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RPGFan (Apr 29, 2007)
I thought long and hard about how to summarize this review, and this is what I decided to use as a conclusion. Aedis Eclipse isn't the game that will make you run out and buy a PSP; but, if you already own a PSP, and you're an RPG fan (particularly strategy RPGs), this game is essential to your collection. The other Idea Factory releases were underwhelming, mostly because of technical problems. This game not only fixes those problems, but goes the extra mile in being a really enjoyable game! In the grand scheme of things, there are many better games out there; but the PSP library has been weak, particularly with RPGs, so if you're looking for something that satisfies, this is definitely a good choice for you. I give Aedis Eclipse: Generation of Chaos an 83% for its original world design, streamlined gameplay and control, and excellent localization.
Legendra (Nov 09, 2008)
Beau, intéressant, prenant et parfois émouvant, Aedis Eclipse se positionne comme un excellent RPG pour la PSP. Trois scénarios pour une énorme durée de vie, un design sublime, un gameplay très complet accompagné d'une technique parfaite sont autant d'atouts qui feront craquer tous les amateurs de RPG stratégiques (les autres probablement beaucoup moins, le genre étant tout de même très spécial).
Video Game Talk (Apr 21, 2007)
Overall, Aedis Eclipse Generation of Chaos is a solid strat-RPG game that is a must for PSP gamers. While it has several drawbacks in terms of usability, the game play is still very fun. There are many potential hours of game play and it is great for on-the-go-gaming.
80 (Apr 23, 2007)
Aedis Eclispe: Generation of Chaos is a huge improvement over the first Generation of Chaos in two key categories namely, load times and gameplay. Fans of the first should definitely check this title out because it is sure to impress you. However, if you are new to the franchise, this is the version you should definitely pick up. Fans of titles like Final Fantasy Tactics, Disgaea, or any other tactical games should check this title out. With over 35 hours of gameplay, plenty of playable characters, three different stories, and addicting gameplay this one of the most solid PSP titles of the year.
Portable Review (Apr 20, 2007)
Replay-wise, I’d say this game has quite a bit of value to it. As I said earlier, there are three different scenarios, which in itself seems to echo and improve upon the idea of epilogue quests that you see in some RPGs. Also, this time around, there’s actually some decent gameplay, so turn-based strategy fans should be pleased. All-in-all, it’s a pretty good game, which is great, considering how far it’s come from its prequel. So, if you’re looking for a good intro into the strategy genre and happen to own a PSP, you could probably do a lot worse than Aedis Eclipse. For example, you could get its prequel...
Gaming Age (Jun 15, 2007)
If you are a strategy gamer and are looking for something for your PSP, Aedis Eclipse: Generation of Chaos is a good choice. The downfalls of the game are not enough to really distract from the fun of this title. Overall, if you are a strategy gamer, I would recommend picking this one up.
When all is said and done, Aedis Eclipse is another solid strategy RPG that simply packs too much for its own good. If you enjoyed the first game, then there is certainly plenty of new content here to appease your appetite. If you are new to the genre, this is certainly not a good starting point. However, if you take the time to learn all of the nuances of the game it is truly rewarding for the price and portability Aedis Eclipse delivers; if you can manage to understand what it is trying to deliver that is.
Aedis Eclipse: Generation of Chaos is a much-improved game when compared to its predecessor. At the same time, it still faces a few minor problems that end up holding the game back.
Lawrence (Jun 25, 2007)
Overall, Aedis Eclipse has a lot of potential, it just gets weighed down under its own sloppy interface and under-explained complexities. Those willing to spend hours learning all of the game's nuances will find a very deep strategy-RPG that should last quite a few hours. Unfortunately, for everyone else, it's just too much.
GameZone (Apr 24, 2007)
Striking a nearly perfect balance between role-playing game goodness and strategy gaming, Aedis Eclipse: Generation of Chaos might not do combat right but it’s still a worthwhile game for PSP gamers. With three intriguing storylines and some solid strategy scenarios, fans who have been waiting for a decent portable strategy game should consider buying this one.
GamerDad (May 17, 2007)
The first game was cryptic and ultimately mediocre for those who persevered. This game still has faults - uneven voice-acting quality, glacial pacing of gameplay, long load times and very slow special effects for skill moves, and so on. And the pseudo-RTS battle system will leave strategy vets feeling a bit cold due to the lack of full control. But most everything else works very well - the tutorial is solid and reveals a game with a decent story (once you get through the massive tutorial that comprises nearly a quarter of the game, that is), solid character, and a deep and varied skill system - you can even take other captains prisoner and decide their fate. Overall it is a pretty solid effort - but the score I'm giving has a bit of a 'tilt' for genre fans. If you aren't already enamored of this type of game you'll probably hate it from the very start. I found it fun and engaging and constantly challenging and well worth the time investment.
AceGamez (2007)
I really grew to dislike the original Generation of Chaos, so I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked Aedis Eclipse. The flaws are there for all to see, and it is clearly targeted at a very narrow audience, but for those gamers to who it does appeal, Aedis Eclipse is better than it looks and better than you might expect. It features quite a long campaign that just keeps getting harder and harder as you go along - to the point where I was so engrossed dealing with major issues in the field that I forgot the number one rule - keep your base covered. It cost me replaying the entire mission and quite a bit of time as the enemy strolled right in and grabbed it. There are other tactical combat games due out this year and they may be better suited to a wider audience, but if you got this far then you probably have a PSP and an itch for a good strategy RPG - and Aedis Eclipse can do a decent job of scratching it.
