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1001 Video Games

Red Faction Guerrilla appears in the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die by General Editor Tony Mott.

German version

There are a number of changes in the German version:
  • The ragdoll effects on corpses (except explosions and when simply walking against them) were removed.
  • Mines can't be attached to persons.
  • The projectiles of the Grinder weapon don't get stuck in enemies. This only applies to singleplayer.
  • After killing civilians, the player gets hunted by the Red Faction and EDF. In the original version, there is only a drop of morale.
  • Screams of pain and a sound effect after melee attacks were removed.
A detailed list of changes can be found on (German).

Original ending

The planned ending of Red Faction: Guerrilla involved smashing the moon of Phobos into the martian surface. Originally intended to be dropped on the far side of the planet to create a dust cloud that would thicken the atmosphere and advance the terraforming effort, the EDF would reach a breaking point in their conflict with the Red Faction and attempt to fling the moon directly at the colony. Mason would have collaborated with the Marauder faction to redirect the moon, only to learn too late that the Marauders had redirected Phobos to hit Earth. For a variety of reasons this ending was canned, forcing changes to the planned sequel (Red Faction: Armageddon, at the time titled Red Faction: Crusade) which would have focused around the few surviving earthlings traveling to Mars on a religious crusade to murder every single martian.

Wii version

A Wii game was to be released separate from Red Faction: Guerrilla called Red Faction: B.E.A.S.T. and was to be considered the fourth entry into the Red Faction franchise. The game was to be a third-person over the shoulder shooter utilizing the Wii's motion-controlled capabilities with the Geo-Mod engine.

The game was to be developed by Locomotive Games, but was ultimately cancelled after THQ Inc. shut down the company, acquiring the rights to the game but decided to stop all production of the project.

You can read up on it on Wikipedia's article as well as an article from Joystiq that shows a video showing off some features of the game.


  • AceGamez
    • 2009 - Best Innovation (for the Geo-Mod 2.0 game engine)
  • GameShark
    • 2009 - Best New Weapon
  • Steam Awards
    • 2017 — The 'Cry Havoc And Let Slip The Dogs Of War' Award — Nominated

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