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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 4.0
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.5
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.0
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.8
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.2
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.8
Overall User Score (5 votes) 3.9

Critic Reviews

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91 (Apr 11, 2010)
Resonance of Fate offers more than just a run-of-the-mill JRPG, with extra features that would otherwise appear quirky or out-of-place in other RPGs; overall, an A-grade experience which will keep you busy for weeks.
90 (Jul 28, 2010)
Resonance of Fate bringt frischen Wind in die J-RPG Spiele. Ein neues Kampfsystem, eine neue Art der Oberwelt, neue Waffen und ein neues Upgrade-System. Doch all diese Neuerungen müssen erst einmal verstanden werden und das Spiel macht es einem nicht einfach, ganz im Gegenteil die Lernkurve ist extrem hoch. Wer eine echte Herausforderung sucht und genug von den typischen J-RPG’s hat, aber dennoch den Japanischen Flair und Witz mag, der sollte sich den Titel zulegen.
85 (Apr 19, 2010)
The sad truth is gamers have become lazy and complacent, anaesthetised by developers that guide every move, present easy wins, and offer quick progression to create the instant but undeserved sensation of character invincibility - a state of play so often gifted yet so rarely earned. A game such as Resonance of Fate will ultimately stand (and fall) alone in the JRPG genre. Not because it's radically different in structure, but because it demands patience and rewards perseverance while punishing the gung-ho approach that serves so well in games where shameless handholding and cheap thrills are preferred to layered challenge and a genuine sense of accomplishment. To that end, Resonance of Fate is quite simply one of the best games you'll never play.
GameSpot (Mar 30, 2010)
There is a lot of content in Resonance of Fate. It can take more than 60 hours to play through the entire adventure, and if you do every side quest along the way, you can push that number much higher. But it doesn't matter how long a game is if you aren't consistently engaged along the way. Thankfully, the exciting combat and quirky story make this game incredibly difficult to put down once you get sucked in, and there is always a new challenge waiting for you around the corner. Resonance of Fate is a challenging and deeply satisfying adventure that will keep you hooked until the very end.
RPG Site (Mar 30, 2010)
At the end of the day, Resonance of Fate is an RPG designed not only for hardcore JRPG fans, but for hardcore gamers, period. It's mechanics are entirely its own, it can be extremely confusing unless you invest serious time into learning its subtleties, and it requires heavy grinding and character customisation if you ever hope to see the ending. If these are the kind of elements that you appreciate in your gaming experience, Resonance of Fate is not a game that will disappoint. If they are not, stay well clear - this is a game that will appreciate you only as much as you do it.
80 (UK) (Mar 16, 2010)
A hugely interesting game, as fascinating as it is frequently frustrating, as engaging as it is eccentric and, for those who are hooked by its quirky charms, it will provide one of the most inspired approaches to the JRPG seen in a decade.
80 (Apr 09, 2010)
Resonance of Fate braucht eine Weile, um seine Qualitäten zu entfalten. Es sieht nicht gut aus, der Einstieg gestaltet sich reichlich zäh, die Story plätschert zunächst belanglos vor sich hin und der Schwierigkeitsgrad zieht schnell und gnadenlos an. Gerade Letzteres kann allerdings auch ungemein motivierend sein - vor allem, wenn man zuvor gelangweilt durch ein Final Fantasy XIII gepflügt ist. Hat man alle Facetten des ungewöhnlichen Kampfsystems verinnerlicht, machen die taktischen Schusswechsel richtig Laune: Man legt Laufwege und Zugfolgen fest, nutzt die Spielumgebung zu seinem Vorteil, wechselt Waffen und Munitionsarten, lotet Schwachstellen aus, macht sich diverse Spezialangriffe zunutze und zerstört feindliche Waffen sowie Schutzschilde. Mit der Zeit wird auch die Hintergrundgeschichte interessanter, man experimentiert mit Zusätzen für seine Waffen herum, puzzelt auf originelle Weise neue Schauplätze frei und belegt ganze Areale mit hilfreichen Spezialeffekten.
Resonance of Fate is another one of those games that you continue to play in spite of yourself. The lack of a save-anywhere feature makes it tedious and frustrating at times, and some of the writing makes you want to cringe. But the story rolls out at a slow and seductive pace through some very impressive anime cinematics, so you keep playing because you want to see how the story ends. Why did Leanna jump off of that catwalk? Who’s really pulling the strings in Basel, and for what purpose? Without this kind of narrative involvement, Resonance would be just another Japanese RPG timesink. There’s just enough enjoyment to be had to keep even the twitchiest gamer glued to their couch.
