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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.3
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 2.8
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.7
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 2.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.0
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.2
Overall User Score (6 votes) 3.1

Critic Reviews

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65 (Jun 03, 2013)
Overall, the game had some good potential, and it’s not the worst movie-licensed game I’ve ever played. But it doesn’t live up to that initial promise and excitement of the demo I first saw in 2011. If you love the new Star Trek movies, this probably works best as a rental title rather than a full buy.
What Star Trek does well is to achieve a serviceable level of entertainment. However it never stands out thanks to derivative design and occasional shoddy corners. If this was a cheaper, downloadable title I’d score it more favorably but this is competing in price and scale with bigger and more impressive games with a well practiced bag of last year’s tricks.
Impulse Gamer (Apr, 2013)
With classic re-imagined 60's villains, great banter between Kirk and Spock plus a story that's actually interesting, the game is unfortunately let down by dated graphics and glitchy gaming mechanics. Nonetheless, I still somehow managed to enjoy this game at times, even with the bugs but once again bad gameplay really cannot be forgiven... so close yet so far!
TotalPlayStation (May 29, 2013)
In the end, it's almost exactly what you'd expect from a big-budget cash-in based on a big-budget summer blockbuster. Flashy, but ultimately soulless and empty.
Digital Chumps (May 05, 2013)
At it's current MSRP, Star Trek is destined to dock at the nearest starbase for good. However, if you really enjoy co-op third person games (who doesn't?), even if they aren't very good, you might circle back to this one later when the price is far, far lower.
Worth Playing (May 06, 2013)
Star Trek is a dish best served to Trekkies who want to fight their way through the bowels of the new Enterprise and see what the new sickbay and engine room look like while they occasionally blast things. The acting chops, design of the sets, and story seem to have a lot of potential for much deeper gameplay than what we actually got. It's not the worst Trek game out there as much as it squanders an opportunity by playing it safe and ticking off a basic checklist of action clichés while forgetting that Kirk and his crew occasionally broke the rules.
50 (Apr 30, 2013)
La fase shooter, per quanto classica, non riesce a mantenerne saldi i canoni, mostrando ancora una volta disfunzionalità a livello di meccaniche e di controlli e un’intelligenza artificiale troppo sottotono. La produzione non riesce a risollevarsi nemmeno se affrontata in cooperativa, e nemmeno sfruttando le dinamiche ruolistiche - poche e quasi totalmente marginali. Un buco nell’acqua, in buona sostanza, considerando che nemmeno a livello tecnico si possono tessere le lodi (anzi tutt’altro) del lavoro Digital Extremes. Un titolo di fatto da prendere in considerazione (magari a prezzo budget) solo e soltanto da grandi appassionati della saga, e per collezionismo. Tutti gli altri farebbero meglio a rivolgere da qualche altra parte le loro mire TPS, specialmente in un mercato così affollato.
The Digital Fix (May 21, 2013)
What we have here from Digital Extremes and Namco Bandai is an Enter The Matrix for 2013. A movie tie-in set between a pair of the cinematic entries and canon in their narrative as endorsed and indeed developed (in part at least) by the movie’s creatives. It brings everything else about the 2003 tie-in into play also. We have the unintentionally basic and retro graphics, the bugs, the third-person mismatch of action and stealth and all in-between. We have key game mechanics lifted from modern blockbusters with Batman’s detective vision given life through the Tricorder, Nathan Drake’s rampant climbing, any Assassin’s stealth and Commander Shepard’s exploration gameplay as well as a tiny little bit of the RPG elements from there. The ideas aren’t bad, they’re just poorly executed and rushed to market in a bed of unfinished and rocky code.
50 (May 21, 2013)
A Star Trek: Il Videogioco rimane di accettabile un nucleo discretamente affidabile, quella formula di gioco fin troppo classica che risce comunque a fare il suo lavoro, traballando solo quando l'IA si inceppa e si decide a raggiungerci al checkpoint che permette di proseguire dopo inutili attese. A rendere l'esperienza piatta sono invece tutti gli altri elementi, marginali e non, che invece di sfruttare a dovere il background si perdono in un bicchier d'acqua e soprattutto non incoraggiano a calarsi nel personaggio.
50 (May 06, 2013)
Se forem fãs de Star Trek vão querer experimentar esta fatia cannon deste universo que agora renasce como revigorado fulgor. Vão receber uma boa história e todo o talento dos atores dos filmes como suporte. Pelo caminho podem até conhecer um shooter que nem conseguem distinguir se é bom ou mau. Se pelo outro lado são meros curiosos que querem mais um jogo de ação galáctico, então estão mesmo tramados e passem ao lado. Vão conhecer uma história que pouco ou nada vos diz e enfrentar mecânicas de jogo repletas de falhas e um produto desolado por uma qualidade geral mediana. Existia toda uma obrigação para o Digital Extremes ter feito algo muito melhor do que aqui é feito.
NowGamer (Apr 26, 2013)
At best Star Trek is just an average third-person shooter with no original ideas. Which doesn't leave much room for an "at worst" alternative.
