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Category Description User Score
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 4.2
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.2
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.4
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.4
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.4
Overall User Score (5 votes) 4.1

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Retroage (Sep 24, 2012)
Podsumowując, jeśli lubicie bijatyki 2D i nigdy nie mieliście do czynienia z tym uniwersum to Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower może stanowić dobrą okazję dla zapoznania się z tą zasłużoną, lecz nieco zapomnianą serią. Jeśli natomiast znacie którąś z odsłon, gra jest dobrą okazją dla pobieżnego zapoznania się z pozostałymi częściami. Poza tym o ile kroniki nie są idealne to większość wad nie sprawia większych problemów, a ilość materiałów dodatkowych do zebrania i postaci do masterowania pozwala na dziesiątki godzin dobrej zabawy – szczerze polecam.
GameZone (May 10, 2005)
My PSP is still smoking, I just got done giving another run at the Chaos Tower and failed a mere 21% into the melee. Fingers blistering, eyes watering from failure to blink and forearms cramping. Yes, the game moves at one speed... all-out. Featuring quite possibly the oddest collection of mutants, monsters and occult characters, Darkstalkers PSP proves that there is still life in what was once thought a dead game genre, the 2D fighter.
82 (Oct 06, 2005)
Everyone of course knows the Street Fighter games that come from Capcom's stable. A lot less known however is the Darkstalkers series from the same makers. Not so extraordinary seeing that these games were released for arcade halls and the Dreamcast. Just like their more famous brother these were pure 2D fighting games and especially for the release of this Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower, they've all been collected and put on a UMD disc. Whether one has done more than just convert the games, you'll find out in this review.
MAN!AC (Aug, 2005)
Gestochen scharfe 2D-Prügelei mit abstrusen Helden und einsteigerfreundlichem Kampfsystem.
GameSpot (Mar 17, 2005)
You wouldn't think decade-old graphics could look this good, let alone that a decade-old fighting game could hold up this well. Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower is an amalgam of Capcom's other 2D fighting game series, the one that's clearly derivative of Street Fighter but features a much more imaginative and in many ways more likable cast of characters. It's essentially a pixel-perfect port of the arcade Darkstalkers games, and it adds Wi-Fi multiplayer support and some bonus extras into the mix, to good effect.
The Chaos Tower is a fully loaded fighter. It may not be Capcom's flagship fighting series, but Darkstalkers has certainly gotten one heck of a love letter with The Chaos Tower - one no 2D aficionado should be without.
UOL Jogos (Jan 13, 2005)
"Chaos Tower" pode não refletir o mesmo impacto que outros títulos em três dimensões que fazem parte do lançamento do PSP, mas a emoção de levar no bolso clássicos de luta 2D da Capcom com a mesma qualidade dos fliperamas não deixa de ser uma tentação. Fãs de "Darkstalkers" não devem deixar esse título passar em branco, mas quem prefere games modernos não terá razão para perder seu tempo com essa homenagem retrô.
PSX Extreme (May 13, 2005)
The bottom line is this: if you're looking for an arcade style 2D fighting game that you can take anywhere, then you need to get Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower.
78 (Apr 18, 2005)
Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower is certainly the finest fighting game to ever hit a handheld platform. However, the game left me wanting. Lengthy and frequent load times tended to take away from the action and immediacy of the game. Controls were not the best but are manageable. That said, fans of 2D fighting games, or fighting games in general will still be perfectly pleased by Capcom’s offering and should add 0.2 to my final score.
Portable Review (Oct 22, 2005)
Fighting games tend to have a lot of replay value due to the multi-player nature of the genre. This game is no different. If you've got friends to play against, you should find yourself playing a lot more. Tower mode adds slightly to the single-player replay, but really isn't anything more than a special endurance mode.
Diehard GameFan (Apr 14, 2005)
The problem for me is that the Dark Stalkers series is about 10th on my list of classic 2D franchises that I’d like to see an arcade-perfect port of on PSP. It’s not that I dislike the series, it just always came off very generic to me. For fans of this series, this version would be the pinnacle, and with the addition of WiFi play, it really is a worthy package.
In general, this game is about defeating the ruler of hades, which most characters (thought they are ?infamous?) have a good motive behind. One character was the former ruler of hades (you learn this from the movie at the end of arcade mode), and is trying to stop the new one, but most actually want to save the world from destruction.
Is it really fair to fault the game for the consoles mistakes? Sure. If the developers had spent the time and realized it wasn't going to work on the PSP, then the game should have (would have actually) been scrapped. At the very least, there should be some support for the analog nub, which has a small enough radius that it might have actually proved useful here. Seeing a 2-D fighter in this day and age is a wonderful thing; seeing it done like this is not.
