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Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.4
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.0
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.8
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.3
Overall User Score (17 votes) 3.7

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All the series’ best features – including spectacular crashes, insane speed boosts and the ability to steer your wrecked car, Bullet Time-style, into the path of oncoming rivals – are included in this portable package, but it’s the ability to challenge five friends via the console’s wireless connection that makes Legends an essential purchase.
UOL Jogos (Sep 22, 2005)
"Burnout Legends" impressiona pela fidelidade com que foi convertida para o PSP, sem mudanças significativas na mecânica do título em que se baseia: "Burnout 3: Takedown". E a organização das provas combina completamente com o jeito casual de jogar um portátil, permitindo realizar algumas partidas mesmo com um pouquinho de tempo. Com 175 provas e uma modalidade multijogador bastante divertida, esse é um dos títulos quase obrigatórios para quem gosta de corridas insanas.
95 (Oct 21, 2005)
While the overall package is excellent, there are a few missteps that keep it from being mind blowing. Only four racers at a time, lack of Infrastructure modes, the lingering notion of deja vu, and, to be really picky, longer load times. I understand that these short comings are from the PSP hardware but I suspect that a few tweaks would have fixed those small problems.
Worth Playing (Nov 09, 2005)
The last game I absolutely needed for my PSP was Lumines. I've taken a pass on most everything else to come out since launch, but Burnout Legends is a must-have. For it to shine brightest in the most crowded genre on the PSP is quite the accomplishment. It's easily recommended to all gamers, even those who don't necessarily like racers. Trust me, everyone will find something to love when they pick up Burnout Legends.
1UP (Sep 12, 2005)
With Burnout Revenge for PS2 and Xbox hitting stores this week too, you'd be forgiven for any confusion as to your expectations of Burnout Legends. Is it basically the portable version of the new game? No. It's something else. It's a refined, tweaked, mobile "greatest hits" of Burnout games with modified rules and reams of delicious PSP-specific features.
DarkZero (2005)
With just a few minor hiccups it is safe to say Burnout has made the transition to hand-held very well. With the UMD literally filled to breaking point with loads of different modes of play, Legends is a great game for long-term fans of the series as well as newcomers that have never touched the console version. Although Legends is up against a hell of a lot of classy opposition it comes out shining as the best PSP racer to date. Criterion Games have done it again!
GamersMark (Oct 20, 2005)
Burnout Legends is a recommendable game to any PSP owner who likes arcade racers. For what is included in the game and its myriad of challenges, modes, events, and amazing value of gameplay, it really is worth the price. It can’t be stressed any more that Burnout Legends is one of the greatest PSP games on the market right now.
Gaming Age (2006)
To say that there is a lot under the hood in Burnout Legends would be an understatement. Criterion could have easily just ported Burnout 3 and gamers would have been content, and maybe a bit disappointed. The fact that Criterion went as far as to incorporate tracks that they had before the EA buyout is a great addition and welcome surprise. Fans of the Burnout series will be hard pressed not to be impressed by what was crammed into such a small disc. New fans of the series who are maybe trying Burnout Revenge for the first time can finally see what all the hoopla is about. In two words…BUY IT!
Game Chronicles (Oct 05, 2005)
Whether you are a fan of the previous games or just want to experience the absolute best in arcade racing in the palm of your hands, Burnout Legends is a game that you won’t be able to stop playing once you start, so grab a copy today and charge up that PSP battery.
90 (Feb 22, 2006)
If there's one genre for which plenty of games are available on the PSP, then it's racers. Think of titles like Wipeout Pure, still one of my favorites, and let's say Ridge Racer. It was with some doubt that I put the PSP version of Burnout Legends into my PSP. With the DS-version in mind, my expectations weren't all too high, but the promise of all the best pieces from previous versions was enough to push me over the line.
Gamer 2.0 (Sep 21, 2005)
So is this the game to bring the PSP faithful back to their console and the skeptics into a purchase? Hell yes. It's a game that truly must be experienced if you have any interest in a little something commonly referred to as "fun".
In fact, Legends is exactly what you need on PSP - short, punchy, high-speed action presented in perfect style on the handheld wonder. It plays like a supercharged hybrid of Burnout, Burnout 2 and Burnout 3, features the best elements of each and goes like mad on the mini screen. It also makes you realise just how great Burnout 2 was. Not only does this take the best bits of previous Burnout games, it also shoves in network play for easy link racing. For quick thrills on the go, there's nothing better.
