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Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.4
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.5
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.5
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.9
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.3
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.5
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.0
Overall User Score (29 votes) 3.4

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While Resident Evil 5 may not be as creepy as its predecessors (admit it: RE1 for the PS1 terrified your 12 year old brain), it carries the torch that RE4 lit very well. This game does have everything that the modern gamer can ask for. A great story, fun gameplay, an online aspect that doesn't feel like it was tossed together at the last minute, great graphics and loads of replay value. I guess since I gave Resistance 2 a perfect score, I'm just going to have to give RE5 a 10 out of 10 as well.
Giant Bomb (Mar 15, 2009)
There's really no way Resident Evil 5 could have lived up to the momentous impact made by the last proper Resident Evil game, but I don't think it needed to. That game paved the way for a lot of other great games, one of which is this direct sequel. I played it start to finish in three sittings, have played it extensively in other capacities while working on this review, and still can't wait to go back and play through it again cooperatively on higher difficulties to open up more of its goodies. If that's not the definition of a fine action game, I don't know what is.
All in all this a fantastic game that I know I will keep coming back to over and over again. The co-op implementation is great and the extra unlockable provides more than enough incentive to play the game through multiple times. If the controls don't bother you, anybody can have a great time playing through this adventure.
Game Informer Magazine (Apr 01, 2009)
Resident Evil 4 was among the best games of the last generation, setting unprecedented expectations for the next entry in the series. Resident Evil 5 succeeds in staying close to what gamers loved about the last title, but it also takes risks that pay off in unexpected ways. Co-op changes your approach to survival horror, and the masterful pacing ensures you never take your eye off the action. Like its predecessor, Resident Evil 5 is destined to be remembered as one of the best games of its time.
Lawrence (Mar 18, 2009)
I simply don't understand what all the controversy is, or why so many people are quick to criticize the series' new direction. From the minute screenshots were released of not-zombies on motorcycles, comments sections and message boards were flooded with messages like "Thanks for making my mind up for me Capcom...looks like I won't be purchasing this one". Resident Evil 4 was universally hailed as one of the best games of all-time, so you think it would follow that a natural progression of that formula would go over well with the fans. You can call it the natural evolution and improvement of a franchise, or you can call it a betrayal of the series' roots. One thing you can't say is that it isn't a damn fine game.
If you're a hardcore Resident Evil fan then you'll be able to overlook the minor flaws in Resident Evil 5. The game is every bit what this hardcore Resident Evil fan was hoping for and then some. The new co-op gameplay greatly intensifies the replay value with providing a new experience each time the game is played. You won't be putting this one down for months to come. The differences between the two versions can be a slight factor when deciding between them but, overall, I think the controller that you are most comfortable with and the available friends that will play alongside you on each console should be the major concern. Resident Evil 5 digs deep into the series' origins with its overall story and slightly enhances the overall addicting gameplay that left its mark with Resident Evil 4.
While Resident Evil 5 does not redefine the survivor horror genre like RE 4 did, it does add a cooperative element that sets it apart from the other entries in the series. Once you head online, it becomes clear the designers of this game wanted you to play it with a friend, and I hope this type of thinking stays for future entries to come. If you have a friend who likes RE, this is the entry for you.
NZGamer (Mar 10, 2009)
Capcom has had years to fine-tune their survival horror formula and this is the result. They have built upon highly-praised foundations that Resident Evil 4 put down and raised the bars both visually and with their production values. Resident Evil 5 has plenty of extras to keep fans happy – many of which we unfortunately can’t talk about with our early review code of the game. But online co-op multiplayer will be included and die-hard fans of the game can expect some tasty unlockables not to mention some great plot developments to keep you guessing until the end. Besides, even if we could, we wouldn’t spoil the storyline anyway!
