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TheSixthAxis (Oct 22, 2009)
Yup, a port to PSP of a free flash game playable online (or on the iPhone for 59p). Only Bloons is so addictive and challenging that within 10 minutes, I have all but forgotten about the price (£3.49). The premise is very simple; there are balloons and you have to pop them with a dart-like object, adjusting its trajectory. As you progress through the game, the positioning of the balloons becomes even trickier and obstacles block your way. There are also bombs strategically placed within the balloons and even a level editor to boot. The game strikes that difficult balance between too hard that you give up but not too easy that you get bored easily. Some later levels do get incredibly frustrating, but there’s just something about it that makes you carry on. It ultimately lacks the shear addictiveness of other web-based games or minis titles, but proof that sometimes the best things in life are the simplest.
Pocket Gamer UK (Oct 02, 2009)
The button-based control system isn't ideal but other than this, Bloons Minis is an enjoyable version of the popular web puzzler.
PSP Minis (Oct 05, 2009)
Overall it’s a pretty addictive and fun puzzler. Playing if for free online you can’t help but think its great value. Having to fork out more than a few dollars for it and well you just might be questioning if it was worth it. With more polish the game had the potential to be a lot more. It shows its flash origins a little too much. If you urgently feel the need to play Bloons on a portable then buy it, otherwise you may just want to play the series online for free instead.
60 (UK) (Oct 07, 2009)
As a concept, it works. The physics is decent enough, but the game itself never finds the tone or hook that elevates its gameplay model into something truly compelling. On the iPhone you at least had the tactile interaction of touch-screen aiming. Using the PSP buttons, the rather ordinary game underneath isn't disguised nearly as well.
Globalement, Bloons passe pour un jeu Flash, le genre de titre qui pullule sur Internet et auquel on peut jouer gratuitement. Le coup de crayon est naïf, pour ne pas dire simpliste, il n’y a qu’une seule musique à écouter en boucle et, pour relancer la durée de vie du titre qui n’excède pas l’heure, il n’y a qu’un éditeur de niveaux. A 4 €, la pilule a du mal à passer. D’ailleurs, le même jeu est proposé à 0,79 € sur iPhone et iPod Touch. D’accord, les graphismes ont été retravaillés pour proposer un rendu un peu plus « pro », mais tout de même, on prend là les joueurs PSP pour des pigeons... Un ultime point négatif à relever : Hands-on Mobile, l’éditeur du jeu, ne s’est même pas donné la peine de traduire le jeu en français.