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Gamers' Temple, The (Mar 01, 2011)
Tales from Space is one of the better PSN titles and worth a shot if Katamari Damacy was a favorite or you've been looking for a competent 2D platformer. It's got a nice little story to tell, and despite its brutally short length, the great gameplay shines through to make it a title worth its asking price of $15. It's not A Boy and His Blob, it doesn't unseat Shatter as my favorite PSN game, but Tales from Space is a gem of a title that should please just about anyone with more than a passing interest.
Vandal Online (Feb 09, 2011)
Tales From Space: About a Blob ofrece unas cuantas horas de diversión directa que siempre vienen bien para alternar entre partidas al último gran y ruidoso lanzamiento del mes. Aunque le falta algo de ambición para ser un clásico instantáneo, muchas veces lo que se agradece de este tipo de juegos es su falta de complejidad que al menos durante la primera partida nos picará por ver en qué lío se mete nuestro pequeño y aparentemente indefenso protagonista. El valor rejugable está en el modo cooperativo y, si te gusta superar retos, las puntuaciones en red. Esperamos ver los próximos trabajos de DrinkBox, que si son igual de adictivos y frescos como About a Blob, sin duda conseguirán hacerse un hueco en la creciente demanda de juegos independientes con algo de aire retro.
Gamer 2.0 (Feb 09, 2011)
At $15, Tales From Space: About A Blob is pure fun in the form of a platformer that is definitely worth the price of admission. Though it may be a bit short, the ride is a great experience. If you’re still hesitant, there is a demo to try it out first.
Game Informer Magazine (Feb 07, 2011)
I hate to keep using the word “polish,” but it’s simply the word that best describes About a Blob. Though it’s all too brief, the game continually evolves over the course of the five or six hours you’ll spend with it. While it’s difficult at points, I was never frustrated or felt like I was dying because of a flaw in the level design. It’s got an engaging (and often hilarious) art style and makes the most of its simple, static cutscenes and paper-thin plot. In addition, the few boss battles you encounter are great riffs on old-school game design. Pulling off both nostalgic and fresh is hard, but that’s exactly what About a Blob does. My biggest complaint? I wish it didn’t end so soon, which speaks well of its quality.
TotalPlayStation (Feb 16, 2011)
Filled with well designed puzzles and charming humor, Tales From Space: About A Blob is irreverent fun that overcomes a lack of originality with superior polish and tight gameplay.
GamePro (US) (Feb 14, 2011)
At $14.99, About a Blob is a bit on the high side for what it offers. If you're thinking of playing this game just by yourself, it may not be worth it. But if you have some Robins at ready to follow your gelatinous Batman, About a Blob is a good deal.
D+PAD Magazine (Feb 14, 2011)
Like Limbo, Flower and Braid before it, Tales From Space: About A Blob is the type of release that makes you thankful for the existence of downloadable gaming and the freedom that it gives developers to create lean, punchy and engaging games that would have no doubt been doomed to obscurity had they been launched full-price at retail. With a glint in its eye, Drinkbox has approached an ageing concept and run with it, applying liberal amounts of personality, taut game design and a cheeky sense of humour that make for one of the most effortlessly enjoyable games we’ve played in some time. It also functions as a wonderful counterpoint to the blood, dirt and violence of many mainstream releases, harking back to a more innocent time when frivolity in gaming was rife, and the mass execution of crowds of civilians in Russian airports was solely the domain of shocking news stories.
Thunderbolt Games (Feb 13, 2011)
Despite its rougher edges, Tales from Space: About a Blob is a genuinely fun – and funny – romp through classic sci-fi tropes. The feeling of piloting a gelatinous character is more than enough to set the game apart from its sidescrolling brethren, but, it’s the unique gameplay and sense of style that truly absorbs you.
80 (UK) (Feb 11, 2011)
With a loveable art style and knockabout humour adding gloss to its warmly familiar gameplay, Tales From Space: About A Blob is the perfect platform snack.
