Saints Row: The Third started as more of an adventure game. It starred an undercover cop who infiltrated the gang and the choices they made would determine the story. The team decided this idea wasn't the right mood for a Saints Row game and scrapped it. A cover system and parkour were also planned for the game, but cut.

German version

In the German version, civilians can't be used as human shield and they don't leave money behind after dying. Additionally the police gets active after the first killed civilian (in the original version the player has a bit more leeway) and the Whored Mode was removed.

Japanese version

The Japanese release of the game was slightly censored in order to fit within the restrictions of Japanese ratings body CERO. The "Penetrator" weapon, a four-foot-long purple dildo, was changed to look more like a regular aluminum baseball bat.

PC advertisement

The advertisement for the PC version focused on how Volition developed it in-house instead of outsourcing it - probably a direct result of the infamous technical problems of Saints Row 2. About a month prior to release, THQ published a humorous press release which states that the PC version will not be delayed. It pokes fun at the tendency of multiplatform games, especially by Ubisoft, to suddenly delay the PC version shortly before the intended date. The statement in its entirety:
THQ and Volition announced that the PC version of Saints Row: The Third is scheduled to release exactly when they said it would. Developed in-house at Volition in Champaign, IL and powered by Steam, Saints Row: The Third on PC is not scheduled to be delayed by any unforeseen development problems, shipping issues, inclement weather, or zombie apocalypse. As such, it remains on track for a November 15 release, exactly when we said it would.

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