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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.2
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.0
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 2.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.5
Overall User Score (5 votes) 3.1

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Gaming Target (Aug 31, 2007)
Warhawk is uniquely available for download via the PlayStation Store for $40 or on Blu-Ray disc with a Bluetooth headset for the more typical price of $60. Either way you chose to buy Warhawk, it’s a worthy investment because it delivers the best multiplayer experience on the PS3 thus far. No, the game doesn’t feature a single-player mode of any sort and doesn’t relate to the original PSone title any more than sharing its name. This isn’t your slightly older brother’s Warhawk. What it is is an on-foot, in-vehicle and in-air online battle of epic PlayStation 3 proportions.
Lawrence (Aug 31, 2007)
The Playstation 3 needed this. It’s long been criticized for a lack of good online games and a lack of good games in general. Warhawk is both, and the console is much better off for it. PS3 owners, you (finally) have another great exclusive title that you can place next to Resistance on your shelf.
1UP (Aug 27, 2007)
And what about that $60 retail version? That one's easier: The inclusion of the middle-of-the-road Jabra Bluetooth headset makes it a reasonably priced package -- if you don't already have a headset (USB or Bluetooth) you're happy with. Otherwise...look, understand that Warhawk is engaging, addictive, reasonably long-lasting fun. It's just not quite $40 worth.
Battlefield may have invented open-warfare gameplay a couple of years ago on the PC, but an experience that slick wasn't duplicated on a next-generation console before Warhawk. At $40 for the PSN file, it may be the most expensive downloadable game you buy, but it's currently the best online multiplayer title to hit PS3. By perfectly balancing out seamless on-foot, in-vehicle and in-air combat, Warhawk gives PlayStation Network a retail-scale game, something that Xbox Live Arcade has yet to achieve.
Game Shark (Sep 17, 2007)
Warhawk is a bit of a surprise in just how much fun it really is; this game sits right alongside Xbox’s Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge, the only game that can be compared to this on gameplay alone, with the ground and aerial combat. When Incognito decided to drop the single-player aspect, combined with the delay, the chips were clearly stacked against this from being an A-List release. In the end the company has created an excellent game with good graphics, great controls that you can change, and one that runs smoothly even with 32 people playing at once. Warhawk is truly a benchmark for the PS3 and easily one of the best games in its lineup.
90 (Nov 07, 2007)
To owners of PS3s out there, this game is a must, and if you go the download route then it is simply a bargain. All in all there has never been a better time to join the fight, I urge you to head online.
Warhawk heeft de leukste online multiplayer actie sinds Battlefield 1942. En de game kost maar 30 Euro!
PSX Extreme (Sep 27, 2007)
Warhawk has finally arrived on the PlayStation 3, and this marks the consoles next big online game. You can purchase the game on either the PlayStation Network or pick up a boxed copy that includes a Jabra bluetooth headset. Either way you go, you can't go wrong with Warhawk. With the amount of chaos the game throws at you, the options, and the diversity in gameplay, this one's a no-brainer. Warhawk is simply the s**t - and I highly suggest you ignore any naysayer who says otherwise.
Video Game Talk (Oct 01, 2007)
Warhawk is an exciting game that is filled with rapid action, impressive graphics, and almost addictive gameplay. While there is no single player mode and it can take a while for novice players to get the hang of the controls, the tight response and incredibly fun nature of the game itself more than makes up for that. If Sony was smart, they’d start packaging this with new PS3 consoles. It is a game that shows off just what the PS3 can do, and is fun to boot. You can’t ask for much more than that. Highly Recommended.
Thunderbolt Games (Oct 05, 2007)
So the only real issue here is one of cost and longevity. For either £40 from a shop with a bluetooth headset, or £20 direct download from the Sony store, Warhawk initially comes across as a bit of a bargain. However, as a multiplayer only title with a paltry five maps and no offline bot support, even £20 may be a little steep for some pockets. One thing is for sure however, console players will undoubtedly find a Battlefield-esque experience here that has yet to be matched in the living room space, and the queues to get into the ranked servers at the moment suggest a title that'll have legs for a number of years. If you've got a PS3 and an online connection, it'd be silly to miss out.
