Sniper Elite V2 Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

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PlayStation 3 version

Title screen
Main menu
German Major-General posing for a head shot without even realizing.
Ready to take out the bad guy.
Hold your breath to focus to increase the chance of hitting the enemy.
When your shot is on the right course, bullet-time camera will automatically kick in.
Sometimes the camera will show the inner skeleton upon the precise shot.
Wehrmacht soldiers are trying to avenge their General.
There are many different parts of body that can be hit to take out the enemy.
A head shot.
You can carry one of each weapon types, a pistol, a machine-gun, and a sniper rifle.
Guards below did not clear the area as well as they thought.
You can hop over smaller obstacles.
You cannot fight the Panzer head-on!
Can't count on sniper much in close-range conflicts.
When the enemy looses sight of you, a holographic you will appear on your last known location.
Trucks, tanks, and armored vehicles have a small red cap on a gas tank which will take them out in a blazing way if you're precise enough to hit it.
Game mostly takes place in the ruins of Berlin near the end of World War II.
Use cover to avoid being hit by the enemy infantry.
Mission briefing.
Map and objectives of your current mission.
You can select your weapons for the mission.
Silently approach from behind for a stealth kill.
You can move enemy body so the patrols don't discover you too early, or you can even booby-trap it.
Taking out two soldiers with a single shot.
You can tag the enemy soldiers by using binoculars.
Tagged enemies will appear with a red mark above them and will remain constantly visible to you.
When sound animation is on, you can fire a rifle without worrying about anyone hearing your shot.
Taking out enemy sniper.
Bullet flying toward the Russian soldier.
Clearing out the house.
Sneaking past the guards.
Throwing grenade at the enemy... and missed.
This bomber has seen better days.
Aim for the red cap on the gas tank to take out the tank... though it may be tricky while it's moving.
Taking out German soldiers as they are fighting Russians.
Enemy sniper spotted.
Russians are making sure there are no survivors.
Pinned down by the machine-gun post.
Taking out the machine-gun sentry.