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The Testament of Sherlock Holmes Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Main menu.
Sherlock Holmes, the famous sleuth.
Getting familiar with the controls.
Early days of forensics started with Sherlock Holmes.
Looking through the windows and walking down the streets, you will see mimics of a real life in motion.
Interrupting Dr. Watson's tea time.
Deduction is one of Sherlock's deadliest weapons.
As the conversation takes place and new things are mentioned and discovered, number of dialogue choices will increase.
Sherlock Holmes, in 1st-person perspective, about to check the authenticity of stolen necklace.
Checking the authenticity of a stolen necklace by examining it up close.
Playing as Dr. Watson in 1st-person perspective.
Looking for a map in Sherlock's room.
Murder most foul... 1st-person perspective may give you better angle when searching for clues.
Need to find a way to open the hidden safe.
Sometimes clues may be lying somewhere away from the actual crime scene.
Checking the jail cells.
Hm, let's see if a person of interest signed this guest book.
Various objects may become available for interaction only when needed.
Welcome to the London prison.
Looking for the warden's office.
Now that the locker's open, let's see what useful information about the guard we can find.
Prison staff seem to be full of secrets.
Game will automatically switch to other characters in order to hide certain events you may fully understand only sometime in the future.
Walking down the streets of London.
Certain locations can take a while to explore, luckily, not everything can be interacted with.
Trying to get some info from the soup kitchen guy.
Exploring the graveyard.
Comparing the found rope with the fragment taken from the crime scene.
Not much luck with graves... maybe if I check the graveyard shack next...
No time to wait for coroner.
Performing an autopsy.
Tricking your way into an opium den.
Conversation history logbook.
List of gathered notes during your investigation.
Deduction diagram.
Inventory bag.
Sneaking up on the unaware criminals.
Sherlock Holmes as a judge, jury and executioner... can it be?
Map of London with marked locations you can travel to.
Loading screens fade in from sketch to rendered image of the location you are in, aside from providing general hints.
Switching to 1st-person perspective while playing as Toby, the dog.
When playing as Toby, you can sniff out the clues.
Found the culprit's trail.
Toby found the blood trail.
The criminal dropped his hat as he was fleeing down the hidden passageway.
Maybe we can find some clues on a typewriter.
Best way to search the classroom is on a weekend.
Puzzle contraption in order to open the door.
While Watson is keeping the badguys cornered, I can freely explore the upper floor.
Time to check for some useful tools in the shack near the windmill.