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Red Faction: Guerrilla Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Main menu.
Loading screen shows the images of a sector you are currently in.
The protagonist, Alec Mason, and his brother.
Red Faction logo appearing seamlessly as you pick up your hammer.
After joining Red Faction, you will be able to upgrade and resupply your weapons.
Equip weapons by visiting safehouse lockers or by taking it from the enemy... though you are limited to three selectable plus hammer to carry at one time.
You can mark your destination on the map which will highlight your path to it.
While there are dozes of side quests, there is only a handful of missions for each sector, each with a short cinematic briefing.
Getting EDF's attention in order for your convoy to proceed without trouble.
Using remote charges to destroy enemy armored vehicles.
Some of the vehicles are equipped with machine guns which can be fired during driving.
Tailing marauder vehicle to their hideout in Badlands.
Entering marauder territory.
Check guerrilla handbook for info on the weapons, vehicles, or to watch cinematic cut-scenes.
Certain vehicles like buggies are really fast and responsive, but come with very little shielding.
Visit Samanya at safehouse to put gathered material to some use.
Exchanging gathered materials for new weapons and upgrades.
Getting familiar with Samanya, your local tech engineer.
Map shows currently revealed territory and left out missions.
Oasis safehouse seems hidden, but if enemy were to find out it's location, it would be hard to defend.
Doing some collateral damage to EDF.
Drones are harder to hit, but they seem to cost a lot of credits.
Clearing an EDF blockade.
Helping some rebels fend off EDF assault.
Taking down the structure by eliminating its key support.
Nano-rifle is deadly against EDF drones.
With jet pack, there is no fear of taking the shortcuts.
The marauders seem to be protected against radiation.
Using EDF artillery against their assault units.
Commandeering some serious firepower.