JeuxActu (Mar 09, 2009)
Si Resident Evil 5 décevra à coup sûr les puristes de la saga, il remplit parfaitement toutes les conditions fixées par le cahier des charges. Doté d'une réalisation splendide, d'un mode coopération en ligne diabolique, d'un gameplay nerveux et d'une durée de vie conséquente, le titre de Capcom n'est coupable que d'un seul crime : celui de renier ses propres origines et de verser désormais dans l'action à outrance. Le nombre impressionnant d'ennemis capables de débouler à l'écran, l'ajout du strafe et le système de cover sorti tout droit de Gears of War prouvent que le survival-horror est un genre auquel la série a décidé de tourner - définitivement ? - le dos. La douleur est d'autant plus vive que l'on a, finalement, pas grand chose à reprocher à Resident Evil 5 qui maîtrise pratiquement son sujet sur le bout des doigts, mais ne représente pas une grande évolution par rapport à son prédécesseur.
Click! (Mar 03, 2009)
W najnowszego Residenta gra się - nie owijając w bawełnę - świetnie. Pomimo swej dość statycznej natury walki z wieloma przeciwnikami naraz potrafią dostarczyć sporo emocji. Jest to dzieło, którego poszczególne elementy składowe widziałeś już w dziesiątkach innych produkcji - a jednak dzięki swojemu niepowtarzalnemu charakterowi, ciekawym postaciom i doskonałemu wykonaniu nie sposób się od niego oderwać. I właśnie za to tej grze należy się tak wysoka ocena.
Good Game (Mar 16, 2009)
It’s a such a polished game with so much variety and well thought out moments, I loved the end-game unlocks Jung and the only thing stopping me from 10/10ing it are the controls I’m giving it 9.
Blend Games (Mar 23, 2009)
Resident Evil 5 is a perfectly competent and extremely fun action shooter. What it isn't is an old-school style Resident Evil title or a survival horror game. It's a refinement of what made the best RE game great, and it looks incredible while doing it. Some would call it Resident Evil 4.5, and that's selling it short. This isn't Gears of War, but it's still damn good. In short, yes, it's just as good as Resident Evil 4, if not better.
Game 2.0 (Mar 20, 2009)
Όπως έγραψα και στην αρχή του κειμένου, απόλαυσα δεόντως το Resident Evil 4, και αυτό σήμαινε πως εκτός απροόπτου, το ίδιο θα συνέβαινε και με το RE5. Όντως έτσι είναι. Το Resident Evil 5 είναι ένα από τα καλύτερα παιχνίδια της γενιάς μέχρι στιγμής. Διαθέτει φανταστική ατμόσφαιρα, είναι διασκεδαστικό, κλείνει τον κύκλο της ιστορίας που ξεκίνησε με το original με εντυπωσιακό τρόπο και διαθέτει μεγάλη replay αξία. Σίγουρα έχει και προβλήματα, όπως ο χειρισμός που θα εκνευρίσει πολλούς, όμως αυτά κατ’ εμέ υπερκαλύπτονται από τα θετικά. Κάντε το δικό σας με κάθε τρόπο.
IGN (Mar 06, 2009)
With Resident Evil 5, Capcom has broken away from many of the survival horror conventions it pioneered. The creepy suspense of the earlier games has been replaced with an action-packed intensity that will instantly appeal to some gamers and disappoint others. As an action game, RE5 is a success, and there’s a wealth of replayability through item collection, weapon upgrades, score chasing and the unlockable Mercenaries mode. But this is no gentle nudge to the formula of the previous main RE games; it’s an evolution. And if you can accept it as that, you just might love Resident Evil 5.
90 (Mar 09, 2009)
Don't let that rather disappointing comparison to Resident Evil 4 fool you. Coming second to one of the best games of our generation is nothing to be sniffed at, and Resident Evil 5 is still a game that does the series proud. With a whole heap of content to unlock, including the brilliant Mercenaries mode (playable cooperatively off and online), a campaign that begs to be replayed and top of the line production values there's very little to be disappointed with. If you've read all that and the first thing in your mind is "but you can't move and shoot?" this isn't for you, but everyone else should grab a friend and enter the world of not quite so much survival horror.