Boomtown (Oct 20, 2005)
The few annoying bits don’t cloud the fact that Burnout Legends is a great game that will easily make you miss your bus stop for that extra car crash.
Atomic Gamer (Sep 15, 2005)
Despite a few complaints about the in-game graphics quality, the full Burnout experience has really made it to the PSP. The music's not to my taste, but that can be turned off and the gameplay is fully action-packed with almost no compromises. Even amidst the many other racing games available for the PSP, I can easily recommend Burnout Legends to anyone who's even remotely interested in some portable driving action.
If you’re a fan of the series, this is a must-buy; even if you aren’t and you have a PSP, with the drought of new PSP games over the summer, this is as good a place as any to start with the Burnout series.
Yahoo! Games (Sep 16, 2005)
By any standard, Burnout's control is rock solid. It's possible to dodge right though the same small spaces that entice players on the console game. Given the PSP's reduced screen and notorious analog stick, that's a minor miracle. Play it, race it, and definitely crash all of it.
Whilst Burnout Legends feels more like Burnout 3.5 it is still a highly recommendable arcade racing game, it is easily the best racing game on the PSP, and quite possibly the best title on the handheld yet.
PGNx Media (Sep 21, 2005)
Burnout Legends calms any anxiety some Burnout fans had about a portable version of the series. The game manages to take the best features of the series, shrink it into portable form, squeeze every ounce out of the PSP, and deliver a compelling experience. Despite the abundance of racers on PSP, Burnout Legends is the one you don’t want to be without.
Mobile Tech Review (Oct, 2005)
Many games lose out on gameplay when the graphics get better or vice-versa, but Burnout Legends is not one of them. Although the game is a bit lacking in different genres of music, there are plenty of well done sound effects to accompany the racing. Burnout Legends is definitely one of those games you don't want to miss!
Wham! gaming (Nov 01, 2005)
Even if you already own one of the multitudes of racing games for the PSP, 'Burnout' Legends is definitely a title which you need to add to your collection. With its wide variety of vehicles, numerous tracks and racing modes and its undeniably addictive sense of speed, Burnout Legends is by far the best racing experience to be had on the PSP.
Gamestyle (Dec 26, 2006)
In short, Burnout Legends is the most accomplished racing game on the PSP by a mile, and it might just be the second best game on the system across all the genres. Tony Hawk should be watching his back in case EA buy a skateboard...
Game Arena (Sep 16, 2005)
And buy the game you should, no doubt. While your individual preferences for brands may vary, from this point of view, Burnout Legends is not only the best race game on PSP, it's also one of the very best titles on the handheld yet. True, there's a couple of niggles that we're hoping games in the future do away with, but for sheer flexibility and fun, this is just the ticket.
90 (Sep 27, 2005)
Overall Burnout Legends is a great PSP title. It is another port - of sorts - but its use of older games makes its content seem fresher than other ports that have hit the handheld early in its life. As a game to pick up and play every now and again or to play with friends, Burnout Legends can't be beaten on the PSP.
PSX Extreme (Sep 14, 2005)
Burnout Legends is a very good game, but minor issues, and lack of new material make the game fall just short of the high expectations that surround it. Don't be mistaken, it's a blast to play, and anyone who has enjoyed any of the previous games will certainly be happy with Legends.
While Legends can be thought off as a "Best Of Burnout" or "Greatest Hits", it really doesn't come off as a total rehash or dumbed down console version at all. It feels fresh and invigorating to play this game on the go. Criterion packed so much into that UMD that you'll finally have that one game that was totally worth buying a PSP for or IS worth investing in one now. Legends is just as much of a blast playing it alone while you wait for dad outside of Larry's Liquor & Ammo as it as it playing it with the guys loitering around Cowboy Bob's Porno & Religious Artifacts Emporium. It's a wild ride and one finally worth taking on the PSP.
In its formative stages the PSP is rapidly becoming a handheld console for fans of racing games. The console already has a handful or racing titles of which a couple, Ridge Racer and Wipeout Pure are impressive. However, Burnout Legends surpasses both of these titles and at the moment is the best racing game you can buy for the PSP.
