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Yet another exceptional PSP original; there’s nothing like 300 available on console. Perhaps with time games such as this will find their way back to the big screen, but in the meantime I’m quite content to have them in the palm of my hand.
Impulse Gamer (Jun, 2007)
In conclusion, the 300 March to Glory is a must have game on the PSP, provided you are interested in the action fighting genre or even those that thoroughly enjoyed the movie. The gameplay does become a little repetitive after awhile but the storyline will hopefully keep you entertained as you make your way from start to finish. A great ride from start to finish!
mag.01 (2007)
Das Spiel ist ein Hau-Drauf-Spiel. Blut fließt in großen Mengen und man kann so richtig "die Sau" rauslassen - gegen gigantischen Gegner. Die stylishen Artworks geben ein gewisses Feeling. Es ist alles man eben für 10 min. Ablenkung benötigt. Ein Riesen-Gemetzel.
GameCity (Apr 09, 2007)
Selten hat mich ein Spiel so lange an die PSP gefesselt wie 300. Die Action wiederholt sich immer wieder aber ist durch den sehr guten Schwierigkeitsanstieg nie langweilig. Das gut aus Balancierte Upgrade System trägt zudem dazu bei das man den Titel nach dem ersten beenden gleich wieder startet um auch noch die letzten Moves und Schreie zu lernen. Dieses Spiel kann nicht nur Fans des Films, sondern auch allen PSP Besitzern mit Hang zur einfachen Unterhaltung, empfohlen werden. Einzig die jüngeren Spieler sollten die Finger von dem Spiel lassen da dieser Titel wohl nicht aufweist was die Deutsche Zensurbehörde nicht in Rage versetzt.
Hui, ich bin positiv überrascht von 300: March to Glory. Eigentlich hatte ich mit einer dieser lausigen Filmumsetzungen gerechnet, die nur kurz gemacht wurden, um schnell Geld zu machen. Aber nichts da, 300 bietet ein sehr ausgearbeitetes Gameplay mit einem durchaus brauchbaren System (Kleos sei Dank). Zwar gibt es die typischen Probleme einer Filmumsetzung (KI, Kamera, Linearität), aber trotzdem macht der Titel deutlich mehr Spaß als viele andere Umsetzungen, nur die extreme Brutalität hätte nicht sein müssen.
Game Shark (Apr 18, 2007)
Of course, reading some of the above when it comes to the gameplay elements, you may wonder how this game got the grade it received, but with fun, yet simple, execution, 300: March to Glory is the perfect PSP game for a roadtrip or as an alternative to watching whatever drivel is on the television that day. Of course, if this was released on a PS2 or any of the next-gen consoles, the grade would be much lower, especially considering that one of the big selling points of the famous Battle of Thermoplyae is the size of the Persian army which squared off against the 300 Spartans, something which obviously couldn’t be replicated on a PSP, but could have on a next-gen machine. But for a handheld, this is the complete package, and an enjoyable romp through 480 B.C.
75 (Apr 19, 2007)
Der Film war sehr beeindruckend und unterhaltsam, aber auch brutal. Weshalb der Film und das Spiel schon ab 16 Jahren freigegeben sind, ist mir ein Rätsel. Aber man sollte sich lieber den Film anschauen, denn leider kann das Spiel den hohen Anforderungen der Kinovorlage nicht gerecht werden. Zwar kann man viele Szenen aus der Leinwandversion nachspielen und auch hier werden viele, sehr viele Soldaten ihr Leben lassen, aber das Gewisse etwas, u.a. der Humor Leonidas fehlt. Hinzu kommen die technischen Mängel der Kameraführung, die ein oder andere unschöne Grafik und die fehlende Abwechslung
Yahoo! Games (Mar 13, 2007)
You can get through the game in probably about five or six hours, and there's not much incentive to replay it. This march to glory might be short, and it's sometimes awfully low-rent. But if you want your own private Thermopylae, complete with blood, shields, and spears, you'll find it here on your PSP.
