possibilités. Côté face : l'action est jouissive, l'armurerie est pleine de surprises, les ennemis refusent de se laisser tuer et le design général en met plein la vue de loin, un peu moins de près. Le nouvel Id Software est un bon jeu, tout à fait recommandable, mais on attendait un ensemble plus homogène.
Game Revolution (Oct 04, 2011)
At its best, Rage is the most varied and engaging experience id Software has ever developed. At its worst, it feels like mowing the lawn after Saturday morning cartoons. There is so much to love in the wasteland, but quests feel like they took a backseat to the engine. Games shouldn't focus so exclusively on graphics anymore; dedicated design work, not merely a pretty face, can yield an engaging experience for players moment to moment. Regardless, Rage represents the most exciting first-person shooting in gaming bar none. If you've got a small dose of patience and a willingness to explore, you've got to play this game.
Push Square (Oct 10, 2011)
For a game so packed with variety and ambition, it's hard to shake the underlying feeling that RAGE actually brings very little to the table. The combat is fantastic, but then so was it in DOOM. There's nothing offensively wrong with RAGE, but sadly it just never comes close to achieving greatness.
Gaming since 198x (Oct 26, 2011)
Rage est super riche et possède un putain de potentiel, seulement il est très court même dans la plus grosse difficulté, et les phases de conduite sont d'un chiant sans égal.
50 (Nov 14, 2011)
Overall I was not impressed with Rage, the graphics are nice and the gameplay is entertaining but there is a lot that could have been added. A larger map that you can travel at your own pace, a level system for your character and the ability to customize weapons would have added a lot to the game. If you feel the need to play Rage I recommend renting it as their is almost no replay value to it.