Yakuza: Dead Souls Trivia (PlayStation 3)

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2011 Tōhoku earthquake

Yakuza: Dead Souls was originally slated to release in March of 2011 in Japan, but one week before release the Tōhoku earthquake occurred and the game was delayed until June of the same year for sensitivity reasons. When it was released a portion of the game's first print sales were donated to the Japanese Red Cross.


The Japanese version of Dead Souls had integration with a Ryu ga Gotoku game for the GREE mobile platform. By playing the mobile game players could gain additional items in Dead Souls. In the west all of these items were packaged together and offered as a pre-order incentive.

Version differences

Like Yakuza 4, Dead Souls was released world-wide in almost the same form as it was originally in Japan. The Answer X Answer quiz arcade game was removed, and the opening and ending themes by Bradberry Orchestra, MUTATION and Kizamu, were replaced with remixes of original Yakuza tracks created by Mitsuhara Fukuyama.

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