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Defunct Games (Mar 15, 2010)
Square Enix really outdid themselves with Star Ocean: The Last Hope International. This is a huge, gorgeous adventure with a memorable storyline and plenty of cool twists. Better yet, it has some of the most compelling combat sequences ever found in a Japanese role-playing game. If you're a fan of traditional RPGs, then you need to play what has to be one of Square Enix's best console games in years!
Legendra (Feb 27, 2010)
Cette version Playstation 3 vise avant tout ceux n'ayant pu faire le jeu sur la machine de Microsoft. Les nouveautés ou réels ajouts trop peu nombreux ne justifieront pas un achat pour les autres (à part bien sûr les fans les plus endurcis !). Si les voix japonaises apportent un vent de fraîcheur à la mise en scène, elles n'empêcheront pas certaines longueurs de persister et ne convaincront pas plus les détracteurs les plus oppressants. Star Ocean: The Last Hope International reste néanmoins à mon sens un très bon RPG, dont les combats, l'univers et l'ambiance de folie en font un jeu très réussi malgré une trame principale quelque peu décevante...
90 (Feb 25, 2010)
For JRPG fans, there's little to compete with The Last Hope on the PS3. It not only offers one the most enjoyable battle-systems of recent times, but also an overall level of depth JRPG fans have been deprived of in this generation of consoles. If you own both the 360 and PS3 and have been holding out until now, there's no reason to deny yourself the game any longer. Last Hope International is the definitive Star Ocean 4 experience, and as far as I'm concerned, the best next-gen RPG money can buy.
This is a complete rpg experience from gameplay to graphics that should please almost every rpg fans out there. Getting a complete rpg experience from this game will net you over 100 hours of gameplay alone and that in itself is worth the money of your purchase. Its only drawbacks are that the characters and story of Last Hope doesn’t stand up to par with the excellent gameplay. But you shouldn’t over read that as a weakness because the story and characters aren’t really as bad as it seem, it’s just that the gameplay is just that great that it overshadows the story and characters in terms of quality. The gameplay is the main driving force of this game and it’s the one reason why you can’t put this game down. Just be prepare that if you do decide to take Star Ocean Last Hope on, make sure you are prepare to spend over 100 hours on it for a full rpg gaming experience and fun. This is a must buy game for any Playstation 3 rpg fans.
GameFocus (Mar, 2010)
But of all the differences between the two, it is the sound that puts the PS3 version miles ahead of the 360. One common complaint that people had with The Last Hope was its poor voice-work, especially with the delivery and syncing of the voices to the animations. This issue has been addressed by offering a Japanese audio option. The addition of Japanese voice acting drastically changes the game’s flow as the actions of your characters now seem more in-tune with the delivery. This is especially evident with the syncing as the mouths of the characters are now nearly 1:1 to the delivery. While the dialogue can still seem a bit odd at time, when spoken in Japanese it just seems to make more sense.
TotalPlayStation (Mar 07, 2010)
That, actually, is a perfect place to end this, honestly. Star Ocean: The Last Hope International is a Japanese game. It revels in its Japanese-ness, and as such should probably be enjoyed by the kind of people that can tolerate the sort of native charm (and it is charm, certainly, though it takes a bit of cultural acceptance that I don't know I could always offer) that Japanese games command. If you get it, you get into it. If you don't, the game will annoy, perplex, embarrass and probably bore you. Even with the awesome 65,535 Dragon Quest reference.
Game Over Online (Feb 17, 2010)
Star Ocean is an enjoyable RPG with engaging battles and an addictive item creation mode. Despite the bland dialogue and vague mission objectives, role-playing fans will love the open worlds and intense combat with their party members. Ultimately, Star Ocean is a vastly superior game to Infinite Undiscovery and The Last Remnant titles. With multiple endings, battle trophies and various achievements, the Last Hope appeals to both casual and hardcore players. Between the 360 and the PS3 version, the Last Hope International on the PlayStation 3 is the definitive version to own. Though the game is plagued by bad dialogue and long cutscenes, The Last Hope is definitely an RPG that is worth the investment.
