Yakuza 3 Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

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PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Main menu, after finishing the game.
Running into Kaoru, a female detective Kazuma met in Yakuza 2 game.
While paying your respect at the grave, you can reminisce the events from previous two games.
Taking a leisure day off to explore Kamurocho with Haruka before leaving for Okinawa.
Pause menu has a plethora of options, some of which include the inventory, a city map, you cellphone emails, side quests and more.
Mad Dog Majima didn't change his attitude, which is probably why he and Kazuma get along so well.
Press R2 to charge the rage bar for a special kick.
There goes some teeth.
Kazuma left his Yakuza days and opened an orphanage in Okinawa.
Trying to find out why Izumi missed the dinner.
You can sell unnecessary stuff at a pawn shop.
Using a nearby chair in a boss battle with Rikiya.
Streets of Okinawa have a different feel from Kamurocho, but there are still punks who will try and cause you trouble on every corner.
You will earn points by leveling up, but you will manually have to choose which moves you wish to learn next.
On a date with Mika, visiting karaoke bar.
Kazuma seems to prefer enka style, and he's pretty good at it.
Faking an injury to shake you for some money... better teach those punks a lesson.
When radiating a blue aura, Kazuma can perform various special moves.
You can switch to first-person perspective to get a better look of your surroundings.
After successfully wooing a girl, you will only get a single chance at romance.
Golf is just one of many mini-games available.
You can buy drinks, food or medicine to recover your health.
Since they prefer fighting with weapons, it'll hurt them more.
Using special attack with a sword weapon.
Returning to Kamurocho.
Day and night cycles are controlled by the story, and city is different during different time of day.
Golf club can be used for more than just playing golf.
Kazuma can take photos of peculiar events that can cause revelations and earn him new moves.
Kazuma is writing a blog about his revelations.
Characters of importance are fully introduced during their first appearance.
A bar at Serena looks fully renovated... it was a place that kazuma's girlfriend was running in the first game.
Kazuma and Rikiya pretending to be a couple to follow the Yakuza leader to a love hotel.
A secret underground place beneath the Kamurocho.
Firearms will quickly take out the enemy, but you can't carry any extra ammo clips.
Playing nine-ball at the local bar.
Pole dancing seems to be popular in the clubs.
You can play some games at Sega arcade.
Kazuma solving a six year old murder through one of his side quests.
While most of the names are imaginary, certain restaurants and stores are real, like this Don Quixote store on the corner.
Nobody messes with the dragon
These escalators are just for show
Getting some snacks at the fast food restaurant
English game version doesn't require wooing, you can go on a date straight away
Street punks want to taste my fist
One swing, three strikes
Ouch, that's gotta hurt
About to throw this punk with a crude spear
Don't worry boys, there's enough beating for everybody in here