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Brave Story: New Traveler is a must own game for any RPG fan. If you own a PSP do yourself the favor and buy the game, it is easy to play and a lot of fun. Most people are complaining about the lack of games right now for their PSPs and this title is not getting too much buzz, mainly since it is an RPG game and everyone only cares about the God of War game coming out later this year. Even though the game lacks in some ways all the new/original ideas make up for it. Don't rent this game or wait for a used copy at your store, BUY IT RIGHT NOW!!!
Ett spel som gör en lycklig och som får PSP:n att gå varm. Om tio år kommer Brave Story att vara en lika stor klassiker som Final Fantasy VII är i dag.
JustPressPlay (Aug 09, 2007)
Brave Story: New Traveler is the role playing game PSP owners like me have been waiting for. I will admit that Brave Story doesn’t bring anything new to the genre, but it brings a great sense of style and presentation that just hasn’t been seen on the PSP. I just hope that this game sets the standard for others to follow because after playing Brave Story, you won’t want to revert back to the mediocrity of previous PSP role playing games.
Netjak (Nov 28, 2007)
It's quite rare these days to find a game that is unwilling to take some risks with its formula. It's even rarer when a game that does stay within that conforming path manages to not only thrive inside it, but to fully exceed one's expectations from it. Make no mistake, this is a dyed-in-the-wool mid-generation PS1 RPG with no aspirations to being anything more. But it does what it does astonishingly well, so much so that it becomes much greater than the sum of its parts. With fantastic graphics, a moving score, an immaculate translation, and a warmth and charm sorely lacking in many of today's titles, this is one tale I don't mind hearing over and over again. This is the right way to do a traditional console RPG.
Softpedia (Aug 15, 2007)
If you're a Final Fantasy fan, this game is a must and if you've got a PSP, it will be a shame not to take full advantage of its potential thanks to Brave Story: New Traveler. A pretty original (and childish in a positive way) story gets complemented by good graphics, a well-done turn-based battle system and funny dialogs. This is surely a title that's worth at least twenty hours of your life, if you call yourself a RPG aficionado.
Go Fanboy (Jul 31, 2007)
It’s quite rare these days to find a game that is unwilling to take some risks with its formula. It’s even rarer when a game that does stay within that conforming path manages to not only thrive inside it, but to fully exceed one’s expectations from it. Make no mistake, this is a dyed-in-the-wool mid-generation PS1 RPG with no aspirations to being anything more.
85 (Jul 27, 2007)
I was surprised to find out this game was an Anime series. The developers Games Republic and publisher XSEED really out did themselves to make sure this was more than just a fan service. There is a quality, meaty game that you don't need to be an existing fan of the series to appreciate.
Extreme Gamer (Aug 24, 2007)
Brave Story: New Traveller is a total delight and a totally unexpected surprise. XSeed Games overseas pick is the complete role-playing game package complete with an interesting story, loveable characters and excellent production values, shrunk down for the PSP platform. If you’ve enjoyed a traditional styled role-playing game in the past then you should check out what Brave Story has to offer. It might be true that Brave Story isn’t the most original role-playing game, but what it lacks in originality it makes up with pure charisma. I can sense Brave Story: New Traveler is going to be a sleeper hit and will likely find itself it the hands of gamers from word of mouth alone. Brave Story: New Traveler is the new landmark expectation bumped up for next-generation PSP games. Brave Story: New Traveler is a must own for all role-playing fans.
GameSpy (Aug 28, 2007)
Brave Story isn't for everyone. It literally takes a good two or three hours before things really get rolling. If you can make it that far, though, you'll get to bang away at a very solid game. It's not perfect -- the lack of customization options hurts, as do the generic battle graphics -- but it does put the feel of an epic big console RPG in the palm of your hand.
Brave Story: New Traveler is one of three games based around a Japanese novel of the same name, and it doesn't take long to see why the PSP release ended up getting the most attention. Saying this game is visually stunning is an understatement; whatever voodoo developer Game Republic used to get Brave Story's graphics and character models to look as good as they do, and do so with almost no in-game load times, is some seriously powerful stuff.
