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94 (Jun 23, 2008)
Singstar has always been a fun game to play, sure there are some people who wouldn’t go near it, but for them there are another 10 people who would. What Vol.2 does is take a great idea and then add some new innovative ones, such as the Harmony Mode and the PSP Remote Play option, not to mention the very impressive track line up. If you are a fan of Singstar then Vol.2 is probably a must buy for you, sure the songs may appear on the Singstore at some point in the future and Vol.1 has already been updated to include the new features, but why wait? After all who could resist singing I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) this Friday night?
PGNx Media (Nov 16, 2008)
Overall, SingStar Vol. 2 is a tremendous improvement over its PS3 predecessors thanks to My SingStar Online and the SingStore. Compared to the first PS3 SingStar, though, it’s a little more than a song expansion pack. For early adopters, it would been nice if Sony allowed us to import the songs from the first SingStar onto the PS3’s hard drive (to prevent disc swapping) or the ability to download Vol. 2 songs from the SingStore. That said, the core game here is extremely solid, especially if this is your first entry to the SingStar series on the PS3.
Game Chronicles (Nov 15, 2008)
I would highly recommend that anyone that enjoys singing try out the series. Pick up the game with the track list that best suits your liking and then expand from there. I’ve found that once you break through your initial fear of embarrassment, that anyone and everyone will enjoy playing the SingStar series. As the famous saying goes, “Dance like no one is watching and sing like no one is listening.” If you follow those words, there’s a whole world of fun waiting for you in the SingStar series.
The overall decision on this game is pretty easy to figure out. Go buy it if you havn’t gotten yourself any karaoke games for your Ps3. Even if you got the first one on the system, it’s still worth picking up, because there is a pretty good selection of songs packed in on this disc. Bet you didn’t see that coming. You totally thought I was going to say pass. This game rocks, so go snatch on from your local game store.
PSX Extreme (Oct 30, 2008)
All in all, the list of songs tells the tale. If you like what you see, Vol. 2 for the PS3 is worth your money, if not I suggest taking a look at the first PS3 SingStar, it should be more in line with the readers. With a dedicated storefront and social community, there is still some decent value to be had out of SingStar, assuming that you're getting it for only $40. Unfortunately, fans of one particular genre should look elsewhere, as the track listing is really mixed. If either SingStar's are not your cup of tea, you're free to consider the PlayStation 2 Singstar alternatives, such as Singstar Pop, Singstar Rocks, Singstar Amped (more rock), Singstar 80s, SingStar Legends, and SingStar Country. If you're in Europe, you've got a plethora of other Singstar choices that us Americans haven't seen. The bottom line is that the music genre is getting very competitive, and Sony should consider reinventing the franchise soon.
81 (Jun 13, 2008)
Mit 30 neuen Tracks und dem "Harmonie-Duett-Modus" bietet Volume 2 genau das, was man von einer Singstar Fortsetzung erwartet. Wem die Songauswahl nicht so sehr zusagt und wer auf den neuen Duett Modus verzichten kann der ist jedoch besser beraten, beim ersten Teil zu bleiben und sein Geld gezielt im SingStore auszugeben. In diesem Fall erweitert ihre eure Songbibliothek nämlich auf der lokalen Festplatte und kommt ohne das lästige Wechseln der Discs aus. Mit einem Verkaufspreis von rund 40 EUR, ist Volume 2 jedoch unter dem Strich durchaus attraktiv. Wer Singstar Abende mit vielen verschiedenen Freunden und Bekannten erlebt hat, wird zudem auch die breit gestreute Songauswahl zu schätzen wissen, die nahezu jeden Geschmack halbwegs gut bedient.
GamingTrend (Nov, 2008)
SingStar Volume 2 continues in the same vein as the previous titles, good and bad. While the game doesn’t make any huge improvements over its predecessor, it also doesn’t make any new mistakes. If you are a fan of the previous titles you will also like SingStar Volume 2.