GotNext (Mar 27, 2006)
A full year into its existence, the PSP still has few killer apps. Luckily for those of us who have invested in one, Burnout: Legends fills the gap nicely. While it may get a little old after, oh, about 30 hours or so, it's virtually impossible to find a racer with more to offer or a higher fun factor than Criterion's gem.
Gaming Target (Sep 30, 2005)
If the objective was to bring Burnout goodness to the PlayStation Portable without sacrificing too much, Criterion and EA pulled it off pretty well with Burnout Legends. Cramming all the cars, events, options, and even a large soundtrack into one UMD is nothing short of masterful, providing exactly what the PSP needs to grow – games designed to be played in spurts, yet as massive as the same sort of game on the home systems. The visuals are decidedly 1st generation PSP, and the sense of speed has dropped a bit, and the presence of the earlier titles pre-Burnout 3 is minimal, but otherwise Legends is a great game that captures what made Burnout 3 such a phenomenon last year, only for on-the-go gamers, who now can create chaos riding the bus, or the train...even a plane. But please, don't play Burnout Legends while actually driving your car.
GamePro (US) (Sep 15, 2005)
One of only a few reasons to own a PSP. Withstand 30-second load-ups for Burnout Legends' tracks, and you'll have yourself an adrenaline-rushin' good time with this tweaked out portable port of Burnout 3. Criterion pumps max performance out of the PSP and succeeds in delivering every last ounce of console chaos from the Burnout series in a handheld package. Car model resolutions have been minimized in menus to insure quick navigation, controls are rock-solid, and this baby never drops below 30 frames per second even amidst a turbulent triple takedown!
If you had told me a year ago that the insane feel of Burnout 3 could be translated with little compromise to a handheld system, I would have suspected that you were on crack, smack, meth, or, indeed, dope. I would have been a fool. Burnout Legends captures the ridiculous speeds and lightning-fast action of the series so well that I don't really feel as though I need to bust out my copy of Burnout 3 anymore. That's a big deal for me.
GameZone (Dec 12, 2005)
You’re racing down the narrow stretch of road that leads into a Normal Rockwell-like town that looks as peaceful as a grave … that is until a sleek and sexy muscle car just barely clips you. At the speed he was clocking he could have easily have rammed you off the road and into a ditch. How dare he do that, you say through gritted teeth. You step on the gas and you spot the same car and, as you approach him, you slam that muscle car from behind until it careens off the road and smashes to pieces as hits a wall. Revenge is a sweet dish both cold or hot and in Burnout Legends for the PSP you’ll find how true that really is so buckle up racing fans and lets go racing.
90 (UK) (Oct 04, 2005)
We love the Burnout games. They embody many of the things we see as the basic principles of What Makes A Good Videogame, namely: 1. They allow you to do things which aren't possible in real life, at least without risking violent death or long-term incarceration; 2. They present many opportunities to make your friends look stupid and feel angry; 3. They can stilll be enjoyed whilst extremely drunk.
GameSpot (Sep 09, 2005)
Driving games happen to be the genre the PSP is wealthiest in, but that didn't stop EA and developer Criterion's Burnout Legends from coming in and smoking the competition. Burnout Legends is almost like something of a greatest hits collection, combining gameplay elements with cars and tracks from the first three console Burnout games to form a package that actually feels pretty original and unique on its own merits. Apart from that, though, Legends simply makes fantastic use of the PSP technology, providing a profoundly impressive audiovisual experience and fast, frantic racing, both of which easily rank with the best the platform has to offer.
Burnout Legends es un imprescindible en tu colección si eres un fanático del género, a menos que ya tengas muy mascadas las entregas domésticas. Por la enorme calidad que atesora y las múltiples horas de diversión solo o en compañía que ofrece no deberías dejarlo pasar.
Next Level Gaming (Sep 22, 2005)
Burnout Legends is, if nothing else, truly faithful to the series. There are going to be many racing games for the Sony PSP. But for now, this one may stay at the top of the hill. I'm not thrilled about the step back in gameplay; meaning sticking with the Burnout 3 stuff instead of some of the Revenge features. But that doesn't stop Burnout Legends from being a handheld Tour de Force for racing. At the end of the day it's still Burnout.