Gamers' Temple, The (Dec 16, 2007)
Deciding whether or not Warhawk is for you is a pretty simple decision. If you like online play in wide-open battlefields then it's an excellent choice. If you want more from your shooter than online play or prefer at least a little story and presentation, then you may want to consider looking elsewhere. Warhawk's soul lies in its online battles and that's all it has to offer.
GameZone (Sep 07, 2007)
Warhawk will be destined to become a PlayStation 3 classic but most importantly, it will remain to be one of the best multiplayer experiences you’ll find in a next-generation console. It’s an action junkie’s dream come true for those who have been looking for a multiplayer action game worthy of the genre and while the controls and style take awhile to really learn, those who are patient will find that this is a game they will want to keep playing for a long time to come.
Worth Playing (Sep 08, 2007)
Warhawk could have been even better if there had been some form of single-player content, even if the devs had merely revamped multiplayer maps so you could play against bots. It also offers offline split-screen play, should one prefer to play against friends instead of braving the wilds of online gaming. Perhaps the highest praise I can give the title is that despite Sony's concerns with overpricing a multiplayer-only game, Warhawk, lacking all single-player capabilities, is worth every bit of the full price for games of this console generation.
PGNx Media (Sep 16, 2007)
Warhawk provides one of the most compelling online experiences on the PlayStation 3. The visceral, fast-paced and often chaotic action fits the game perfectly. A solid addition to anyone’s PS3 library—and a must-buy for those looking for a great online game.
GameSpy (Aug 29, 2007)
Warhawk is an extremely well-designed online multiplayer game. We're sure that once the initial rush at retail has settled down a bit, regular fans of the game can look forward to a solid online experience with the great potential for future downloadable maps, skins and so on. It's breaking new ground for the PlayStation Network, and here's hoping Sony keeps on pushing the PS3's online capabilities forward.
89 (Oct 01, 2007)
Warhawk promised much in the build up to its launch and we have to say that now its here, we are not disappointed, this is because it does exactly what it sets out to do by providing a next generation multiplayer game that is easy to access and fun to play, sure some of the in game options may be lacking at the moment but this does little to take away from what is a genuinely fun game.
FOK!games (Sep 13, 2007)
Het hoge tempo van de gameplay zorgt er voor dat Warhawk niet alleen voor de ervaren speler, maar ook voor de nieuweling leuk is. De balans die de verschillende wapens, voertuigen en defensieve stellingen samen vormen is niet helemaal perfect te noemen, maar is groot genoeg om het gebruik van een vaste, altijd werkende strategie te kunnen voorkomen. Warhawk is vooral leuk, heel erg leuk zelfs. Of je nu afgeschoten wordt of dat je zelf het fatale schot levert maakt niet eens meer zo heel veel uit; het is verschrikkelijk leuk. Of je nu met je soldaatje over het slagveld heen tuurt door de zoomlens van je scherpschuttersgeweer, of dat je in je Warhawk in een rasechte dogfight verwikkeld bent, je doet het vrijwel altijd met een flinke grijns op je gezicht.
Regardless of whether you get the download or in-store version, Warhawk is one of the first truly great games to show up on the PS3. It still has its share of troubles, though the amount of fun packed into the experience is unmatched.
Finalboss (Sep 04, 2007)
Apesar de existirem muitos jogos online de guerra por aí, Warhawk possui uma gameplay bem única, por não se tratar de um ''simulador'' de combate, tendendo mais para o lado arcade. Controlar os veículos, incluindo a aeronave (que não poderia jamais ficar de fora visto que está em suas origens) é fácil e agradável demais, e sem muito compromisso com a simulação. O título permite que você jogue como quiser, seja dando ou seguindo ordens, ou partindo para uma ação solitária, a pé, sobre rodas e pelo céu. Quem curte esse gênero terá diversão 100% garantida, mesmo que você possa experimentar alguns problemas de conexão.