80 (Jun 16, 2008)
Hmmm, ich hatte ja eigentlich die Hoffnung, dass mit der Ankunft des SingStore auf der PS3 die Zeiten der neuen Disk-Editionen der Vergangenheit angehören würden. Falsch gedacht! Deshalb wird es nur eine Frage der Zeit sein, bis auch SingStar: Volume 3 und irgendwann sicher auch ein SingStar: Volume 97 in den Läden steht. Aber zumindest eines muss man den Entwicklern lassen: Sie verstehen es auf der PS3 ein zweites Mal, eine insgesamt gute und ausgewogene Mischung an Songs verschiedener Genres und Musikepochen auf die Blu-ray zu packen. Wer also gerne querbeet hört, kann hier bei den etwa 30 gebotenen Tracks nicht viel falsch machen. Auch das neue Harmonie- Duett ist eine prima Ergänzung zum gewohnt guten Angebot an Spielvarianten. Etwas ärgerlich ist nur der Preis: Während die PS2-Edition für ca. 30 Euro rausgehauen werden, müssen PS3-Besitzer zehn Euro mehr auf den Tisch legen. Sorry, aber so viel ist der neue Modus auch nicht wert...
AceGamez (2008)
SingStar Vol 2 is just as essential as SingStar Vol 1, for the simple fact that they are exactly the same game. Both, thanks to the update, now feature the great Harmony mode, and the not so great PSP Remote Play; the tracklist is all that has changed. You should base your buying desicion on the songs; everyone who has ever enjoyed the brilliant karaoke of SingStar in the past should pick up one of these games, with your choice depending upon your personal musical preference. Toxic or Without Me? Chealsea Dagger or Common People? Maybe you want both, in which case Vol 2 lets you save around a tenner for the small inconvinience of swapping out a disc, rather than buying the songs separately. Everyone needs some SingStar in their life, whether that is Vol 1, Vol 2, or even both. Just make sure you warn the neighbours!
GameZone (Oct 14, 2008)
If this was merely a new song list, this might not be as fun, but the new mode helps expand the possibilities. The song list is diverse and has something for everyone.
GameDaily (Nov 02, 2008)
The option to go online and download extra songs and performances through the SingStore is cool, and the new Harmony Duet Mode is worth playing with friends. It would've been nice to download songs from the original SingStar, along with upgrades to the dated interface; this is a sequel, after all. Regardless, Vol. 2 still carries a tune.
Worth Playing (Nov 25, 2008)
SingStar Vol. 2 is still one of the best music games the PS3 has to offer. The great mix of songs and casual attitude are a great way of getting people to play the title in the first place. The online community features will make players stay with the title if only to see how other people perform and, in some cases, see how badly they perform. If you haven't picked up the previous title, feel free to grab this one, as the experience is well worth the price of admission. If you are an owner of SingStar Vol. 1 for the PS3, take a good long look at the songs included on the disc. Considering that SingStar Vol. 2 is merely a new track pack for the game with nothing else to offer, purchasing this title will depend on whether there are enough songs that you want to sing to justify the $39.99 price tag.
IGN (Oct 14, 2008)
As it stands, SingStar Vol. 2 is just another example of Sony not "getting" its audience. They put out an awesome first effort in May, but rather than giving us improvements such as Trophies, wireless mics, or PlayStation Eye videos that weren't mirrored, Sony has decided to rest on its laurels and spit out the same game again.
Digital Chumps (Nov 08, 2008)
Those gripes aside, you can read my other reviews and see that I am an absolute fan of this series. I think it stretches the definition of what a video game has to be, and opens up a much more diverse potential for the PlayStation gaming systems. The SingStar games continue to be a very fun series targeting a large crowd with replay as valuable as the replay-ability of your favorite songs to sing along to.
75 (Jun 26, 2008) are offering a stand-alone copy of Vol. 2 for eighteen pounds in the UK presently, and if you like most of the tracks this is probably a cheaper way of broadening your track-listing without paying 0.99 GBP every time on the SingStore. Likewise if you're a die-hard fan the new features may well prove sufficiently luring to make this a good acquisition. Still, if you were hoping for more from the track-listing, perhaps some older sing-alongs, or better representations of non rock-pop genres, then you'll be disappointed overall. Ambiguity aside this is a fairly middle of the road follow-on to an ace series that'll still amuse endlessly.
