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90 (Jul 14, 2006)
Overall this is the best RPG and one of the best games out for the PSP. This is the title RPG fans have been waiting for since the PSP released. For RPG hungry fans look no further than Blade Dancer. This game will keep you busy for 72 hrs and more with the main storyline as well as the side missions you will run into throughout the game.
Worth Playing (Sep 11, 2006)
Overall, Blade Dancer was a lot of fun, with a few minor downsides – the equipment system and walking speeds. What I really enjoyed was the crafting system because we could craft the item whenever we wanted, even on the world map, thus reducing the need of going back to town to buy healing items or new equipment. This title is really slow to pick up, but it is pretty fun to just learn the system and travel around. The worst part is the walking speed (or lack thereof) through the world maps, but in later portions, your character learns to teleport. Blade Dancer has become one of my favorite RPGs for the PSP; it's great on the go, has a satisfying single-player portion, and with the inclusion of multiplayer aspects, Blade Dancer should have a bit of something for everyone.
Video Game Talk (Aug 13, 2006)
Blade Dancer: Lineage of Light starts off pretty slowly with a lengthy introduction, and quickly becomes an exciting adventure. The story is developed with and incorporates voiceovers that add emotion to the critical portions of the tale. The game play offers an exciting RPG battle system with an intricate item crafting system and other elements to make the game anything but dull. In the end, RPG fans will definitely want to pick up Blade Dancer: Lineage of Light.
RPGFan (Jul 01, 2006)
Embarrassingly, I feel the need to put my foot in my mouth on the topic of enjoying an RPG more for its storyline and aesthetics than for its gameplay. Blade Dancer stumbles in many arenas, and for a week I wouldn't recommend the experience to my worst enemy. But, given a little time to handle the learning curve, I found the greatest enjoyment in actually playing the game instead of pondering the prose, and isn't that the point of a handheld title? I can attest that while plotline purists will firebomb my inbox for that statement – I'll stand behind it. I haven't had this much fun beating on baddies since Grandia II.
Game Vortex (Jul 24, 2006)
Blade Dancer is not a bad RPG – it is just a bad portable RPG. Most of the gameplay elements would work on a home console where players have time to fool with crafting and searching towns for quests. But, time is a luxury that most portable gamers don’t have, which can makes Blade Dancer hard to recommend unless you do most of your PSP gaming at home or on long car rides.
Just RPG (2006)
With its somewhat cliché story and characters, this certainly isn’t an RPG without its share of flaws. Still, with its interesting combat system and great item creation, Blade Dancer: Lineage of Light is an RPG that definitely deserves to be checked out by any PSP owner who is a fan of the genre.
If you like an average RPG tale with some fun combat and great Crafting, Blade Dancer is worth your time. The RPG genre isn't overly deep on the PSP and this title certainly fills a hole for JRPG fans.
The game is about average in length for a PSP RPG, clocking in at about 20 hours, depending on how much time you waste on the game’s rather pointless and easy side-quests. The nice bit is that Blade Dancer: Lineage of Light contains a lot of voice acting for a PSP game, so you’re not stuck in silent movie world, as in so many other RPGs on PSP and other on-the-go formats. Because its battle system and item creation system are wonderful, Blade Dancer does rise above the herd; however, the paint-by-numbers characters and plot are disappointing to the point of distraction, and wind up being an embarrassment to a game that could have been a lot more appealing.
Console Obsession (Jan 15, 2007)
Whilst this writer doesn’t doubt that there’s a lot of fun RPGS, many will agree that it’s normally the story that primarily drives them forward in such a game. Featuring an entertaining but predictable storyline, Blade Dancer is rare in that we play it mainly for the gameplay rather than an enthralling yarn. Blade Dancer: Lineage of Light is certainly a welcome addition to the PSP’s RPG library!
Video Game Generation (Sep 26, 2006)
The game looks better than most PSP offerings, especially the sprite-based RPG filler that washes up from month to month, its sound is serviceable, and the main game is has a variety of aspects, including an item crafting system that is certainly worth the time to master, and the game offers up a multiplayer experience that you really wouldn’t expect, if even it doesn’t take the experience online. Of course, that doesn’t mean that, combat aside, the game was perfect, as the story wasn’t really anything spectacular, the lack of a pause button was lamentable, the game was seriously in need of more save points and the map, with all the various things going on at once, was pretty much useless in helping you find out where to go. For fans of the genre, though, Blade Dancer is certainly a step above the rest, but for those of you who are somewhat disenchanted with the genre, it won’t be making any new fans.
