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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 4.1
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 4.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.0
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.1
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.3
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.1
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.7
Overall User Score (7 votes) 3.9

Critic Reviews

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With so much history behind the Wolfenstein series, it can be quite difficult to live up to the legacy of the games that came before you. The latest entry in the series does a fantastic job of this, from its gorgeous graphics to its solid story line; everything is well thought out and well executed. With the potential for additional multiplayer maps thrown in, this is a great value overall.
GameZone (Aug 19, 2009)
Wolfenstein shoots for something different and manages to hit the target well enough to do the series and the genre justice. While some missions are by the number, you will find yourself enjoying the action and supernatural twist that will keep you playing to the very end and well into the night thanks to the online multiplayer. This is definitely a Must Have for any FPS fan.
Gamer Limit (Aug 29, 2009)
Even though its held back by a lack of unrealised theatrics, Wolfenstein’s still one of the only games that lets you dish death to the Nazis in bold and imaginative ways.
UOL Jogos (Aug 21, 2009)
"Wolfenstein" continua com a tradição da franquia e apresenta uma aventura muito bem realizada, que envolve o jogador em sua campanha principal, mesmo com a história batida. Pena que os desenvolvedores não tenham dado a devida importância ao componente online, o que deixaria o título mais completo e fresco por mais tempo. Assim, é um jogo com prazo de validade, que apesar de competente, não deixa marcas profundas.
GamePro (US) (Aug 19, 2009)
I did get to play some Objective maps which were far more interesting; this is the standard "one team defends, one team attacks" sort of deal, with staged objectives. The attacking team has to first build a thing that gives access to another thing that lets them take control of yet another thing and the defending team has to stop them. Again, it's nothing new but the weapons and powers are interesting enough that, if you put in the work, the reward is there. But it probably won't make you forget about Modern Warfare or Halo 3 or Killzone 2 or whatever online FPS you're currently hooked on.
Giant Bomb (Aug 18, 2009)
It doesn't always look fantastic, which occasionally reminds you that this is a heavily modified version of the same technology that powered Doom 3. But the gameplay both online and off is solid enough to make Wolfenstein worth checking out if you're a shooter fan on the hunt for something new. It's familiar enough in spots, but the way the Veil powers function gives everything just enough of a tweak to feel exciting.
GameSpy (Aug 18, 2009)
If you're into WWII shooters -- and judging by the sales of every single Call of Duty title ever, you are -- but you're looking for something with a little twist to it -- which, judging by the sales of twisty straws, you are -- and you don't mind the color green -- and judging by the number of Irish people in the world, you don't -- you should get yourself a copy of Wolfenstein. If, however, you're a straight-straw-drinkin', WWII-hatin', Englishman of some stripe or other, then go ahead and stick to other, less-awesome shooters.
GamesRadar (Aug 18, 2009)
Spot-on Wolfenstein atmosphere combines with gleefully vicious weaponry to serve up a tasty smoothie of good old-fashioned Nazi-frying. It lacks in the new idea department, but it has fun aplenty.
Wolfenstein is a quality title most will enjoy. The solid shooter controls, interesting story, unique Veil mechanics, loads of hidden objects, and fine multiplayer give it legs. It isn't groundbreaking by any means, but it definitely aims to please.
Game Chronicles (Aug 25, 2009)
Wolfenstein has perfectly positioned itself with a strategic release date where the game has no real competition. But when games like the new HALO and Modern Warfare show up I can see Wolfenstein slipping into obscurity, so act fast and get your copy today. Wolfenstein is an awesome blend of old-school memories and next-gen ideas assembled into a rewarding game experience you can’t afford to miss. Just don’t plan on heading online anytime soon.
Extreme Gamer (Jul 26, 2009)
Wolfenstein returns to rekindle a little of its Nazi killing magic in it's first next-generation offering. Not only does Wolfenstein recreate a little dab of this magic, its embraces the world of magic and the supernatural to give this old standard a fresh perspective. The new dimension of Nazi slaughtering weapons and powers turns Wolfenstein from your average run-of-the-mill shooter into something a little more. Like a few other classic franchises like Quake, and Doom, Wolfenstein struggles a little, but ultimately holds its own in a genre that has surpassed linear storytelling and simplistic shoot em’ up action. Wolfenstein might not be as wild as its 3D debut, but it can still give put a childlike grins on your face as you blow through the single player campaign and hit up a few multiplayer matches. This one is for the straight up shooter fans, nothing more, nothing less.
Gamer 2.0 (Aug 25, 2009)
Wolfenstein might not hold up to Call of Duty in terms of sales, but Activision’s other WWII shooter still has plenty of interesting ideas to please any fan. With powerful weapons at your disposal, supernatural powers with the help of The Veil, and plenty of eerie Nazi soldiers to kill, the fun never stops. The multiplayer feels like a letdown mostly in part to the lack of more modes and options, but there is still plenty to enjoy with what is available. Wolfenstein could have used a bit more polish in some of the rougher areas, but what is left is still incredibly entertaining.