Jolt (UK) (Jun 26, 2008)
Likewise if you're a die-hard fan the new features may well prove sufficiently luring to make this a good acquisition. Still, if you were hoping for more from the track-listing, perhaps some older sing-alongs, or better representations of non rock-pop genres, then you'll be disappointed overall.
Gaming Age (Nov 10, 2008)
As is, I can really only recommend the gamer who want to continue to ignore that online support for Sing Star on PS3 does exist, or if you are taking your collection to a friends home who doesn't already own Sing Star, otherwise they really should have put a different song from Aerosmith on "Same 'ol Song and Dance."
NZGamer (Jul 01, 2008)
Overall, SingStar Vol.2 is a step in the right direction, if only because it’s slightly better than your average sequel on the PS2. As always, whether you check this version out will come down to what you think of the track list – but for my money, it’s not a bad attempt.
GameSpy (Nov 13, 2008)
SingStar Vol. 2 is a tough sell. Although it has a wide berth of exclusive (and fun to sing) tracks, it offers little in improvements over Sony's six month-old release. There's no trophy support for hardcore fans, nor are there new accessories. If you've never tried a SingStar title and this tracklisting holds more appeal than the first game's, then it's a worthwhile pick-up as a technically sound karaoke title. The SingStar community features work exceptionally well, and although the SingStore is still a work in progress, it's got its fair share of great songs for download. However, for current SingStar owners, it's difficult to recommend a disc that's fundamentally identical outside of its song list. They'd probably be better served just by downloading some new tracks from the SingStore.
70 (UK) (Jun 06, 2008)
Whether you want to fork out for that will depend, as ever, on your approval of the track listing. The structure is the same and the new features are rather throwaway (even from the developer's perspective, judging by the paucity of duet content that supports harmonies), so you're left with the maths of whether the GBP 18 you can pre-order the solus disc for in certain quarters of the Internet is a good return. Otherwise you might as well spend it on the SingStore. From our perspective, it's probably just about there, but while there's plenty to get drunk with, there's not much else to get worked up about.
I doubt that everyone will want to buy both SingStar and SingStar Vol.2. If you're interested, I recommend that you read my review of the first game first since not all that much has changed, have a look at the track lists for both games, and then purchase the one that has more songs that appeal to you. If you want to expand your song collection after that, you're probably better off picking only the songs that you like from the online store.
1UP (Oct 28, 2008)
As a platform for music downloads, SingStar seems to be coming along, with an online catalog that's both expansive (over 400 songs) and varied. It would be nice if you could import the songs from the original PS3 SingStar to your hard drive for easy access, but a disc-swap feature allows you to trade out game discs without backing out of the game entirely, and a promised update will allow the PS2 games to be used in a similar way. I just wish it had more material. To compete in a genre with games that offer so much more for so much less, SingStar needs to bulk up. It's possible, however, that Rock Band killed the karaoke star.
50 (Jun 28, 2008)
SingStar Vol.2 is een zeer matig spel. Dat het spel geen regelrecht wanproduct is, komt vooral door het enorme scala aan te downloaden nummers en het degelijke spelprincipe. Bezitters van het eerste deel kunnen hun zuurverdiende geld beter besteden in de SingStore aan nummers die ze écht leuk vinden. De nummers van Volume 2 vallen namelijk behoorlijk tegen. Ben je een nieuwkomer in de serie, laat dit deel dan vooral in de schappen staan. De eerste SingStar voor de Playstation 3 laat je zangtalent namelijk veel beter tot uiting komen.
TotalPlayStation (Oct 26, 2008)
Do not pick this one up. Yes, it's SingStar, and it's still a blast, but there's zero reason why these songs couldn't have just been added to the very store that was created for this kind of thing. Leave the 30 song track packs to the PS2.
Game Shark (Oct 24, 2008)
When you get down to it, SingStar Vol. 2 just doesn’t make sense as a purchase if you own the original SingStar PS3 and have a broadband connection. If you were to purchase 30 songs on your own via the SingStore, you’re only going to pay $5 bucks more than you would by buying Vol. 2. I don’t know about you, but to me it makes a lot more sense to just download 30 songs I know I’ll enjoy rather than save $5 by getting a few songs I love and some that I don’t.