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Advertising Blurbs
    Original game concepts are not down to the luck of the cards . . .and the people behind Devil Dice have just dealt you a great hand . . .to confuse the metaphor.

    On paper the idea seems ridiculous, you control a little devil who must roll dice around a grid by stepping onto a die and moving it in one of four directions. As you move, the die rolls onto an adjacent face (if you've ever seen the bizarre sport of log rolling you'll get the idea).

    OK, but where's the challenge in that? you ask. Well, the grid in which your devil is located is gradually filling up with dice at, yes, an alarming rate. If the grid completely fills, your little devil goes straight to heaven (the Devil Dice devils aren't as evil as your common or garden devil you see. Well, apart from when you take on up to four 'friends' in the 'War Mode' but more of that later).

    So, the grid's filling up. How do you get rid of those dice and clear some space for yourself? By connecting dice faces of the same kind, of course. Simple, yes? Simple, no. You see, you may only need to connect two dice bearing 2 dots to make them disappear, but you have to match up three 3's, four 4's, five 5's and six 6's. And no prizes for guessing which of the above gives you the best score.

    Devil Dice offers you an incredible amount of options and different game modes, but to summarise them all:

    First of all there's the 'Trial Mode', in which your little devil can play an endless game (and you will find it hard to drag yourself away) or against a time limit to try to rack up that high score.

    Next there's 'Battle Mode' and things start hotting up. A two-player game (either against an opponent or the CPU) where the winner must make four different matches out of the possible six types. The trick is that, as your opponent fills his quota of matches you can negate one of them by making the match yourself, for example, your opponent has just matched two 2's and he only needs one more match to reach four and win the game. At this point sirens start blaring and the heart beat gets louder but you can spoil his chance of victory by matching two 2's yourself and reducing his quota. Prepare for utmost panic!

    On to 'War Mode' and if you thought that 'Battle Mode' was manic then your in for a shock. No less then 5 little Devils take to the grid in the most franetic multi-player experience since Bomberman hit the scene. With up to the full five devils being controllable by a player via the Multi Tap peripheral, each devil begins the game with 99 'life' points. These points are depleted over the course of the game by an opponent matching dice. The more dice and the higher the face the more points are lost, and it's the last one standing who wins the game.

    Finally, 'Puzzle Mode' really shows Devil Dices puzzle game background, as the player attempts to match the dice as per the other modes. The catch is, however, that the devil can only make a certain number of steps per puzzle. Take too many steps without matching all the dice and it's back to the start of the round for another go.

    Devil Dice must surely go down as the most innovative Puzzle/Battle game for a long time.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66684) on Nov 02, 2004.