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The A.V. Club (Sep 26, 2011)
White Knight Chronicles II leans on sneering villains and silly lore like a crutch, when it’s obvious that its attentive audience could digest something much more refined. Online, where players team up for dungeon runs and build their own villages, the shaky story becomes almost moot. White Knight Chronicles II starts its life as a solitary role-playing yarn, but with proper attention, the game can evolve into a social beast driven by the mercenary urge of co-operation for the mutual benefit of acquisition and statistical dominance. That’s as good a reason as any to make new friends.
games xtreme (Aug 02, 2011)
What we have on offer, is a long and immersive tale indeed, and should fill the time nicely whilst we wait for Final Fantasy Thirteen chapter two. And unlike FF 13, it does not get bogged down with an extremely long tutorial section. The game play is intuitive and you'll soon get to grips with it. This title may just slip under the radar of most players out there. I hope not as the guild functions on offer are surely worth exploring and I hope my friends on the PSN Network take the plunge and get this title so we can see what it has to offer in that respect. I'd be happy to add to this review if the need arises on that score. I recommend that people at least give this a rental. I feel there are more than a few of you out there will soon be offering to buy this from your online rental company. A good solid effort and although its unlikely to topple Final Fantasy or Mass Effect off their thrones, it will provide many an hour's diversion and engage you in a two part fantasy epic.
GamingEvolution (Oct 15, 2011)
Level-5’s work on White Knight Chronicles II takes two steps forward and one step back. While they did improve upon some gameplay mechanics that fans of the first installment voiced their concerns about, there were other issues left intact for the sequel. Despite that, White Knight Chronicles II provides a rich and rewarding experience thanks in part to its inclusion of the original White Knights Chronicles. Whether this is your first time experience White Knight Chronicles, our you are returning to the series for your second outing, expect 30+ hours of gameplay - more when you add in online play and side quests – and an engrossing story. If you haven’t picked up White Knight Chronicles II yet, I recommend giving it a playthrough. Who knows, you love of the series could span yet another title in the near future.
75 (Oct 11, 2011)
Although I found a lot to hate about the game I can’t deny that I want to play it again…..and again……in other words, I got hooked. In the end, a potential classic is hurt by too many issues and ends up feeling like a very average game. If there is a third entry Level 5 should consider doing away entirely with the single-player component or at least make it more compelling, with a better story, pacing and more variety. In the end, White Knight Chronicles II is hard to recommend. If you liked the first game, then the sequel’s improvements might be enough to make it a must have. If you like JRPG’s like me, then you will find some enjoyment. But here is the catch: if you want to play offline only, SKIP THIS GAME. The online is the best part about the game and the single-player feels like an afterthought, like something you need to do in order to make online more fun. Thumbs in the middle, but leaning down.
75 (Jun 21, 2011)
90 Prozent der Gegner und Schauplätze kennt man bereits aus Teil 1. Selbst die nur mäßig interessante Fortsetzung der Story schleift einen fast nur durch altbekannte Orte und Gegenden. Zudem leiden viele Elemente wie Technik, KI oder Kombosystem noch immer unter denselben Macken wie letztes Jahr. Nicht falsch verstehen, dank kostenlosem Online-Modus, facettenreicher Charakterentwicklung, motivierender Beutehatz und dynamischem Städtebau ist auch Teil 2 der Weißrittersaga ein Dorado für ambitionierte Jäger und Sammler, das noch immer gut und nun noch länger bei Laune hält. Mehr als ein wenig aufwändig produziertes, wenn auch willkommenes Update ist er aber nicht.
Lens of Truth (Feb 16, 2012)
As a complete package I give this game a seven, seeing as how this is the true form of White Knight Chronicles in its most complete state. The online is well done and there is more content than ever for single player gamers. This score only applies to those who have not played the first game however. Those that did would essentially be paying full price for half a game, which isn’t cool. Sure they let you transfer your save data, but it should have been one game from the start and you will feel little motivation to go back and replay the first game with all of the new additions that should have been there from the start. In either case scenario however, with many other big named RPGs recently released and Mass Effect 3 being right around the corner, there are probably better games to spend your money on.
GameSpot UK (Jul 07, 2011)
The main requirements for enjoying White Knight Chronicles II are time and dedication. It's a game that requires a massive investment. It has very little to offer if you're after a quick jaunt through a gripping story, but as a social multiplayer RPG, it's good and improves the more you play. It's a shame that the single-player feels like something to get out the way and be done with, and too often, it threatens to try your patience. But beneath the somewhat charmless exterior, there's a lot to enjoy. With both games on the disc and a multiplayer component that that can conceivably offer hundreds of hours of adventuring, this is a decent package for those new to the series. While owners of the original may feel shortchanged at the lack of new areas, the combat improvements and increased difficulty make up for it. White Knight Chronicles II is a game with a lot of value, but it's one that demands a large amount of effort before it shows its riches.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Jun 24, 2011)
Level 5 is er niet in geslaagd de minpunten van het origineel weg te werken. White Knight Chronicles 2 mag zichzelf bijschrijven in het groeiende lijstje tegenvallende PS3 J-RPG's. Wie kan het tij keren?
60 (Jun 21, 2011)
On pardonnera difficilement à Level-5 sa démarche consistant à proposer un jeu en plusieurs parties, et deux fois au prix fort, alors que l'ensemble tenait aisément sur un unique Blu-ray. Techniquement dépassé et nettement perfectible sur le plan du gameplay, White Knight Chronicles II ne parlera qu'à ceux qui avaient réussi à prolonger l'expérience de jeu en profitant des parties en ligne. Et encore, la note tient compte du fait que le disque comprend l'intégralité du premier volet.