Thunderbolt Games (Mar 09, 2009)
Resident Evil 4 director Shinji Mikami said he’d never play this fifth iteration of the series he was so instrumental in making successful - mostly, I’m sure, due to some bitterness resulting from having been released by Capcom a few years back. That’s really a shame, because if he did play this game, I’m sure he’d find that his ideas have been handled with care and lovingly crafted into one of the very best game experiences currently available.
GameSpy (Mar 12, 2009)
Resident Evil 5 occupies a curious spot in the RE canon. It's hardly the dramatic revamp that RE4 was for the series, but it marks the first time that co-op play has been implemented. As a result, the overhaul makes it a good single-player game, but a great multiplayer one. Thanks to its persistent approach to weapon upgrades, it's well-suited to replay. It's a visually splendid game with gorgeous cinematics that evoke the same awe as previous games did in their time. The plot, while containing some potentially uneasy moments, explains many events of the previous games, albeit in RE's trademark pulp fashion. Ultimately, Resident Evil 5 is an intense thrill ride that provides another great experience for fans of the series.
The series has gone from a leader to a follower, but Resident Evil 5 still succeeds at being an incredibly enjoyable video game. You'll get a lot more out of it than you do from typical games with no competitive multiplayer and while played cooperatively it really sings. It's lost a lot of what has made the franchise a pins-and-needles experience, but that sense of dread has been replaced with pure action that's hard to match. Whether you're a master of unlocking or a S.T.A.R.S. recruit, it's hard to put down and well worth the time and money spent.
Gameplayer (Mar 13, 2009)
This time around there is far more emphasis on action and far less on creepy atmosphere and scares. Several things contribute lower fear factor in Resident Evil 5. There’s the sun-bleached African setting (sorry, but most of us are scared of the dark, unless of course you’re one of those Goth vampire types), you play an uber-beefed-up Chris Redfield (shit! If we had arms like his we wouldn’t be afraid of freakin’ anything), and the fact that you have a partner, Sheva (an AI controlled, or real-life co-op, team-mate), along for the ride. With someone to watch your back, things feel a lot less “life or death” than our previous lone-wolf escapades in Racoon City and beyond.
Obviously the cooperative gameplay combined with the incredible graphics are the true draw of Resident Evil 5. The AI is solid throughout for the most part, and there is very little to complain about other than the usual Resident Evil control conventions. The game isn’t very long, but the environments and storyline are compelling enough to keep you coming back for more. If you can handle another round of not being able to move and fire/reload, there is a compelling game in Resident Evil 5.
90 (Mar 14, 2009)
Resident Evil 5 is in a very difficult position. It's not refined enough as an action game to contend with the likes of Gears of War, it's been usurped in the survival horror category by the stellar Dead Space, and it's such a deviation from the franchise's foundation that it's almost certain to alienate a large contingent of diehard fans. Yet despite all of its problems, the game is still a thrilling genre hybrid, and stands as one of the best cooperative gameplay experiences on the market. Whatever audience Resident Evil 5 ultimately ends up appealing to, they'll be playing it for a long time to come.
90 (Mar 13, 2009)
Despite its outdated control scheme, its ambiguity of being either survival game or action thriller, and the abandonment of all things scary, Resident Evil 4's true sequel is a completely satisfying experience. An intriguing story, matched by convincing visuals (save for some light issues) and audio accouterments, as well as loads of replayability found not only from the Mercenaries mode and the upcoming expansion, but the availability to unlock additional content and upgrade equipment, makes for a game worthy of its hype - the kind about how it plays, not what it might or might not characterize about controversial themes.
GamingExcellence (Mar 20, 2009)
In the end, Resident Evil 5 did not deliver what I was expecting when I excitedly ran the game for the first time. I was expecting a scary, methodical, survival horror experience like the previous games in the series. What I got was an action packed evolution of the Resident Evil formula that I’ve loved since I was a teenager, but nothing as revolutionary as its predecessor. While the addition of co-op play and focus on action is great from a gameplay perspective, it hurt the atmosphere and tension that the series is renowned for. Depending on whom you ask, that’s either an improvement or a disappointment. I personally found Resident Evil 5 to be a great addition to a beloved franchise that has been going on for nearly fifteen years, even if it doesn’t represent the series’ finest hour.
