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Game Chronicles (Feb 06, 2010)
I definitely had high hopes going into reviewing this title and I must say that I wasn’t’ disappointed. Sure there are the usual hiccups such as localization but for the most part White Knight Chronicles is a solid title with some room to grow as far as the online portion of it is concerned. The graphics and voice acting are both very commendable and the story is solid nostalgic material. I highly recommend picking up White Knight Chronicles for the PS3 as soon as you can, especially if you’re an RPG fan.
80 (Feb 19, 2010)
Spielerisch und inhaltlich ist White Knight Chronicles im Vergleich zur japanischen Erstauflage spürbar gereift: Das Quest-Angebot ist deutlich größer, man kann online von Anfang an Voice-Chat nutzen und der persönliche Städtebau via Georama stellt eine enorme Zusatzmotivation dar. Das technische Grundgerüst ist hingegen weniger zeitgemäß: Viele Effekte wirken veraltet, den Texturen mangelt es oft an Details, die Bildrate könnte stabiler sein und es nervt, wenn Gegner manchmal erst direkt vor der Nase ins Bild ploppen. Auch sonst gibt es einige Dinge, die störend oder unglücklich wirken - von der uneleganten Kartenfunktion über die alles andere als lippensynchrone englische Sprachausgabe bis hin zum stummen Statistendasein der selbst erstellten Spielfigur. Im Gegenzug bietet White Knight Chronicles aber einen extrem motivierenden Abenteuerspielplatz mit zahlreichen Sammel- und Erkundungsreizen, spannender Story und kurzweiligem Koop-Modus à la Monster Hunter.
White Knight Chronicles International Edition has an excellent look and feel for the most part. Although it does have some quirks and annoying problems it manages to throw in enough unique elements into the JRPG genre to make this title somewhat unique. I think most fans of the genre, me included, will be able to forgive the flaws and enjoy this title for its innovative and thoughtful approach to cooperative multiplayer RPG action. That being said, casual gamers may end up frustrated or bored by the lack of challenge the game offers. In the end I quite liked this game and I think most who give it the time will like it too.
TheSixthAxis (Mar 10, 2010)
White Knight Chronicles is a very good game. What you get out of it really depends on what you’re going to put in. It’ll be over in a few days if you just plow through the story, but if you get into the meat of the game and start developing your town and binding new items together to take on those tricky online group quests and grind up your guild rank, this is going to suck up a lot of your time. I really want to give White Knight Chronicles a higher score, but all the niggles and uncertainty of future expansions just hold it back a little. To a non-RPGer this game can easily pass you by and you won’t feel any great sense of loss, but if your interest is piqued by RPGs at all, the advice is simple: buy this game and play it to death.
Impulse Gamer (Mar, 2010)
At the end of the day, White Knight Chronicles may not be the latest and greatest Final Fantasy game, however in terms of playability, it actually works in a strange sort of dated way. The story is engaging, the combat system quite sturdy, especially with the introduction of combo attacks and best of all, this game will give you a considerable amount of hours of gameplay. It’s just a shame that its dated feel will hamper the sales and for me, in this world of eye candy and next-generation console gaming, White Knight Chronicles does lack a little in this arena. Definitely one game for the hardcore RPG gamers but a little has been lost in translation.
GamingEvolution (Feb 19, 2010)
While White Knight Chronicles a good, solid RPG/online play experience. I can’t wait to see the direction Level 5 takes this exciting new IP, and I hope to see a more polished engine and comprehensive online experience. Fans of Japanese RPGs should definitely pick this game up, but if you are looking for an action packed online multiplayer experience, approach this title with caution. The online questing system is a lot of fun, but not as action packed as some game play videos may make it seem. Finally, the game is ultimately an easy one. If that bothers you, you can always avoid combat whenever possible and then see how challenging bosses become. Personally, I explored every dungeon thoroughly and rarely ran from a fair fight- I was able to get through the game with almost no challenge whatsoever.
The problem lies in the fact that instead of just being one good rpg game, White Knight Chronicles tries to be a 2 in 1 game instead. You’re not going to get the best of anything if you take half of a regular normal rpg game and half of an online rpg game and make it into one game. All you are doing is getting gimped features from both types of games. And it clearly shows here. Now add the fact that both the online and offline features of the game have nothing to do with the other. You can just take out the online rpg features and it will have no effect on the actual game itself. And without the online gameplay, you can tell just how short the regular rpg game is. You are looking at the actual game being about 20 hours or so only. That’s way too short for a game that has the presentation of an epic rpg game.
