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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Main menu.
Single player menu.
Tutorial mission gets you familiar with the controls.
Similar to the first game, you can slide into crouching position while running.
You will often move from location to location via helicopter.
On some missions you will be able to call or even control an aerial support.
Mission info.
Select your team for the mission.
Select your weapons for the mission.
Map provides a real-time info and does not pause the game.
On some missions you'll have a team of soldiers to give commands to.
Make sure to often utilize cover when in enemy territory.
Switching weapons... you can only carry two types of rifles and two types of grenades, but can also pick up weapons from fallen enemies.
Commanding your team mates to take the cover behind that wall.
Aiming at the enemy with a tactical scope.
You can look through your team mate's camera.
Loading screens provide random tips.
Strafing at the convoy on the bridge.
Taking out the defenseless trucks is a child's play.
With bad weather and low visibility, night-vision will help you identify your targets.
Taking out the machine-gun nest.
Flying low will let you see the enemy better, but you'll also be an easier target to hit.
Shoot at the vehicles to take out any nearby soldiers with an explosion blast.
Night mission.
The city is burning.
During the night missions, night goggles are your best ally.
Taking out the sniper in the tower.
They're coming from all sides... watch out not to get surrounded in solo missions.
Without a helmet and with a broken link to your HQ.
Incoming enemy reinforcements.
Find cover behind that old car.
Yup, vehicles can be taken out with a concentrated machine-gun fire it just takes longer than with a grenade.
Prone position will steady your aim and make you a harder target to hit.
When prone, you can roll to the side if you find yourself too exposed to enemy fire.
Using UAV Cypher drone to identify enemy soldiers on your map.
Night vision during daytime and clear weather is not much of use.
Watch out for snipers on the roofs.
Enemy soldiers will often use covers, so try to outflank them with the help of your team.