AceGamez (2007)
I enjoyed 300: March to Glory because of its relative simplicity. I didn't spend hours looking for keys or figuring out which of the hundred items I should use on an enemy and neither did I have to go through hours of manual reading or tutorials. Instead I turned my PSP on and started playing a game that is probably as simplistic as you can get in 2007. Although we could argue for days on the pros and cons of this, the fact is that until God of War is released on the PSP, this is the closest we will get to pure, bloody battling on your handheld. Gamers! Tonight we dine on 300: March to Glory!
GameSpot (Mar 01, 2007)
As a companion piece to the upcoming film, 300: March to Glory is a decent piece of work. It definitely feels rushed and off-kilter in a great number of spots, and there's very little replay value for its several-hour campaign once you've completed it. However, there's just barely enough brutal combat and style to the overall game to likely make it enjoyable for those who latch on to the movie. With a bit more time and forethought, 300 could have been something pretty special. As it is, it's a serviceable hack-and-slash that provides roughly as many moments of frustration and annoyance as it does moments of entertainment.
67 (Apr 20, 2007)
Die Entwickler der Collision Studios geben sich wirklich Mühe. Es gibt etliche Kombos, unterschiedliche Waffen, Spezialangriffe und das Beste: Ihr müsst sie mit Köpfchen einsetzen, neue Ausrüstung und Kombos kaufen – was 300: March to Glory zu einer brauchbaren Zwischenmahlzeit macht. Allerdings wirkt die Comic/Film-Umsetzung zu unfertig, als dass sie ein Actionfeuerwerk entfachen könnte. Ich finde taktische Kämpfe zwar klasse, aber wenn es ständig die gleichen sind und mein Held nur stoisch Abschnitt für Abschnitt vorrückt, wird selbst das bald dröge. Von den lahmen Kämpfen als Phalanx oder den ebenso zähen Bossbegegnungen ganz zu schweigen - die unscharfe Kulisse tut ihr Übriges. Das klingt zwar schlimmer als es ist, aber das Beste an 300 ist die packende Musik.
GameZone (Mar 05, 2007)
Like the movie and graphic novel that inspired this game, 300: March to Glory is ultra violent and interesting but as a game it just doesn’t offer enough variety to be much fun for long. This is really too bad since the game does manage to cram in some truly spectacular battles as well as boss fights but thanks to the weak controls this hack-and-slash just fails to be inspiring enough to justify a purchase.
Just RPG (2007)
After seeing and loving the 300 film, it's hard to not feel a little disappointed by the videogame. While the violence and gore of the film seems to have carried over to the game, the repetitive and dull combat and lack of replay weighs heavily on the total enjoyment and really makes it hard to recommend to anyone but the most diehard 300 fans.
63 (Jul 08, 2007)
300: March To Glory is the latest unnecessary movie license game. Not completely bad, but why spend money on a monotone, unoriginal game when there are so many better ones out there?
62 (May 13, 2007)
Po zaliczeniu gry (trwającej marne 5h), pozostaje nam ponowne jej ukończeniu w celu odblokowania reszty dodatków, które za pierwszym razem pominęliśmy, jak i ulepszenia wszystkiego, co możliwe, na maksymalny poziom. Tylko się pytam, kto drugi raz da się namówić na przejście tego tytułu? Ja od razu spasowałem. Gra nie jest warta nawet tych 5h. Ma fajny klimat i muzę, ale reszta nie trzyma poziomu. 300 March to Glory może zawitać w twej kolekcji, jako najlepszy, jak na razie, dostępny slash’er. Jeśli nie lubisz tego gatunku, odpuść. Jeśli nie zaliczyłeś innych świetnych tytułów, to szkoda kasy na tą grę.
Players can unlock movie trailers and stills by playing through the game and collecting golden lambdas, but most of this stuff you can already see online. I guess this might be a fun game to rent and beat on a Saturday. After all, developer Collision does add a little something at the end of the game to make it not as much of a downer.