43 (Apr 26, 2013)
Was ist nur mit Digital Extremes los? Wie kommt dieser eklatante Qualitätsunterschied zwischen The Darkness II und dieser hingeschluderten Auftragsarbeit zustande? Die plausibelste Erklärung ist Zeit- oder Ressourcenmangel. Das stupide Baller-Abenteuer von Kirk und Spock wirkt zu großen Teilen unfertig: Die Technik erinnert an die ersten Xbox-360-Spiele, die Reptilien-Gegner verhalten sich schrecklich dämlich und sogar der computergesteuerte Partner bringt mich durch debiles Umherirren ständig in Schwierigkeiten. Dazu kommen jede Menge Grafikfehler, eine schrecklich hakelige Steuerung und eine Deckungsmechanik, die man am besten ignoriert. Schade um die guten Ansätze, vor allem im kreativen Bereich: Die ruhigen Erkundungen und Weltraumspaziergänge haben mir sogar richtig Spaß gemacht. Auch die ständigen Seitenhiebe der englischen Original-Sprecher verbreiten gute Laune. Doch all das nützt wenig, wenn das Spiel-Design in den wichtigsten Punkten versagt.
IGN (Apr 26, 2013)
Playing Star Trek: The Game felt like playing an unfinished version of a game that, even when finished, still wouldn't be very good. There isn't a scrap of imagination or originality in this whole thing, and it's a flat-out waste of the source material, the sound effects, and the voice cast. Even if you're a life-long Star Trek fan like I am, you don't want to beam down anywhere near this thing.
Giant Bomb (Apr 26, 2013)
There are glitches and other unfortunate quirks to talk about, but those problems barely register over the din of utter mediocrity that pervades so much of Star Trek: The Video Game's campaign. Outside of a horrid, poorly-explained turret sequence in which you (barely) pilot the Enterprise in battle, there is scarcely an acknowledgment anywhere in this game that Star Trek fans might want to do something other than just run around and shoot aliens. Such a concept ultimately belies the very point of Star Trek in practically all of its many incarnations. But even if you can get past this strange misunderstanding of what makes Star Trek tick, you won't be able to get past the desperate lack of imagination and hamstrung functionality of Star Trek: The Video Game.
Digital Spy (Apr 26, 2013)
Although the studio set out to please the diehard Trekkies by embracing the source material, they will find far more satisfactory co-op experiences elsewhere.
PSX Extreme (May 02, 2013)
Star Trek: The Video Game has a few flashes of quality and originality, but it’s ultimately mired beneath a multitude of disappointing flaws. The entire game is just plain dull and the experience suffers from a distinct lack of refinement. The technical aspects are well below par, the plot and characters are of little interest, the controls and camera are wonky, and the AI is poor. Like I said, there are moments of hope when you spot the possibility of something new and fun. Those moments evaporate all too quickly, though, and the result is a colossal disappointment.
Armchair Empire, The (Jun 05, 2013)
Star Trek The Video Game just isn't very good. It's unfortunate that it's not better but I think that of every game I've ever played. Whatever the reasons behind how this particular game turned out, there are better ways to spend your time and money.
40 (Apr 30, 2013)
Insipide. Tel est le mot qui résume ce Star Trek. Le jeu regroupe les mécaniques de gameplay classiques du TPS, mais les exploitent de manière bancale. En outre, le soft manque de finitions, en témoignent les nombreux bugs d'animation, d'IA et de caméra. Il souffre inévitablement de la comparaison avec Dead Space et Mass Effect, qui ne jouent clairement pas dans la même catégorie. Un produit que nous déconseillons fortement, même aux fans de la saga.
PlayStation Trophies (Apr 29, 2013)
Star Trek is an ambitious game, one that looks to take the best of the genre and combine them under one roof. How it quite went this wrong though is beyond me. When it’s not barely passable, it’s completely broken. Star Trek is buggy, glitchy and a pain in the ass to play. Set phasers to “no fun” for this one.
PlayStation Lifestyle (May 08, 2013)
Any further berating of the game would just be beating the proverbial dead horse. There are good qualities about this game – nods to other titles which also share strong science fiction or adventure settings—but the overwhelming gameplay issues, bugs which can shut down gameplay, lack of a decent plot, and the overall tedium of the game make it a less than mediocre title. There is promise here, but promises are not proof. Star Trek fans might be interested in this title when it hits the bargain bins. Everyone else will be better off choosing another title to support.
Push Square (May 20, 2013)
Star Trek: The Video Game shows signs of promise, and even manages to deliver a serviceable plot – but buried beneath its palatable dialogue is a calamitous third-person shooter that makes a mockery out of its source material. Fans of the franchise may be able to see past the bugs, but will despise the emphasis on action, while everyone else will be best served elsewhere.
Diehard GameFan (May 06, 2013)
The Star Trek reboot might be working out well in terms of the movies, but the video game is a complete mess. At best a bland shooter, the game is plagued by poor design, glitches, bugs, and other issues. I’ll give the game some credit for attempting to add some depth to the proceedings, but that attempt seems to have kept it from paying attention to the little things. This game either needed more time in development, or simply a more streamlined approach. As it is, I can’t recommend this game to even the craziest of Trekkies. It’s just no good.
Diehard GameFan (May 01, 2013)
Walking around with your tricorder out scanning things just felt right, and I wish the game had enabled you to use it more to escape by using science instead of your phaser. Like let me disable the gravity in a room I’m trying to clear of enemies, or something like that. Instead the game takes the approach of guns blazing almost all of the time, and that just doesn’t feel like Star Trek to me, again falling into the trap of Star Trek games everywhere. Play it and be entertained, but don’t go in expecting peaceful negotiating, and don’t expect smart AI either.