Lens of Truth (Mar 14, 2011)
By no means is White Knight Chronicles a perfect game, but it is enjoyable. The online is great and will require teamwork in order to get the most out of it. The second half of the main plot is definitely worth looking into as I truly feel this game is like a prologue to something greater later down the road. With the sequel already released in Japan, the International version should be right around the corner.
Armchair Empire, The (Apr 22, 2010)
It's good to see Level 5 doing big RPGs again, and White Knight Chronicles is a solid first effort in what could be a new series.
Digital Chumps (Feb 08, 2010)
For me, I had fun with White Knight Chronicles, but the connection wasn't as strong. I need a better story and I need more balanced gameplay. I'm not sure if an update could bring the fight up in the enemies or not, but if I was Level-5 I would surely give it a shot. The lack of challenge makes the game less fun, but it's still fun. The addition of GeoNet, which is 2-4 players online, helps add a new dimension, but I would prefer the game focus on offline play. Online is neat and interesting, but for an old-time gamer looking for an epic experience it just doesn't provide a substitute.
Game Informer Magazine (Feb 02, 2010)
White Knight Chronicles is a game caught between genres. It frames many classic Japanese RPG tropes – the unexpectedly powerful boy hero, the kidnapped princess, the shadowy and insidious magical organization – in an equally familiar single-player gameplay structure. At the same time, the game offers a deep multiplayer component, delivering MMO-style combat and quests for players to tackle with up to three friends. The gameplay that emerges isn’t very compelling, but there is a large world, a deep skill system, and a whole lot of combat for anyone with the patience to make it through.
70 (UK) (Feb 24, 2010)
With a sequel already announced for Japan, Sony and Level 5 seem keen to replicate the success of other long-running JRPG series, and with this expanded International Edition, it's clear they're hoping White Knight Chronicles' popularity will travel. But while this is a competent debut, its strong ideas are held back by some poor execution and an unwillingness to let go of genre trappings. If Level 5 can truly scrub out the lines that separate their ideas into a meaningful, coherent whole, then their vision of the JRPG - or whatever they may call it - could stand tall.
RPG Site (Mar 29, 2010)
White Knight Chronicles isn’t quite the sum of its parts – it has a solid combat system, pretty world design and an intriguing take on online for a Japanese RPG, but all these parts don’t quite meld together right and other elements such as the character design and integration of the player character leave much to be desired. It’s a solid game and presents interesting new ideas, and for that alone it deserves an above-average score, but players should go into White Knight Chronicles well-aware that while they may be taking an early glimpse at one potential online-infused future for the JRPG genre, this future has a heck of a long way to go before it’s ready to create a classic.
Level 7 (Feb 24, 2010)
White Knight Chronicles är ett klassiskt japanskt rollspel utan några större överraskningar. Vi har sett och hört historien förut och hade det inte varit för onlinefunktionaliteten hade spelet fallit platt. Men i det stora hela är det ett mycket innehållsrikt paket som erbjuds med ett mycket intressant stridssystem. Gillar du att äventyra med dina vänner online kan det mycket väl vara värt att titta närmare på.
Thunderbolt Games (Feb 18, 2010)
If you ever got sucked into Phantasy Star, Monster Hunter or any other Japanese-style, mission-based online RPGs, I highly recommend giving White Knight Chronicles a try. The number of issues with the game is concerning, especially considering the pedigree of the development team (Level-5 of Dark Cloud and Rogue Galaxy fame) but once you get used to the awkward menu system and wait-heavy combat mechanics, there’s a whole lot of fun to be had. A sequel has already been announced in Japan, and if Level-5 can learn from their mistakes while simultaneously building on the current game’s strengths, WKC 2 could end up being a must-have JRPG experience. As for now, consider White Knight Chronicles to be this year’s probably-should-try-but-may-be-disappointed JRPG experience. If you do decide to give it a go, come to my hometown and check out my sweet wolf-head katana. It’s totally super awesome. And stuff.
