Black Rock Shooter: The Game Screenshots (PSP)

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PSP version

Title screen.
Menacing creature from the introduction...
...which you must fight to learn the controls.
So these are those invaders I've heard so much about!
Black Rock striking a pose in the intro cinematic.
This guy is pretty impatient.
Our heroine appears!
The first 'real' fight in the game.
Yes, even small children turned into biological weapons have dark secrets!
Sometimes you get to choose dialogue options. The options are usually 'be honest' or 'be a jerk'. I usually choose the latter.
These pods act as mid-mission save points, and also refill your health.
Black Rock has remembered that if you move out of the way, you're less likely to get hit by bullets.
You can use items mid-battle.
Mission clear! Yeah!
Between-mission menu.
You can set up your equipment here, as well as check on the status of unlockables.
There's a map. Didn't realize there was something called the 'G.G. Gate' in San Francisco.
Fighting some more enemies.
That big cube is a mini-boss, and the gate behind him won't open until he's defeated.
Charged shot makes a big boom!
Those strange things are guarding an enemy generator.
Enemies will keep appearing unless you destroy their source.
Oh no! Our improbably racially diverse cast is in trouble!