It is ironic how often the most marketed titles end up as huge disappointments when smaller games turn out to be extremely enjoyable. Warhawk can’t really be considered a fully fledged title due to the relatively low number of available maps and vehicles. That doesn’t prevent it from being one of the best way PS3 owners can spend their money right now though. With just a bit more content and perhaps a singleplayer component (even if it means just adding bots) this game has the potential to be the PS3 GotY. A future content update perhaps?
IGN (Aug 28, 2007)
It may be multiplayer only, it may not have bots, and it may have a steep learning curve, but Warhawk lives up to its billing: a AAA experience that is an adrenaline rush for online fans. Large worlds, balanced combat mechanics and impressively deep server mechanics help this fast paced game soar. Regardless if you happen to prefer the retail version or the downloadable PSN title, this Sony exclusive shouldn't pass PS3 owners by.
Console Monster (Sep 05, 2007)
All-in-all, Warhawk is a great title. The fact that it is a multiplayer only title means that the games focus is solely on one aspect, and so therefore produces a well thought out and enjoyable experience. What’s even better, is not only that Warhawk is a PS3 exclusive (The more the better!) but also that it’s downloadable via the PSN right now!
ripten (Aug 28, 2007)
In short though, there is really are no severe penalties for death within the game and this aspect alone could be the games single biggest downfall as it makes strategy difficult to implement at times. The multiplayer exclusive game delivers an experience that is impressive and relatively lag free. Warhawk offers a unique gameplay experience that aims to keep you entertained, running late for work and calling in sick, for at least a few months.
Chief (Oct, 2007)
Vanuit het PS3-menu heb je niet meer dan vier drukken op de X-knop nodig om in de actie te vallen en dat maakt Warhawk dat verslavende tussendoortje. Eentje dat nog heel lang de populairste online game voor de PS3 zal blijven.
Cheat Code Central (Sep 05, 2007)
Warhawk is available for direct download through the PlayStation Network or as a retail bundle in stores that comes with a Bluetooth Headset. The core game is unchanged in either method, although it is nice to be able to chat with others during gameplay. It seems a little odd to not have any single player options (outside of learning maps and practicing on a LAN game), but for those gamers that spend the majority of their time playing against others online, Warhawk is a good investment either way.
IGN Australia (Sep 02, 2007)
At it's worst, Warhawk is almost too simplistic to justify its price tag. With just five maps (albeit utterly massive) and a range of weapons that treads pretty close to generic, long-time shooter fans might wonder what the hoo-ha is all about. Of course, it would be your loss if you wrote Warhawk off as cut-price or sideshow - it's a streamlined package that gives you just enough to make it feel like a high-quality production, but the lack of bells and whistles - even in the upcoming retail version, with its making-ofs and trailers - means that Warhawk is all about great short-burst multiplayer mayhem and really nothing else. And that will either sell the game to you or turn you off completely.
85 (Sep 13, 2007)
The bottom line is that if you have a PS3 and you’re willing to put up with the developers continuing to work the kinks out of the network, then Warhawk is definitely worth a shot. If you weren’t in the beta test, you’ll be better off buying the retail box instead of opting for the download. At least then you have something you can trade in if Warhawk just doesn’t do it for you.
Warhawk is a very strong PS3 title and is probably a must-own for those who like online gaming. It isn't as mind-bogglingly fast as a title like Resistance: Fall of Man, and doesn't seem to be as slow as Halo feels at times. I'm not saying this is a "Halo Slayer," but if you own a PS3, you should get it. The nice thing about it is that you can either download it for $40 or you can buy it in stores for $60 and get the free Bluetooth headset. Either one is a steal for this game. I give Warhawk 8.5 out of 10.
Da Gameboyz (Sep 06, 2007)
When I first heard that Warhawk was being made as a multiplayer only game, I was somewhat cynical on what this game may turn out like. However, after having played this game I would have to say that Warhawk definitely took me by surprise. With some great graphics and great multiplayer gameplay, Sony and Incognito have made a great successor to the PSone original. Anyone looking for some quality online madness would be crazy not to pick this title up.
