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1UP (Jun 10, 2009)
There's a lot to be mindful of in Trash Panic. You can treat it like Tetris, dropping stuff into the bin all willy-nilly, but when you see that none of it goes away without your help, the realization sets in that you have to go about this a bit differently. It reinforces just how fresh Trash Panic is compared to the timeless (if a bit long in the tooth) nature of the world's favorite puzzle games.
Console Obsession (May 29, 2010)
When you get right down to it, there’s really not much wrong with the game. The unprepared could conceivably be put off by the sheer difficulty of some sections of the game, and the loading times are just a little bit on the side of too long, but for the price, you can’t really be too critical. It’s games like Trash Panic that all these PSN services are made for – high polish, low price, short-burst games that keep you coming back, and that get successful through word of mouth more than anything else.
83 (Jul 25, 2009)
I recommend Trash Panic to all puzzle fanatics or anyone looking for a good game at a cheap price. It combines a simple to learn, hard to master formula with the universal pleasure of breaking stuff into tiny bits. Plus, it is a pretty hard game to beat, which also means it will last you a long time. Trash Panic is a $5 game that offers more challenge and depth than similar, more expensive titles. Thumbs up!
GameSpot (May 20, 2009)
In fact, patience is what you'll need to bring to Trash Panic. It's easy to quickly dismiss the game due to its high difficulty, frustrating glitches, and trial-and-error nature. However, if you stay with it, you'll find that it's challenging without being cheap, addictive while it lasts, and well worth your time. At the very least, it'll get you thinking more about how you dispose of garbage, and in these times of environmental concern, that can only be a positive.
gamrReview (Jun 07, 2009)
Trash Panic can be fun but it has a number of issues that keep it from being a really good title. The random nature of breaking apart items brings a luck factor that can be annoying in a puzzle title, items showing up in places I cannot actually see, and the unimpressive visuals bring this title down; but, in its defense, it has a lot to offer for five dollars. If you are hankering for a puzzle title, I suggest you give Trash Panic a try; it is a decent amount of fun for a budget price.
TheSixthAxis (Jul 06, 2009)
While I heartily recommend this game, it is certainly not for everyone. The difficulty and steep learning curve will put off people from the very start – you need a lot of patience to succeed and the tenacity to keep on going even when it seems impossible. If you are not one for repeating levels in order to succeed or get frustrated easily, then perhaps this is not the game for you – sometimes clearing a stage can be down to the luck of which objects appear at critical moments, but if you like a challenge and your games with a large portion of character, then this is definitely worth a punt.
70 (May 28, 2009)
Trash Panic ist trotz unverkennbarer Tetris-Wurzeln ungemein originell: Das Zerschmettern, Zersetzen und Abfackeln aller erdenklichen Abfallprodukte von defekten Glühbirnen bis hin zu kompletten Gebäuden in gigantischen Müllkübeln ist herrlich verrückt und motivierend. Aber warum haben es die Entwickler so dermaßen mit dem Schwierigkeitsgrad übertrieben? Viel zu schnell schlägt die destruktive Müllentsorgung in bodenlosen Frust um. Selbst der normale Schwierigkeitsgrad stellt die Nerven trotz nur einer Hand voll Levels auf eine herbe Zerreißprobe. Besonders fies: Man darf einen Level zwar beliebig oft neu starten, aber wer sich zwischendurch mit einem anderen Spiel abreagieren oder seiner PS3 einfach nur mal eine Auszeit gönnen will, muss beim nächsten Start wieder ganz von vorn anfangen, weil der Fortschritt im Hauptspielmodus nicht gespeichert wird!
70 (May 26, 2009)
Trash Panic is een typisch Japanse game. Het heeft een vreemde, maar aandoenlijke stijl, een moeilijkheidgraad om je controller van doormidden te breken en het is even verslavend als de ergste hard-drug.
70 (UK) (Apr 01, 2009)
This is one of those puzzle games you'll play solid for three or four days, rashly declare as being the "Best Puzzle Game Ever" (your friends, wisely, will say that you should wait for a few weeks), but then leave to fester on your PS3's hard drive for some months before you can be bothered to visit it again. Which is to say that Gomibako is a great blast, but doesn't having the staying power of a true giant like Tetris or, more relevantly, Lumines. Still, at 1,500 yen (about a tenner) it makes some kind of sense, and it has novelty bursting out of the slits in its bin liner. Won't someone clean it up?
GameZone (Jun 15, 2009)
For only $5, Trash Panic offers enough oddness and appeal to give you a few good hours of explosive fun, but don’t expect them to be easy.
Gamer Limit (Jul 27, 2009)
For fans of the puzzle genre in need of a new experience, Trash Panic is definitely worth its purchase price. For those not as forgiving or patient, it is best to leave this one off the menu.
IGN (Jun 12, 2009)
Trash Panic will likely end up being a polarizing affair. It's not without charm, but the steep learning curve and wealth of things to consider at any one time can be too much for a newcomer to handle. In the end, it satisfies the basic philosophy of a puzzle game, but swing the pendulum far more toward the challenging end of the spectrum rather than being something that anyone can grasp as a whole right from the start. It's not a question of nuance or refined technique (though there are definitely elements of that), but rather whether the game's heavy burden of challenge is too much to bear for someone just trying to digest it all. Trash Panic isn't a bad game, it's simply a hard game, and one that asks much of those that would see it through to the end of the game's six stages. Ultimately, it may ask too much.
Thunderbolt Games (Apr 20, 2009)
I suppose if you are absolutely dying to pick up a new puzzle game and have some extra money to spend, you could do worse. Just remember, after failing to clear Stage Five for the hundredth time in a row, be sure to throw your PS3 controller at something soft (and not your cat).
The Game Hoard (Nov 08, 2021)
Trash Panic’s garbage crushing concept seems like a fun idea for a puzzle game at first, but it ends up with a strangely muddled message. Taking an eco-friendly route to clearing the trash can is harder but gives special rewards, and while the fires and explosions that vaporize waste are visually spectacular, the ease of use comes with no rewards beyond removing the waste. That message is actually fine in theory, but Trash Panic decides getting rid of garbage in general should be a frustrating and inconsistent affair where even trying to play by the game’s rules can be upset by physics errors and a rigid requirement of placing trash just so to have a hope of surviving certain stages. The easy content is minimal compared to most of the game being surprisingly hard, and the satisfaction of successes is too often outweighed by the design flaws that make some losses feel unjust.