TheSixthAxis (Feb 10, 2011)
Proving new, inventive ideas are still ripe on the vine, especially fruitful in the indie scene, Tales From Space: About a Blob is a full-fat platforming puzzler that will warm the hearts of fans who gravitate toward infectious, challenging – if a mite repetitive – gameplay. It’s far from perfect; a pedestrian beginning punctuated with later levels that sometimes lack a bit of oomph, but for the price of admission it’s delightfully beguiling and should give those who enjoy a frivolous romp through varied environs a few hours of carefree enjoyment. The marque “Tales From Space” suggests About a Blob may be joined by other finely-tuned morsels of sub-culture referencing digital delights in the near future. If DrinkBox’s sophomore effort is as refined and enjoyable as this, their first foray into the download domain, as a studio they could be one to watch.
Video Game Talk (Feb 09, 2011)
Tales From Space: About a Blob is a very unique and charming game that provides a nice change of pace. Clocking in at approximately four hours my first time through, and providing a decent challenge, I found it to be good value for its fifteen dollar price tag. If you’re a fan of the genre and/or collection games such as the Katamari franchise, you will most-likely enjoy it quite a bit. I’d never heard of it before I was asked to write a review, but I’m glad that my attention was turned towards this fun, creative and beautiful experience. Although it is somewhat simple in design and has some small issues, this is one I recommend checking out. It’s not often we see such a well-made creative game.
Game Rant (Feb 01, 2011)
Sony Computer Entertainment America chose very wisely in including Tales from Space: About a Blob in the Pub Fund program. Blob belongs with the ranks of other ridiculously fun Pub Fund games such as Joe Danger. DrinkBox has created an addictive 2D puzzle platformer starring a liquid mass without any jarring motion controls. Thank you. PlayStation 3 owners shouldn’t miss this one.
IGN (Feb 10, 2011)
About a Blob is a capable platformer with a cool, eye-catching art style and inventive gameplay. With several (but not enough) levels of increasing difficulty, it's a short but sweet title that is sometimes a bit repetitive, but ultimately well worth the price of admission.
79 (Feb 14, 2011)
Man muss nicht böse sein, um die frappierende Ähnlichkeit zwischen dem fünf Jahre alten Independent-Spiel Gish und dem Independent-Abenteuer des Blobs zu unterstreichen. Dieses »Hey, was für coole Ideen!«-Wohlfühlkribbeln will deshalb nicht so richtig zünden. Trotzdem ist es auch hier erfrischend und ungemein motivierend, den wabernden Helden über Atommüllreste und an gemeinen Fallen vorbei zu schleusen - um ihm eine Wampe anzufressen, die bald die ganze Welt verschlingt. Knifflige Herausforderungen an die Fingerfertigkeit kommen dabei wie von selbst mit physikalischen Knobeleien zusammen. Besonders das Spiel mit dem positiven und negativen Magnetismus wirkt unverbraucht und lässt immer wieder die »Aha!«-Glühbirne aufleuchten. Hinter den spaßigen Zeichentrick-Kulissen und der beschwingten Musik stecken zwar keine Überraschungen - sie bescheren einem oder zwei Glibberfreunden aber viele vergnügliche Essenspausen!
NZGamer (Feb 14, 2011)
Tales from Space: About A Blob is a playable and original (comparisons to Katamari Damacy not withstanding) puzzler. It’s frustrating at times (as puzzlers should be) but can be made a bit easier if you play two-player. But then you have the unsavoury prospect of having to spit things into your blob buddy’s body to increase his size to get some of those two player objectives (again - it sounds worse then it actually is!). But, even with the continued existence of the human race at stake, there‘s plenty of fun to be had just eating heaps, getting to be the size of a bus and just blobbing out.
PSFocus (Feb 19, 2011)
About a Blob is een erg leuke game voor het PlayStation Netwerk en is een absolute aanrader voor elke Blob- of puzzelfan. De besturing is niet altijd even goed, maar door de hoge funfactor kun je dit gemakkelijk vergeven. Verder is het concept gewoon erg leuk en biedt het een leuke uitdaging, zeker als je voor de volle 100% wilt gaan. Ook slaagt de ontwikkelaar er in om de game met een leuk en grappig verhaal te voorzien, waardoor de game je blijft boeien. Wij hebben ons dan ook enorm geamuseerd met About a Blob en zijn de game nog lang niet beu.
