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Dead to Rights: Reckoning Credits (PSP)

ESRB Rating
Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

Dead to Rights: Reckoning Credits


CEOJason Kingsley
Creative DirectorJason Kingsley
CTOChris Kingsley
Head of ProgrammingKevin Floyer-Lea

Dead to Rights: Reckoning

Project LeadTim Jones
Lead ProgrammerKim Randell
Lead AnimatorKen Turner
ProgrammingAnthony Gregson, Martin Harris, Richard Rice, Andrew Tate
Additional ProgrammingKieran Donaldson, Mike Healey, Steven Humphreys, Richard May, Olivier Renault, Andrew Weinkove
ArtTim Jones, Daniel Meeuws
Additional ArtJames Fraser
AnimationDiarmaid O'Connor
Gameplay ScriptingAndrew Crystall
Character ArtGameworld Seven Ltd., Tim Jones, Diarmaid O'Connor, Ken Turner
SoundTom Bible
MusicTom Bible
QA LeadCraig Garvey
Special Thanks toMichael Burnham, Aeron Guy
Thanks toRupert Young
Motion CaptureAudiomotion Studios Ltd., Dave Carter, Tim Doubleday, Brian Mitchell, Mick Morris, James Witt
Motion Capture ActorsKen Turner, Steen Young

Namco Hometek Inc.

COORobert Ennis
CFORobert Ennis
Executive ProducerPierre Roux
Senior ProducerMichael Morishita
Assistant ProducerDan Tovar
Director of Product ServicesGlen A. Cureton
Senior Public Relations ManagerMika Kelly
Public Relations ManagerKristin Calcagno
Senior Marketing ManagerRoss Borden
Product Marketing ManagerBryan P. M. Chu
QA SupervisorDaryle Tumacder
QA LeadChester B. Vergara
QA TestersDanelle Sears, David Miller, James Barron, Jason Rainwater, Jesus Barragan, Justin Mateo, Leticia C. DueƱas, Jhune De La Cruz, Sean Woo
Special ThanksNobuhiro Kasahara, Garry Cole, Brian Schorr, Jeffrey Lujan, Sean Mylett, Edwin Gomes, Hyung Kyu Kim, Jeff Hyeongwon Kang, Jennifer Tersigni

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (229962)