VGNZ (Sep 09, 2007)
Warhawk is not a system seller by any means because of the online issues but it does prove how powerful the PS3 is because at any one time there is so much happening. If the big problem can be fixed it will definitely be a game that will sell the console but not to the extent that Halo first did for the Xbox. Regardless of that I think my time playing other online games will be severely curtailed as I’m very keen to put some time into Warhawk. For me this is the best PS3 game I have played.
85 (Oct 05, 2007)
Warhawk ist Action in Reinkultur. Mein bester Freund würde die Hände über dem Kopf zusammenschlagen, weil alles so schrecklich unrealistisch ist - aber genau deshalb liebe ich das Spiel. Die futuristischen Kampfjets lassen sich so irrwitzig schnell und direkt steuern, wie ich es mir in Battlefield immer gewünscht habe. Dank der Mischung aus Flug- und Schwebe-Modus könnt ihr genauso schnell ausweichen wie angreifen. Allein die spannenden Dogfights am Himmel machen schon einen Heidenspaß, doch zusammen mit euren Mitspielern am Boden ergeben sich auf den intelligent entworfenen Karten unzählige taktische Möglichkeiten. Wenn ihr als Fußsoldat unterwegs seid, kann das Spiel in punkto Steuerung, Waffen-Balance und Grafikdetails zwar nicht mit aktuellen Referenz-Shootern mithalten. Doch der Fokus liegt klar auf dem Kampf mit Warhawks und Fahrzeugen, und die sind so reichlich auf den Maps verstreut, dass sich so gut wie jedes Match zum atemlosen Dauer-Gemetzel entwickelt.
85 (Sep 04, 2007)
Warhawk really shaped up nicely. With a tumultuous growing up, the kid turned into a fine young man. Warhawk is not groundbreaking, the developers will admit that, but what is there is the best of the best. Each facet of the game is so polished you can see your reflection. Battles are intense and you actually will get the feel for being in a war zone on a large and small scale. Warhawk if a fine showpiece to test the rough digital distribution waters with.
GameSpot (Aug 29, 2007)
Regardless of how you get it, Warhawk is a great multiplayer shooter and one of the first of its kind to land on the still-new PlayStation 3. It offers just enough content to justify its price tag, but more importantly, it plays well, with just the right mix of tactical considerations and finger-on-the-trigger action. With hooks in there for additional map downloads, it'll be interesting to see how this one develops from here.
84 (Sep 05, 2007)
Warhawk is a great game, both gameplay-wise and from a technological standpoint. It's no small feat to have hectic 32-player multiplayer matches running smoothly, especially when they take place in the air and on solid ground. Add the fast servers and the addictive ranking and award system and you get a MP game that can keep you busy for a long time. Though 30€ (40$/20£) might be a bit steep for a downloadable game, it's well worth the money. Still, if you can wait just a bit longer, I'd suggest getting the retail version, which costs a bit more, but contains a decent Bluetooth headset. So overall, Warhawk is a recommended purchase, especially when you consider it can only become better with more maps and modes.
84 (Oct 12, 2007)
Warhawk ist zurück, und das fast genauso gut wie vor 11 Jahren. Zugegebenermaßen hat das heutige Spiel aber nur noch wenig mit dem PSX-Spiel zu tun, außer dass man mit einem Warhawk durch die Luft fliegen kann. Das PS3-Spiel legt nämlich Wert auf Multiplayergefechte über Internet und setzt dies auch relativ einwandfrei um. Neben einem sehr flüssigen Gameplay, kurzen Ladezeiten und einer lobenswerten Weitsicht gibt es noch Unterstützung für bis zu 32 Spieler gleichzeitig, ohne dass die Framerate auch nur einmal in die Knie geht. So sollte es bei den meisten Onlineshootern sein. Warhawk stellt auf der PS3 definitiv die Referenz für Multiplayeraction dar und ist somit für jeden PS3-Besitzer mit Internetzugang ein Pflichtkauf!
Gaming Age (Aug 31, 2007)
Besides a few small-ish quirks, Warhawk is amongst the most fun-to-play multiplayer games you are likely to play for quite some time... or ever for that matter. The complete lack of anything for single players hurts it a little bit, as does the unreliable stat tracking, though everything else is fine-tuned to near perfection. Even as a multiplayer-only war game, it literally has a little bit of everything for everybody, and current or prospective PlayStation 3 owners (with a broadband connection of course) would be foolish to overlook it.