Portable Review (Oct 22, 2005)
Burnout Legends is probably my favorite PSP racer to date, and my second favorite PSP game (behind Twisted Metal, of course). Seriously though, Burnout Legends is worth buying. It’s an intense game with relatively quick loading times, and it’s worth every penny. If you loved the previous Burnout games, you’ll love this one too.
87 (Dec 14, 2005)
Auf der PSP hingegen kommt die Sonne heraus und lacht freudestrahlend: Hier stimmt alles, hier gibt es Höchstgeschwindigkeit, hier gibt es fette Karambolagen, keine Ruckler, tolle Effekte, coole Zeitlupenmanöver – DAS, meine Damen und Herren, ist Burnout! Ärgerlich sind hier nur die verhältnismäßig dünnen Soundeffekte sowie die prinzipiell sinnlose Game Sharing-Funktion: Das Spiel mit einem Modul ist zwar schön und gut, aber Wartezeiten von drei Minuten sind schon recht viel verlangt für Rennen, die gerade mal genauso lang dauern. Nichtsdestotrotz ist Burnout Legends einer der besten PSP-Racer!
In conclusion, Burnout Legends is one of the premium PSP games. It ranks among Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee, Metal Gear Acid, and Wipeout Pure as one of my favorite games on the console. With so much to do and so much excitement while doing it, Burnout Legends is an explosive rush quite unlike anything else on the PSP. The console is loaded with racing games (and there's still more on the way) but you'd be hard-pressed to find something better than this.
Game Over Online (Oct 31, 2005)
With a great sense of speed and deep gameplay inspired by Burnout 3, Burnout Legends is one of the best racers available on the PSP. This is one of those games that you can sit down for a few minutes and enjoy or get lost in for a couple of hours. Racing fans will really enjoy adding this to their portable collection.
JeuxActu (Sep 16, 2005)
Si vous n’avez pas encore craqué pour la PSP, Burnout Legends sera par obligation le jeu qui vous donnera envie de casser votre tirelire ou tout simplement de supplier vos parents. Beau, doté d’une vitesse d’animation exceptionnelle et regroupant le meilleur de Burnout 2 et de Burnout 3, la déclinaison PSP du jeu de Criterion sera la raison pour laquelle vous ne lâcherez plus jamais votre PSP des mains. Des jeux comme celui-ci, il ne faut jamais les laisser passer.
TotalPlayStation (Sep 27, 2005)
With 175 events (100 crash, 75 race), there's enough here to entertain for weeks. Part of the problem, though, is that most will have burned out (hurr, punny) on the experience before the game's through. It's a fine racer, just not quite classic Burnout.
85 (Sep 18, 2005)
Burnout goes Mobile. Mit “Burnout Legends“ betreten die Entwickler von Criterion neuen Boden. Aber ist die wahnwitzige Geschwindigkeit, die wir von der Burnout Serie gewohnt sind, überhaupt geeignet um auf einen derart kompakten Screen noch ein kontrollierbares Spiel zu erlauben?
IGN (Sep 13, 2005)
Though Criterion and EA are launching the newest console version of the Burnout franchise this week as well in Burnout Revenge, the first PSP outing of the series isn't a port of Revenge but rather a "best of" of the series' past. Taking most of its gameplay elements from the excellent Burnout 3: Takedown and mixing in elements of the original Burnout and its sequel, Burnout 2: Point of Impact, Burnout Legends looks to offer a fresh experience for those who haven't played the series' previous titles while giving gamers a reason to pick up both Burnout Legends and Revenge.
Game Revolution (Sep 30, 2005)
they've once again shunned a manual replay option, which is astonishing. The ability to revisit your greatest destructions seems like a no-brainer, but is once again a no-show. That's small beans, though, on a giant platter of racing goodness. Burnout Legends is an excellent port and a great addition to the anemic PSP game library. Although we long for more unique games for the system (like Lumines), having to make do with a racer of this caliber is a sweet alternative.
Modojo (Sep 16, 2005)
But Burnout Legends shouldn't be denied if you're a hardcore racing fan. The kinetic energy that the series is known for is perfectly intact, and the game looks and plays just as wonderfully as it ever has. The fact that it has classic goodies and exclusive cars significantly boosts its value. You may not want to own every PSP racing game out there, but make sure you add Legends to your list. You won't be sorry.
