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Cheat Code Central (Jul 13, 2006)
"Cars is definitely worth your time. Even if you didn't like the console version, you should appreciate just how refined the racing is in this version."
GameZone (Jun 20, 2006)
"The game is really fun to play. The simple nature of it makes it a blast to play at home or on the go, even though it is on the easy side."
IGN (Jun 13, 2006)
When it comes to licensed gaming, "decent" is usually good enough. Games pour onto the shelves from every television show and movie imaginable, and though most of them aren't worth the few seconds it takes to read the title on the box, a few of them manage to surprise us every now and then. When we first heard that Cars was going to be developed by Rainbow Studios, we knew we'd have to keep close watch on the franchise until it hit shelves. While the final product was decent on consoles, combining a simple driving mechanic with buggy - yet entertaining - driving, it wasn't everything we were hoping for from the makers of the MX vs. ATV series. Naturally, when we popped in Cars for PSP we assumed it would be a watered down version of the console game with a few less features and watered down graphics. We were wrong.
GameSpot (Jun 13, 2006)
Tossing another racing title onto the racer-rich PlayStation Portable is sort of like dumping a bucket of water into the ocean, but to its credit, Cars isn't just like everything else available for the system. Based on the recently released Pixar film of the same name, Cars is a youth-oriented racer that's challenging enough to still be engaging to older players. And though it may lack some of the minigames and open-ended qualities of the console versions of Cars, the PSP version's tighter focus on the core racing component makes it a better fit as a handheld game.
Lawrence (Jun 26, 2006)
While the racing gameplay is passable, it's still not necessarily a purchase-worthy game. There are multiple unlockable cars and a decent amount of courses, but it gets repetitive fairly quickly. Unless you're a huge fan of the film or are starved for another PSP racer, this would make for a semi-entertaining rental for a bit.
MAN!AC (Nov, 2006)
Technisch saubere und kurzfristig unterhaltsame Filmflitzerei, die aber etwas seicht ausfällt.
Cars: The Videogame очень хочется назвать настоящей полноценной игрой по великолепному мультфильму студии Pixar. Такой она поначалу и кажется, если поверхностно судить по начинке: городок Радиатор Спрингс и прилегающие территории, включая отель Wheel Well, богатый набор персонажей (кроме разве что Бесси), несколько десятков гонок, мини-игры... Но при этом - почти никакого интереса. Бонусный контент (видео, арт и т.д.) и ролики - слабый стимул.
63 (Sep 11, 2006)
Letzten Endes hat mir der geradlinige Ablauf auf PSP besser gefallen, denn der serviert die ungestreckte Ladung dessen, was ich als Rennspielfan erwarte: knackige Herausforderungen, eine schicke Optik und ein unkompliziertes Fahrgefühl, das dem auf GameCube, Xbox und PS2 sogar überlegen ist. Wii-Besitzer ärgern sich zusätzlich über die lieblos auf den neuen Controller übertragene Steuerung. Dass der Abschleppwagen auf dem Handheld flotter unterwegs ist als Porsche oder Rennschlitten, macht allerdings stutzig und das fragwürdige Verhalten bei Zusammenstößen nervt. Außerdem würde ich die schönen Zwischensequenzen der Konsolen-Fassungen gerne auch auf dem Handheld sehen wollen.
GamesRadar (Jun 19, 2006)
Pixar's Cars has made a bigger splash than most film-to-game adaptations, appearing on just about every current system on a single day. But what's especially unusual about the PSP version of Cars is that it isn't a watered-down port of the free-roaming console game. Instead, it's a pure racing game that enables players to tear through three-lap tracks in the little town of Radiator Springs.
GameSpy (Jun 14, 2006)
Cars for the PSP does a good job being a portable racing game and an "okay" job being a game based on a movie. It's a good looking game that does a good job projecting the look and sound of the movie, but whether the cars talked or not the title plays like a solidly tuned if unoriginal racing game. This version of Cars doesn't match the experience of the console titles, but it's definitely no mere cash-in.
While Cars on the PS2 gets a bit of credit for at least trying to do something interesting with the world and characters presented in the latest Pixar flick, the PSP game...well, not so much.
45 (Jun 20, 2006)
Profitant de l'aspiration de son frère de sang sur GBA, Cars PSP sombre dans les mêmes travers, à savoir une mauvaise adaptation aux obligations du jeu de courses. Rapide, très joli et disposant de bonnes idées, le titre de THQ chute lourdement à cause d'un déséquilibre global et d'une sensation de vide assez étonnante. Si vous aimez la conduite basique et la frustration laissez-vous tenter. Dans le cas contraire...