En definitiva, Warhawk es una compra obligada para los apasionados de las batallas online. El título de Incognito posee por ahora el mejor apartado multijugador de PlayStation 3. 32 jugadores simultáneamente en red y hasta cuatro en pantalla dividida son muestra de ello.
Jolt (UK) (Oct 22, 2007)
A four player split-screen mode is the closest Warhawk comes to offering ‘offline’ play, which really isn’t very close at all. But if you are happy to play the game online all of the time and don’t mind an initially steep learning curve, Warhawk actually proves to be an enjoyable and engaging game; it’s arcade leanings making up for a slight lack of sophistication, and an impressive sense of scale making up for the lack of visual ‘wow’ factor. Overall, a surprise hit.
Gamer 2.0 (Sep 07, 2007)
Overall, Warhawk’s a solid game that breaks the boundaries of what a downloadable game can do while also being offered in retail outlets for the gamers who aren’t fans of digital downloads as well. The game looks great, can be really addictive, and offers a variety of ways to enjoy the experience that Warhawk offers. The only thing that may stop you is the price, as the $40 price for the PSN version is a little steep while the $60 retail version with a headset included is certainly the more enticing way to get it. $30 would've been easily recommendable as $40 makes it tougher to recommend without a test drive. Warhawk’s a definite buy for gamers who know what they’re getting from Warhawk, while those on the fence may need to either rent the game or find a friend with the game to try it out. Regardless, the choice of scrapping the single-player in favor of making the multiplayer as good as it can was definitely the right choice in the end.
81 (Oct 16, 2007)
Warhhawk ist ein interessanter Titel für Spieler mit Onlineanbindung. Wer 30,00 EUR investiert, darf sich das komplette Spiel herunter laden und sich somit die Wartezeit auf Unreal Tournament 3 versüßen. Eine solide Grafikengine, gutes Balancing und abwechslungsreiche Aktionsmöglichkeiten, sorgen bei Sonys Onlineshooter für sehr viel Spielspaß. Wer bereit ist, den vollen Preis von rund 60 EUR zu bezahlen und sich das Spiel im Laden zu kaufen, bekommt sogar noch ein brauchbares Headset dazu. Insgesamt ist Warhawk ein sehr faires und rundum gelungenes Angebot, das jedoch nicht an die Qualität eines Halo 3 (Xbox 360) heranreicht!
UOL Jogos (Sep 07, 2007)
Um dos menos cotados do ano entre os jogos exclusivos para o PlayStation 3, "Warhawk" passou a perna em muita promessa. A ação alucinada casada com os veículos e mapas generosos, uma inspiração de "Battelfield", encontrou lugar certo na PlayStation Network. Fãs devem se alistar sem medo e o estilo descomplicado com visual agradável funciona bem para atrair curiosos e excluídos do gênero. Alguns mapas a mais e um polimento nas ferramentas de busca e estaria perfeito. Para quem for entrar nesta guerra, vale a pena gastar 20 dólares a mais e pegar a versão em disco com headset. Mesmo que a idéia não seja fazer carreira dentro de "Warhawk", é um investimento básico para quem deseja aproveitar o máximo dos jogos online.
Gamervision (Aug 30, 2007)
Minor complaints aside, Warhawk is a lot of fun and very addictive. It delivers an endless amount of combat scenarios; much more than a "multiplayer" option in any other game. Even without a single player campaign, the game still feels complete. This goes without saying, if you own a PS3, you should already have gone out and bought it.
80 (UK) (Aug 30, 2007)
Incognito has taken the DNA of Battlefield and crafted a sublime online console game - a virtual battlezone that serves up more than its fair share of wonderful audio-visuals, but more than that, plays beautifully, with every game you play supplying a key gameplay moment that only online gaming provides.