Operation Sports (Oct 13, 2005)
The game is a looker, the gameplay is spectacular, and the whole experience is perfect for the on-the-go gamer.
GamerDad (Nov 30, 2005)
With multiplayer options, Crash mode, a huge variety of race tracks, environments, challenges, race types, and an almost perfect attention to speed and controls, Burnout: Legends is well worth the money, even if you're burned out on Burnout 3 already. It's a perfect stress reliever and a heck of good time.
Gamer Within (Sep 25, 2005)
You shouldn’t let these minor flaws turn you away from Burnout Legends. Whether you’re new to the series or a Burnout veteran, you’ll find plenty of content to keep your hands busy during those long drives. Or, if you find yourself with a spare minute every now and then, this game is great in short spurts. With the apparent lack of quality titles for the PSP in its post-launch dry spell, Burnout Legends stands as one of the best. Go out, get it, and have fun.
Like other wonderfully ambitious titles (cough, Midnight Club, cough), you're going to have to decide for yourself if loading is a dealbreaker, but make the choice knowing that the rest of the game is as kickass as you would hope.
GameDaily (Sep 20, 2005)
As is, though, Burnout Legends is still highly recommended for its intense racing action, solid controls, and decent presentation, as well as the ability to thrive in its racing glory with another player. This truly is the stuff of Legends.
80 (Sep 15, 2005)
Annoncé comme une sorte de messie à quatre roues, Burnout Legends s'avère bien devenir l'un des titres de courses automobiles les plus réussis sur PSP. Fun, passionnant, viscéral et jouissif, il propose également une profondeur de jeu assez conséquente, et une durée de vie non négligeable. Néanmoins, à ce tableau idyllique s'ajoutent pas mal de lacunes techniques et quelques errances dans l'I.A des opposants, faisant parfois reculer le plaisir devant le doute. Au final donc, Burnout Legends est sincèrement un bon jeu, mais qui manque juste un peu de caractère. En tout cas, je retourne détruire des bus.
Thunderbolt Games (Oct 02, 2005)
Burnout Legends is a pretty good purchase if you’re a PSP owner. It’s not the best racing game on the system (a title I still contend is held by Ridge Racer), but it is probably the one that’s going to keep you entertained the longest. Crashing cars into traffic never gets old and the actual racing, which is often understated in reviews of this game, actually is pretty tight. It’s certainly a lot better than Rengoku…
Overall this is another superb title for PSP, and really shows what the machine is capable of. It’s a full-on Burnout title, and although some of the challenges are direct rips from last year’s games, they’re so much fun that you won’t mind playing through them again. I certainly didn’t, as it’s a great game and still lots of fun. Highly Recommended.
These brief glitches hardly detract from what is (still) the best and deepest racing series available. The acceptable load times only seem to reiterate what this series is about: speed. That and of course completely over-the-top crashes that likely send hundreds of people to a bloody death. That's what the public pays for, and in the end, repetition or not, Burnout Legends is spectacular.
FOK!games (Sep 24, 2005)
Er zijn al bergen race-games voor de PSP, maar dit is zeker een van de leukere. Het is een echte arcade-racer waarin je lekker kan beuken en je niet druk hoeft te maken of het enorm precies nemen van een bocht. Het is een feest van herkenning voor de mensen die de Burnout serie al kennen, maar het is eigenlijk niet echt storend dat je weer over die bekende circuits zit te racen. Er is ook genoeg te unlocken om je een hele tijd bezig te houden met deze game. Het is jammer dat mijn vrienden allemaal paupers zijn zonder PSP, anders had ik graag een potje tegen ze gespeeld. De graphics en geluid zijn gewoon erg strak, alleen die soundtrack gaat vervelen na een poos.
75 (Oct 31, 2005)
Burnout Legends est un très bon titre et une excellente adaptation de la série sur portable. Quelques imperfections comme l’aliasing ou le manque de finesse dans le gameplay l’empêchent de rentrer au panthéon de la ludothèque PSP, mais il reste un jeu à absolument avoir si l’on est amateur des courses folles en milieu urbain, où le plus souvent la survie ne tient qu’à un fil. Une réussite.
