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atari mania

Advertising Blurbs

    • Full Arsenal of Weapons: With over 500 weapons and
      armor, you are ready to face more than 40 alien species
      on action-packed missions in 4 distinctive planets.

    • Battle Your Way with Double Weapons: Wield two
      separate weapons - one in your right, another in your
      left. Two categories of weapons allow you to use melee
      weapons for close combat and ballistic weapons for
      long range combat.

    • Go Head-to-Head with a friend: Wirelessly connect with
      a friend with only one copy of the game.

    • Variable Content Allows for Repeated Play: Advanced
      enemy AI changes according to player health, weapon
      strength and weapon type. No gameplay experience is
      the same!

    Contributed by DreinIX (10657) on Feb 22, 2008.

atari missile command