Gamervision (Mar 20, 2009)
All in all, very little negative can be said about Resident Evil 5. The cooperative gameplay might not be what some expected or anticipated, but it’s hard to deny that it adds something unique to the series. The fear is gone. Entirely. There’s really nothing scary at all. Either way there are very few games that can deliver the overall experience that Resident Evil 5 does. It’s presentation, mixed with the absurd amount of polish makes it a must own. Resident Evil 5 is a great conclusion to the series, and an experience that shouldn’t be missed.
Worth Playing (Mar 22, 2009)
Altogether, I came away from Resident Evil 5 feeling pretty impressed, and while the change isn't nearly as radical as it was when Resident Evil 4 was released, it's still a really solid follow-up that keeps everything that worked from the previous title. It builds upon small things while introducing a great co-op system for series fans. I'm not sure that this is the game to bring in people who are unfamiliar with the story, as you'll probably feel a little lost jumping into this, but it's a really fun action/horror title that is well worth picking up.
Hooked Gamers (Mar 23, 2009)
After spending a lot of time with the game, I am somewhat hesitant to recommend playing the game online with someone that you don’t know. The co-op experience is top-notch but best experienced with a human player that you know, rather than a stranger that you meet online. I can really see how someone’s online experience with the game could be ruined by playing with the wrong person. Besides these two issues, Resident Evil 5 is a great game that builds upon the strengths of its older sibling. Picking it up, I can guarantee you that you will be playing it again, and again, and… well, again.
Darkstation (Mar 24, 2009)
Capcom has had a really amazing start to 2009 starting with Street Fighter 4 and following that up with a great Resident Evil 5. Fans rejoice because not only is Resident Evil back, but now you not only can enjoy it on your own but with your friend as well. The new cooperative gameplay works quite well, and if your a fan of the franchise it just make sense to go out and buy this one as well.
90 (Mar 27, 2009)
While there are some very minor issues with this game it remains a masterful creation and a highlight of current generation gaming. Stunning graphics, and brilliant locations and battles makes this another superb game in the Resident Evil franchise. Forget any negativity you may read about online, and just buy this brilliant game. Resident Evil 5 is another stunning title. One for fans of the franchise to purchase now!
UOL Jogos (Mar 13, 2009)
"Resident Evil 5" é um ótimo capítulo da tradicional franquia de terror da Capcom, explorando de forma instigante a mitologia da série, com um apresentação caprichada e boa sinergia entre os protagonistas nos vários momentos de ação. Há muito conteúdo a ser descoberto, o que fará com que fãs joguem a campanha principal repetidas vezes, principalmente quando o modo multiplayer se revela tão interessante. Infelizmente os controles são antiquados, mantidos assim propositalmente para acentuar a tensão dos tiroteios, o que não deve agradar os novatos acostumados com jogos mais ágeis. Mas é obrigatório para os fãs, que deverão encontrar aqui um episódio que não deixa nada a dever aos anteriores.
TheHDRoom (HDR) (Mar 14, 2009)
Resident Evil 5's genre may have evolved from "horror survival" to "horror shoot-em-up" and the new high-def silky smooth animations may justify that $1500 HDTV you recently purchased. When all of this year's PS3 and Xbox 360 games are laid out for comparison, you'll glance at Resident Evil 5 and recall the good times a love/hate relationship with an old friend brought back again
GameZone (Mar 12, 2009)
Resident Evil 5 has a couple of issues bringing it down slightly, but if you’re a fan of the series, you won’t be disappointed with this latest entry to the beloved franchise. It goes without saying that you’ll want to team up with a buddy to play this game as it’s meant to be played. Resident Evil 5 is a great addition to the series, adding some intriguing new features. While there are a couple minor quibbles here and there, it’s still a lot of fun from start to finish, especially with a friend.