On most levels Blade Dancer is an extremely average RPG, in fact if you already own one of the many currently available on the handheld there is little reason to pick this one up. However if you have been waiting to join the handheld RPG revolution this game lots to offer and is certainly more enjoyable than some of the others in the genre. The crafting and battle system alone are worth the price of admission and the multi-player really seals the deal. While the storyline and character development are certainly below average Blade Dancer is still worth picking up if you are a huge fan of the genre.
Concluyendo ya el análisis, debemos lamentar que el título no haya acabado de ser redondeado, convirtiéndose tan sólo en alimento de fanáticos del rol que deseen algo nuevo que echarse a la boca, sigue demasiado a pies juntillas las normas del género, y no acabar de enganchar en los aspectos que debieran diferenciarlo y ofrecerle una personalidad distintiva.
GameZone (Aug 02, 2006)
Blade Dancer doesn’t stray from the tired formula of classic Japanese role-playing games when it comes to the storytelling and cast of characters. This doesn’t necessarily make it a bad game but for those who are looking for a new type of RPG experience will be greatly disappointed. Still, if you’re a fan of the genre, the more-than-decent battles and the crafting elements make this a game worth playing.
GameSpot (Jul 21, 2006)
Blade Dancer is solidly average in a lot of respects--the characters are fairly shallow and the story is predictable and derivative, but the crafting and battle systems are different enough to give the game some interesting elements. If you absolutely must have a new RPG on your PlayStation Portable, and you don't mind it being a bit slow in the story department, consider checking this game out.
The four-player mode lets you take part in dungeon crawls, and allows you to collect items that you can use in the single-player mode. All playable character can be instantly transformed to the same level so that all players are relatively equal. There is no co-op mode but you will get a few good hours out of this mode, as well as few interesting goodies.
Deeko (Jul 21, 2006)
Is Blade Dancer a bad game? Not really, but it isn't a good one either. The combat system is incredibly dynamic and ripe with great ideas, but the rest of the game is overly simplistic and the storyline is far too worn-out. Questing within the game is far more of a chore as well and that fact alone makes for some very unamusing game sessions. I wanted to like the game more than I did, but the simple fact is that it is a rather mundane experience and you're going to find yourself plodding through the game slowly just to see what happens next — and even then it's not all that exciting to see. If it weren't for the combat system, I'd more than likely never have finished the game, truth be told. Blade Dancer has great ideas and it's heart is in the right place, but it just isn't what you'd hope for in something wholly new and original.
IGN (Jul 24, 2006)
In short, Blade Dancer suffers from an odd mixture of first-rate and mediocre elements. Fans of the genre will definitely appreciate the combat system and weapon-crafting features, but newcomers won't have the patience to stick with the bland story and ho-hum characters.
Game Chronicles (Aug 17, 2006)
I’ve played many RPG's over the years, and only a few, in my opinion, have changed the genre. This is not one of those games. I am a firm believer that if a game is truly great then there is no need to make drastic changes to its sequels, but if a game is average then the developers must try and improve it, not stick to that same formula like so many do.
As an avid RPGer and NIS America fan, I was definitely expecting more from Hit Maker and Sony's Blade Dancer: Lineage of Light. As it stands, the goal of the game seems to be that you level up to the point that you can walk through a new area without dying in the middle, and this isn’t enjoyable in the slightest. If you’ve got an urge for an extremely challenging and unrewarding (yet functional) RPG, give it a go. Everyone else is better off waiting for the next PSP game.
Pour un titre de première génération sur PSP, Blade Dancer s’en sort tout juste correctement. Nous avons le droit à des décors tantôt détaillés, tantôt vides, mais presque toujours un peu gâchés par de l’aliasing. Les musiques sont sympathiques, et nous plongent dans une ambiance qui pousse à la découverte. On retombe dans le médiocre en ce qui concerne le character design des personnages, ainsi que pour les dialogues. Blade Dancer : Lineage of Light était un projet résolument ambitieux : peut-être que les développeurs de Hitmaker ne se sont pas donnés tous les moyens nécessaires pour le concrétiser à 100 %.
60 (Jan 23, 2007)
Blade Dancer : Lineage Of Light est un RPG complet, très complet même mais qui a choisi la voie de la difficulté extrême. En découle une progression trop lente qui requiert beaucoup de patience et autant de phases de level-up. Un constat un peu triste surtout que le système de jeu est intéressant sans parler de la durée de vie qui profite également d'un mode Réseau. A vous de voir si le plaisir est synonyme de souffrance.
Certainly, there are some who will relish the challenge. If nothing else, Blade Dancer will last you a long while just because of how relentless it is, because you have to become so completely absorbed in order to succeed. The problem is that doing so isn’t particularly fun. Sure, there are those battles where you’re caught up in the moment, struggling to survive but loving every exhilarating moment. After that, though, there’s still the rest of the game to play. Most people will choose to pass.