Gaming Target (Mar 04, 2010)
White Knight Chronicles is a decent attempt at making a hybrid RPG, creating something for offline and online players. However, the emphasis on both has made the game somewhat half-baked. The short campaign is both simplistic and forgettable, and while the GeoNet stuff is good, its shelf life is questionable unless you get a good group of friends to adventure with. There's a lot of potential here though, and with any luck White Knight Chronicles 2 will take what's presented here and greatly improve on it, similar to how Level 5 improved Dark Cloud 2 over its predecessor. With Final Fantasy XIII so close, and Resonance of Fate just a week later, it's tough to recommend this game unless you're desperate for an RPG fix between now and then. Level 5 has made some really good RPGs over the years – many of them for Sony consoles – but White Knight Chronicles doesn't quite live up to their back catalog.
65 (Feb 22, 2010)
On attendait clairement plus du premier jeu de rôle de Level-5 développé sur PS3. Non content de nous livrer seulement la première partie d'une histoire qui devrait se conclure dans les prochains volets, le soft accuse un cruel manque de rythme dans son gameplay. En voulant toucher à la fois les amateurs de RPG nippons et les joueurs attirés par les parties online, White Knight Chronicles multiplie les compromis et finit par ne convaincre totalement aucun des deux publics. Le soft n'en reste pas moins louable quant à la liberté qu'il nous offre en matière d'exploration et de spécialisation.
games xtreme (Mar 05, 2010)
I could go into more detail about the games multiplayer mode a pseudo MMO style mode and other elements such as the georama, a town building distraction, but I think at this point in the review you will have already made your mind up as to whether the game is for you. Gamers looking for a dose of JRPG and can look past cliche, sub standard gameplay mechanics and a generally poor gaming experience may enjoy the game, but there is far better even in the clearance section of most game shops.
GameSpy (Feb 08, 2010)
Still, even a mediocre Level-5 game shows a ton of potential, and the one time the company got the opportunity to create an RPG sequel, it succeeded brilliantly with the spectacular Dark Cloud 2. And that's why I'm not ready to write off White Knight Chronicles as a franchise just yet, particularly with a sequel already confirmed. The story here ends abruptly, a clear indication the developers didn't quite finish what they started. Let's hope Sony gives them the time and resources to get things right the second time around.
Norrköpings Tidningar (Mar 12, 2010)
White Knight Chronicles är knappast något mästerverk, men för dem som gillar genren är det absolut värt en närmare titt. Och ett perfekt tidsfördriv i väntan på Final Fantasy XIII.
Destructoid (Feb 18, 2010)
Yes, White Knight Chronicles has some issues, including an unfinished story and some lack of polish. But there's a decent game here, too. Both the challenge and the story pick up as the game progresses. The hybrid JRPG/MMO battle system shows promise and the character customization options are surprisingly deep. The online modes also add quite a bit of value. Short? Yeah. Rough around the edges? Sure. But it's not a bad game. Given the short main game length, a lower price point seems like it would have been more appropriate. If you're on the fence, I'd recommend a rental first. This may not be what you're expecting.
Meristation (Feb 25, 2010)
En ausencia de estos hechos que comentamos sólo queda la posibilidad de quedarnos con lo mejor del título, ya que tiene elementos destacados que no se limitan a repetir la fórmula que conocemos desde hace más de dos décadas. Notable a nivel técnico, nadie debería quejarse de la puesta en escena o de la BSO. Las horas que tardamos en completar la historia principal –para no resolver las dudas que genera el propio guión- se complementan con la ingente cantidad de misiones secundarias que tenemos a nuestra disposición, tanto en solitario como en multijugador. Que la vertiente MMO ha fallado es un hecho, pero tampoco por ello se debe crucificar la jugabilidad. Todo -o casi- en White Knight Chronicles podría haber sido mejor. Es eso lo que más irrita al jugador, que todo se limita a un ‘podría’ y no a un ‘es’, como suele suceder habitualmente con las obras de esta compañía. Pese a ello, vale la pena darle una oportunidad.
