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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Main menu.
Long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...
Darth Vader is back plotting new scheme to quell the rebel resistance.
Proving grounds with some basic combat tips.
Even in the fake trial, you cannot strike down Juno Eclipse, which makes you expendable to Darth Vader.
Jumping out the window in an attempt to escape Vader's blade.
It's a long way down... use your powers to destroy objects on your way.
Taking out Tie Fighters with your lightning power.
You can literally launch them in the sky so far until you lose the sight of them.
Different light crystals will grant you different bonuses.
There are various unlockable costumes main character can use.
Using force grip to crush down the Tie Fighters.
Starkiller using costume of Imperial Scout units.
Imperial general was expecting Darth Vader, and instead you showed up.
You can upgrade lightning to strike up to three enemies at once.
When you grip an enemy, you can launch him in the air, slam him to the ground or throw him into other enemies and objects.
Certain moves will change camera for more dramatic presentation.
You can throw your light-sabers at the enemy.
Slamming your opponent to the ground.
Some enemies will defend against your light-sabers so you can use their own weapon against them.
Some robots can freeze you, but you can turn their weapon to your advantage and turn them into easily breakable icicles.
Being heavily outnumbered and surrounded it nothing to worry about when you wield all the power.
Stopping the missile payload and using your force to return them to their rightful owner... armed and dangerous.
Some enemies are too big to be harmed by your powers so you'll have to find a different way to deal with them.
You can collect points to upgrade various skills and powers.
Yoda doesn't seem to be at home.
A brief encounter with Yoda on Dagobah.
This AT-ST almost seems afraid of what is about to happen.
Using your powers to move ships and debris out of your trajectory.