78 (Aug 21, 2009)
In conclusion this new Wolfenstein isn't going to win a single award for originality, Nazis, even super-powered ones, are hardly underused gaming bad guys after all. Instead its back to basics approach will provide a welcome shot in the arm for anyone yearning for a good old fashioned shooter. High def graphics aside this could almost be five or even ten years old in terms of game design but it matters not a jot because its also genuinely fun to play. I sort of wish I could score it higher than I have, it's been one of the more enjoyable games I've played lately, but push the score up much further and I'd be saying it's better than certain other, more inventive titles out there and that wouldn't really be fair. Rest assured though, if you're after an FPS that's more interested in putting a smile on your face than making you think then there's not much better on the shelves at the moment.
Power Unlimited (Sep 07, 2009)
Ik heb me kostelijk vermaakt, ik heb me geërgerd en ik heb me kapot gelachen om die stomme AI. Boven alles heb ik me verbaasd, dat id Software en Raven niet een meer glansrijke comeback voor dit fenomeen hebben geregeld.
Jeux Vidéo Network (Aug 28, 2009)
Sans être le FPS du siècle, Wolfenstein surprend agréablement. Son ambiance imprégnée de second degré et ses combats sans finesse mais défoulants en font un titre agréable à parcourir. Pas révolutionnaire certes, mais attachant.
GameSpot (Aug 21, 2009)
Wolfenstein proves that even as first-person shooters progress, there is still plenty of room for traditional shooting unhindered by modern frills. Big bosses, crazy weapons, and exciting scripted firefights are the focal point of this nutty tale. It's also an ample one if you take on all the side missions and scour environments for intelligence, hidden tomes, and secret money stashes. Yet while it's pleasingly old-fashioned, the unimpressive AI, aging technology, and general lack of refinement make this sequel feel like a missed opportunity. But there are enough great battles here to keep you entertained, so while Wolfenstein may be the video game equivalent of a B movie, it's the kind of mindless merriment that shooter fans can get behind.
1UP (Aug 20, 2009)
Wolfenstein's plot is little more than an excuse for you to revisit the titular Wolfenstein castle and cause unnecessary mass destruction, but even without the added magical powers, Wolfenstein is built on a solid foundation and packed with hectic action. The game's "summer movie" aesthetic and well-rounded multiplayer make it an enjoyable alternative to the otherwise straightforward Nazi-killing genre. Shooting occult-powered bullets through a dimensional barrier? That's just for fun.
Yet another surprise hit for 2009, this could be the game that tides you over until the summer blockbusters arrive. Wolfenstein may not be a Killzone 2 killer, but it's an action-packed romp full of powerful weaponry, bad accents, and Nazi-zombie killing glee.
Vandal Online (Sep 01, 2009)
Sin duda nos encontramos ante un buen título, que cumple en todos los apartados y además resulta muy divertido, pero que cuenta en su contra con tener demasiados rivales de altura, algo que para ser justos no es culpa suya. Un juego recomendable para los más fanáticos del género que seguro se divertirán de lo lindo pese a sus carencias, que son no destacar notablemente en nada y resultar demasiado genérico y repetitivo, algo que llevando el nombre de una saga tan mítica es menos perdonable, pero que una vez al mando y cuando peguemos cuatro tiros nos olvidaremos y disfrutaremos, un buen aperitivo para ir calentando para la prometedora campaña de juegos que en otoño e invierno nos espera.
GamersGlobal (Aug 27, 2008)
Wolfenstein bietet veraltete Technik und auch spielerisch nichts sonderlich Neues, macht aber auf eigentümliche Weise dennoch einen Heidenspaß! Die KI und auch der künstlich in die Länge gezogene Spielverlauf sind große Kritikpunkte. Doch wer auf einen unkomplizierten Shooter mit skurrilen Waffen und Gegnern steht, der wird mit Wolfenstein auf jeden Fall keinen Fehlkauf machen.
Speaking of strategy, Wolfenstein is in dire need of a new one. Grinding through waves of predictable enemies in corridors is no way to pay homage to the franchise’s unquestioned legacy in the genre.
TotalPlayStation (Nov 03, 2009)
Wolfenstein does bring a lot of enjoyable material to the table, but it never follows through with the classic series experience all that often. Although there are frequent throwbacks to the original game, these occur too seldom to feel like a true Wolfenstein 3D successor. I feel it necessary to mention that I did have the game glitch on me at a save point, utterly ruining all of my save data for the game. This shouldn't stop you from playing, as I am the only person, as far as I can tell, that has experienced such an error. So despite the watered down story and distressingly flawed multiplayer experience, Wolfenstein remains a good game with much to offer any shooter fan.