Game Watcher (Jun 21, 2011)
Die-hard players will enjoy the new multiplayer content but will probably feel ripped off that it comes on a full-priced retail disc rather than a downloadable content pack for the first game. New players will either be completely lost or have to slog their way through the entirety of the first game to receive the optimal experience. As such, it’s hard to make a strong case of recommendation to anyone.
60 (Jun 09, 2011)
White Knight Chronicles 2 står och faller med om du är intresserad av att spela i samarbetsläget – gör du det finns det gott om saker att göra och en nästan oändlig speltid. Likaså om du lider av samlarmani eller tycker om att pyssla med utrustning. Tyvärr känns det lite tråkigt att det i huvudsak är miljöerna från det första spelet jag återbesöker, men då spelet utspelas i samma land och städer är det väl ofrånkomligt. Har du inte tidigare spelat White Knight Chronicles och är på humör för 60-talet timmar ganska förutsägbar handling, mycket stridande och pysslande med föremål - då är det här ett ypperligt alternativ.
gamrReview (Oct 28, 2011)
Chances are you’ve already decided whether you think White Knight Chronicles II is worth your money based on your ability (or lack thereof) to enjoy the first game. If you haven’t, let me spell it out for you: White Knight Chronicles II will not improve on your experience in the first game in any significant manner. In fact, it feels more like an expansion than a sequel. Slow pacing and frustratingly repetitive content can drive you crazy before you get to the more enjoyable parts of the co-op. If you’re really desperate for JRPGs on the PS3 (and there are admittedly few choices for us Western gamers) you may want to give the game a look, but be prepared for a long grind for few rewards at the end.
GameTrailers (Sep 29, 2011)
It's hard to overlook White Knight Chronicles' flaws the second time around. The subtle improvements don't have a huge impact on the bottom line, and the game lacks the refinements expected of a sequel. If you're looking for an RPG that delivers both a lengthy single-player mode and comprehensive online component, there are far better choices available.
Gaming Nexus (Oct 24, 2011)
White Knight Chronicles 2 doesn't really have the best of Level-5 behind it which is kind of disappointing, marred by weird design choices and AI that doesn't always act in the best interest of the player drags down what is already an average game that is only hurt by a shallow combat system. This game is a pretty good value considering that you get two games for the price of one, and with the RPG landscape being kind of dry right now this game might fill a void, but really I would only recommend this game in passing if you've really got nothing else to play. If it weren't released right before the fall glut of games, maybe I'd be more enthusiastic about it, but as it stands, White Knight Chronicles 2 is just a middle of the road title.
TheSixthAxis (Jul 08, 2011)
Considering the mixed reception the first White Knight Chronicles received, we were expecting Level-5 to take this opportunity to refine all of the core elements of the game, making the sequel a much more well-rounded and accessible package. However, the end product is close to being the complete opposite; hair-tugging difficulty spikes and a harsh entry barrier for newcomers are enough to drag White Knight Chronicles II from being a good game into the pool of mediocrity.
50 (UK) (Jun 03, 2011)
White Knight Chronicles II flounders. It's a hybrid that fails to find its own identity in terms of its structure, and its convoluted battle system is poorly explained and, once mastered, reveals itself to be broad but ultimately shallow. Those improvements from the first game are overwhelmed by a more general sense of ennui; what were once interesting innovations lack the polish and endurance to inspire over the course of a sequel.
Game Over Online (Oct 03, 2011)
The sequel improves little, tries next to nothing new, and the formulaic gameplay is more frustrating than fun because of how hard the game is. As a result, I can only recommend this for people who absolutely loved the first game, and I mean REALLY loved it. If you played that for dozens of hours gleefully, this is definitely the game for you. If you’re curious about trying out a hybrid JRPG/MMORPG, then try the first one out even though it’s included here since it’ll cost you a lot less and has a far easier learning curve for newcomers.
RPGamer (2011)
Perhaps White Knight Chronicles II can be best considered a very large expansion of the first game. Those looking for an MMO-esque experience on consoles, as well as those looking for more of the same in the online component, may well find the gameplay and battle system to their liking. On the other hand, the main single-player portion refuses to build at all on an already mediocre first game and completely fails in its task to provide a satisfactory conclusion to the story set up in White Knight Chronicles. In the end the very few new additions fail to come close to making up for the overriding sense of disappointment prevalent throughout the game.
Edge (Jul 14, 2011)
It’s half singleplayer and half multiplayer, and both of them are half good: a compromise that leaves much of this game feeling soulless. To give WKC2 its due, it certainly improves on the original. But in trying to fix a poor template rather than start anew, it was probably doomed from the beginning.
Game Informer Magazine (Oct 07, 2011)
White Knight Chronicles II is destined to be one of those examples forum trolls point to when they're explaining everything that's wrong with Japanese RPGs, but the biggest problems with this game aren't due to genre conventions. There are plenty of scenarios here that should be interesting – from journeying into the past to fight a poison-spewing dragon to invading a volcanic island inhabited by an aggressive opposing army. Where the game falls depressingly short is in Level-5 ignoring the many valid criticisms of the first game and churning out a cookie-cutter sequel that is even more of a rehash than the average yearly sports title or shooter franchise.
20 (Jul 01, 2011)
Si on devait synthétiser la déchéance du JRPG ces dernières années, White Knight Chronicles II serait un bon exemple. Avec son système de combat qui se cherche et qui ne trouve que la lassitude du joueur, son histoire et ses persos tellement insipides que l'on se demande si l'on est bien en 2011 et finalement, son recyclage sans vergogne du premier épisode. On ne peut imaginer que seul le multi qui surnage un peu, soit un argument suffisant pour se lancer dans cette pénible aventure... On espère que Ninokuni, le troisième projet de Level-5 sur PS3, nous fera oublier ce second ratage en règle sur la console HD de Sony.