Gamezone (Germany) (Apr 02, 2007)
Trotz einer hervorragenden Comic-Vorlage wird der Marsch dieses Titels mit Sicherheit keinen Ruhm und auch keine Ehre einholen. Neun Schlachtfelder laden zur endlosen Metzelei ein und bietet kaum Abwechslung bezüglich eines barbarischen Kriegsalltags der Spartaner. Zugegeben, in der Vorlage geht es ebenfalls um 300 Mann, die sich mit Heldenmut durch die Reihen persischer Eroberer schlachten. Dennoch hätte man deutlich mehr Wert auf das Gameplay, anstatt der roten Farbenpracht legen sollen. Eintönig, grafisch nicht immer sehr opulent und technisch verhunzt kann dieses Spiel zum kommenden Kinofilm fast in keinem Bereich punkten. Einzig allein die toll inszenierten Videosequenzen als "lebendiges" Comic sowie der sehr schöne Soundtrack wissen zu überzeugen. Das allein ist ein Kauf von "300 - March to Glory" aber nicht wert. Gebt das Geld lieber an der Kinokasse aus oder besorgt euch die wirklich tollen Comics von Frank Miller - damit seid ihr letztendlich besser bedient.
Softpedia (Apr 11, 2007)
If you were expecting a game that would be something to play on the bus while going to school, 300: March to Glory is OK. However, if you're a Frank Miller fan and you've waited months for the movie and'll be disappointed. It's sad that 300, the movie is such a work of art and the PSP title does no justice to it, having a lot of flaws, glitches and bad AI.
Gry Onet (Apr 12, 2007)
Osobiście mogę uznać "300: March to Glory" jedynie za średnią grę, bazującą na fali popularności filmu. Owszem, ma kilka interesujących elementów, jak możliwość wyposażania głównego bohatera w coraz lepszy oręż oraz uczenia nowych ciosów, ale jest też kilka wad, jak chociażby monotonia, słaba grafika i parę innych drobiazgów. Gdyby je poprawiono, tytuł znacznie zyskałby w oczach graczy.
UOL Jogos (Mar 06, 2007)
"300: March to Glory" não traz nenhuma característica relevante que o diferencie de tantos jogos de combate que há no mercado. As lutas até chamam a atenção pela violência e pelo fato de tentar evitar que caia no apertar acéfalo de botões, mas algumas vezes isso acaba criando frustrações desnecessárias, devido a falta de ajuste. O game brilha em campos periféricos como nos extras e nas cenas de corte, mas no importante não escapa do genérico. Infelizmente, a luta de Leônidas não foi recompensada.
Zwar kann man im Bereich der Steuerung, sowie im Bezug auf die Features kaum etwas bemängeln, doch dennoch stellt sich die Frage, für wen dieses Spiel die richtige Wahl ist. Selbst der größte Fan barbarischen Gemetzels sollte sich nur bei sehr großer Liebe zur Filmumsetzung für einen Kauf entscheiden, oder auf eine etwaige Preissenkung warten. Sieben bis zehn Stunden Spielzeit rechtfertigen einen Vollpreis bei hinzukommen von bekannten Kinderkrankheiten, die mit etwas Mühe hätten ausgemerzt werden können, kaum.
GamesRadar (Mar 05, 2007)
Based upon a sandals-and-swords movie and comic, 300: March to Glory casts you as a bearded, bare-chested gladiator type named King Leonidas. You're trying to stave off the vast army of the Persian king, Xerxes with a small force of only 300 Spartan warriors. At least, we're told there are 300 of you and zillions of them. In practice, it's typically you and one to three companions hacking maybe six or eight other dudes at a time into hamburger, tops.