70 (Sep 18, 2009)
First person shooter, check, killing Nazis, check, futuristic setting for WOII, check. Indeed, seventeen years after Wolfenstein 3D got released for the first time spy B.J. Blazkowicz is back on the road to kill Nazis. With an arsenal of weapons and some mysterious powers it's up to you to bring down the Third Reich.
70 (Aug 21, 2009)
Bij Wolfenstein hink je constant op twee gedachten. Soms biedt het spel zoveel nazi’s en vuurkracht dat je even vergeet dat de Tweede Wereldoorlog allang voorbij is, op andere momenten zou je B.J. Blazkowicz het liefst zelf een kogel door zijn kop jagen nadat je voor de zoveelste door dezelfde straat in Isenstadt moet lopen. Toch kunnen we niet ontkennen dat we het grootste gedeelte van Wolfenstein met plezier hebben gespeeld. Een degelijke aanvulling op een klassieke serie.
NZGamer (Aug 25, 2009)
So is it worth your time? Sure, if you’ve got a hankering for some low-grade, balls-to-the-wall, derivative fire fights. But is it worth paying full price for? Not in my books – give this one a rent instead. Clock it over the weekend and follow it up with a salad to balance things out. If you’re still hankering for more, by all means purchase it – but best to try before you buy.
IGN (Aug 19, 2009)
With almost a decade between installments, it's impossible to argue that id is trying to milk the Wolfenstein license. Yet this also means that a lot of evolution has gone on in the genre. It's admirable that Raven Software recognized this with Wolfenstein, but you can't help but wish that they developed the kernel of the ideas in this game into something more. As it is, this new Wolfenstein comes off as an engaging, though otherwise forgettable, shooter.
GameTrailers (Aug 19, 2009)
There are many first-person shooters on the market that offer a package similar to Wolfenstein's. Some are better, thanks to originality and sheer polish, but there are plenty of out there that are worse. Players who are attached to the franchise won't be burned if they happen to pick the game up, and most shooter fans will be able to squeeze some enjoyment out of it. It's hard to imagine the multiplayer mode keeping much traction as the game ages, though, so look at the game as a short term investment. Does the world need a hero like BJ Blazcowicz these days? We're not entirely convinced, but there's always room for Nazis.
PlayFrance (Sep 13, 2009)
Avec une telle licence, on s'attendait à un hit en puissance. Il faudra se contenter d'un bon petit jeu d'action. Wolfenstein est sympathique, dynamique et prenant mais n'arrive jamais à surprendre, à se démarquer de la concurrence. On pourra également lui reprocher des allers-retours pesants, un certain manque d'originalité et une réalisation parfois légère. Les fans peuvent se laisser tenter, les autres doivent guetter le bac occasion.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Aug 18, 2009)
Sammanfattningsvis är Wolfenstein är ett virrigt spel som inte vilket ben det ska stå på, och som inte riktigt vet om det vill vara gammaldags och retro-kitchigt eller nymodigt och tidsenligt. Blandningen känns ofta märklig och trots stabil spelkontroll och god miljövariation lyfter aldrig riktigt Ravens spel. Vissa av banorna är riktigt underhållande dock och här finns ett par vapen som jag verkligen gillar (plasmageväret som förvandlar nazister till skelett på en millisekund är extra stenhårt). I slutändan är BJ:s senaste insats en besvikelse som inte lyckas leva upp till den höga standard som Return to Castle Wolfenstein satte...
60 (UK) (Aug 21, 2009)
With only genre basics in its bag of tricks, and hobbled at every turn by clumsy implementation, in a gaming landscape that already offers Battlefield 1943 and Call of Duty: World at War's Nazi Zombies mode, Wolfenstein's bargain basement charms are of limited appeal.
60 (Aug 28, 2009)
Pas franchement fabuleux, Wolfenstein est loin de pouvoir tenir tête à une concurrence devenue véritablement féroce dans le domaine du FPS. Celui par qui tout a commencé aura donc bien du mal à se trouver une petite place sur nos étagères déjà soumises à rude épreuve. Bourrin au possible, le bébé de Raven nous offre un gameplay primaire malheureusment plombé par une structure bancale, par une mise en scène fadasse et par une réalisation décevante. On regrette également le manque de soin apporté au multijoueur, franchement rachitique.
The A.V. Club (Aug 31, 2009)
The action does become more engaging as the single-player campaign progresses. More outlandish, difficult enemies crop up, and points late in the game almost conjure the old spell once cast by Wolfenstein 3D. Still, the effect is dispelled once again by the multiplayer, which feels jerky and unbalanced.