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Red Dead Redemption Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Main menu.
Escorted by two federal agents on a mission to do some dirty work for them.
In front of the saloon... notice the X mark which indicates missions that progress the story.
Hold X to match the riding speed to that of your companion.
Arriving at the fort Mercer, where your old gang use to hang.
Main protagonist, up close and personal.
Your old partner Bill won't go down without a fight.
Exploring MacFarlane's ranch, a home of your savior who found you shot down and left to die.
When there is something of interest to look at, you can use circle button to focus camera on that something while moving.
Game features night and day cycles, and during nighttime stores will be closed, but saloons and brothels may be busier.
You can rent a room or buy an apartment or land which will serve as resting ground as well point to save or resume game.
Your actions have consequences... you can watch soldiers kill someone, or you can save him and become hunted by the Mexican army.
During pause screen you can check your money balance, map, and various other options.
Breaking in the jail to rescue to rebels in the middle of a Mexican revolution.
Auto-aiming feature can be a great help with multiple enemy targets around, you need to holster and aim to reacquire new target every time.
During quick-draw aiming you can mark multiple targets and let the end sequence do the rest for you, plus you can also use rifles as well, but they won't be as fast as revolvers.
You can always decide to loose some of your hard earned money on mini-games.
Some of the towns are less wild and more futuristic, people will have suits and you'll even get to ride a car, while western parts of the map are still quite wild.
There are various stores to check their wares... weapons, medical supplies, traps, clothes, you can buy pretty much anything one could get during that time period.
Using a mounted gatling gun from a truck against gang of Indians... notice the bullets flying as you constantly fire.
You can whistle pretty much anywhere and your ever-so-loyal horse will appear in galloping out of nowhere.
You can hunt various animals, there's very rich flora and fauna to explore in the game.
You can skin the animal and sell it along with the meat at any store.
You can also pick various exotic flowers.
You can catch wild horses and try to tame them.
Life if active in the world, trains and other riders will constantly cross your way... you can also ride trains which may save you some galloping time.
Very rare occasional shallow waters can be crossed on a horse.
Use covers in combat and switch to more appropriate weapon.
Taming a horse... it about half a minute of keeping the balance and then you're the boss.
Zoom-in on the world map to see smaller locations, you can also map your path to destination which will appear on your radar during travel.
A steamboat
Last stop, welcome to the wild west
The train is about to depart
Heading for the saloon, yup, that's a sound next course of action
Meeting Jake, your guide
Crossing the train tracks
Night patrol of the ranch
Shoot the lock to free the prisoners
Catching wild horses
When the weather is nice, so is the view in the distance