Eines vorweg: Sowohl vom Comic als auch vom Film bin ich absolut angetan. Vielleicht ist auch deshalb meine Enttäuschung über 300: March to Glory so groß, denn an sich wird hier kein schlechtes Spiel abgeliefert. Die Kämpfe würden durchaus auch länger Spaß machen, wären sie doch nur nicht so furchtbar eintönig. Die technisch schwache Umsetzung zerstört zudem viel Atmosphäre, die zuvor durch die sehr guten Zwischensequenzen aufgebaut wurde. Wer also mit einem knackigen Spartaner das antike Griechenland aufmischen will, ist bei God of War weiterhin besser aufgehoben. Die 40€ für das Spiel legt ihr lieber in den Comic und einen gepflegten Kinoabend mit dem passenden Film, zwei Freunden, einem Sixpack Gerstensaft nach Wahl und Nachos mit Käse an.
300 successfully takes a great idea and incredible source material and boils it down to one disappointing PSP brawler. One can only wonder why a console version of this game was never created where the technology would do the flick justice, but all we have is this uninspired movie spin-off that falls flat on just about every front.
IGN (Mar 05, 2007)
I've long been a fan of Miller's 300 and eagerly anticipate the movie coming out this Friday. Sadly, 300: March to Glory doesn't do justice to the true tale of the Spartans who gave their lives at Thermopylae. What the story of 300 demands is an over-the-top hack-and-slash game. We don't get that with this PSP-exclusive title. March to Glory is bland, uninspired and at times a real mess. Even if you're desperate for something to play on PSP, leave 300 on the shelf. Go see the film or read Frank Miller's graphic novel. Or better yet, grab a chunk of wood for a sword and take on an imaginary Persian army in your backyard. That's got to be more entertaining than March to Glory.
55 (Mar 21, 2007)
Avec 300 il y avait matière à réaliser une grande épopée vidéoludique mais il n'en sera rien. Au lieu de ce joli rêve, se tient un UMD qui propose rien de plus qu'un jeu d'action certes bourrin mais excessivement basique qui ne se renouvelle jamais au cours de ses 6 heures de jeu intensives. Même si graphiquement le titre possède de très jolis effets, il reste toutefois une modélisation globale très en deçà de ce qui se fait actuellement sur PSP. Décevant donc, mais pas forcément mauvais pour autant. Toutefois, aussi fan que vous soyez, ne vous précipitez pas sur ce jeu une fois sorti du cinéma !
Sector (Apr 26, 2007)
Ruky preč! 300 nie je dobrá hra a jej kúpa budú vyhodené peniaze. Dobre znejúci dabing a excelentná hudba dávajú titulu malú nádej na únik pred pekelnými psami strážiacimi herné podsvetie, brutalita súbojov a občasné záchvevy solídnej akcie ho ako tak posúvajú aspoň medzi priemerné tituly, ale inak je to na zaplakanie. Ostatné aspekty hry sú totiž viac či menej nepodarené, nedotiahnuté, zabugované, nudné alebo prípadne všetko dokopy. Keby sa hra 300 narodila v Sparte, požila by si asi tak 5,5 sekundy, kým by rada starších odhalila siahodlhý zoznam jej nedostatkov a potom by skončila v hlbokej tmavej priepasti, kde právom patrí.
55 (Apr 02, 2007)
Quel crime ont bien pu commettre les vaillants spartiates de Léonidas pour subir une adaptation aussi pathétique. Si, sur le papier, le titre ne manque pas d'intérêt, l'action poussive et désespérément lentre réduit à néant tout plaisir de jeu. C'est sans doute le pire défaut dont puisse souffrir un beat'em all, et ceux qui ont apprécié la dimension démesurée et sans concession du long-métrage auront tout intérêt à se tourner vers un bon God of War sur PS2.
Gameswelt (Apr 12, 2007)
Spielerisch schwache Videospielumsetzung eines tollen Films eines hervorragenden Comics. Weder das Gameplay noch der Umfang oder die Technik sprechen für dieses PSP-Machwerk. Schade, dass die Vorlagen nicht besser genutzt wurden – im Action-Genre gibt es auf der mobilen Sony-Konsole viele bessere Spiele.