GameSpot (Feb 02, 2010)
On the surface, White Knight Chronicles does a lot of things right. The world and creatures look really good, you can battle a variety of colossal creatures during the single-player campaign or online with some friends, and turn into a giant knight whenever you desire. But there are just too many problems weighing the overall experience down. Shallow combat and a predictable story make going through the main quest a slog, and the online portion is crippled by the same problems as well as dull objectives that lack variety. The beauty of White Knight Chronicles cannot hide the flaws of this forgettable and often tedious adventure.
Extreme Gamer (Feb 12, 2010)
Ultimately, White Knight Chronicles is a major disappointment for any fans that have played any of Level 5’s previous games, or for anyone looking for a top tier role-playing experience. White Knight Chronicles can simply not deliver, and no matter how much you want to love the game, it is a constant struggle between frustration, recycled ideas, and poor execution. There are better RPGs on the market, and hey, Final Fantasy XIII is right around the corner. As much, as pains me to say, White Knight Chronicles is a bust.
White Knight Chronicles is, at its basest level, another "save the princess, defeat evil" RPG. Some of the best games of all time have followed this tried and true setup, so that isn't necessarily a negative point. What does hurt is that the game has a rich, visually interesting setup that is quickly abandoned in favor of MMO-style quest after MMO-style quest with no feeling of story advancement until much, much later in the game.
IGN (Feb 03, 2010)
I was extremely excited for White Knight Chronicles. The game comes from the folks at Level-5 and it combines traditional JRPG mechanics with MMO functionality. That all sounds like a roaring good time. But White Knight Chronicles is a disappointment. Besides the unimpressive visuals and poorly-told story, the game suffers from a flawed battle system and inconsistent gameplay rules. With all my criticisms on the table, it might be easy to dismiss White Knight Chronicles as an awful game. It's not. But it certainly isn't as good as the developer's previous efforts, and the few intriguing plot twists and smart ideas that went into this title just can't save it.
Gamer Limit (Feb 11, 2010)
White Knight Chronicles is a game in which nearly every aspect is deeply flawed. It takes cues from fantastic games, assembling them in a way that ensures the experience excels at nothing. It forgets the one thing that I love so much about JRPGs: charm. With a slow, uninteresting battle system, an inane plot, and a poorly designed online experience, there’s little to love about White Knight Chronicles, and plenty of places to find frustration. As is the case with bacon-topped ice cream, just because you combine great things doesn’t mean that the end result will be worthwhile.
50 (Mar 16, 2010)
At first glance, White Knight Chronicles appears to cut a fine figure as a worthwhile alternative to Square Enix's hulking 500lb gorilla. It isn't. Pretty visuals and in-depth character evolution fail to gloss over the disappointment caused by a hackneyed story, an annoyingly flawed real-time battle system, and a shocking lack of difficulty. If you like progression without challenge, White Knight Chronicles is just what you've been waiting for. For everyone else, there's Final Fantasy XIII.
The A.V. Club (Feb 08, 2010)
Unleashing a custom-built five-attack combo and transforming into an enormous war-mech-style knight in order to go toe-to-toe with equally huge monsters is a blast. But in the name of game balance, those moments are rare in White Knight Chronicles, and the result is a slog between exciting fights.
1UP (Apr 02, 2010)
When I'm in the market for an RPG, it's for a select few reasons: I'm looking for an epic story, rad loot, combat that stimulates the tactical chunks of my brain, and beautiful environments. White Knight Chronicles does none of these things well. To top it all off, the game inexplicably ends after less than 30 hours with most of the major plot points left wholly unresolved. Developer Level 5 has already announced a sequel, but I wonder who they think is lining up to play the follow-up to a mediocre, overly-short RPG?
Joystiq (Feb 04, 2010)
My feelings toward White Knight Chronicles followed a curious arc. First, I was let down by the long treks across fairly uninteresting terrain and the boilerplate story. Then, as I started to learn the character customization system, and how to fight, the combination of possible character upgrades and somewhat Final Fantasy XII–like combat held enough promise to draw me in. Then I realized it wasn't really building to much of anything and I was let down again. White Knight Chronicles is, in the end, a surprisingly mediocre game from one of the world's greatest RPG developers.
Gaming since 198x (Mar 27, 2011)
En conclusion, si vous souhaitez vraiment vous torturer pendant des heures avec un gameplay monotone et une histoire inintéressante, jouez à Final Fantasy XII parce qu'il a au moins le mérite de ne plus couter que des clopinettes de nos jours.