Game Over Online (Mar 31, 2009)
All in all, the game is a total blast and thoroughly enjoyable, with a frenetic pacing that doesn’t let up for the entire run of the game. It’s just not scary in the least. The total experience can be summed up to be a lot closer to that of a Gears of War campaign, rather than the soil-yourself-in-the-dark style that made the series famous. The conclusion of the storyline in this title does tie up some long standing plot threads, making the entire series ripe for a fresh start. Maybe the developers will spend a night or two camped out on the former site of the Arklay Mansion and figure out how to “bring scary back.”
VGNZ (Apr 04, 2009)
One way to summarise Resident Evil 5 is “Resident Evil 4 with two players and next generation graphics.” If that’s good enough for you, then this game comes highly recommended. If you were expecting more survival horror instead of action or an evolution instead of further refinement then this title falls short of expectation. In any case, the strength of Resident Evil’s horror premise and production values, the intensity of the action, some shiny new visuals and cooperative multiplayer keep Resident Evil 5 well ahead of the pack in sheer entertainment value.
85 (Mar 09, 2009)
Unterm Strich sorgen grandiose Kulisse, kinoreife Filme, effizientes Teamplay sowie die erzählerisch gute Einbindung in das Umbrella-Universum für spannende Unterhaltung. Aber das ist einfach nicht die "nächste Generation von Angst", die Capcom versprochen hat. Das ist schlicht und einfach die aktuelle Generation von sehr guter Action - nicht mehr, nicht weniger. Resident Evil 5 ist deshalb nicht das erhoffte Überspiel für mich geworden, weil es seine charakteristischen Konturen selbst verwischt und die Anbindung an seine Wurzeln verliert - manchmal hat man das Gefühl, ein Lost Gears of Devil May Evil zu spielen. Hey, selbst dieser wilde Mix macht richtig Laune! Aber Capcom muss aufpassen, dass man bei all den Explosionen und dem Engine-Gepose nicht irgendwann die Titel im eigenen Hause verwechselt.
PlayFrance (Mar 15, 2009)
Resident Evil 5 ne fera pas l'unanimité compte tenu de certains partis pris mais si vous arrivez à fermer les yeux sur quelques errances du gameplay vous passerez un excellent moment de jeu vidéo à deux. L'aventure est longue, passionnante, riche de bonnes idées et des scènes cultes à partager devant une réalisation magistrale. Intense à deux, le jeu perd un point de sa note finale si vous y jouez en solitaire. Néanmoins l'évolution de la série peut déplaire aux fans de la première heure, le jeu ayant perdu une grande partie de son intérêt de l'époque : la peur.
Good Game (Mar 16, 2009)
Even though most standard enemy tactics revolve around shoot weak spot, move back, reload, repeat, some of the bosses have some fun moments, and it’s when you get truly over whelmed in numbers it can be quiet exciting, trying finding new ground.
The biggest fault with RE5 is that it doesn't do a whole lot different from its successful predecessor. It was a winning formula with RE4 a couple of years ago, and in some ways it was likely a safe bet to stick to the same core gameplay system, simply tweaking it slightly with melee attacks and a real-time inventory system. But the bottom line is that Resident Evil 4 was released a few years ago, and simply using the method of 'lather, rinse and repeat' creates a title that looks fantastic, but doesn't deliver an evolution in gameplay that was really necessary to make it the outstanding title it could have been. That's not to say you shouldn't go out and buy Resident Evil 5. It's one of the most intense action experiences available and should be played by anybody who has a soft-spot for shooting zombies and their parasitical zombie-like brethren in the head with a high-powered rifle. You'll have a lot of fun with this game, there is no question; just don't expect a revolution.
Gameplanet (Mar 10, 2009)
But in the end, even with its flaws, Resident Evil 5 is a great game for the series. It manages to stay feeling fresh and thrilling all the way through to the final battle, and it looks absolutely incredible. The story is mostly well paced and told with cinematics of extremely high production value. While the co-op is not exactly game changing, it is a very welcome addition to the series and the game is definitely a lot more fun when played this way. After all, if there are three certainties in life; it is death, taxes and the fact that killing zombies is always more fun with a partner.
