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Brainpipe: A Plunge to Unhumanity Credits

Hands-On Mobile

ProducerPatrick Horne
Director, Games StudioJ. J. Lechleiter
President, Hands-On MobileNiccolo De Masi
VP of OperationsLynn Monica
Legal CounselAdam Heller
Business DevelopmentKevin Dent
Production StaffEd Ho, Ryan Saldana, Farrell Sobejana
Office ManagerDebbie Barker
QA ManagersJohn Katircioglu, Chad Difuntorum
Special ThanksShrapnel Games, Digital Eel, Rich Carlson, Iikka Keränen

Frima Studio

ProducerVincent Bernier
Lead CoderBruno Cadoret
CodersKaven Breton, Michaël Bouffard, Mathieu Bouchard
ArtistRachelle Grondine
QAFréderick Flamand
The makers of this "game" also wish to thankthe F'Tang emissary, Galprefect Hoon, K'Kek , technical advice, psychedelic coercion, sensory deprivation implants and regular mind control transmissions., Without their timely interference humanity would almost certainly remain human.
FMOD Sound SystemFirelight Technologies Pty Ltd.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (237661)