Realm of Gaming (Jun 10, 2010)
Despite these setbacks RoF is a good example of a Japanese developer attempting to shake up the genre by introducing new elements and attempt to marry Eastern and Western styles in a positive way. That the game does this in quite a satisfying manner reaffirms that Japanese developers and Tri-Ace are not out of touch with what gamers want and expect, plus who doesnt want to look in battle, flipping around the opponent with guns and grenades blazing? Resonance of Fate is reassurance that Japanese developers can show us that there is life in the JRPG genre yet. Fingers crossed for a sequel someday please Tri-Ace!urprise but this certainly follows the flashy side of gunplay that Hollywood so often likes to advocate.
The end result is one of the most intriguing RPGs yet to arrive on this current round of consoles. It's not for everyone, certainly, but the hardcore genre fan who is searching for something a little bit different could very well fall in love. Definitely give it a shot.
76 (Apr 10, 2010)
Despite some shortcomings Resonance of Fate is certainly worth a try for the hardcore J-RPG fan. The combat system is unique and innovative in the world of RPGs, but a bit complicated which makes it tough for the general public. Next to that the presentation is far from finished, the graphics below standard, the voices varying in quality and the story not really overwhelming. Resonance of Fate could have been a great game thanks to its well-thought of innovations, but now remains standing in the shadow of other top titles.
73 (May 30, 2011)
En su conjunto la obra de tri-Ace resulta un tanto insustancial si excluimos las peleas. Los personajes principales no son especialmente carismáticos y el mundo en el que transcurre la historia no parece estar del todo desarrollado, además de contar un con una puesta en escena poco trabajada. Se deja jugar durante sus 50-60 horas si se comulga con su peculiar sistema de combate pero si se es de los que le exige algo más a un RPG, Resonance of Fate puede resultar una experiencia vacía.
RPGamer (May 28, 2010)
Resonance of Fate probably isn't for everyone. The battle system requires much more than simple button mashing and the story necessitates a certain level of critical thinking in order to understand its more subtle points. RPGamers who are able to become proficient with the battle system and deal with the enigmatic plot will find, however, an enjoyable game with interesting characters, a well implemented battle system, loads of character customization, a plethora of content for hardcore completionists, and a smattering of humorous dialogue. Resonance of Fate probably won't be named game of the year or end up on a Greatest Hits list, but it is definitely one of the more enjoyable RPGs that I've played recently and should be taken into consideration the next time you need an RPG fix.
Legendra (Feb 27, 2010)
End of Eternity est très certainement un RPG de nouvelle génération, proposant un gameplay original et passionnant sur un contenu particulièrement généreux. En outre, le background est soigné et l'ambiance captivante. Pourtant tout n'est pas parfait, quelques choix sont perfectibles et on regrettera surtout le scénario sans intérêt alors qu'il y avait matière à faire beaucoup. Si ces ultimes points empêchent le dernier Tri-Ace d'être incontournable, il s'agit indéniablement d'un très bon jeu pour ceux et celles qui aiment jouer, tout simplement, et à ce niveau vous en aurez pour votre argent.
70 (Apr 01, 2010)
RPG fans who lean towards story and character development may want to stick with Final Fantasy, but for those willing to try something different, Resonance of Fate could be just the ticket. It’s a welcome fusion of the traditional and the new, and a step in the right direction for the JRPG.
IGN (Mar 23, 2010)
Resonance of Fate is for the hardcore JRPG fan. It can be difficult and confusing, and requires a lot of grinding and heavy lifting to make it through to the close. The visuals and storytelling don't do it any favors, either. I found the battle system to be the saving grace. It's unique and requires a lot of strategy and commitment, even while offering a turn-based system at the core. Resonance of Fate won't go down as a classic RPG, but it will give those looking for something different a nice adventure.
In all honestly if you are looking to try something new and different outside of the typical sword and magic rpg gameplay than Resonance of Fate might provide that distraction for you. In fact the run and gun action rpg gameplay is probably the only fun thing about this game. Outside of the action gun gameplay, there’s really no motivation in playing this game. There’s basically no story in this game or a story that makes a whole lot of sense and the characters are just too depressing and bland for you to enjoy. An rpg game need to have some sort of quest or direction in its story to give the feel of role playing or purpose in a game. In here there’s no sense of that at all and it’s basically you doing missions over and over that seem to be directionless. And when a game has no direction at all, it’s not going to succeed in the long run in keeping gamers interest. If you can find this game really cheap than go for it, if not than skip it as you aren’t missing anything much at all.
1UP (Mar 23, 2010)
Resonance of Fate features some pretty substantial (and fussy) systems made for endless fiddling and tinkering -- which is why it's a shame that the learning curve is so ludicrously steep. As long as you're comfortable with devoting up to 20 hours learning the game's rules, there's a lot of enjoyment to be had for your average RPG fan. But honestly, those 20 hours could be spent more productively elsewhere.
Game Revolution (Apr 13, 2010)
You'd have to be the hardest of the hardcore to play Resonance of Fate through to the end (or an intern at Game Revolution). It is violently unruly and complex in its battle systems and structure. I'm sure there are plenty of masochists out there in the RPG community, but Resonance of Fate exudes punishment in spades. Don't let it rick you into letting go of $60!