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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 2.8
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.4
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.4
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 2.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.2
Overall User Score (5 votes) 3.2

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Gamer 2.0 (Dec 01, 2008)
To be quite frank, Sonic Unleashed is half great game, and half unnecessarily unleashed. The Sonic levels are extremely fun and bring back the memories of yesteryear, and the night-time levels will leave players wondering why Sonic Team continues to torture their fans by continuing to add pointless things to prolong good gameplay.
Cheat Code Central (Dec, 2008)
Despite the game’s clumsy story progression and repetitive werehog combat, it manages to be the best Sonic game released in recent memory. This is thanks mostly to the excellent hedgehog levels that evoke memories of classic Sonic titles while still managing to feel fresh and new. While everyone’s pleas for a return to form for the series weren’t completely satiated, the hedgehog portions of this title are a huge success and give hope for the future of this franchise. If Sega can get the adventure aspects of the next Sonic working as well as these speedy hedgehog levels, Sonic’s next outing could be just what longtime fans have been longing for.
68 (Jan 07, 2009)

אם אתם נמנים על מעריציו הוותיקים של סוניק הקיפוד, ועדיין שומרים לו פינה חמימה בלבכם בזכות תקופת הזוהר שלו, סוניק אנלישד הוא כנראה הדבר הקרוב ביותר לימים ההם – פרט לאמולטור ועותק של משחקי סוניק המקוריים, כמובן. אם לא איכפת לכם לסבול את הקטעים הפחות מוצלחים עם קיפוד הזאב, הוא שווה השכרה לכמה ימים, אולי רק בשביל הנוסטלגיה. יותר מזה לא תמצאו כאן, אבל לחלק מהגיימרים זה יכול להספיק. כמובן שנוסטלגיה לא הייתה המטרה היחידה של המשחק הזה, ולכן עצוב לראות שוב את סוניק כושל אפילו כשהוא כל כך מתאמץ. אף שחקן, צעיר או מבוגר, לא יבחר את סוניק אנלישד על פני משחקי הפלטפורמה המוצלחים של סוני, שלא לדבר על מאריו שכבר הגיע לרמות שונות לגמרי של יצירתיות וקסם בווי. שוקע בים של בינוניות, נדמה שהתקווה למשחק איכותי באמת בסדרת סוניק הולכת ופוחתת. כל זה, כמובן, לא יפריע לסגה להכריז בקרוב על עוד כותר בסדרה, "מהפכה תלת-מימדית אמיתית" שתחזיר את סוניק למקומו הראוי. בטח.

