Silent Hill: Homecoming Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

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PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Main menu.
Loading screens provide useful tips.
You start the game strapped to a gurney
Where did the strange surgeon who brought me here disappear to?
Finding who you're looking for is easy... reaching him may prove very hard.
Getting the door code from an x-ray film.
Found some weapon in the bathroom mirror.
Silent Hill morphing effect is identical to that in the movie.
Here comes the nurse.
Fighting the nurse... apparently she accused me of stealing the medical supplies.
When Silent Hill goes grim, the lighting too goes scarce and foggy.
Hop over where two nurses are patiently waiting to give you a treatment.
With flashlight turned off you won't be able to see much, but some enemies won't react to your presence.
Cutting your way in a strange substance.
Red circle symbols are used to save your game.
Fighting the nasty roach-like insects.
Teaming up with local sheriff.
Looking at the map.
Bullets aren't cheap so save them for when you'll really need them.
The monster got you... if you don't react quickly you're as good as done.
Your house during the transformation period.
Weapons inventory... conserve your ammo.
Taking a boat ride to Silent Hill town.
Waking up on the shore of Toluca lake and your companions are gone missing.
Use first-person perspective to see your surrounding from otherwise inaccessible angle.
Seems like the streets of Silent Hill don't much differ from that of your hometown, Shepherd's Glen.
If only the car lights would indicate someone's still alive in this accursed place.
You can use shotgun on lesser foes, but you may regret that later when facing bosses.
Exploring the prison... either Silent Hill has two or this is nothing alike the one in SH2 game.
Squeezing through a hole in the wall.
With parking like that he surely landed in jail... no pun intended.
Sometimes you'll have to collect and combine objects to solve the riddles.
Teaming up with the sheriff in an attempt to escape the prison.
A nasty boss battle... knife won't aid you much in this fight.
When in closed quarters with a map, Alex will doodle on it as you move, thus helping you navigate your way through.
Good teamwork is required to reach certain areas.
Very rarely you'll be prompted with a choice in the game.