IGN (Mar 15, 2005)
If you were expecting PSP to have nothing but a library of 3D mind blowing games, Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower will stretch you straight... kinda. The game is a great-looking 2D fighter (yes, good games still can come in two dimensions) that's still in need of some crucial tuning.
GameSpy (Mar 24, 2005)
When it comes to 2D fighters, Capcom's best known for Street Fighter II, the glorious brawler that revolutionized fighting games and changed arcades forever. Darkstalkers, Capcom's "other" major fighting franchise, has thus been relegated to the shadows, where it's been doing its own quirky thing since it debuted in 1994. Now, over 10 years later, Darkstalkers is finally getting the chance to shine by itself for once, as it's Capcom's inaugural fighting game for the PSP. And shine it does ... at least when the shortcomings of the PSP don't get in the way.
The Video Game Critic (Sep 27, 2009)
When this title was first released for the PSP, critics complained about the controls, but I suspect that had more to do with the stiff thumbpad on the original PSP. Playing the game on the later models presents no problems at all. Another criticism I recall is the load times, but waiting 10 seconds between matches didn't seem so bad to me. Before you play however, you may want to consider bumping up the difficulty via the options screen. At the default level, I breezed through the entire arcade mode without losing one match!
FOK!games (Oct 04, 2005)
Voor de doorzetters en mensen die de brakke controls voor lief nemen is Darkstalkers een erg leuk spel, maar de meesten zullen het spel na een tijdje weg leggen om het daarna maar voor kleine speelsessies uit het stof te halen. Een gemiste kans voor dit spel en als de controls beter waren geweest dan was het zeker een must-have geweest, maar nu valt het spel tussen de middelmatige games en of dat de schuld is van Capcom of van de PSP zelf die voor dit soort knoppencombinaties niet gemaakt is laat ik in het midden, maar mijn advies is ook om dit spel in de winkel te laten liggen, behalve als je een verstokte 2D fighter fan bent.
Game Revolution (Apr, 2005)
Between Street Fighter and Mega Man, it’s clear that Capcom really knows how to run with an idea...and often, they’ll run that idea all the way into the ground. That’s not always a bad thing, though, since the ground is where zombies come from, and we love zombies.
Bordersdown (Nov, 2006)
It is a shame that what is a very solid launch title was marred by a few technical niggles. The control method and loading times must have deterred a number of gamers at the time, and thankfully Capcom and other developers such as Namco and Sammy are now able to work wonders with the hardware, even providing their own sticky D-pad thingies with releases. As it can now be picked up for bargain prices, The Chaos Tower is a fine addition to your collection, yet serves as the historic first step in the evolutionary process of 2D fighting on the PSP.
60 (Sep 01, 2005)
Premier jeu de combat PSP, Darkstalkers Chronicle fait une entrée en demi-teinte. Magnifique, décalé et prenant, il n'en reste pas moins qu'il possède trop de défauts pour parvenir à se hisser dans les hauteurs de la PSP. En effet ses modes de jeu gadgets et surtout le problème inhérent à la croix de direction de la console de Sony brident ses envies de grandeur. Dommage. Le vampire n'aurait pas dû se montrer au grand jour si rapidement.
G4 TV: X-Play (Aug 03, 2005)
Of course, it wouldn’t be a modern Capcom 2D fighter if most of the game’s art was created more than a decade ago, but the bright, anime-style actually looks great on the PSP’s crisp screen, and the animation still holds up--even today. The music and voices don’t fare quite as well, but get the job done.

While a new game with new characters and gameplay would of course have been preferable to a port, Darkstalkers Chronicles is still a solid and satisfying old-school portable fighting experience, with just the right amount of depth and all of the necessary features.
Gamezine (Sep 11, 2005)
Non, mais c’est vrai, le multijoueur est peut-être sympa, et la réalisation excellente (avec un petit goût d’old-school), mais le problème vient de la console en elle-même. On comprend très vite que ce ne sera pas le support idéal pour les jeux de baston. Un parfait exemple d’ « injouabilité », en somme. De plus, Darkstalkers requiert beaucoup de concentration, assez difficile sur une console portable. Il est donc très dur de prendre du plaisir, et une certaine frustration s’installe peu à peu. Rien ne vaut donc cette bonne vieille version Dreamcast… Avec une meilleur maniabilité, Darkstalkers aurait sans doute mérité une note moyenne, mais vu son gameplay désastreux, ce jeu ne peut finir qu’à la poubelle.