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PlayStation 3 version

Title Screen
From the Opening CGI
A fresh start
It's actually a great and interesting time in Japanese history, the rise of Oda Nobunaga.
A LOT of this game is made up of Akira Kurosawa pastiches. Here we meet C-3PO and R2-D2.
Ugh, you wanna get philosophical, old man?
Sneaky radish stealing.
50% of the games scenes are just this - staring at your character.
I love the sound that makes.
Move skills, you learn them as you gain experience with a weapon
The Japanese actually did wear purses around the neck
Meeting the disgraced Samurai group.
Maybe it was more poignant in Japanese.
Using the blunt side of my sword to knock out some guys.
The 100 enemy challenge!
For some reason he's upset I didn't kill him.
A typical result for me.
Starting again, trying the outfit and face of the first games character.
A doting companion.
Umm... thanks.
Well that's romantic.
Sword in one hand, onion in the other.
Kids are kids.
I love her haori jacket.
She's my favorite character.
Just... a crazy costume.
The map.
There is a kitty in each of the games in the series.
The battlfield.
Smart kid! Got life figured out early.
A risk.
What a whiny kid.
Again, just waiting in silence.
Umm... thanks?
A surreal job.
Ninja time!
Let's pound some mochi.
My bodyguard is ready to jump in.
Why yes.
Oh? Care to join me?
Another side game. Try not to get your head chopped.
The graphics are alright, I guess.