GameSpot (Mar 13, 2009)
Resident Evil 5 successfully builds on the foundation of its predecessor while taking it in a drastically different direction. Having a partner introduces new degrees of gameplay depth and dramatic tension that make the game that much more exciting to play. Though the slow, deliberate movement and shooting may not appeal to everyone, this new sequel’s frequent large-scale battles and co-op play still offer a fun and exciting adventure.
Gamernode (Mar 22, 2009)
Resident Evil 5's biggest flaw is that it immediately succeeds the most historic entry in the series, and although it does a lot to innovate and deliver a great gameplay experience, it doesn't do enough to match the ground-breaking performance of its predecessor. To make an analogy of it, RE5 is to RE4 what Majora's Mask is to Ocarina of Time. Resident Evil 5 does have other flaws, namely some questionable partner and enemy AI, lack of a diverse stable of bosses, and further abandonment of the tempered survival horror gameplay that the franchise was founded upon, but it still remains a shotgun-blasting good time. Despite shortcomings and trying to fit into impossibly large shoes, RE5 is an undeniably enjoyable game, especially with a friend. RE's age of survival horror is sadly laid to rest, but the 3rd-person action taking its place is still worth playing.
Playstation Universe (Mar 24, 2009)
So, does Resident Evil 5 revolutionize the Resident Evil franchise? No, but was it ever meant to? It is meant to be a compelling, unrelenting action shooter, and that's precisely what it is. It has its oddities, but Capcom's latest Resident Evil is a great game and an essential purchase for fans and newcomers alike.
85 (Mar 04, 2009)
Again Capcom manages to reach the high level of quality of its predecessors with a new Resident Evil game. Polished graphics, a large diversity and intense gameplay as well as a fun co-op make a beautiful game. The horror is a bit missing though, something that will sadden a lot of people. Wussies like me, however, can now say with a tough look in their eyes that they've dared to play a game like Resident Evil in the dark!
Resident Evil 5's both pleasantly new school and frustratingly old school. Like Janus, it seems to be constantly looking both forward and backwards, reaching for what it wants to be, bound to what it once was. Yeah, dude, it's a head-trip.
Game Revolution (Mar 13, 2009)
That one particularly touchy point aside, the gorgeous environs, character models and overall visuals, and the adrenaline-soaked cooperative gameplay (wonky, stodgy Capcom controls and all) cannot be denied. If Resident Evil 5 is a new flavor of game for the long-running franchise, it's also a strong, spicy one - with occasional chucks of co-op wasabi to goad your inner action hero into fits of running and gunning... albeit, not at the same time.
While the story is typical Resident Evil fare, this iteration just didn't drag me in like the games of the past. I had some fun playing, but I wasn't driven to solve the mysteries and get to the end of the story. Perhaps it all boils down to the fact that I am a lone wolf and like to keep it that way, but playing with a partner, either real or A.I., just took a lot away from the experience for me. Sheva wasn't completely useless, not by any means, but she was never the partner I really needed her to be. To sum it all up, Resident Evil 5 just wasn't my favorite Resident Evil title, not by far.
It may seem like I was disappointed with Resident Evil 5. On the contrary, this is my favorite entry in the series to date; that being said, I'm more of an action-shooter fan than a survival horror purist. In that light, fans of the series may have a bone to pick with Capcom. However, I've got a feeling this title will have a much broader appeal to gamers at large. Resident Evil 5 is a very fun game that pays fan service to the faithful through its engaging, answer-filled story, and it modernizes the series through an amazing, cinematic presentation. Where the game seems to get bogged down is in its attempt to appeal to everyone. The hybridization of survival horror mechanics with action-shooter gameplay doesn't work out very well - making it suffer from the jack-of-all-trades syndrome.
