Advertising Blurbs
    The first episode of the original weapon-based fighting game arrives on PlayStation 3.

    • Samurai, ninja and other exotic fighters star in this classic battler.
    • Use the rage gauge to turn damage into attack power during intense, button-mashing weapon clashes.
    • Exchange slashes and strikes with players from around the world via PlayStation Network, record local gameplay with Replay Mode, and listen to game music in the Sound Player.

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (22285) on Jan 26, 2011. - SNES:

    * 12 different fighters
    * 13 Stages plus Bonus rounds
    * 32 Megs
    * Dolby Surround Sound

    You are a fierce Samurai warrior with only one goal. To seek out and defeat your enemies with all your strength and skills. Armed with only your sword, you must rely on your keen instincts while you do battle with some of the strongest and craftiest Knights, Ninjas, and tough guys ever assembled.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65847) on Apr 25, 2005.

Back Cover - Genesis (PAL):
    Draw your sword and prepare to defend your honour against the world's supreme 11 Samurai warriors. Clash with an opponent in 2 player versus mode or enter the ultimate showdown in arcade mode, packed with special power moves and interactive scenery.

    Contributed by Sciere (511451) on Mar 04, 2004.

Back Cover - Sega CD:

    The Arcade Shodown Hits Home.

    Just when you thought it was safe to fight on the Sega CD ... A direct port of SNK's fifth installment to the popular "100 Mega Shock" series, Samurai Shodown pits you blade-to-blade against 12 of the most heinous samurai warriors the arcade has ever witnessed. Charlotte, Jufei Yagyu, Tam Tam, Nakoruru and her flame-belching eagle... they're all here - each with his/her own lethal weaponry and "Methods of Mayhem." Now there's nowhere to hide!

  • Popular arcade mega-hit takes street fighting over the top on the Sega CD

  • 12 different characters to choose from - each possessing his own weapons and truly spectacular fight moves

  • Bonus stages appear throughout the contest to test your fight skill and technique

  • Add to your score by picking up cash boxes, gold coins and food!

    Contributed by Jeanne (76516) on Nov 13, 2003.