GameZone (Mar 09, 2010)
With the inclusion of the Japanese voice track, this is the definitive version of The Last Hope, and a worthy purchase for Japanese-RPG fans. While the core game hasn’t changed from the original 360 version and there are a couple frustrating issues, this is definitely a solid RPG and a good investment of time.
IGN (Feb 18, 2010)
Star Ocean: The Last Hope International is a great JRPG and the inclusion of the original Japanese language track is always a welcome addition, especially when dealing with very Japanese characters. Even though the game suffers from some visual issues, and save point infrequency can be a huge annoyance, I loved playing Last Hope. The battle system is tremendously entertaining, the cast is a charming ensemble of travelers and the Private Actions continue to fuel proper character development and demonstrate the beauty of optional antics. Although Final Fantasy XIII is right around the corner, Star Ocean: The Last Hope International is a must-play for all you JRPG nuts.
Digital Chumps (Feb 28, 2010)
Prepare yourself for the unpredictably volatile difficulty, the massive length, and the somewhat lacking spoken dialogue and you’ll find plenty to love in The Last Hope. It’s a pleasantly big-budget, impressively cinematic, seemingly never-ending RPG that offers some of the most compelling real-time combat in the genre to date. And although I have been consciously resisting it, over the course of my review (and the nearly 35 hours I’ve spent with the game in preparation), I’ve become hopelessly addicted.
Cheat Code Central (Mar, 2010)
Star Ocean: The Last Hope desperately wants to fall into that first category of rereleases. However, the new International version doesn't really offer enough new content for fans of the first. The game's new home on the PlayStation 3 does a great job of opening up the universe for fans on the new console, and the new features may entice a select few super-fans to dive back in to the Star Ocean universe. But if you were expecting new characters or expanded endings (as was rumored to be included in the game pre-release), then you will be disappointed with this repackaged effort. I still recommend Star Ocean: The Last Hope International edition to those who haven't played it yet, but I can't say the new features offered in this version will get most normal fans excited enough to merit a second purchase.
3D Juegos (Feb 09, 2010)
Star Ocean: The Last Hope debuta en PlayStation 3, y es una opción muy recomendable para los fans del rol oriental que están deseando sumergirse en una nueva y larga aventura. Falta algo de carisma en historia y personajes, pero el sistema de combate y la profunda progresión de los caracteres son motivos suficientes para considerar a The Last Hope como un más que notable JRPG.
Vandal Online (Feb 12, 2010)
Star Ocean: The Last Hope International es una gran opción para los amantes del género de rol que posean la consola de Sony. Ha pasado mucho tiempo con respecto al lanzamiento del original en la consola de la competencia, Xbox 360, pero pese a que las novedades son muy limitadas, sí es cierto que ha merecido la pena esperar por algunas como la posibilidad de fijar los objetivos durante los dinámicos y adictivos combates, así como la posibilidad de activar el doblaje original en japonés. Aunque la competencia sea muy dura, el título de tri-Ace puede plantar cara a cualquiera, ofreciendo una exquisita jugabilidad que nos mantendrá enganchados durante toda la aventura, cuyo final determinará el futuro de la humanidad.
gamrReview (Mar 25, 2010)
Star Ocean: The Last Hope International is an improvement over the 360 version, but not as big of one as many hoped it would be. While the characters and plot are still mediocre, the Japanese voice acting is a huge improvement. The dungeon layouts however are still awful, and save points are still sparse. It’s also sad that the technical issues weren’t fixed, aside from the crashing. The biggest bonus you get here is that it’s on one disc, which saves you the pain of heavy disc swapping at the end of the game to explore. If you have yet to play Star Ocean: The Last Hope, this is certainly the best version to buy.