3D Juegos (Feb 17, 2011)
Nuestras madres siempre nos han pedido que comamos más para crecer. Dicho y hecho. Tales from Space: About a Blob es un gran juego de plataformas y puzles que nos hará disfrutar mientras vemos crecer a nuestra temible masa devoradora. La variedad de situaciones con las que nos encontraremos, los puzles que nos obligarán a combinar todas las habilidades de Blob, y un buen diseño de niveles lo ponen en la lista de esos juegos realmente interesantes; pero su corta duración, un control algo impreciso y una constante sensación de que “podría haber sido mejor”, lo alejan de los clásicos del género.
Console Monster (Jul 21, 2011)
It’s certainly a worthwhile investment for the intended audience, particularly in co-op, but one to trial before a purchase for the more hardcore audience.
Game Chronicles (Apr 02, 2011)
It’s a charming title and good fun that challenges your reflexes and your puzzle skills. Tales from Space: About a Blob is a solid first effort from DrinkBox Studios, and I recommend not only buying this game, but keeping a close eye on their future titles.
Gamestyle (Feb 17, 2011)
Tales From Space: About A Blob feels like a game that has the potential to be a must own, however it never quite reaches that potential. Challenges never really test your resolve and it can be fairly easy to complete but going back and bettering your scores will ensure you keep going back for more. It isn't a Katamari game, but Drinkbox Studios did a fine job of recreating the mechanic and turning it into something of their own. This isn't the best game on PSN, but it is a worthy addition to your collection.
PlayStation Lifestyle (Feb 16, 2011)
Overall, Tales From Space: About A Blob is a good game for kids, since its never very challenging or frustrating, and it makes for simple platforming fun. On a first run you’ll probably take your time to explore the game, making levels last about 20-30 minutes each. With 17 of them to goop through, a first run is about 4-6 hours. Subsequently you can go for speed runs on the leaderboard, and at 5-10 minutes a piece, a skilled player can beat this in under two hours. Unfortunately it’s still a short game unless you’re determined to collect everything, so it’s hard to recommend it at the steep price of $15. Either way it makes for a decent first outing from Drinkbox Studios.
Push Square (Feb 07, 2011)
At $15 (we're expecting £9.99 in the UK), About A Blob is toeing the steep-end, but it does a lot to justify its price-tag. The mechanics lead to some excellent puzzle design, and the visual style is varied and compelling. We enjoyed our time with About A Blob, but we're uncertain if we'll return to it. That said, even with the advent of the PlayStation Network, there's been a real lack of well-designed two-dimensional platformers, and About A Blob certainly fills that growing void. It's fun, quirky and self-aware. Oh, and it also features an orange space-blob. Don't act like that's not a selling point.
GameFocus (Feb 04, 2011)
Tales from Space - About a Blob isn’t a bad game, it’s just not a very good game either. The indecisiveness on what it wants to be is what will distract most people. The trail-and-error is also quite frustrating at times - especially for younger gamers or those with a low tolerance for failure - and many will stop playing because of the unnecessary level of frustration. Had they focused more on either being a puzzler or a platformer rather than a hybrid of the two, then this would have been a much more enjoyable experience overall.
GameSpot (Feb 17, 2011)
About a Blob is a very palatable adventure. The light puzzle and platforming challenges come at a good pace and will likely retain your interest in the hours it takes to complete the game. About a Blob won't wow you, but its interesting mechanics and silly attitude are enough to entertain.
Joystiq (Feb 10, 2011)
At its best -- when you're exploring a new level, solving a few switch puzzles, and searching for more billiard balls, pencils, and jars of glue (not mayo, as the labels warn you!), About a Blob is pretty enjoyable. That's thanks in part to a cutesy sense of humor (which finally won me over with a billboard for "Two Grills, One Cop") and a vibrant 2D art style reminiscent of '50s/'60s animation. At its worst, you're dying twenty times in a row because you can't switch back from magnetism to electricity quickly enough, or forget which of the shoulder buttons attracts or repels. Sadly, those annoying bits absorb much of the impact of the good parts.