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PSP Minis (Mar 02, 2010)
I guess the silly humour might not appeal to everyone, but for the rest of us that love zombie-blasting carnage-with-quips on a massive, sick scale, what are you waiting for? You need this game, and Barry, in your life.
TotalPlayStation (Mar 17, 2010)
Minis are supposed to be tiny, easily digestible snacks, and trust me when I tell you, Age of Zombies is one hell of a tasty snack!
IGN (Mar 17, 2010)
Age of Zombies is nearly the perfect Mini. It’s clever, the soundtrack is fun with different tracks for every time period, the voice announcing what weapon you picked up changes depending on what era you’re in, and –- most importantly –- it’s great to jump in and play for a bit. I wish it was longer, and perhaps it is a one-trick pony (i.e. kill all this stuff over and over), but it’s a great trick and PSP owners should have no qualms paying for it.
Destructoid (Mar 02, 2010)
Your enjoyment of Age of Zombies will most likely be determined by your tolerance for top-down zombie shooter games, of which there are a lot. If you've still got room in your belly for another zombie shooter, then this is most definitely for you. It's simple, it's fun and it's very silly. Those sick to death of the undead might want to give it a miss.
ZTGameDomain (Jan 17, 2011)
Age of Zombies is a fun romp that includes all the essentials to make it stand out. The only concern I had was the price-to-content ratio. The game is extremely repetitive and can really give your fingers cramps if playing on a PSPgo. If you don’t mind monotony the protagonist is one of the coolest (and cheesiest) of all time and the zombie blasting is immensely satisfying. I recommend anyone with a love for slaying the undead give it a whirl.
Pocket Gamer UK (Mar 12, 2010)
A standard twin-stick shooter that suffers from a certain lack of substance, Age of Zombies will still provide a very entertaining, accessible and action-packed experience.
GameSpot AU (Mar 25, 2010)
Undead blasting doesn't get much simpler than in Age of Zombies, and you're bound to have fun with its comical host of ghouls. The game's lack of selectable difficulties leaves you with little challenge, though, and with only five levels, it's an all too brief experience for its $4.99 (AU$8.45) asking price.
Game Revolution (Mar 24, 2010)
All right, what's the point you're trying to make? Stop shambling and just tell me! Ah, gotcha. You're telling me this is a great game? Of course you'd tell me that, you are a freaking zombie, you star in it, and you are a freaking zombie! Okay, okay, I liked the game too. Age of Zombies is a pretty darn cheap PSP Mini download, at five dollars. Even though it's limited by the PSP, it's a good time waster that doesn't take itself too seriously. But like my undead friend here, though, this game is a ghoul in a very crowded horde of the living dead. One that's starting to stink a lot.
Gamer Limit (Mar 09, 2010)
All in all Age of Zombies is a fun little throwback to the simpler days of Smash TV. Older gamers may be off put by the rather juvenile humor, but the almost hypnotic gameplay make up for it. Thanks to a wide variety of power-ups and map layouts, Age of Zombies is a fun, albeit short, trip through time. Priced at $5, it’s hard to say whether or not the game is worth your money. If you are a fan of the genre and humor along the lines of poop jokes and memes, you’ll probably enjoy Age of Zombies. If you consider yourself to be a bit more sophisticated than a fourteen year old, I’d say skip it.