RPGFan (Mar 12, 2010)
All-in-all, Star Ocean: The Last Hope is a tri-Ace title. It's amazingly fun and amazingly flawed in many ways. Just about every system in the game is breakable, but that's a tri-Ace hallmark. Those who played the game on the Xbox 360 will find nothing new to play here, but PS3 die-hards will find a game that's fun to play, but is far from perfect . As long as players are willing to find that mute button on their remote - or can palate the Japanese dub - and can stand up to an overly-sappy story, there's no reason not to pick up Star Ocean: The Last Hope.
Worth Playing (Mar 06, 2010)
Star Ocean: The Last Hope - International is a solid JRPG and the sort of game in which players could easily lose themselves for days or even weeks. The great combat and lengthy campaign provide plenty to do, and completionists will find over 60 hours worth of dungeons, side-quests and bonus goodies to keep them occupied. Furthermore, the game's trademark private actions and extra difficulty levels will constantly entice you to come back and replay the title again and again. In spite of all this, the game remains very good, but not great, due to some poor design choices. Bland visuals, awful English dialogue and one of the worst save systems ever devised all tarnish this otherwise impressive experience. This game won't go down as one of the classics, but for fans of the genre, it's definitely well worth your time.
80 (Feb 16, 2010)
¿Que a priori todo esto nos lo sabemos ya a pies juntillas? ¿Que se trata de una colección de estereotipos que en ningún momento ofrece algo nuevo al género? Por supuesto. Y además también nos podríamos quejar de las cargas entre escenarios o estancias, los insulsos rompecabezas a la "vetepalláyahorapacáydecaminoahostiasafullconmilbichos", algunas cinemáticas de becario y un irritante control de la cámara en espacios cerrados. Claro que sí, pero lo mejor es que en conjunto apenas representan un mínimo escollo. Por supuesto, este es un rol japo, japo. ¡Pero del japo que mola!
PSX Extreme (Mar 23, 2010)
All I really wanted to do was run around, explore, fight, handle some side-quests in the towns, engage in Private Actions, and invent some cool new stuff. That’s enough to keep you playing but after a while, the lack of a cohesive plot makes the game feel a little boring and you don’t care so much about the characters, either. Unfortunately, that’s really what drags The Last Hope down. However, if you can enjoy the combat for longer than I did, and if you really dive into the exploration and intricate creating processes, and you appreciate the story more, than this one is for you. It doesn’t have the glitz of FFXIII, nor does it have the polish or appeal, in my eyes. But as far as RPGs go, this is a solid one and probably worth your time and money.
In the end, I did very much enjoy the game, but it's more like Japanese green tea than chocolate ice cream. You might learn to like it, but it's probably going to be an acquired taste, especially for American players. That you can acquire that taste while playing speaks volume for this space-based RPG.
1UP (Feb 05, 2010)
Minor tweaks to the battle system didn't make a huge difference in my impression of the combat, which is still fun if a bit grindy and button mashy. And visually, there's practically no difference at all between the two games. It might not be a reason to sink in another 40 hours if you've already played through it on 360, but if you held off on getting the game last year, your patience has definitely paid off. The PS3 International version of Star Ocean 4 is undeniably the superior game.
75 (Feb 16, 2010)
Cette version PS3 de Star Ocean : The Last Hope est finalement quasiment identique à celle qui est sortie l'année dernière sur Xbox 360. Les quelques modifications apportées sont en effet plutôt d'ordre esthétique et ne concernent que de manière marginale le contenu ou le gameplay. Ne vous attendez donc pas à de grosses surprises, il s'agit toujours du même action-RPG assez sympathique. Son système de combat dynamique et sa richesse de contenu vous tiendront certainement en haleine de longues heures durant. Malheureusement le titre souffre aussi de problèmes de rythme qui risquent de décourager les moins persévérants d'entre vous. Les amateurs de la série seront par contre ravis de découvrir enfin les origines de la saga et se régaleront des nombreux clins d'œil aux précédents volets.