Game Shark (Oct 24, 2005)
Burnout Legends is a blast to play and quickly has become one of my favorite PSP games. Anyone familiar with the Burnout series should pick this up without hesitation. Anyone new to the series should also pick it up and give it a spin!
Factornews (Sep 27, 2005)
Au final, ce Burnout Legends n’est qu’une simple version portable de Burnout 3 avec quelques maigres ajouts tirés du deuxième opus de la série. Il faut voir que sur le terrain des jeux de course arcade, il y a deux concurrent de taille : Need for Speed Underground Rivals et Ridge Racer. Même si ces trois jeux sont différents dans le fond et la forme, ils jouent dans la même catégorie pour le joueur qui n’a le budget que pour un des trois jeux. Alors pour qui se destine ce Burnout Legends ? D’une part au fan inconditionnel de Burnout 3 qui voudra froisser de la taule dans les toilettes et d’autre part aux joueurs qui n’ont jamais joué un seul Burnout et qui souhaitent un jeu de caisse bien réalisé, speed, agressif et bourrin. Ceux qui connaissent bien la série et qui cherchent de la nouveauté devraient plutôt passer leur chemin.
Bordersdown (Dec, 2005)
They’ve succeeded in this, but one can’t help but feel that the short development time and unfamiliarity with the new hardware have resulted in what is essentially a compromise. There will be other PSP Burnouts, and hopefully they will create a distinct identity for themselves rather than slavishly aping the home console versions.
AceGamez (2005)
The only thing that saves Burnout Legends is that it is a Burnout title, so the handling, fast-paced arcade racing action, quirkiness of the crash elements and masses of stuff to unlock make it worth the money - but only just. As an avid Burnout fan, I can't help but feel a little cheated; this game feels unfinished and rushed. Hopefully this is just a blip and I truly hope these problems will be rectified for the next title, because at the moment it would seem as if EA didn't just ruin the menus and sound tracks when they took over as publisher; they seem to have taken its integrity as well.
Gamekult (Sep 17, 2005)
Au final, Burnout Legends pour PSP est une adaptation fidèle et globalement réussie des épisodes déjà sortis sur les autres supports. Ne proposant rien de plus, si ce n'est le fait de pouvoir être désormais pratiqué partout, le jeu a le mérite de retranscrire avec brio les sensations arcade de la série, ses accidents spectaculaires et de proposer de nombreux modes de jeux qui lui assureront une durée de vie tout à fait honorable. Adaptation sur portable oblige, les développeurs ont tout de même dû faire quelques petites concessions d'ordre technique, et le titre a également conservé les petits défauts du troisième épisode qui veulent que la conduite manque parfois singulièrement de finesse. Du coup, les courses ressemblent davantage à du stock car agressif qu'à du pilotage où la précision a toute son importance. Burnout Legends est donc un titre 200% arcade, parfois bourrin, mais avant tout très amusant. L'essentiel a été préservé.
GameSpy (Sep 14, 2005)
In conjunction with the release of the newest Burnout title on the consoles, EA and Criterion have been hard at work on bringing all of the dry-eyed frenzy of the top-selling series to the PSP. Criterion has gone to painstaking lengths to ensure that this title isn't just a port from the consoles, but rather, a mash-up of sorts. Burnout Legends is two parts Burnout 3 and one part pre-EA Burnout titles. And while it mostly works, it has some major issues working against it, too.
EL33TONLINE (Oct 23, 2006)
Hmmm…. I seem to have dwelt a bit on the negatives. That’s only because the Burnout games on the consoles are so good and, being in the same series, you have to compare this one with those and see how it stacks up. It is a really fun racing game in its own right, but I can’t recommend the game if you’ve played Burnout 3 or Burnout Revenge. It’s pretty much a port of Burnout 3, right down to the exact same crash sites showing up in seemingly the same order, but with a few features removed. And if you haven’t played the console versions? Rather play Burnout Revenge on the Playstation 2. If you’re not sated after that and want the game in the palm of your hand, or you want to meet up with people to play multiplayer (up to 6 can connect wirelessly), Legends will serve you well.
40 (Feb 07, 2006)
Since Criterion makes Burnout, it is almost a guarantee that the next Burnout on the PSP will be superior, if the console games are an indication. On the other hand, if you have friends who have PSPs, buy Burnout Legends because you will have a lot of fun.