Gamona (Apr 11, 2007)
Schon komisch. Während des Spielens ertappte ich mich des Öfteren bei einer Frage: Warum gibt es eigentlich keine Dauerfeuerfunktion für "300: March to Glory"? Dann würde es eigentlich reichen, einen Stein auf die X-Taste zu legen und man könnte sich nebenbei wenigstens noch um die Steuererklärung oder die Wäsche kümmern. Vielmehr erfordert es nämlich nicht, um sich durch die grafisch eintönigen und uninspirierten Missionen zu prügeln. Die fiese Steuerung und die Kameraführung erledigen den Rest.
Overall, I would say that this game is standard fare in the world of licensed games. With lackluster levels, imbalanced controls, and below-par graphics, 300:March to Glory does not seem to be a good representation of the subject matter upon which it was based. Even as I write this, early reviews are coming in that 300 is going to be one of the best movies so far this year. I wish I could say the same for the game.
Games Master (May, 2007)
We did find ourselves getting slightly sucked in mainly due to the association with the film, but when we say that a game is 'not completely terrible' that's not really a recommendation. It's a shame that a great movie that's created with computers should make such a poor computer game.
Pocket Gamer UK (Apr 11, 2007)
300 the video game could have been a lot worse for sure, but it's a shame that it couldn't have aped the film and comic's more contemporary, slick and glossy finish.
GameSpy (Mar 15, 2007)
But really, does any of this come as a surprise? March to Glory, like many other movie tie-ins in the history of video games, is a slapped-together product that borrows heavily from other, better games and was rushed to store shelves in order to take advantage of marketing synergy. If you go in expecting exactly that, you won't be let down. But if you're expecting something that lives up to the accolades garnered by the graphic novel or the movie, you're going to be sorely disappointed.
50 (Apr 09, 2007)
300: March to Glory ist eine lieblose Filmumsetzung, die man ein, zwei Stündchen dennoch spielen kann, bevor man die Lust verliert. Denn bis dahin hat man so ziemlich alles gesehen, etwas Neues passiert nicht mehr. Die sterile Gegend wirkt wie eine leere Filmkulisse. Einzig die in vielen Zwischensequenzen in In-Game-Grafik und Standbildern erzählte Geschichte hat mich trotzdem weiterspielen lassen. Zudem wäre technisch und optisch deutlich mehr drin gewesen. Spielerisch sowieso. Auch wenn die Dynasty Warriors-Konkurrenz mittlerweile selbst unter Ideenarmut leidet, würde ich mich dennoch lieber in die Gefechte um China stürzen, als Leonidas noch mal zu den Thermopylen zu folgen.
50 (Jul 28, 2007)
300: March to Glory is a poor action title based on a very entertaining movie. The developers really needed to spend a lot more time working on this game before release - like, maybe another year or two? Very average.
Worth Playing (May 11, 2007)
I do hate getting mixed feelings about a game, despite my tendency to express them: 300: March to Glory has a few things that are quite interesting and even creative, like quickly switching between weapons, javelin-tossing, a defensive shield that actually works the way you expect it to, and a satisfying layer of violence. However, the heart that beats here is rather anemic, and the experience fails to hold up for very long before the realization that this is never going to speed up or change ever, which takes with it the real urge to carry on. This idea may well have worked on the PS2 with the additional horsepower, but not on the PSP.
GamePro (US) (Mar 05, 2007)
The historical event that inspired the comic book has a famously unhappy ending--of the 300 Spartans who fought at Thermopylae, exactly one survived, and only because he was a traitor. If you happen to believe in omens, that's a pretty bad one and as such, it doesn't bode well for this game.
Extreme Gamer (Mar 14, 2007)
It’s unfortunate that 300: March to Glory feels like another movie-licensed that was tacked together to meet the films released deadline. This game version sadly falls in the worst of all three media releases behind the graphic novel, and motion picture. If you are standard beat em’ up games then 300: March to Glory will keep you busy until your fingers get tired. 300: March of Glory has a few redeeming qualities, but not enough for us to recommend for a straight out purchase. Bargain bin fishermen; wait for this one to swim downstream.
