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Resistance 3 Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Main menu
Joe's wife, greeting him after sleep.
You'll find various documents throughout the game, revealing important information.
Weapons can now be upgraded and become even more deadly.
Standing the ground with fellow men.
A Stalker
The Bullseye can lock on targets and shoot them without aiming.
Crouching enhances your aiming and hides you behind covers.
Sometimes, it's wise to get a group of Chimera together and shoot them all at once for ammo economy.
Despite being easy to kill, Drones can be pretty annoying and deadly.
The Atomizer is the best choice for close combat since it targets multiple enemies at once and doesn't require precise aim.
Last moments before that Hybrid gets shot with a Deadeye, the Chimerian sniper rifle.
Atomizer versus Atomizer? We'll see who gets to die first.
Auger's ability to shoot through anything will save your life numerous times.
Sometimes, you'll have to protect your partners no matter what.
Dealing with the Widowmaker alone is insanity, but you've got no choice.
That Ravager thought he was hunting me. I thought the opposite.
Classical helicopter dropship boss fight.
In this level Resistance 3 turns to horror. With big success.
Narrow passages are perfect to ambush the enemies and blast them with a couple of grenades.
The weapon selection menu shows the current ammo resource and weapon progress towards upgrades.
Having fun with the freezing gun.
Guess what? It's Satan himself, Resistance edition.
The Pit, your first destination in prison, welcomes you with warmth (Molotov cocktail) and care (be thankful for the sledgehammer).
The chemical Mutator will be you best friend for sneak attacks.
Getting shot in open spaces is kind of easy.
If used in one-on-one, the Sledgehammer is very effective.
The final destination of Joseph's road.
When you're sieged by Chimera, every bullet counts.
Four years after Resistance 2, some Chimera went feral and attack their own species too.
Sniping every enemy might be a good idea, but not when they are respawning constantly.
Almost there, almost done the impossible.
In narrow corridors of the terraformer, Wildfire rockets tear apart Chimera even better than usual.
It seems like nothing can stop Capelli in his quest.
The very last fight
My easy-earned trophies
You can buy extra content with credits from gained trophies.

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