80 (GAF) (Sep 26, 2007)
While Warhawk is a fun multiplayer game, gamers may turn away after reading that they are only getting five maps and four gameplay modes for the $40 PlayStation Network download price or the $60 retail price (with the aforementioned bluetooth headset included). Especially when the lack of any type of single player game is taken into account. But for those who are willing to take the plunge, they will find a pleasing entry into the multiplayer gaming realm. It isn’t the greatest multiplayer game ever made, but it is enjoyable. There is something oddly relaxing about just flying the Warhawks around the levels. Even when absolute mayhem is happening around you.
The lack of a tutorial is a surprising misstep, but the real problem is that there are still severe server problems. When in a game, I had no problems, but there have been inaccurate player counts in the menu, stats resetting, points being given when unearned, and other random oddities. All of that really should have been worked out from the beginning, but even given a little bit of post-launch catching up, it should definitely be smoothed out by now. Server woes aside, Warhawk is an exceptional team-based online title that offers great controls, stylish graphics, and clever maps.
80 (Oct 15, 2007)
At £20 as a downloadable and £40 in store with a bundled Bluetooth headset, Incognito's latest is another death knell for the retail store, but an encouraging sign as to the future of downloadable gaming. Some will bemoan Warhawk's slender level count of just five and others may feel it is a little basic, but that is just where it succeeds. It is a next-generation title at a last-generation price that boils gaming down to its purist form. Warhawk is a cheerily violent and fantastically developed version of playing with a dusty box of army-themed toys, and it is enormous fun.
80 (Oct 17, 2007)
Despite all the development problems, and despite the numerours negative comments we've made in this review, Warhawk has come through as a very solid online multi-player game on the PS3. Still, with only five maps one can't help but feel short changed with this game - even at $AU49.95 for the downloadable version. The lack of any form of single-player modes also disappoints - even some training missions would have been nice to get you used to the controls before heading into battle against some hardcore gamers. Overall the game is one worth adding to your collection - and I'd be surprised if there weren't more downloadable maps down the line (for a small fee of course). Solid.
For those who have yet to experience the adrenaline fueled rush of a frantic, online multiplayer game, Warhawk provides an excellent starting point. The unique visual style, large scale battles and focus on rewarding diverse play, combine to provide a very satisfying experience. In spite of the exclusion of the single player campaign mode and some buggy stat issues, the gameplay on offer is an addictive blend of modern warfare and screen filling chaos that’s hard to pass up.
Maxim Magazine (Aug 29, 2007)
You'll die, die, and die some more, doing doormat duty for the game's more experienced players. But once you get a sense of the five different battlefield maps, and learn how to pilot/drive the various planes, tanks, and turrets, you'll be chomping cigars and loving the smell of napalm in the morning.
GamePro (US) (Aug 29, 2007)
The controls for the plane are everything they should be, and echo most every other aspect of the game: a tightly polished product that is simply intuitive. Though the action became intense and sometimes frustrating, I was always ready to jump right back into the mix. The lack of off-line play is the one thing really hurts the experience. Expansion packs for vehicle and character customization are scheduled for release via download in '08, so hopefully that will keep things fresh. The Blu-ray version of the game does come with behind-the-scenes extras and a Bluetooth headset, but with a cheaper price tag at the Playstation store, why spend the money?
GameDaily (Aug 31, 2007)
After a while, however, we finally found a game and had a blast. Warhawk provides an intense combat experience the likes of which you won't find anywhere else. See you online, and in our sights.
TotalPlayStation (Sep 09, 2007)
Simply put, if Warhawk can iron out a laundry list of frankly game-breaking bugs, it'll be one of the most amazing experiences you can buy for the money (and, yes, it's actually worth that $40). That's a big if, though, and I'm putting it on good faith that the game will turn around based on the fact that the best parts of the game and the core gameplay are so incredibly polished and balanced that I trust Incognito to get things worked out. One thing's for sure, though: if they don't do it soon, they're going to miss out on the window for creating the next "it" game for the PS3.
GamerDad (Oct 08, 2007)
So Warhawk does one thing and does it well. For a full-price title that wouldn't be enough, but as this game is available for a budget price, the total absence of a single-player portion should not stop any PS3 owner from snapping this up.