GameFocus (Apr 22, 2009)
Resident Evil 5 is a Resident Evil game which is trying to be an action game while keeping the old survival horror feeling which the franchise is known for. While it worked with Resident Evil 4 to a certain point, the next-generation evolution of gaming forces developers to retool their original visions in order to deliver something to remember. Resident Evil 5 tries constantly to remind us it’s still a Resident Evil game but all I saw was a very restrictive, slow and totally emotionally broken action game. If Capcom is sending us a message for change in the Resident Evil franchise, they need to come out clean and say it. Make it an action game, put some run and gun controls and embrace the evolution of gaming. The Resident Evil producer already said that the new next-gen Resident Evil game could be presented in eight years but hopefully four. That’s plenty of time to decide what they are going to do. Make this game a good lesson to learn from.
80 (Mar 09, 2009)
Si les bandes-annonces avaient donné le ton, Resident Evil 5 étonne malgré tout par son absence totale d'originalité. Nonobstant d'immenses qualités et un graphisme maîtrisé de bout en bout, on sera donc surpris du manque d'ambition de l'oeuvre aussi bien d'un point de vue scénaristique que structurel. Pourtant, difficile de cracher dans la soupe car si on excepte cette impression de déjà-vu, le titre de Capcom nous offre des combats mémorables, plusieurs passages extrêmement tripants ou tout simplement une aventure qu'on apprécie et parcourt sans regarder une seule fois sa montre. Un signe qui ne trompe pas.
TotalVideoGames (TVG) (Mar 09, 2009)
The sheer emphasis on action, coupled with the dated gameplay mechanics and inability to show any advance beyond the Resident Evil 4 blueprint is possible to overlook if you're happy with state-of-the-art visuals and zombie slaying. The addition of a fully realised co-op dynamic adds to the experience, however, making Resident Evil 5 worthwhile if you're a fan of the series, enjoy shooters or just like pretty graphics.
Video Games Daily (Mar 10, 2009)
Had Resident Evil 5 been released a year or two ago, it might have met huge acclaim. Sadly, Capcom has been beaten to the punch on several fronts. In terms of paying homage to Resident Evil 4, Dead Space has whipped the carpet out from under the fifth iteration's feet; in terms of raw scares, Siren has it bang to rights; in terms of co-operative play, Left 4 Dead, Fable II and Gears of War 2 are comfortably ahead. As it is, Chris Redfield's return to the stage should be on your shopping list, but make sure you've squeezed the juice out of those Christmas purchases first. With its fixed inventories, imposing but predictable level and boss design, and occasionally wooden controls, this tweaked, tropical, co-operative remix of Resident Evil 4 is a game you'll either love or hate. We choose the former.
GameDaily (Mar 12, 2009)
Resident Evil 5 is both wonderful and disappointing. We applaud Capcom for creating such a magnificent looking video game and feeding us a gripping story. At the same time, we played it in total darkness without flinching and there's something wrong with that. Everyone should experience it, but after waiting four years, we expected better.
TotalPlayStation (Mar 12, 2009)
The co-op modes that are in the game let you jump into someone else's game at any point you specify, it does change the series' play style and at least offers something different. The problem is, as good as Resident Evil 5 is, it's not what I was hoping for in a follow-up to Resident Evil 4. Maybe it's because the series is such a huge leap forward. Maybe it's because I just wanted what most people thought RE5 was going to be, which was just RE4 in Africa. Whatever the reason, this is the worst good action game I've played in a while, and though I still recommend it to anyone that played the last game, I do so with just a bit of trepidation and a healthy dose of caution that this is not the Resident Evil you knew. It's dumber, stripped down, and while there are new things to experience, the overall whole is nothing compared to what the last game delivered.
DarkZero (Mar 17, 2009)
It is a great game and one that is a faithful update to a game that only four years ago attained universal acclaim. But in that time, things have changed and, for better and for worse, Resident Evil 5 has only made baby steps when compared to the giant leaps that its predecessor made, and because of this, won’t be getting near that perfect 10. The issues with A.I. and the controls will put off some of the more fickle gamers, but for those of you who part with their £40, like an A.I. controlled Sheva to a horde of zombies, you’ll find plenty here to get your teeth into - fans and newcomers alike. Maybe we asked for too much? Maybe the hype was insurmountable? Maybe the game we all wanted wasn’t even a Resident Evil game any more? Perhaps next time, Capcom will completely reinvent the wheel, but right now, the car is running fine on the ones it already has, looks absolutely stunning and is better when you’re with a friend. Just don’t let the A.I. drive, for God’s sake.