68 (Dec 08, 2008)
As it stands, Sonic Unleashed is not the drastic reboot they claimed it would be. The problem the game faces once again is focus. While the core speed gameplay proves to be the most enjoyable part of the experience, it also has to contend with the unfortunate baggage of hub worlds, bad level design (Eggmanland is one of the most poorly designed final stages I’ve ever seen), terrible camera, and yet another ho-hum gameplay style dragging it down. These unnecessary parts hanging off the side prove to be more time consuming than the sum of enjoyable parts, and make one wonder if Sonic Team really learned anything at all these past years. It's half of a good game, but like a terrible movie with a great soundtrack, it's really up to the player whether or not they'd be willing to slog through the awful in order to get to the moments of brilliance.
65 (Dec 19, 2008)
A trop vouloir manger à tous les râteliers, Sonic s'embourbe dans une diversité de genres qui ne lui sied guère. Très réussi au niveau visuel, malgré une fluidité perfectible sur cette version PS3, et surtout expurgé de bon nombre des problèmes de jouabilité qui entachaient l'épisode précédent, Sonic Unleashed se montre beaucoup moins convaincant sur le plan du gameplay. Phases de jour impressionnantes mais courtes et peu interactives, phases de nuit hors de propos et vite redondantes : le constat est sévère. Pourtant, force est de constater qu'on s'y amuse, et que si Unleashed est un Sonic plus que moyen, cela reste un titre beaucoup plus recommandable que ne l'était l'opus précédent. La série est donc sur la bonne voie, mais beaucoup de travail reste à accomplir pour lui permettre de retrouver ses lettres de noblesse.
Playstation Universe (Dec 16, 2008)
It’s a real shame because, apart from the Werehog stages, everything else has been done pretty darn well when you compare it to some of the previous titles. As an overall package, Sonic Unleashed is a hundred times better than its last next-gen outing and despite a few niggles is as enjoyable a Sonic game as we’ve played in a long while. Not only does it look fantastic, with some beautifully realized locations and well-designed dash stages, but the thrill of controlling Sonic at such speeds makes for an addictive and gripping experience.
IGN Australia (Nov 26, 2008)
If there's one last thought I'd like to leave you pondering, it is this: if Super Mario Galaxy can succeed in creating an all-ages experience that delights hardcore fans while welcoming first-time players and still introduce new gameplay experiences in the process, then why should a new Sonic game be any different? Moreover, shouldn't the decisions of the developer be held accountable, rather than those of the under-10s market? If you talk down to your audience and pander but never challenge, then you can't expect them to respond with respect – just soft, expressionless gamer-faces as vacant and harmless as the game they're playing.
Gamezone (Germany) (Dec 29, 2008)
Warum nur mussten die Entwickler diese Abwechslung mit einem Action-Adventure ins Gameplay bringen, wo doch der Geschwindigkeitsrausch das ist, was den Flitzeigel tatsächlich ausmacht! Spielerisch angenehmer fallen übrigens die Wii- und PS2-Varianten aus, die deutlich flotter von der Hand gehen und daher auch mehr Spaß machen, als die Grafikbombe auf der PS3, welche wie ein Ei dem anderen der Xbox 360 Variante ähnelt.
PSX Extreme (Dec 20, 2008)
Earlier in the year, I specifically said "if Sega can avoid marring the experience with boring apocalyptic stages, a gimmick, forcing us to play with anyone other than Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles, and avoiding disastrous cut-scenes, then all will be good." It's like Sega did this to spite me or something. They did exactly that, although not so much the apocalyptic stages. Regardless, in this adventure, there is a total of about 60 minutes of quality gameplay. The rest leaves me deeply upset with Sega and the hole they've dug for Sonic.
engarde (Jan, 2009)
Sonic Unleashed to taka kolorowa wydmuszka. Ładna i tylko ładna. Poza przyjemną oprawą nie prezentuje praktycznie nic więcej. Nuda i sztampa. Sonic znów bez formy. Trzeci wymiar zdecydowanie mu nie służy.
50 (Dec 10, 2008)
Inzwischen haben wir auch die PS3-Fassung des rollenden Blaublitzes unter die Lupe genommen - und wie erwartet, kann Sega auch auf der Sony-Konsole nicht an alte Zeiten anknüpfen. Im Gegenteil: Die Version gleicht ihrem 360-Pendant, ist der etwas runderen Umsetzung für Wii und PS2 also ebenfalls unterlegen. Tatsächlich kommt Sonic auf der PlayStation-Rennstrecke sogar nur mit leichtem Dauerstottern voran. Wäre die Steuerung nicht ohnehin so träge und das Werigel-Spiel nicht sowieso dermaßen einfallslos - man könnte sich fast daran stören. Nein, auch PlayStation-Besitzer müssen weiterhin auf ein gutes Jump&Run des Sonic Teams warten.
Gamervision (Jan 06, 2009)
There are things about Sonic Unleashed that reminded me of how great this franchise could be when done right. It’s just a shame those parts weren’t the true focus of the game. Part of the allure of the Sonic series was how fast it played, and while it is true the running levels are shorter, they’re a lot more fun. Instead of cramming beat ‘em up levels down our throats, why couldn’t there just be more running levels? It’s a shame there’s only 50% of a good game here. Maybe one day, Sonic will see a return to glory, but for now, it’s like he’s running in place.
IGN (Dec 12, 2008)
Sonic Team couldn't leave well enough alone and just accept a three-hour game with some decent replay value. Instead, they tossed in one of the dumbest "twists" in the history of gaming. A werehog? Really? Stretchy arms? Did anyone actually believe this was going to be fun? Gone are any elements of speed, replaced with mindless and poorly designed brawling segments with some terrible platforming sections. Sonic Unleashed has made me bipolar. In the daytime, I'm happy – almost too happy. And at night I become angry and irritable, frustrated and impossible to be around. Sonic deserves better. More importantly, gamers deserve better.
Extreme Gamer (Dec 12, 2008)
Sonic Unleashed Dissociative Identity Disorder is 1/3 fun and 2/3 garbage. It's a shame because Sonic Unleashed started out strong with an impressive opening movie along with a cool introductory level. This only lasts for a short moment, then you will be driven completely mad an hour later from sitting through unnecessary dialog sequences and mindnumbing beat em' up levels. Team Sonic should have never left the beast out of his cage! The stretchy arms fur ball version of our beloved hedgehog is an abomination that never be spoke of again, lock that beast up! This is only one half of the bad, the other half comes in with some ill produced adventure sequences that carry on a declining landslide of a storyline. Sonic Unleashed had promise, and actually part of the game is pretty decent, but its too bad the entire game wasn't completed with the mindset of "Day" Sonic. Sorry Sonic, gamers pass on this one.
Game Revolution (Dec 10, 2008)
In other platform titles like the Mario games, you collect necessary items by finishing a level or task. But in Sonic Unleashed, the medals have nothing to do with finishing a level. The end result is that you’ll have to replay levels multiple times in order to find enough medals to progress. The amount of backtracking required in Sonic Unleashed is absolutely inexcusable, and this mandatory medal hunting is the nail in the coffin. While other classic gaming icons have also gone through their own furry transformations just fine [And their fans? ~Ed.], Sonic has come through his own lupine changes a worn, broken, and bruised hedgehog.
GameSpot (Jan 08, 2009)
Pretty pictures aren't enough to make up for the miserable gameplay. Almost nothing else in this game even reaches the level of mediocrity. The Sonic levels are poorly laid out and have unresponsive controls, the werehog portions have monotonous combat and a wonky camera, and even the hub world is so difficult to navigate, you'll spend way too much time searching for the next level. There just isn't any fun to be had in Sonic Unleashed.
Mania (Jan 10, 2009)
Sonic Unleashed is a difficult game to enjoy, which is a shame because the graphics are the prettiest in any recent Sonic game. The 2D running stages, modeled after various cities, are fantastic to look at; even the same old grinding down rails is a joy when blocks and blocks of suburbs sprawl down below. Enemies are a little generic at times (Dr Eggman needs to stop building robots and get some friends), but it's hard not to appreciate little touches in certain stages, like dutiful pelicans who point out the way for Sonic when he gets lost.