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Game Tap (Aug 28, 2007)
But that's just a minor annoyance in what's really EA's finest golf game in years. I've never been the type of guy who needs a new Tiger every August, as they all seem so similar, but Tiger 08 is the exception. GamerNet is the most revolutionary feature to hit golf games since the analog swing, and because of it, I can see myself swinging for the green, the crowd, and those random ricochets for months to come.
GameSpy (Sep 04, 2007)
Without doing a whole lot to change the way the game works, development has added some interesting things into the mix in Tiger Woods 08. The Photo Game face, though still buggy, will flat-out blow you away, but EA's GamerNet is still a work in progress. On the links, the ability to use a three-click-swing is cool, as is the game's added focus on player confidence and past track record. Just like in real life, Tiger continues to impress.
Sometimes when you're golfing you nail a hold because you bail yourself out with a superb putt, chip or tee shot. But this game is instead like masterfully shot hole, where each stroke feels just right.
Cheat Code Central (Aug 28, 2007)
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 is the most complete and refined version of the series yet. Overall, it is very similar to last year's Tiger, but the refinements are cool. The presentation, sounds, graphics, and attention to detail are all great. The inclusion of the Confidence Meter, GamerNet, and Photo Game Face make this year's Tiger a title that's not to be missed by any golf fan.
IGN (Aug 28, 2007)
Tiger 08 boils down to a few additions, but not much change overall. It's still a great game, but the new additions, other than Shot Confidence to a degree, really don't alter the core game. Tiger fans, of course, will no doubt eagerly drink up anything the game has to serve, but casual fans may want to stick with last year's if they're not willing to shell out $60.
Game Vortex (Sep 14, 2007)
Although it doesn't add too much, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 is a great game if you're bored of last year's version and want to try something new. However, if the new additions don't sound too appealing, you can stick to last year's version and not miss a whole lot.
PGNx Media (Sep 19, 2007)
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 is the best Tiger Woods yet but really feels like an incremental upgrade over last year’s game. That said, there are five new courses, one new mode and some improvements made here and there. Whether that’s worth a full price upgrade depends on how much you like the Tiger Woods series.
I came away impressed with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08. I am in no way a fan of the sport (I call it a sport dubiously) or of the franchise. Yet I still find myself emotional over a missed opportunity or a miraculous shot. This is not your father's golf game. Tiger has come a long way in providing a fun and diverse number of different ways to tee off. I chip it... I mean, I dig it.
84 (Sep 11, 2007)
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 ist für Einzelspieler eine mäßig verbesserte Neuauflage der Golfspielreferenz, die immerhin vier neue Kurse bietet. Wer dagegen über eine Onlineanbindung verfügt, bekommt dank Gamernet einen deutlichen Mehrwert geboten, der sich spürbar auf den Langzeitspielspaß auswirkt. Falls ihr hier online mithalten möchtet, solltet ihr allerdings zuvor dafür sorgen, dass ihr das Spiel mit all seinen Schlagvarianten komplett beherrscht. Solltet ihr den Vorgänger nicht besitzen und euch für den Sport interessieren, dürft ihr in jedem Fall bedenkenlos zugreifen - Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 ist eine rundum gelungene Simulation des Sports!
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008 is a pretty good game. I find that a lot of people, not just fans of golf can enjoy this game. True, it can be nearly impossible and very frustrating if you create a character, but with a little time at the driving range (literally), your character will soon no longer be a legitimate excuse for your horrible short game. Now I can't really comment on how this compares to last years, but it does apparently add a few new enjoyable features that are sure to keep the EA Sports Kool-Aid drinkers (like myself) buying the game. I give Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008 8.25 out of 10.
82 (Sep 29, 2007)
2007 müssten eigentlich die Ausgaben für 360 und PS3 diese Auszeichnung einheimsen; schließlich wurde die Steuerung vorsichtig, aber sinnvoll verfeinert und sowohl GamerNet als auch Photo Game Face erweitern den Umfang enorm. Nur dass das Eine nur eingeschränkt, das Wichtigere gar nicht funktioniert, was jeder möglichen Euphorie den Wind aus den Segeln nimmt. Und dann sind da noch die stiefmütterlich vernachlässigten Aufgüsse für PS2, PSP und PC: erstklassige Simulationen - die ohne echte Änderungen das im letzten Jahr Gezeigte auftischen und im Fall des Handhelds kaum über Minispiel-Charakter hinaus kommen. Das ist besonders für PC-Besitzer ärgerlich, deren System Kulissen darstellen könnte, die sich weit über PS2-Niveau befinden.
GameZone (Aug 28, 2007)
However, as much as I support the agenda to differentiate between the last- and next-gen versions, the PS2 version wins the battle in this area (and this area alone). I’m not a pro golfer, but even if I were, I’d still want my games to have as many advantageous features as possible. That’s one of the things that should separate games from real life – fantasy.
Worth Playing (Sep 17, 2007)
The issues peculiar to sports franchises require some specialized buying advice irrespective of the final review score: If you're a Tiger Woods franchise fanatic, you pre-ordered last year, so I won't bother with you. If you're a golfer and have never played the series, absolutely get it — run, don't walk. If you're not a golfer but enjoy good sports titles, you'll almost certainly want this one. If you're not a sports fan but have finally decided to give a sports video game a try, Tiger Woods' PGA Tour 08 is a great place to start, but beware that it may spoil you for future sports titles. For everyone else, I say there's a point at which suspension of buying by default the latest Tiger Woods game makes sense: It's a close call, but I favor stopping here at PGA Tour 08 over sitting pat on last year's version.