HonestGamers (Mar 25, 2009)
My final verdict? Resident Evil 5 is more of the same wrapped up in a desire to cash in on the current market’s multi-player leanings. I’m not entirely surprised by this course of action, though the amount of un-originality showcased here is staggering at times. Still, I don’t begrudge it’s existence. It’s certainly not a bad game. Why would it be? It’s essentially Resident Evil 4 with a second controller. No, it’s not bad. But it’s hard for me to get excited about it. P.S. It’s not racist. No one thought this game would be bad, and it's not. But I'm not buying all the hype.
80 (Apr 06, 2009)
Fans are probably loving it, and also completed it several times on all difficulty levels in order to find all its, but for me, Resident Evil 5 is just a 3rd person action game that could have done more.
Game Positive (Apr 12, 2009)
From start to finish, RE5 is a shorter, sloppier take on RE4, but winds up being a lot of fun regardless. While the gameplay might be familiar, the addition of co-op, mercenaries, and more weapon unlocks provide reasons to keep coming back for more. That said, it may be difficult for those who never liked the series to jump aboard now, as not much has changed. If you can look past the innovations made in the genre these past few years, you'll find Resident Evil 5 to be an enjoyable action-packed experience.
PSX Extreme (Mar 12, 2009)
Resident Evil 5 is not a bad game. And despite the score, which I usually equate to a rental, I'd still recommend a purchase for those who loved Resident Evil 4. Ultimately, if you're looking for a shooter similar to Gears of War, you'll find yourself sorely disappointed with Resident Evil 5. Despite people claiming that the control scheme makes for a more tense and frightening experience, I find that it only made for a more frustrating, limited, and redundant experience. I dislike gameplay mechanics being forced onto the gamer, and so I found myself disagreeing with Resident Evil 5's gameplay. Capcom would've been better off giving us the option of classic or new controls. If Capcom issues a patch for the game with new controls, we will gladly retract and revise this review to reflect that.
1UP (Mar 12, 2009)
Ultimately, Resident Evil 5 shouldn't be looked at as a failure in the series, merely too ambitious, inconsistent and uneven. Earlier entries in the series benefited from their simplicity and focus, and while it's laudable for RE5 to try and include so much variety, perhaps a little more of the same ol' same ol' would have resulted in a slightly better game. It's on par with other, bold experimental installments in the series, like Resident Evil Zero, which tried to do a lot, but was only partially successful, and it's better that Capcom tried to do a lot of new things here, as opposed to not. But the bottom line is that RE5 is a very beautiful, occasionally exciting game with a lot of built-in value to recommend it, but it's far too disjointed to qualify as a top-tier addition to the canon.
Yes, we've bitched plenty, but don't get the wrong idea. RE5 is a good game. But when the sequel to one of the best games of the last generation fails to live up to its predecessor, it's hard to hide the disappointment. It's like Capcom was undecided in what it wanted RE5 to be. It breaks many of the series' traditions, yet tries to hold onto elements of its heritage that are either dated or don't fit with the style. Resi 5 is an action game that you'll enjoy. But Resident Evil 6 will have to do something very different to shake up the franchise, again. Luckily, Capcom seems to know this already.
Absolute Games ( (Jun 04, 2009)
Разрабатывая сиквел под дорогоcтоящий «некст-ген», осторожная Capcom вновь использовала формулу предыдущей Resident Evil, рожденную в многолетних творческих муках. Она перенесла события на Черный континент, сменила Леона Кеннеди на Криса Редфилда, вернула на роль главного негодяя Альберта «Дюк Нюкем» Вескера, добавила совместное прохождение и успокоилась. Если на секунду забыть о приятной графике, станет ясно, что перед нами — бесстыжий клон.