The Game Hoard (Mar 07, 2018)
300: March to Glory doesn’t quite match the flashy violence from the film, but it still could have delivered on some thrilling beat-’em-up gameplay if its attempts to diversify the gameplay hadn’t fallen flat. Drawn out battles slowed down by technical issues that require you to use your worst weapon and rely on a meter that is slow to build means for every moment of wanton carnage there is a dull grind against a barrier to your progress.
Game Revolution (Mar 16, 2007)
With a few more months (or years) in development, 300: March to Glory could have been a good game. Unfortunately for us, while Leonidas’ handful of warriors can fight off wave after endless wave of Persian mercenaries, they’re clearly no match for the impossible deadlines of movie merchandising. Sadly, 300 is destined to forever gather dust in bargain bins around the world.
300 is, at best, a passable hack and slash action game. It has moments of inspired violence, and the story it tells is engaging, but there is too much monotony to the gameplay to make it addictive. The visuals seem rushed and the AI is lame, and there’s no option for any sort of multiplayer—cooperative or otherwise.
40 (May 16, 2007)
There isn't really much else to say and, as you may have gathered by now, even less to enjoy about 300: March to Glory. As depictions of large battles go its probably the least epic I've ever seen, hampered by an engine that seems unable to cope with more than ten or twelve characters on screen at once and some of the most soul destroyingly boring combat you'll find it manages to take a fantastic premise and some of the most visually striking source material around to produce a game that will be filling bargain bins around the country within weeks. I'm not much of a fan of casual country walks much less regimented marching, neither of which sound particularly glorious to me. But given the choice between a cross country fifteen mile march and playing more of 300 I'd favour fresh air in my lungs any day of the week.
GameDaily (Mar 13, 2007)
Dedicated fans of the comic book series and the Zack Snyder film might find 300: March To Glory worth a rental. Everyone else, however, should just go see the movie and leave this game on the shelf. Players shouldn't have to suffer like those poor Spartans did.
40 (UK) (Mar 31, 2007)
And that, in a nutshell, is 300: March to Glory. Solid, but uninspiring. The narrative is sustained by a flashback structure, and there are plenty of unlockables, including movie trailers, film stills and concept art (and various interviews with Frank Miller in which he butchers classical history with all the savagery of one of his six-packed Spartans and betrays a frighteningly superficial understanding of historical haircuts). But the combat feels slow and unresponsive, particularly when Leonidas is wielding a spear, or when he's required to build up his Wrath meter to damage bosses. And as with so many PSP titles, the lack of that second Analog stick results in an occasionally wayward camera. So while it sort of captures the essence of Miller's stylish Spartan blood-letting, it never really does it justice.
300 misses nearly every required aspect of a beat-em-up. Repetition is acceptable, but 300’s attempts to alleviate this are limp. Wait for the movie on UMD if you simply must have the 300 on your PSP.
1UP (Mar 15, 2007)
The real tragedy is that 300: March to Glory feels rushed to retail. Perhaps if more time had been dedicated to this title, it might have turned out OK. But the broken controls, derivative enemies, and maddening attack moves remove any ounce of fun. The saving graces are the cut-scenes, but we don't even play that part. So in short, it's at its best when you're not touching the controls, and when a game plays this badly, you don't want to.
Thunderbolt Games (Apr 18, 2008)
I think I have made the point clear here that this game is truly a generic licensed game gone wrong. So for just a moment I would like to be serious. Video games are becoming an art form. Much like movies and music the people making this new style of art will guide where it ends up. This can truly become a form of expression that will really touch peoples lives and open eyes to new worlds. I understand that this is also a big business and a large amount of money making games will be launched and quality will not be important, but sometimes there are things more important than money. Bioshock for example is a true piece of art. It pulled at your emotions and threw a bit of music in that the younger generations may have never heard. 300: March to Glory missed an opportunity to tell the true story of what happen to those 300. Especially in a time when we need heroes. Instead we get this.