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Splitkick (Sep 19, 2011)
Space Marine is a game I’ve been waiting for a very long time, and luckily it delivered in just about every aspect I could have hoped for. While it isn’t perfect, it does justice to a seminal license I’ve grown up with and love. I highly recommend it as a rental or sale purchase to anyone who enjoys action games, but for a Games Workshop fan it is absolutely a must own. So what are you waiting for? Put that tape measure down and start crushing the enemies of the Imperium in the Emperor’s name!
Thank you THQ and Relic Entertainment for not trying to just cash in on a very storied and rich franchise license. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is a great game and does justice to the Warhammer franchise that it is based upon. With solid graphics, good sound, and just the right gameplay elements, the total package makes for a great gaming experience. The addition of multiplayer is also a plus, although it could have used a few more modes. In the end it is my hope that this game is not overlooked this holiday season as the Space Marine really does stand on its own a solid title that is worth the time to play through.
80 (Sep 29, 2011)
While Space Marine brings little new to the table, what it brings is well crafted, simple and fun to play. The game won’t feature in any “halls of fame” but, for what’s worth, it will keep you entertained from beginning to end.
IGN (Sep 08, 2011)
Space Marine may stumble here and there, but manages to remain entertaining from start to finish. For every moment where a character gets stuck on part of the environment, has an animation that breaks, or just randomly pops into the world, I’m left remembering great boss battles and encounters that made me feel like a badass. It may not be the best or most original action game, but it’s a fine first outing for the franchise, and a rare gem for Warhammer fans.
Gamegravy (Apr 18, 2012)
And that’s what hurts about this game – it is completely scattershot about who its target audience is. The beginner Ultramarines against the beginner orks, with only slight interference with Chaos. But the DLC is targeted squarely at people who already know about the expanded universe of 40k. It’s definitely fun in parts, but there’s such a disparity in quality that you’d probably be better off with Dawn of War 2.
Giant Bomb (Sep 12, 2011)
Space Marine's brutal single player works just fine on the PS3, but the online matchmaking is so busted that it's clearly the weakest of the three platforms.
60 (Sep 07, 2011)
Warhammer 40.000 : Space Marine est sans aucun doute un titre à réserver aux fans de la licence éponyme. Ces derniers y trouveront un jeu d'action tonitruant leur permettant de s'immerger dans l'univers qui leur est cher, les autres n'y verront qu'un titre bourrin lambda qui manque furieusement de variété et de profondeur.
55 (Sep 09, 2011)
Ein "Gears of Warhammer" sollte es werden – herausgekommen ist ein ideenloses Durchschnittsgemetzel mit einem wiederholungsanfälligen Spielablauf, enttäuschender Technik sowie einer lächerlichen Mehrspielerkomponente. Relic mag es verstehen, das Universum in ansprechenden Strategiespielen zu verwerten, aber Action zählt offenbar nicht zu den Stärken des Studios. Anstatt den Vergleich zu Epics Vorzeige-Shooter bei Präsentationen zu bemühen, hätte man sich besser hinsichtlich der Spielmechanik am Vorbild orientiert. Doch stattdessen schickt Relic die Space Marines mit einem stupiden Kampfsystem sowie fragwürdigen Heilmethoden in den Krieg gegen die immer gleichen Ork-Horden.