TotalPlayStation (Aug 07, 2006)
What it can do is offer a largely mediocre but certainly tolerable RPG experience for a couple dozen hours. Nothing is so offensive that it will turn most away, but then it doesn't ever draw you in either. It just sort of sits there, accomplishing the task of being an RPG without ever excelling at anything. As a result, it gets the dubious honor of becoming the first genuinely average console-level RPG on the PSP. It's a step in the right direction, but doesn't quite step far enough.
GamerDad (Aug 20, 2006)
The only issue is that despite the game itself having a balanced approach to combat and exploration, the superior quality of crafting and combat compared to the rest of the game will lead you to spend more time pursuing those than dealing with the main plot. This isn't a bad thing, but the nature of the combat makes it more intense than strictly turn-based games in the Final Fantasy tradition. The crafting system of managing components and sub-components is something that older kids who enjoy fantasy books will like since it requires the same type of resourcefulness shown by many characters in those stories.
Yahoo! Games (Aug 02, 2006)
Picking nits out of Blade Dancer is like shooting fish in a barrel; it's not a game that hums with careful design or thoughtful implementation. Nevertheless, if you can cope with its many flaws it'll reward you with a lengthy and addictive experience. Most players, though, will get hung up on one or other of the game's numerous issues and set it aside in pretty short order.
60 (UK) (Mar 06, 2007)
That's really Blade Dancer in a nutshell: a decent combat system and an interesting crafting mechanic, but in terms of the rest of the game, Hitmaker doesn't really cut it. Whether it's the hackneyed story, the clichéd and mediocre graphics or the uninspired, thinly spread music, it doesn't feel like the developer tried very hard. Ultimately, without a solid yarn to tie the whole thing together and make the player actually want to follow these characters through their 20-odd hour quest, Blade Dancer struggles to make itself worthy of a truly enthusiastic recommendation.
AceGamez (2006)
If the rest of the game was half as well thought out and interesting as the crafting and combat systems, then Blade Dance: Linage of Light would easily be the best role-playing game for the PSP - but after a while it gets tedious, and neither the crafting nor the combat can save the experience from sinking into mediocrity. Even the multiplayer is just a fun little add-on to get a few extra items and some extra hours from the game, failing to add much to the overall experience. Everything becomes bland and repetitive, and you are pleasantly surprised that the game is over in about a dozen hours, making this one yet another missed opportunity for a great RPG on the PSP.
GameSpy (Jul 31, 2006)
Even with all this nitpicking, Blade Dancer: Lineage of Light is still a worthwhile romp for RPG lovers that don't mind the hackneyed story and characters. The backtracking and endless travel are a chore, but once you get all four characters on board, the combat and crafting systems make it almost worth it. There are better choices on the PSP -- but you could do a lot worse. And we "completey" mean that.
The Next Level (USA) (Aug 15, 2006)
Whichever way you look at it, Blade Dancer comes off as another typical experience and while that doesn't make it abysmal, it's not all that fun, either. Gushing with mediocrity despite it being a solid game, it remains completely lifeless character-wise and there already being better RPGs available for the PSP. Lineage of Light is a lantern a little too dim for its own good.
Game Revolution (Aug 03, 2006)
For everything Blade Dancer does right, it does something else wrong. You can instantly recall what you were up to last time you played, but when you want to quit you’ll have to slowly plod back to a save point. The graphics looks great, but are paired with frequent loading times. The battle system whips along, only to have its toes stomped by the boring crafting system. In the end Blade Dancer: Lineage of Light has a fine sense of rhythm, but two left feet.
GamesRadar (Jul 18, 2006)
So is there anything here that's even worth a look? Well, the music is well done, but perhaps the sole interesting aspect at work is the Lunability system. Rather than using magic points to cast spells, the entire party (and enemies) derive power from a chargeable meter. The more damage is dealt, the faster the meter fills up - deciding whether to use quick attacks or let the meter charge for a stronger assault makes each battle tense and calculating... but it's not enough to save the rest. Spend a couple of hours coping with the plodding narrative and oppressive gameplay and you'll swear off RPGs for life.
The only positive about this game also comes with a negative. Good? It's short. Bad? The ending sets up a sequel.
Gaming Nexus (Aug 18, 2006)
Blade Dancer wound up being a big disappointment to me, mainly because it’s a bunch of little things that make the experience more difficult than it really needed to be. Map icons would have been a massive leap towards fixing what has to be my biggest issue with the game. The story also hurts this game when it should have been its greatest strength. The battle system is enjoyable, and the crafting system is fun, even if a bit overwhelming at first. It’s not much to keep this game running on and you’ll be hard pressed to see this one through to the end. But if you’ve got an itch for an RPG that needs a scratching or if you really cannot find a better way to spend your time and money, then this may be right up your alley.