75 (Jun 29, 2013)
Avec de belles musiques, des graphismes globalement bons si l'on ferme les yeux sur la map, et des doublages réussis, Brave Story : New Traveler se pare d'atours séduisants. Le système de combat n'est pas innovant pour un sou, mais il reste efficace et accrocheur. Le jeu manque cependant d'aboutissement au niveau du scénario, ce qui aurait pu gonfler la durée de vie du soft. S'il n'est pas un must-have et ne restera pas dans les annales de la PSP, Brave Story : New Traveler constitue néanmoins un RPG plaisant et rythmé qui saura charmer les joueurs nostalgiques de l'âge d'or du J-RPG.
Video Game Generation (Apr 28, 2008)
There you have it. Brave Story is an excellent game. Yes, the story is weak in my opinion, but the mechanics do more than enough to make up for it. And when I say the story is weak, it’s not that I’m saying it’s horrible. Because turn-based RPGs are essentially movies you act out, story is a big deal. Brave Traveler HAS a story but how the story evolves and reveals itself to the player could have been done much, much better. Do I recommend this game? Yes. After several years, it seems the PSP is finally making progress with its game library, and this is another leap forward technically. Brave Traveler should defiantly be on any PSP gamer’s must-have list.
The PSP has seen its fair share of generic RPGs, but you’d be making a mistake to lump Brave Story in with that sub-par crowd. In addition to being one of the best-looking PSP titles out there, the game has a host of small surprises. The turn-based battles are stylish, and even feature team attacks and recharging magic points. There is also a collection sidequest involving goalfinch battles, which are basically cuter and less gruesome cockfights. Brave Story may ultimately be a Dragon Quest pretender, but at least it does some fun stuff within its fairly conventional framework.
Glide Underground (Sep 05, 2007)
If you need an RPG for the PSP, it may be for you, but I wouldn't try to get someone into RPG's with it.
Legendra (Jan 06, 2007)
Je disais dans l'en-tête que la curiosité peux se révéler intéressante parfois, c'est le cas pour Brave Story. Non content de nous proposer une superbe réalisation et de belles musiques, il nous offre un système de combat prenant et une histoire certes très classique mais jouant la carte de l'efficacité. En revanche, la linéarité de la quête risque d'agacer assez vite le joueur exigeant ou expérimenté. Toujours est-il que sur PSP, reine des portages d'anciens RPG, il constitue le meilleur choix du genre actuellement, et s'impose comme le RPG original à posséder sur le support, grâce à Game Republic qui ouvre la voie sur le potentiel à exploiter.
Brave Story: New Traveler is a good-looking game, although it doesn't raise the bar for graphics on the PSP. It looks about as good as any decent RPG on the system, but I should add that I was impressed by the sophisticated camera angles. Of course, this can be accomplished because the combat animations are all pre-rendered. The characters have the requisite spiked hair and anime eyes, but fortunately they don't suffer from that painful overly exuberant dialogue. The environments are colorful and well designed, but they are repetitive. The villages and dungeons are all very linear. Not necessarily a bad thing, but a little variation would make it seem a tad more realistic. The interface is easy to use, but I would have liked more control in battles. Instead, it's like checking off a shopping list and sending your chauffeur off to do your bidding. There are a lot more engaging RPGs available for the PSP. Brave Story: New Traveler just treads the same old ground.
Video Game Talk (Dec 21, 2007)
Overall, Brave Story: New Traveler is not the most remarkable RPG. It is a very standard RPG and gets repetitive with a generic combat system. The dungeons are similar from dungeon to dungeon. There are no puzzles or complex tasks required. Just move around until you reach the end of the maze. The battles are not very challenging, although a few dungeon bosses may prove a challenge. The game's story is nothing special and feels a little too youthful. In the end, "Brave Story" is a decent RPG that will help pass the time when you are waiting for the next hit release. It is not the kind of game that will keep you hooked. So, if you can find it for about twenty bucks, pick it up. Otherwise, rent it.