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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Snowy Naughty Dog logo with the story opening thematic
Main title and menu screen.
Nate doesn't look too good
This wagon is about to fall any time now
Game starts quite intense as you climb up the train hanging from the cliff.
It all started on a tropical island
Harsh cold will help you stop the bleeding alright.
Moving through the derelict train with mercenaries still looking for you
It's time for negotiations
Chloe is a woman of action and trouble, but Nate gets into trouble oh every so easily.
A heist mission in Istanbul
Teamwork is required to reach that ladder.
Sullivan spent all of their treasure from past adventure to save Nate from Turkish prison.
Enemies will take cover so you'll have to aim well.
Taking out the guards quickly, per instructions.
Exploring the ancient ruins with Chloe and Sully
Chased by a truck in a very tight alley... you have to take it out while trying to escape at the same time.
Taking cover from the enemy patrol.
Urban warfare isn't that much different from jungles, but there are more objects to hide behind.
They have Hind helicopters, that's not good.
If you sneak up to the enemy, you can perform a silent kill.
Taking out the enemy patrolling the city ruins
You can't get through the shield... find exposed parts or you're done for.
Jokes are on the level with the rest of Uncharted games
Nate can pack a punch or two in close combat.
The cameraman got hit
Meeting Elena, Drake's partner and more from the prequel.
Finally meeting the man behind the expedition funding, the main badguy.
Once again, teeming up with Elena
Some enemies are too tough to deal with, and running is your only option if you wanna stay alive
Jumping on the speeding train.
There are plenty of soldiers to deal with between here and the locomotive.
As in prequel, screen goes black & white when your health becomes critical.
In the Tibetan village.
This terrain will require a guide
Mountaineering in search of a relic.
Cover-based fight is the key to survival
Enemy soldiers have found their way to village and are killing everyone.
Oh crap, they brought a tank... this wall won't protect me against that.
Trying to outrun the tank.
Take cover and fire when enemy is reloading.
Removing the boards from the window.
Hitchhiking wouldn't pay off here so Nate had to improvise
Gotta jump from truck to truck as they catch on fire and explode.
Where are all these soldiers coming from?
Reaching Shangri-La
Sully, ever a womanizer
There's plenty of bonus materials like artwork and making of videos.