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Activision Hits Remixed (PSP)

Activision Hits Remixed Screenshots

PSP version

Title screen
Main menu - Here you can select what game you wish to play or see information about.
Option screen - Here you can set option and see some extras like “Game Chronology”
Media screen – for each game you can read manual, see original cartridge or box in 3D and see hi-score.
Tennis 3D cartridge on Media screen
Starmaster hi-score on Media screen
Starmaster 3D box in 3D on Media screen
Tennis in color (with menu)
Atlantis in the original aspect ratios (windowed) mode.
Tennis in black and white (with menu)
Tennis stretched to full screen size
Atlantis stretched for a full-screen view.
In some games like Barnstorming you can turn B&W mode
Space Shuttle (with menu)
Robot Tank stretched to full screen size
Robot Tank (with menu)
Pitfall stretched to full screen size
Pitfall in black and white (with menu)