JeuxActu (Feb 24, 2010)
Et pourtant, malgré une certaine naïveté, malgré des choix esthétiques frôlant le mauvais goût, Star Ocean : The Last Hope réussit à se distinguer, à donner au joueur ce qu'il recherche, sans afficher d'ambitions malvenues. Il se veut un RPG old school, aux rouages parfois un peu rouillés, tout en découvrant des idées ludiques intéressantes, des pistes scénaristiques efficaces et développant surtout une frénésie de la modification dans un but de performance. Moteur des jeux tri-Ace, il faut croire que cette machinerie fonctionne toujours.
Game Revolution (Mar 23, 2010)
It’s difficult for me to say whether this or the original is better. Sure, you don’t have to switch discs later on and the controls feel more natural on the PS3, but the lack of improvement or additional content leaves a lot to be desired. But if you don’t have a 360 and need a JRPG fix, you can do a hell of a lot worse than Star Ocean: The Last Hope International. While it’s not without its flaws, none of them are deal-breakers and it does enough right for you to suffer through the crappy parts.
60 (Feb 16, 2010)
Good science fiction looks past the wondrous and makes you care about its characters. Star Ocean: The Last Hope completely fails in this regard. This new International edition is definitely the better of the two versions, but the additions don't help fix anything wrong with the core of the game. There's a lot to experience, but you've got to invest more into the game than it deserves to stand any chance of seeing it.
PlayStation Lifestyle (Feb 23, 2010)
Fans of the Star Ocean series will be happy to see all the connections to the other games. Avid RPG fans will enjoy the game. And why not? It’s a solid, above-average RPG. It does little new and doesn’t advance the RPG genre any, yet is still good enough and would be a steal with a lower price. Gamers looking to get into RPGs for the first time… this isn’t the title for you. Why? Seeing as how it offers little new and is nothing to brag about, you won’t understand why RPG fans hold the genre so dearly to their hearts. While you wouldn’t go wrong buying Star Ocean: The Last Hope, with so many blockbuster titles (including another Square Enix RPG) arriving next month, I would advise letting this above-average RPG age a bit before you make a purchase.
Gamekult (Feb 12, 2010)
Inutile de croire au miracle, Star Ocean : The Last Hope ne s'est pas transformé en excellent jeu en migrant de la Xbox 360 vers la PS3 et en s'offrant le qualificatif d'International au bout de son nom. Les quelques modifications d'ordre pratique, visuel ou auditif ne pèsent pas bien lourd quand il faut se (re)plonger dans un RPG sans grand intérêt ni ambition, techniquement bancal et d'une niaiserie abyssale, dont le salut ne repose que sur un système de jeu assez complet et un côté fan service pour otakus à double tranchant. Néanmoins, avec l'arrivée prochaine de Final Fantasy XIII ou Resonance of Fate en Europe, les possesseurs de PS3 en manque de jeux de rôle nippons auront peut-être mieux à faire que se lancer dans ce Star Ocean : The Last Hope International.
The Guardian (Feb 08, 2010)
Taking all of this into account, I feel that The Last Hope is a very average game; it's not a proper RPG and it's not a pure button basher. It's a shame because when I played on Final Fantasy I always wanted to be able to run around and fight my own way like you can in Star Ocean but, it's just not as good as I'd hoped. If you're new to the Star Ocean series you might be a little disappointed, but if you've been a fan for a while you might think differently. It was fun for a while, but it would really benefit from an online co-op mode. Back to Modern Warfare 2 it is, then.
RPGamer (Aug 15, 2010)
It's a shame that the (supposedly) final entry into the Star Ocean series is marred by so many cosmetic and localization problems, because the game does sport a great easy-to-use item creation system and a fast-paced rough-and-tumble combat system. Even the game's soundtrack doesn't stand out because it's being subsumed by the game's horrendous voice acting. Although the game can be completed in roughly forty hours, most of that time is spent watching half-an-hour long cutscenes that it would be wise to skip so that more of the gameplay can be enjoyed. It would seem with this last installment that tri-Ace has created the equivalent of Star Trek: Voyager and not Next Generation, with Edge Maverick as the game's captain Janeway. It'll be an acquired taste for some, but most diehard fans will know when to turn tail and run. Run while you still can.