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Silent Hill: HD Collection Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Main menu - Silent Hill 2 selected.
Main menu - Silent Hill 3 selected.
Silent Hill 2 - Main menu.
Silent Hill 2 - Game settings.
Silent Hill 2 - Opening FMV showing James.
Silent Hill 2 - The game starts in a restroom not far off of Silent Hill town.
Silent Hill 2 - James was drawn to Silent Hill because of a letter sent to him from his dead wife.
Silent Hill 2 - Found a map in the seat of my car... James came prepared.
Silent Hill 2 - Many signs and texts that were not clearly readable are pretty clear and sharp in this HD version.
Silent Hill 2 - Guess we'll have to take a detour.
Silent Hill 2 - A long walk through the woods.
Silent Hill 2 - There's something red floating in this well... a marker where you can save your game progress.
Silent Hill 2 - Passing through the cemetery, the least scary part of Silent Hill.
Silent Hill 2 - Angela is one of a few mysterious characters drawn to this town.
Silent Hill 2 - Asking for directions in this fog might not be a bad idea.
Silent Hill 2 - Passing by the ranch.
Silent Hill 2 - Found a first-aid kit... better look around for such items, you'll need them.
Silent Hill 2 - Guess the road's closed this way.
Silent Hill 2 - First encounter with a monster.
Silent Hill 2 - Finishing off one of the jacket monsters so it doesn't get up again.
Silent Hill 2 - Many roads seem simply destroyed... whatever could have caused it.
Silent Hill 2 - Inventory.
Silent Hill 2 - Various messages will provide you with clues as to where to go next.
Silent Hill 2 - There's something written on this window... in blood nonetheless.
Silent Hill 2 - Shooting at the jacket monsters in the dry pool.
Silent Hill 2 - Rely on your radio to keep you on your toes from sudden unwanted surprises.
Silent Hill 2 - Meeting Eddy at the Blue Creek apartments compex.
Silent Hill 2 - James will scribble around on his maps so you can easily tell where you need to go.
Silent Hill 2 - James versus the indestructible Pyramid Head.
Silent Hill 2 - Meeting Maria, your dead wife look-alike.
Silent Hill 2 - There's a hidden room behind this shelf.
Silent Hill 2 - Exploring the Brookhaven hospital with Maria.
Silent Hill 2 - Row toward the light from the lighthouse.
Silent Hill 2 - This room holds many secrets James chose to forget.
Silent Hill 2 - After dying so many times in the game, it's a miracle Maria is still alive.
Silent Hill 2 - Fighting two Pyramid Heads at the same time... good thing they're slow.
Silent Hill 2 sub-scenario - Maria is having some problems of her own.
Silent Hill 2 sub-scenario - Chinese cleaver is a fast and easy to swing weapon, but I'd stick to firearms.
Silent Hill 2 sub-scenario - Maria's story starts in Heaven's Night nightclub.
Silent Hill 2 sub-scenario - Going outside and into the fog.
Silent Hill 2 sub-scenario - With so many blocked roads, this game moves pretty straight-forward.
Silent Hill 2 sub-scenario - Shooting at the mannequin monster.
Silent Hill 2 sub-scenario - Player's character will turn head towards the item of interest when in its vicinity.
Silent Hill 2 sub-scenario - Exploring the mansion.
Silent Hill 2 sub-scenario - Looks like someone's still living here, despite all the monsters.
Silent Hill 2 sub-scenario - Mannequins won't move if you're still and silent.
Silent Hill 2 sub-scenario - Oh goody, a health drink.
Silent Hill 2 sub-scenario - Locked doors require the right key to be found first.
Silent Hill 2 sub-scenario - Map of the mansion.
Silent Hill 2 sub-scenario - Checking the study room.
Silent Hill 2 sub-scenario - That would be the easy way out.
Silent Hill 3 - Main menu.
Silent Hill 3 - Game options.
Silent Hill 3 - Waking up from a nightmare.
Silent Hill 3 - Detective Douglas seem to be following Heater with great interest.
Silent Hill 3 - Red symbol on the bathroom mirror lets you save your game progress.
Silent Hill 3 - Sneaking out the back window.
Silent Hill 3 - This path seems blocked.
Silent Hill 3 - Exploring the mall.
Silent Hill 3 - Encounter with a monster.
Silent Hill 3 - Better pick those bullets, I have a feeling I'm gonna need them.
Silent Hill 3 - Kick the dogs when they're down to make sure they don't get up again.
Silent Hill 3 - You don't have to kill all the monsters you encounter, sometimes giving them a wide berth will save you ammo and health.
Silent Hill 3 - Use camera view to make Heather use the flashlight toward the wanted direction.
Silent Hill 3 - Traversing the subway.
Silent Hill 3 - Inventory items.
Silent Hill 3 - Entering the subway station.
Silent Hill 3 - Taking the train home.
Silent Hill 3 - Shotgun will take care of unwanted passengers.
Silent Hill 3 - Last stop.
Silent Hill 3 - Heading for the sewers.
Silent Hill 3 - Fighting the strange insect-like buzzing monsters.
Silent Hill 3 - Shift to the dark world has begun.
Silent Hill 3 - Dark world has many disturbing elements.
Silent Hill 3 - Meeting Vincent.
Silent Hill 3 - Looting the medical cabinet.
Silent Hill 3 - Heather is met by shocking revelation upon her return home.
Silent Hill 3 - Claudia, the cause of all the evil in this game.
Silent Hill 3 - Battling the monster that killed your dad.
Silent Hill 3 - Time to say goodbye.
Silent Hill 3 - Leaving for Silent Hill town.
Silent Hill 3 - Heather sharing her story with Douglas.
Silent Hill 3 - Welcome to Silent Hill.
Silent Hill 3 - Weapons inventory.
Silent Hill 3 - Take care of the hounds quickly as they tend to howl for backup.
Silent Hill 3 - Familiar map of Brookhaven hospital.
Silent Hill 3 - Exploring the hospital.
Silent Hill 3 - Passing through haunted mansion at the amusement park.
Silent Hill 3 - Haunted mansion is just what the words say, but no real monsters inside.
Silent Hill 3 - Checking the paintings at the church.
Silent Hill 3 - Halls below the church keep dark secrets.
Silent Hill 3 - There are many hidden doors in these hallways.
Silent Hill 3 - Alessa's room.
Silent Hill 3 - Tarot cards puzzle.
Silent Hill 3 - One last enemy left to deal with... or not.