Gamestyle (Oct 11, 2007)
These are issues that should be addressed with future software updates behind the scenes at Sony, as will the limited range of maps via downloads. The fact that these niggling flaws are so quickly forgotten once in a game is a testament to Warhawk's quality as a videogame, though not, perhaps, as a complete online experience- which was rather the point.
Video Games Daily (Oct 19, 2007)
Warhawk is not a perfect game and I sometimes found myself getting frustrated, particularly early on when it was obvious that I was way off the skill level of the people I was playing with. But the more I played it the more I wanted to play it. There's a thrill that comes with seeing yourself progress in the post-game stats that's only matched by the sense of camaraderie the game fosters under the most ideal circumstances.
Game Positive (Oct 10, 2007)
While Warhawk does have its faults, it should be noted that most online-game launches are rarely smooth, and the irritating bugs will eventually be patched. The primary reason the problems are so maddening is because the gameplay itself is riveting, but is hindered by these glaring flaws. The exhilarating experience is characterized by both variety and balance - a rare combination among exclusively multiplayer games - and by the refreshing injection of teamwork and strategy that make it more than mindless run-and-gun fare. However, the unchecked technical issues - although fixable - do well in debilitating an otherwise enjoyable game. Nevertheless, Warhawk does many things right, with action-packed, diverse and engaging gameplay that will surely help you dismiss its technical shortcomings.
Game Revolution (Aug 31, 2007)
Either way, though, Warhawk overcomes some pretty steep self-imposed obstacles. It obviously won’t satisfy those looking for a long, deep, story or a rich customization palette. But it’s got enough adrenaline in its little heart to put up a remarkable fight. Bravo, little Warhawk, bravo.
Ett arkadigt, speedat och lättsamt Battlefield-surrogat som roar storslaget - med Warhawk är lite för lättsamt och ytligt för att räcka särskilt länge.
Boomtown (Sep 07, 2007)
Overall, for half of the price of a regular game, Warhawk provides a polished multiplayer experience, that we have been waiting a long time for. I have had both the best and worst multiplayer battles in this game because the game is balanced very well, but I can’t help but feel like putting a complete focus on multiplayer, and missing out on any tutorial system (besides the odd tip that pops up mid-game occasionally) will lose the game fans. That said, I definitely consider it the best multi-player experience on the PS3 so far, and since you do not have to pay a subscription for the service, the fact that I have never experienced any lag within the game shows that the network code is top notch. Warhawk has only matched my expectations, but they were set pretty high.
AceGamez (Sep 13, 2007)
The option to download WarHawk is an excellent example of Sony's ingenuity and hopefully it'll pave the way for more games being delivered this way. I'm personally hoping the boys over at Microsoft are taking notes, as it would be a brilliant use of their Marketplace for the Xbox 360. That aside, it's well priced, easily obtainable and a very good game despite its flaws. So much so that I'd recommend it to anyone who's into this sort of game. But hey, even if you don't get along with it, it's a small price to pay to justify the purchase of your £400 Blu-Ray player - sorry - games console (yeah, I know I used that joke already) to your other half/parents/friends.
Hooked Gamers (Oct 11, 2007)
All in all though Warhawk is a well-done game and for PS3 owners it is the best multiplayer option outside of Resistance: Fall of Man at the moment and shows that Sony can do online. If Sony and Incognito continue to support the title with updates and downloadable content, Warhawk could have the legs to become a really great title but at this time it is just a very good one.
Warhawk is a great multiplayer experience, aside from its flaws. I would’ve scored the game higher, but Insomniac hasn’t released anything since September, and although they’re aware of the stat glitch, the join game glitch and the tank glitch, they’ve done nothing about it. The glitches hurt the game, and the player base is getting fed up with Insomniac’s lack of progress.
Extreme Gamer (Sep 14, 2007)
Warhawk is an enjoyable online game that serves up a fast paced battlefield full of dynamic environments, fun vehicles and a handful of weapons. Incognito has polished their fighter jet to a shine, but the missed a few spots. The lack of an instructions, or bot-controlled players makes Warhawk a little tough to get into for gamers starting late into the action. If the rockets don’t get you the Rambo sized knife will skim a little off the top.