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Wheelman is a well-built game, but it’s not without a few hiccups. The out-of-vehicle gunplay – while nicely breaking up the driving segments – is an awkward, merely adequate combination of over-the-shoulder, auto, and free targeting. Furthermore, the side missions (see sidebar) are a great addition, but they are ultimately unnecessary since their rewards aren’t required to complete the story. Wheelman misses an opportunity to be more of a complete experience by not offering more of a symbiotic relationship between the story and the side missions.
72 (Mar 27, 2009)
Das Herzstück jedoch, das Missionsdesign, hat am meisten zu kämpfen und lässt zwischen anspornender Unterhaltung und frustrierendem Einheitsbrei keine Nuance aus. Das geht so weit, dass manche Aufgaben eher mit Glück als mit Geschick zu bewältigen sind – was die Motivation und den Spielspaß deutlich drückt. Im Gegenzug bieten die über 100 optionalen Nebenaufgaben nicht nur spielerische Abwechslung, sondern wurden dank freischaltbarer Verbesserungen sogar gut in die Kampagne eingebunden. Leider gibt es hier wie im gesamten Spiel eine Tendenz zu beobachten: Viele der eingebrachten Ideen sind gut, häufig sinnvoll umgesetzt, werden aber letztlich überstrapaziert und scheitern immer wieder an Inkonsequenzen. So schwankt Wheelman hinsichtlich des Unterhaltungswertes ständig zwischen explosiver Hochglanz-Action à la Michael Bay sowie eintönigen Steven Seagal- oder Van Damme-Filmchen von der Stange, die direkt auf DVD landen. Aber immerhin ist man weit vom Niveau eines Uwe Boll entfernt...
Good Game (Apr 13, 2009)
Well it may be a jack of 2 genres, master of none but still enjoyable, and pretty good looking too, I’m giving it 7 rubber chickens.
IC-Games (Apr 13, 2009)
So overall I'd suggest looking elsewhere if you wanted a driving game that was both fun and slightly realistic, but there is fun to be had in the game specially if you've never played driving games before, I'm sure there are also Vin Diesel fans that will enjoy his dulcet tones as well. The speed of the game is also part of it's limited appeal, since there's no real noticeable slowdown graphically, even in high-speed pursuits and battles. But I'm afraid that the whole package of Wheelman and admittedly without seeing the tie-in film first, has failed, possibly by putting the cart before the horse and not holding the game back as well as the film.
Game Observer (May 19, 2009)
The potential is there, but regardless of what could have been, Wheelman is an average action title, though it pushes enough of the right buttons to make it worth a rental at the very least.
Jeux Vidéo Network (May 30, 2009)
En dépit de réelles qualités au niveau des sensations de conduite et d’idées originales pour agrémenter le pilotage, Wheelman cumule trop de défauts pour prétendre au titre d’incontournable du genre. Réalisation à la truelle, scénario rédigé sous acide et gunfights soporifiques sont autant de tares qui plombent définitivement le jeu de Vin Diesel.
60 (Apr 29, 2009)
Wheelman could have been an awesome action game. But there are too many problems that hold it back. Making a game frustrating does not ever equal fun. Having AI that rubber bands like no tomorrow does not equal fun. Getting t-boned out of nowhere by cars that will always be faster than you does not equal fun. For every moment in Wheelman that I enjoyed there was another moment sometimes more that absolutely infuriated me. At no point should an armored van outrun a Lamborghini. With that said there are things to enjoy in Wheelman, such as driving around destroying everything the game will let you. Wheelman will probably be a decent rental, and maybe a solid pick-up during Best Buy's awesome $10 clearance sales, but it's not worth a full retail purchase. Back to obscurity with you Mr. Diesel.
GameSpot UK (Mar 26, 2009)
Wheelman introduces some neat ideas to the open-world driving genre, and when you're moving at high speed, it's a lot of fun. The slow-motion gunplay and air-jacking work particularly well, and really make you feel as though you're blessed with superhuman driving abilities. Nevertheless, there are also some big problems, particularly the on-foot combat and complete lack of multiplayer. If you're a fan of Vin Diesel or movie-based car chases then you'll get some enjoyment out of Wheelman, but only if you can vehicle melee your way around some significant flaws and omissions.
Giant Bomb (Apr 13, 2009)
Wheelman has some great ideas that are executed well, but a lot of the peripheral stuff is underwhelming.
UOL Jogos (Mar 27, 2009)
"Wheelman" poderia ser um jogo de ação memorável se abraçasse seu conceito original e tentasse aperfeiçoá-lo ao máximo, criando situações mais originais e adversas para pilotagem, estimulando assim o improviso. O que acontece, no entanto, é a repetição de objetivos em lugares que logo se tornam banais e a introdução de missões a pé que atrapalham o ritmo da ação. Somados à falta de modos multiplayer e uma apresentação medíocre, não é bem o game que os fãs de Vin Diesel esperavam, ainda que ofereça momentos bem empolgantes em suas horas iniciais.
Good Game (Apr 13, 2009)
Totally, but it needed more variety for me. There’s only a couple of those moves and you know what my attention span is like Jung. I don’t even – ooh, a piece of cheese... Maybe I’m spoiled, but open-world games have a pretty high standard at the moment. It’s 5.5 from me.
Pelaajalehti (Apr 28, 2009)
Onko Wheelmanissa sitten mitään hyvää? No, checkpointteja on ripoteltu reilulla kädellä, joten mokaaminen tehtävässä ei vie pelaajaa kauhean pitkälle taaksepäin. Joskus ajamisessakin on hyvä fiilis, kun takaa-ajettavat rosmot kurvaavat jollekin jalkakäytävälle tai kapeammalle kadulle, josta löytyy pari hyppyriksi sopivaa portaikkoa. Tällöin Wheelmanissa on lennokas ja mukava meininki. Mutta siihenpä se sitten jääkin