Gamernode (May 03, 2007)
What we have with Aedis Eclipse: Generation of Chaos is a game with plenty of potential due to the challenge of the game, but it falls short in part due to its Spartan instructions. A very important rule of game developing is: make sure you tell the gamer how to play the game. A title this complex should have had either more help in the manual, or a better in-game tutorial. The game is fun for the die-hard strategist or faithful RPG gamer, but even so, they'll find their hands full in learning the mechanics of the game. Fans of the previous game should find some more of the same with slight improves over the menu system and graphics. Overall, a nice little strategy game, but a game that you'll have to work at to enjoy.
IGN (Apr 24, 2007)
Aedis Eclipse feels almost like Generations of Chaos 1.3: it has more storylines and cleaner visuals than its predecessor, but it hasn't really fixed any of the serious problems that the original game faced. While it's still an extraordinarily deep title on the PSP, the menu and battle systems are still extremely clunky and weakly implemented, and the lack of helpful information will easily start to fray the nerves of even the hardest strategy RPG fan. If you liked the first Generation of Chaos, you'll probably dig this title, but otherwise, your time and frustration will probably be better spent elsewhere.
Worth Playing (Jun 01, 2007)
I've gone on a fair bit about some of the issues with Aedis Eclipse: Generation of Chaos — difficult to learn controls, some inevitability in the tactics — but overall, it is a surprisingly different and a well-done strategy RPG title. Things are not so different as to be unfamiliar, but it will set interested players on a nice, long quest; for the eager, two additional storylines await them after the first run-through has been completed. Unfortunately, the design complexity will only be seriously attractive to hardcore strategy RPG nerds or fans of extremely detailed strategy games — an admittedly niche combination. If you can make peace with the likelihood of needing the tutorial missions to fully understand this game, then give Aedis Eclipse a try; if nothing else, it'll probably have some good eBay value in a year or two.
GameSpot (Apr 27, 2007)
Aedis Eclipse may still be some fun for patient gamers who don't mind the thoughtful approach. Yet it's disappointing that most of the shortcomings that dogged the original Generation of Chaos on the PSP weren't fixed or streamlined for the sequel in any way. If you liked the first one and don't mind reliving its shortcomings, by all means, give the sequel a shot. Otherwise, the interface frustrations and lethargic pace will likely outweigh the more enjoyable qualities.
RPGamer (2007)
As with its predecessor, Aedis Eclipse: Generation of Chaos is a game that will appeal most to the strategy gamer. The big difference, though, and what ultimately prevents this game from sharing the same fate, is that it doesn't exclude the non-hardcore strategy gamer through sheer rock-headed design and inane, pointless game mechanics. Though it doesn't quite reach the point where it would be recommendable to a wide variety of gamers, Aedis Eclipse goes a long way towards rectifying the worst sins of its predecessor, ultimately presenting a surprisingly complex and yet still playable game. Generation of Chaos still has a ways to go, but Aedis Eclipse represents a big step in the right direction.
GamePro (US) (Apr 30, 2007)
Aedis Eclipse 2 provides a solid RPG experience that is muddled by some unfortunate pathfinding and UI issues. It's a big if, but if you can get past those problems, you'll find an enjoyable game underneath.
Extreme Gamer (May 02, 2007)
If you’re a die-hard follower of all things strategic then I’m sure you’ll quickly see the depth and redeeming qualities of Aedis Eclipse. Everyone else shy away from this series and wait for a more accessible strategic role-playing game from NIS America, its name is Disgaea.
60 (May 30, 2007)
Though a lot of work was put into this title and it shows, Aedis just shouldn't be on the PSP. However, it's not horrible, and players willing to take the day or two to get used to it can find some enjoyment here.
I love this title's core idea of using custom-leveled heroes and their squads of minions to conquer the world (or defend it; same difference) in a turn-based framework. Until I can do that without attending to details that I don't care about though bland menus, though, I'd be sticking with Fire Emblem.
A strategy/RPG centered on battle preparations, Aedis Eclipse is both fun and tiring. The buildup is great, but the lack of combat interactivity is seriously disappointing.
TotalPlayStation (May 07, 2007)
While it might seem like this is a better game than the first, it's really just as broken. It's better programmed to be sure, but the insanely deep gameplay is still just as muddled behind clunky menus and brain-dead battles.
The Next Level (May 15, 2007)
If you're able to put all of those issues aside, then you can have a lot of fun with this game. It has tons of technical issues, but they seriously pale in comparaison to the first game (which even had loading for text). Aedis Eclipse: Generation of Chaos doesn't exactly overshadow the first, but if you're seeking a portable SRPG experience for your PSP and just can't wait the extra 2 to 3 months for Makai Senki Disgaea Portable, then this is your sure and only ticket for handheld tactical warfare.
Aedis Eclipse actually has a lot of characters and content, but if none of it is any good, what's the point?
G4 TV: X-Play (Apr 14, 2006)
There might be a competent game hidden somewhere in Aedis Eclipse. But between the byzantine interface, frequent load times, dull battles, and boring story, why bother?
GameSpy (Apr 30, 2007)
Aedis Eclipse: Generations of Chaos shows a lot of potential, but buried so deep that it's just about not worth digging for. The first game in the series, Generations of Chaos, shared a lot of Aedis Eclipse's issues, so it's even more unforgivable to see them come up again. I would even forgive the necessity of spending the whole game either addled with confusion or digging through a FAQ if only the combat didn't fling me out of control. Maybe for Generations of Chaos, the third time on the PSP will be the charm, but I recommend that you wait until then to try the series.