PSX Extreme (Oct 25, 2007)
Lastly, we have to mention GamerNet. This allows you to set up your own challenges online and brag to the community when you pull off amazing shots or overall amazing scores. It's an online feature that just about every sports game should have, we think, and for some, GamerNet will take up a lot of their play time. There's just so much to do! Overall, the game suffers from a strange and ill-fitting soundtrack, a 3-click swing system that's a little fast and loose, various erratic feedback from the game, and some silly mini-games that aren't as fun as they should be. But despite all this, the physics are excellent as always, it's the best-looking entry yet, the options are insane, and most importantly, definitely appeals to just about any golf fan. It's got everything you could want and even a little more, even if the execution of the enhancements isn't always spot-on. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 is a worthwhile investment for all you duffers out there, plain and simple.
Darkstation (Sep 24, 2007)
I was a bit underwhelmed when I first got into Tiger Woods 08, I just didn't feel like there was enough new in the game to make it worthwhile. And then I kept playing, I got into the Gamer Net and was addicted, and then played more into the Career and once again was hooked. And of course the Photo Game face is not only a fun thing to do for yourself, but bring a friend over and show them the new technology and you instantly have an engrossed fan of the game as well - it is that impressive. If you are into Tiger Woods and have always wanted to see yourself in a video game, now is your chance with this title.
Jolt (UK) (Sep 26, 2007)
It’s this balance that ultimately sells Tiger Woods to a wider audience than ever before. The lack of initial on-screen prompts aside, it’s entirely possible for anyone to throw themselves into Tiger’s 2008 outing and have both a rewarding and entertaining time, be they a golf fan or not. For a sports simulation, that’s surely the greatest accolade of them all.
Gamers' Temple, The (Oct 01, 2007)
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 is the same Tiger from years past. If you don't already own a previous version then it's certainly worth a look. Those that already have a copy from the past few years would be better off passing until something dramatic happens to the series.
GameTrailers (Sep 07, 2007)
Another year, another solid installment of Tiger Woods PGA Tour. As this series slowly creeps back to the level it once was, there’s really not too much to complain about anymore. It’s just strange that EA would ship it when its biggest new feature is completely offline.
Console Monster (Sep 28, 2007)
Overall, this is a great version of Tiger on the PS3. Whilst there is not a tonne of content to set it above last year's release on the 360, it is a significant improvement on the previous PS3 version. The only fly in the ointment for this particular reviewer is the existence of another particular version of the game. Before coming to Tiger on the PS3, I had played the Wii version and enjoyed the real-life swing mechanic of the Wii-Mote. Unfortunately this left my PS3 experience feeling slightly flat. Whilst the PS3 outstrips the Wii in almost every other area, the simple lack of motion control is a real deal breaker for me. This is obviously only a concern if you have a Wii, and should in no way put you off grabbing a copy on the PS3. If you are one of the PS-Wii fraternity however, think carefully before opting for the game with the better graphical experience.
1UP (Aug 27, 2007)
Golf is a strange game. It can generate the most profound feelings of accomplishment...and moments later make you want to bash your own head in with a 3-wood out of sheer frustration. No golf franchise has captured this unsettling dynamic better than the Tiger Woods series...and no game in that series has done it better than Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08.
Gamernode (Sep 05, 2007)
If you don't have Tiger Woods 07 and you don't really care about the Game Face or GamerNet, you'd be better off getting the now-cheap 07 iteration. Tiger Woods 08 isn't a horrible game; it just doesn't offer enough to justify dropping $60 on it, and until (or if) they're fixed the bugs will only cause frustration.
GameLemon (Apr 09, 2008)
Tiger Woods PGA Tour '08 is not a bad game, far from it, actually. In fact, the team that makes the game does a great job of mixing just the right amount of arcade playability with sim game realism. However, there's not really anything here that makes this year's version any better than previous titles. The game has all the same courses and play modes as you've already seen before, and the Photo Game Face, while cool, is not worth buying an entirely new game. Take the money you'll save and go get yourself a nice lap dance, you'll be happy that you did.
NZGamer (Oct 02, 2007)
What changes you do find in Tiger Woods 08 are positive; however, it’s just the fact that there is more polish needed to make this title really stand out. As a consolation for you PS3 owners, rest assured you do have the best version of the game on your console, and hopefully with some more effort Tiger Woods 09 will be a more memorable experience.
Video Game Talk (Oct 23, 2007)
If you picked this up for the PS3 last time around with the 07 version you’ll be cursing spending the additional funds on this. But if you’ve been itching for an enjoyable golf game which is tilted to the simulation side a little more than some other titles then this could be good to pick up. However, my recommendation to you would be to rent this title first before dropping sixty Benjamin’s on it.
AceGamez (Nov 01, 2007)
If you're a serious member of the videogame Pringle club then, with all its options, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 is definitely worth a purchase. If you're more of a Sunday morning hacker, however, then the game's difficult beginning may mean that you never reach the entertainment that lies beyond it. No matter how much you love your golf, however it's hard not to concede that if EA has spent less time on window dressing like the Gamernet and more on including extra courses and getting the controls and difficulty gradient right then they would have been much more likely to score a hole in one.
GameSpot (Aug 29, 2007)
People who worry about yearly releases diluting the quality of games have plenty of ammo in the form of Tiger Woods 08. The changes to the gameplay are minimal, and some of them make the game worse. There are only five new courses, and many new features don't feel fleshed out, don't work well, or flat-out don't work. The PlayStation 3 version is the one to go with if you have the choice. It's a good game with fewer issues than the 360. Xbox 360 owners should just stick with Tiger Woods 07.
Game Shark (Oct 01, 2007)
Lack of innovative new features or truly ‘next-gen’ visuals makes this a decidedly average game on the PS3. It is time for EA Sports to step up and make a Tiger Woods game worth of a full price purchase every year. This version is little more than an update.